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Headlines About Seattle’s Big Bertha

Big Bertha Seattle Is A Failure

I feel the need to write a follow up on my previous story about Big Bertha. If you feel like singing and are happy with the progress you can hum this to the melody of Proud Mary



Not so Proud Bertha
Got me a job in the city,
Digging out a tunnel, ev’ry night and day
Never lost a minute sleepin’
Worryin’ about how things should have been.

My big wheel wont keep turnin’
Bertha’s gears, are burnin’
Its like rollin’, rollin” in a river.

Now for a few Headlines from the Times.
DRILL’S DEEP TROUBLES STARTED IN JAPAN. Before we ever got the machine it experienced the same leaky seals in Japan. Should have sent up red flags then and our experts should have been more concerned about whether the machine was worth the price rather than be concerned about getting it here to dig a tunnel that the taxpayers did not want.

DRILLING DOWN ON BIG BERTHA, MEGAPROJECTS-AND MUCH MORE. Once the problems started the blame game started. Big Bertha was in trouble from the start. So the communication between Lynn Peterson, Transportation Chief and Cris Dixon, Tunnel Project manager sort of broke down.

VIADUCT CRACKS SIGNAL STATE RACE AGAINST TIME. Of course they say it has absolutely nothing to do with the digging of the tunnel. Yeah right

SAGGING SECTION OF VIADUCT POSES NO DANGER, STATE SAYS. Why would this be put in a paper as headline news? If cracks and sagging poses no danger. What in the h—– are we tearing it down for and spending billions on a tunnel?

BERTHA WOES FRUSTRATE STATE. That’s no surprise when the machine stopped digging completely it could get a little frustrating.

MUCH POKING BUT NO CLUES ON WHAT’S BLOCKING BERTHA. Trying to see why Big Bertha quit digging, they discovered she was flooded. Geez Why didn’t they think of that? 110 feet below sea level. Who would have thunk.

BERTHA’S NEMESIS: 119 FEET OF STEEL WELL PIPE. State had put that well pipe in and forgot about it. Well we all lose our keys and things so maybe that’s how it happened.

BAILING BERTHA: WATER RUSHED IN. More wells needed to drain front of digger face. 90,000 gallons could be behind it. Will they have to drain the whole sound? Something is going to have to fill the space where the water is taken from.

KEEPING GROUND WATER AT BAY CRUCIAL IN REPAIR PLAN FOR BERTHA. Sudden loss of water could destabilize viaduct or Pioneer Square Buildings.

SEPT 1 GOAL FOR RESTART OF TUNNELING. Bertha stoppage to last 9 months. But no workers are being laid off and everyone gets a good paycheck.

FORECAST SEES NO LIGHT AT END OF TUNNEL TIL 2016. Report calls for healing rift between state and contractor. They need to admit it ain’t gonna work, no way, no how.

All of the above in caps are a few of the headlines from the Seattle times. Now my own comments. The only expertise I have on the tunnel is just using COMMON SENSE THINKING. You do not need a degree in civil engineering of road building to know that digging a tunnel (I call it a giant culvert, to carry water, not cars) right along the Puget Sound with a sea wall that is about to cave is about as stupid as anything anyone could come up with. What were they trying to accomplish by building the tunnel that could not be done far faster, safer and less expensive? They could rebuild another viaduct. It is a tourist attraction. Best view in Seattle. Cars can park under it, people can walk under it, it does NOT keep people from going to the water. Another alternative would be to tear it down, make a wide street and forget about it. No flooding, no caving, no one getting buried alive. OR if you are hell bent on a tunnel and clear view of the sound, just do a cut and cover. It could be covered over level and no one would even know it was there and cars would never get trapped 110 feet down in a flooded tunnel.
We should change songs from Proud Bertha to Lets call the whole thing Off…or you Got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run. Now is the time to cut the losses. This thing has only gone a little over a thousand feet, of the 1.7 miles needed. This happened where they can dig a football field sized hole to get to it and maybe bring the blade out, but IF they get it fixed from then on it’s under buildings, they can’t level Pioneer square to dig to it again. Please stop before it’s to late. Way too much dirt and water being taken out for it not to have an impact on the historic buildings. Can you imagine the loss of life if they get a lot of guys repairing the machine and the whole hill shifts. Stupid and expensive to keep up this digging. Taxpayers are getting taken for a ride for sure. When it’s taxpayers money they just don’t need to worry about expenses. Just up the sales tax, up bus fares, up anything with a surcharge and we can’t do a thing. Keep your letters and phone calls to the state officials. It is in an earthquake zone and I would rather get smashed on a viaduct than buried alive in a water filled tunnel.

Big Bertha and the Highway 99 Tunnel Project

Big Bertha Drill Seattle

The transportation department is crying for more funds. There is not enough funds in the World to keep them going. They have great plans (dreams) but never any that actually works or gets a job done on time or on budget. It looks like a bunch of key stone cops running around where Big Berta should be digging. First of all to even think of digging a tunnel right along Elliot Bay, thru soil that is very unstable because it was filled in was stupid. I hate to say I TOLD YOU SO, but it’s sure true. I wrote an article when they were deciding whether to shore up the viaduct, tear it down and let traffic find its way, or make a shallow cut and cover, then of course those would not make World headlines or create publicity, and lots and lots of jobs so without the people agreeing that they wanted a tunnel, the powers to be decided to build a tunnel. McGinn ran his campaign on the promise that he would STOP the tunnel. Yeah right!!!! They started the dig July 30. This is Jan 23. 200 days later they can’t agree on how far they have even gone but give them the benefit of 1000 feet. The public has been spun a tail of mistruths from day one if we are to believe what Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson said last week. She said that the state had serious doubts about the drills “operations and critical systems” since the first day it started back in July. Wouldn’t that have been the time to speak up? One excuse after another has been given on the progress until lately the headlines in the Times and on the news have started sending up red flags. let me List a few headlines.

Dec 21, 2013  Bailing Bertha: Water rushes in. More wells needed to drain the digger face. More wells needed. 90,000 gallons could be behind it. etc etc. Well I got news for you that any idiot (or idiots) who thought they could dig a hole 110 feet deep right beside Elliot Bay at sea level of below and not run into water problems should definitely be on disability for mental problems not running this project. Then Dec 31,2013, headline was, Much poking but no clues on what’s blocking Bertha. Workers are burrowing holes to find what obstruction Bertha has ran into. They mentioned exotic things maybe from huge glaciers, maybe a locomotive or ship was buried there when it was filled in centuries ago, but the poking found nothing. Turns out that the mystery blockage was 119 ft of steel well pipe put there in 2000 by the Highway 99 projects own research crew. Then comes the blame game. I do not believe the tunnel project’s Director was told about the 8 inch thick pipe. Big Bertha uprooted 55 feet of the pipe on Dec 3, 2013. Right now the headlines have all changed. The headline of the Times Jan 17, 2014 was: “99 tunnel project’s director irked at state casting blame”. the article says that Seattle Partners project director Chris Dickson was surprised that the state blames them for the difficulties on the highway 99 tunnel project. Well who exactly would you blame if it is not the project director of the outfit hired to dig the tunnel?

There is a big opportunity for a lot of lawyers to make a bundle here. The whole mess can get stalled as it winds through the courts. The workers will all be paid to stand around or “do other small jobs” like they say they have been doing since the digging has stopped. Now it appears to be coming to a real expensive blockage of who told who what and when or why. One thing for sure the taxpayers are going to really get the shaft on this one. It was doomed from day one. All through the stoppage and non digging we have been told Bertha is working fine. Problems are always encountered on projects like these. That all studies have been done to guarantee this project will work just fine. The have discovered that the viaduct has settled 1/2 inch since the digging. How many 1/2 inches can the dirt settle around this project as it digs (if it ever does) under the historic buildings. The way this key stone cops project is going the hole they have dug may be filled in with the beautiful buildings they are going to dig under. I suggest it’s time to state the truth. Just tell us “this ain’t gonna work, no way, no how” and start a flat surface road or a shallow cut and cover. We can all stand to get screwed over, but we are all sick of being lied to. Such as another little headline. Disturbing Seawall news. There could be a 30 million overrun on this project. City transportation staff say there may be more troubles ahead due to the projects complexity.  What is even worse than that news is the fact those facts were known before the primary in the mayoral race but kept from the public or the Seattle City Council. Former Mayor Mike McGinn says the news was not buried. lol  Taxpayers can stand bad news, they can’t stand being flat out lied to. I hope when asked for a gas tax hike or anything else the legislature demands the STP and WSDT to lay out ALL THE FACTS, all the expenses. You cannot get our trust back very easy now. Our Washington is almost as bad as the other Washington. Please don’t say, “what difference does it make”. We know the difference between a liar and a spin doctor. You can’t send Susan Rice out to lie for you, so who will you send?

Lilly Marek

Warning About Cindy Smith Cleaning Services


I never dreamed that if I hired a cleaning service they would try to take me to the cleaners instead. I am elderly and do my own cooking, light cleaning etc but can no longer clean behind the toilet, under the bathtub so I hire someone to that. I had a regular lady that had helped me before several years but she got sick and could no longer do that. I was leery about so I went through an employment agency. I chose Thumb Tack. they send you the resumes of 4 and you can choose one by what they wrote. At least this agency would know that this stranger was to be at my house at a certain time if something happened. I chose Cindy Smith. She came right on time and was as nice as could be. I wanted my windows done on the inside and the paper changed under my kitchen cabinet and behind the toilet and under the tub cleaned. She started in the bathroom. She has two big green garbage bags. No mops or brooms. She says she does everything on her hands and knees. One bag is for her clean rags, one for the dirty ones. I never thought anything about that, but over two hours went by and I never heard a sound of water running or toilet lids closing and I thought OMG maybe she fainted or something, but she had everything out of my medicine cabinet and was washing the cough syrup bottles, etc. I said geez I did not want you to even open those doors. I can do that kind of cleaning if I want it done. It was noon then. She put it back in and did finally clean the toilet etc She said her job is to clean top to bottom and that included inside cabinets. I said no not at my house. I think looking back she was looking for drugs. Well she did not find any. I don’t take tranquilizers, sleeping pills, pain pills or a thing. but man with big garbage bags it would sure be easy to slip in some of a guys pills and you would never know. She finally got to the kitchen and it was 6 o clock and I told her to just go and we would finish another day. She did good where she cleaned, I have no complaint with that. I didn’t get the windows washed or stuff I wanted done but sure have clean shampoo and hand lotion bottles. lol Anyway, the gist of my story is this. She came one time and it was a Saturday. I made an appointment for the next month on the 19th Less than a week later I get this e mail (see below).

Good evening Lilly,

How are you holding up in this heat? 🙂 I got you message about the 19th, I will also email you a day ahead for reminding 🙂 I shall tackle more for you on the 19th too 🙂

Do you know of ANYBODY that can help me with a personal loan and I pay them back with agreement. My Ex Husband stole a lot of money from me and my house payment was in it 🙁 If I don’t make my house payment by this weekend, I am going to Lose my home 🙁

I have a $ 3500 contract check that I am waiting for, I don’t receive it until the end of the month. I will pay back the payment as soon as I receive my check.

My Ex Husband Really messed me over!!

I am so Desperate, I am trying anywhere. I don’t know what else to do.

Do you know of anybody?? I am Reliable.

Thanks Lilly 🙂

She really tried to manufacture a tear jerker on an old lady knowing we are from an era that we would help anyone asked. Or I would feel sorry for her and help. She must have thought I had STUPID written on my forehead because my house and furniture sure does not look like I am someone that would have an extra thousand or two to hand out to a stranger. I have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and a great great grandchild to give any excess money I might ever have to give to. She did not specify how much the house payment was. But lets guess it’s around $2,000. This was a Friday night I got her email, and wouldn’t you think that was cutting the time pretty short if she would lose her house the next day? First real red flag. She wanted  a personal loan to be paid back with agreement. What the heck that means I don’t know. Said she had a $3500 contract check. I don’t believe that either but she could sure take it to Money Tree if she had it and SAVE HER HOUSE.

She told me when she was working she raised her children alone and they were grown and she was a grandma so it’s funny the Ex-Husband suddenly appeared and she just happened to have the house payment in plain sight. She simply wanted a handout. She would have taken any amount I might have said I could spare and I would never see her again.   I decided not to get into a conversation with her at all and simply wrote

CANCEL MY SEPTEMBER 19TH APPOINTMENT. But she emailed again. see below.

Are you okay?

I wasn’t asking for you to help me, maybe you or somebody knew of a loan officer or a really good resource that can direct me in the right direction for a home loan? 🙂

If she wasn’t asking me to help her, why did she ever send me the first e mail. This e mail was sent to me on Saturday right after noon and she is looking for a loan officer or good resource (what does this mean) for a home loan. Remember this was the weekend she had to make the payment or lose her home and its Saturday noon already. lol  How many good loan officers does any old woman know? She should have walked into a bank and asked for a loan officer. Of course she was not looking for a loan, she may not even own a house, don’t know don’t care but anyone that desperate to scam an old 90 year old woman should not be turned loose in anyone’s house with two big garbage bags.

Her cleaning was fine, she was nice, and I don’t think she stole a thing and for sure I did not loan/give her any money but the fact that she would ask makes me branded her as not someone I would recommend.

Just wanted to share.


28th Amendment


What is it about Amendment 28 that Congress, and the President do not understand. Sure sounds clear to me. This is not getting to the dog fight of funding or not funding Obamacare because of funds. Obamacare has been tinkered with until it has to be changed before ANY FUNDS go to it. It is completely against the 28th Amendment to our constitution. Congress has MADE A LAW THAT APPLIES TO THEM and forgot it’s the citizens of the United States that has to pay for it. If Obamacare is to be put into affect then Obama, Biden, Boemer, Reed, Peloski etc all have to pay and join in Obamacare. They make way to much money to get any subsidies. The little man has to fill out papers stating their income and then are told how much subsidy they will get. Congress and the President don’t have to do that and while most are millionaires they will get a subsidy the way things are progressing. If they extend putting Obamacare into law for a year for businesses then it has to be extended for the ordinary citizens. We don’t have paid lobbyists and are not doing favors for Congress and the President so we get screwed over royally. I know the Supreme court has said this is a tax I am not talking about that. If Obamacare can’t be put off a year to work the bugs out of it for everybody then it has to apply to EVERYBODY. This is the time to insist your rights are protected just as much as the guys making the laws. Read the Amendment 28 over and over, send it to your Congressmen. Copy it and write your own e mail or forward this story to your congressmen. Lilly

28th-Admendment Obamacare

Downtown Seattle Unsafe

Downtown Seattle Is Unsafe

There’s a saying that good guys finish last. That’s the way it is downtown. It is not safe to walk right in the heart of downtown in the middle of the day. I am not talking about Pioneer Square or Bell town at night when just the drunks hit the streets. The main place to catch buses is at 2nd and Union or 3rd and Pike. To get there from anyplace you have to do business is downright scary. Drug sales right in the open all along Pike, you have to walk around them to pass. To get from Group Health on Capitol Hill I need to walk from the bus at 5th and Pine to 3rd and Pike. That is through Westlake Park. Drug sales, skateboards, drunks, men urinating right in plain site. What isn’t in site is a Policeman. Now I know why and can even understand that the Police have a problem enforcing what they say are civil rules, not criminal ones. Which means until these unruly drunks/thugs, ( pants on the floor druggies) murder or maim you the police can’t or wont do a thing. Police use to issue tickets for street disorder but have learned it’s useless. If they ticket you three times you have to show up in court, but of course they never do, so that ends that.

Mayor McGinn wants more money to put more police in the downtown core but the city attorney refuses to take anyone to court that the police cite. the Mayor thinks (or says) it’s because they need more housing. I beg to differ. 90% of the drug selling, skate boarders and rabble rousers are already living in free housing, get food stamps, medical and everything that a “good guy” has to work and pay for. They are bored and think they are entitled to do whatever they please with no consequences. There are some seriously mentally ill people downtown and eventually they pull out their gun and shoot a metro driver, or stab an innocent school teacher who attended a hockey game but until they do that they can’t touch them. As it stands when I go to town, transfer to my doctor all I can do is hope I MAKE IT without getting shot, stabbed or knocked down and a hip broken. That is not the way a well run city should operate. In 2007 they wrote 2,262 tickets. In 2013 they wrote 271. I believe out of those 271 they took two (2) to court. In other words downtown is totally unsafe, no amount of police can fix it if they are told to look the other way. They want people to take the bus but the transit stations are not safe at all and no one can do anything about it. There has to be a consequence if a doped up skate boarder is swinging his skate board around his head yelling profanities in Westlake Park, guys peeing on trees, this means the good guys came in last for sure.

Maybe they just need to have police available to escort us law abiding citizens to the next bus stop and let the thugs have the streets. If you readers have any good ideas please leave comments and/or get in touch with our Mayor and City Attorney. If you don’t renew your cat license, the fee jumps from $25 to $42, but if you ignore that an officer comes to your door and that costs you $125.00 plus whatever other crap they add on to the $42. It’s all about money. They will punish anyone they think they can squeeze a buck from but the lawless downtown don’t pay anything. Priorities are really screwed up. LLL (Lilly)

Trayvon Martin and Australian Christopher Lane Comparison

Obama and Holder Racism

The only thing Trayvon Martin and Christopher Lane have in common is “they are both dead”. Trayvon Martin is black, Christopher Lane is White. This is the point where I need to say that the word racist means, a person who believes a particular race is superior to another. If that is true and I believe it is then that would make Barack Obama, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder all racists. I did not want to ever write about Trayvon Martin but President Obama says if he had a son he would want him to be just like Trayvon. He has alluded to civil rights, hate crime and everything under the sun.  Zimmerman was acquitted they are still talking that. What they are saying is this little young black boy was trying to get home (no one knows where he really lived) with his bag of skittles. He was not plucked off by a gang of whites because they were bored, he was not singled out because he was black, he was on top of a Hispanic pounding his head into the concrete saying “tonight you will die” when he got shot. It appears we cannot defend ourselves against a black.  The four so called leaders  mentioned above have done more to divide whites and blacks than anyone else while preaching we have to get along. We can’t get along when the blacks can do anything and we don’t dare confront them. Now look at Christopher Lane, a white boy from Melbourne, Australia out for a jog. He was just 22 and attending Oklahoma’s East Central University on a baseball scholarship. Three BLACKS  Christopher Luna 16, James Edwards Jr, 15 while 17 year old Michael Jones drove the getaway car. OBAMA, HOLDER, SHARPTON OR JACKSON has not said one word about it. the deputy White House Secretary said a couple days later he was not aware of it. How were they made aware of the fact the “poor little black boy with a bag of candy” got shot and was on every channel on TV, every newspaper and at the Dream march they are having today they are still carrying signs and wanting justice for Trayvon. The BLACK THUG was not going to school, he was on dope and police found a bag of stolen jewelry and things wherever he lived, but you don’t hear a word. Apparently the media is afraid to mention anything bad a black does. Glen Beck and a few others are the only place to get the news. The three BLACK THUGS  that did the thrill kill on Christopher Lane said they were bored. But the man who called the police on the shooters said it was a gang initiation. One of the suspects said ” 90% of the white people are nasty, #HATE THEM’. Also, said he knocked out 5 woods since Zimmerman court. Wood is a derogatory slang for white people. But Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest sad he was not familiar with the story at all. The administration simply don’t care what happens to whites and when it does they don’t even want the story to mention the killer or killers are black. But if any other race kills a black to save their own life, all of a sudden the White House hears and twists the story completely. That looks like racists to me.

Which brings up an even more shocking story of two BLACK THUGS beating an 88 year old WHITE WWII Veteran to death. There was a little blurb in the Seattle Times but it did not say the guys that beat him were BLACK. Obama should be shouting from his little pedestal to the black parents to stand up and take care of their children or they will be held accountable and put in jail too. The WWII Vet Delbert Benton made it through the war including one of the fiercest battles at Okinawa. Then two creeps (BLACK creeps) beat him to death. But for our president to not get up on his soap box and rave about how terrible to shoot a hero is almost unbelievable. Instead he is at a march honoring a little black boy that he would have like to have had for a son. He is a racist. He hates us whites, he wants the other blacks to hate us. Homeland Security who are supposed to be protecting us by spying on our e mails had a man employed by them by the name of Ayo Kimathi (BLACK), who was running a hate website. He was encouraging blacks to kill whites, predicting and advocating a race war. He does not want blacks, whites, mixed race or gays to integrate with each other. Well Obama hasn’t said a word, Holder, Jackson or Sharpton hasn’t said a word, but what do you suppose the punishment was? He was put on Paid Administrative Leave. Now that is really harsh punishment for trying to start a race war, and create hate and encourage blacks to kill whites and says he will see them on the Battlefield. Isn’t that a form of terrorism or something.? Obama is out honoring Trayvon. Two teens (didn’t say color but I assume white, did a couple prank calls about Obama and the FBI tracked them down and read them the riot act. But Ayo Kimathi is just on paid vacation. He should (or a white would) be in jail. That is a form of terrorism or close to it. Sounds like a reverse white supremacist . But if you hate a black you are in trouble, if a black hates a white he gets put on paid leave.

Obama did not get to be president because of anything good he has ever done. He has lied about his birth and when forced to come up with a birth certificate it named a hospital that was not named that when he was bon. He went to college as a foreign exchange student, but never had to explain that. His social security number is from a state he has never lived in. He did not get into college because of his grades. He has got pushed up the ladder to do exactly what he is doing. He is dividing America more than it has been since Martin Luther King did his March. He was brought up in a church with a radical preacher guiding him. He has surrounded himself with radical left wing anarchists. He has hidden his medical, educational and travel records. But no one dares question him about anything because he is black. Could any guys be worse examples to little black boys than Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, but they are Obama’s back drops. He has got America in debt and all of it was squandered on shovel ready green jobs, bail out’s and foreign aide and worst of all his lavish vacation and apology tours. In my opinion he is absolutely ruining America and for sure not making whites and blacks like each other. I don’t wish him any harm but think he should be impeached and made to answer all the questions he should have been asked before he was even nominated. The rich blacks like Oprah got him where he is. Mostly working whites paying for his entitlements to the blacks. It just wont work forever.

Another story and I can’t find the boys name but he was white, walking to his car on a street in Memphis TN. A car pulls up, a black gets out and shoots him from 10 feet away. (yep never got close to him, just pulled the trigger) they have the video. But they are calling it a failed robbery not a hate crime. WHY? If the colors were reversed it would be a hate crime. It was not even a botched robbery. The shooter never robbed him. The white guy still had his money, his cell phone, the keys to his car. Obama, Holder don’t know a thing about all the blacks shooting each other and shooting whites for thrill kill but sure are praising and defending a black that was trying to kill a guy but got killed himself.

Michelle Obama’s Trip To Ireland

Michelle Obama Vacations Wasting Tax Money

If you are a regular reader of this Website you read what I wrote about Joe Biden’s expensive hotel stay. I do not want to be accused of picking on MEN so I want to follow up with Michelle Obama’s trip to Ireland. For sure she did not have to check her bank balance or look in her pockets for some change or do any price shopping for a place to stay. Nope since it was on the taxpayers dime she went for the best. According to reports she stayed in the Princess Grace Suite which charges $3,300 a night. Her entourage booked 30 rooms.  The cost of the two day trip has been reported to be around $5 Million dollars. Taxpayers pay for first family’s travel. But shouldn’t there be a limit? The Obama’s have thumbed their noses at us lowly working Americans time after time. Even if it is legal to do it, how can the Obama family blow through millions while at the same time preaching about the cuts the sequester is causing. Obviously it does not affect them.

His trip was a real money waster too. He can,t seem to stay home. It cost Ireland a lot for his security. They take Air Force One and Air Force Two. His speeches were terrible but there was a good reason. It was the SUN. They say the sun was in his eyes and he could not see his teleprompters. Guess he has never given a speech in the sun before. When he spoke in Germany it was before 5,000 invited guests (and it has been said that a lot of those did a no show). When Kennedy spoke there it was to a crowd of 450,000. Even Republican Ronald Regan spoke to 45,000.

If anyone is against anything the Obama’s are for they can be audited by the IRS. Obama will act like he is shocked that the IRS would single out Patriots, or Tea Party groups and he will pretend to do something about it but he needs the IRS. They are the source of the money for the government to waste. Once the IRS starts on you even if you did not do a thing wrong, you’re done. They can trump up something in an audit and you can fight them for years and never win. They can take your home, you can lose your job and never really be sure what the heck happened. All you end up with is a huge attorney bill.

This got a little off track from Michelle’s trip but the Presidents lies are slowly catching up. He says this is a transparent government but it’s anything but. With all the surveillance of private citizens he is trying to say he did not have any warning about Benghazi. Help was an hour away. He hasn’t even said where he was that night, but he has lied about everything else what could he say that anyone would believe. Until the IRS is dismantled not much will change. They are not making up the rules, they are coming from the White House. The only thing positive the IRS workers have done this year is “learn to boogie”. They should boogie right off the stage and lose their jobs. If they do something really bad they get put on paid leave. I read that the IRS got a bonus of $70 million. Not sure for what. Was it for throwing the election? But hey Obama is cutting expenses by closing the White House to the public at a savings of $17,000 a week. Maybe it was that savings that made it possible for Michelle to take a hairdresser to put glitter in her bangs.  Need to go throw up yet?

Senator Maria Cantwell

Senator Maria Cantwell

I recently wrote to our Senator Maria Cantwell regarding raising the debt ceiling and the nations over spending habits.  Here is the conversation.

Dear Lilly,

Thank you for contacting me about your views regarding the federal budget and raising the debt ceiling.  I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

Our country faces serious challenges following the economic collapse brought on by Wall Street in 2008. As your Senator, I have remained focused on turning around our economy by investing in job creation, fighting for Main Street small businesses, and implementing strong financial reform.

I am also deeply concerned about getting our country’s fiscal house in order. It is time for both parties to work together for the good of the country and produce a responsible debt limit plan. I will continue to advocate for a plan that will stave off the economic catastrophe of default while creating jobs, putting Americans back to work, cutting wasteful government spending, and protecting Medicare and Social Security.

Government has a responsibility to spend taxpayers’ dollars wisely, but it also has a responsibility to provide certain services and guarantees to the American people. In this time of economic crisis, I believe it is especially important that Congress prioritize those measures that will foster long-term economic growth. We must reinvest in our education system, in our workers, in our nation’s infrastructure and in the development of clean energy technologies that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. By making these important investments today and helping revitalize our economy, we can leave our children with prosperity not debt.

As a member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee I will continue to work with President Obama and with my colleagues to draft legislation that strikes the right balance in how we collect and spend federal tax dollars so we can leave more than debt to the next generation.  This is why I’ve worked to cut taxes for Washington families, specifically by extending the sales tax deduction to ensure fairness for residents of our state.   I understand that this issue is especially important to you; be assured that I will keep your views in mind as we craft legislation.

Thank you again for contacting me to share your thoughts on this matter.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance.
Maria Cantwell
United States Senator

I responded with the following email to Senator Maria Cantwell….

Dear Senator Cantwell:

Thank you for the response. I realize you have to send a boiler type answer but yours was informative. I don’t agree with a lot of what you say. I am not getting into dollar amounts here,  just using common sense that comes with growing old and being poor and working most of my life.
You do not help taxpayers, or the government by raising the debt ceiling. No one gets out of debt by getting more credit cards and it’s the same thing. The debt has tripled or more under Obama. He doesn’t have a clue about spending. He blows through money like a train wreck. He has never had to work for any money and does not know what a budget or anything else is. Most all of you have to keep promising the people in your State more and more goodies to get re elected. You have so many people voting for you that have never worked, never have any intention of working but know how to milk the system. There is absolutely no reason that generation after generation lives on welfare. It’s not fair to them. They will vote for every bus, or park or anything else that will raise our taxes because they don’t pay rent, they don’t pay for their food, they don’t’ pay for their medical. They are young, able bodied and somehow you have millions of people who think they are entitled to be taken care of. You have to cut that off. You are doing them no favors, but it does get you re elected.
The government is totally bloated. Lets just take the IRS now. Look at Lerner. She was making $200,000 a year as head of the department that supposedly grants special tax exempt status to organizations. Well I think before its over they will show that the election was controlled by the IRS in lots of ways. but back to her. She recently got a bonus of $100,000. Geez that’s 3 times more than I ever earned in a year. But it gets worse. First she tried lying, that didn’t work, so she lawyers up and takes the 5th. Someone wanted her to resign, but since she REFUSED to resign there was no choice(who the heck dreamed up that) but to put her on administrative leave. Now she can draw her pay and not even have to get up and go into the office. Don’t you see where you could save $300,000 right there. In our real world someone would have escorted her to her desk and said pack it up. Should have gone straight to jail, but if not that should have ended the job, pensions and perks. That’s just an example. We have a president that has no idea what the word truth means, from where he was born, whether he is a citizen, he was not told about the crooks in the IRS and acts like he is surprised. Lerner is saying it was not something she thought the president needed to know. Well no one knows where he was the night our 4 men were killed in Bengazi and they made a complete fool out of Susan Rice sending her to all talk shows to lie thru her teeth. They knew right on the start it was a terriorist attack. At the funeral of the dead Seal. Hillary leaned over to the Father of the dead Seal and said we will get the guys who made the video. She is as big a liar as Slick Willy but that was cruel. Obama thinks its terrible to treat the newsmen like criminals. but Holder signed the warrant that got Rosen in trouble and now Holder is going to get to the bottom of why a warrant was signed. One last thing, Obama wants to pretend. gee he didn’t know about any of these things and it was not important that he knew because he is so busy. Well it was important that he knew a millionaire black sports guy came out of the closet and even phoned him personally. Well for a president he really has his priorities screwed up. Cut government workers wages, cut out the pork, stop promising things you know there is no money for. DON’T RAISE THE DEBT LIMIT.
Thank you,

I encourage everyone to call, write, or even post on the Emerald City Journal you’re thoughts and opinions regarding issues. Make your voice heard.

Kittens Strip Club In Georgetown (Old Kettel’s Restaurant)

Georgetown Seattle Hats and Boots

Georgetown is getting a new business. We have no big store (Safeway, Albertson, Walmart etc). No direct bus to get to Burien to even get to a store. We lost our Laundromat, Treasure House etc. We did gain Harbor Freights. Now it seems we are getting a STRIP CLUB named Kittens. Shows a kitten climbing a pole like a dancer would.

This would be located in the old home of Kettel’s on 4th Ave.

DPD issued a permit for substantial alterations to the old Kettel building. DPd reviewed the zoning before issuing the permit. It is 800 ft from spaces where children congregate, day care centers, schools, community centers etc. PUBLIC NOTICE WAS NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS ISSUANCE. geez, they post public notice when a condo is being built but not a strip club. Keep Reading

Kevyn Orr, Emergency Manager of Detroit

Kevyn Orr Detroit Emergency Manager

Some things we read are so over the top that they have to be true. No one is smart enough to make them up. I won’t go into detail about the financial mess Detroit is in. It is a city of 706,600 people on the brink of bankruptcy. It ran up a deficit of 327 million last year and has $14 billion long term obligations. Seattle Sunday’s Times says Kevyn Orr will draw a salary of $275,000 as Detroit’s emergency manager. Wow that is a whopping salary for a broke city for sure. OK what I have said so far is probably true, and the Detroit Mayor needed help. How many people applied for that job and what sort of background did they have? We will never know.

Now, what I call over the top was when I was reading more personal things about Kevyn Orr. I don’t mean gossip, like Keep Reading

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