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Seattle Council Letter About Big Bertha

Seattle Council should use El Chapo's team to dig tunnel

Dear City of Seattle Councilmembers,

Looks like Big Bertha news hit the paper again. This morning they admitted that the water main replacement is tied to damage from the tunnel project. Awhile back they were saying it had nothing to do with it but it brought to mind how that project is looked to people outside of Seattle. I am cutting and pasting a suggestion that was Emailed to me because I don’t want to change the wording one bit. I could not improve on it and want you to read it.

“Big Bertha has turned out to less than dependable and not big enough for the job. City should contact the tunnel diggers that broke the Mexican drug dealer out of jail. Let them know that Seattle is a sanctuary city and they will be able to do what ever they want on their free time and take advantage of lots of free programs. They used an old beat up motorcycle to transport miles of dirt and the city could offer them a brand new motorcycle to use that would be pennies on the dollar compared to Big Bertha. Once they complete the tunnel they could keep the motorcycle free and clear and sell Marijuana full time without having to worry about breaking the law as it is legal here. The additional rapes, assaults and murders they would commit would hardly be noticeable in Seattle. The crimes might even be beneficial in the long run as they could be used as proof we need more tax increases to combat the crime we are inviting.—– Original Message —– ”

The Mexican tunnel crew is getting to sound better all the time because the Big Bertha project does not want to give up and will keep going until all the taxpayer funds have ran out and we still wont have a tunnel.

A couple Emails later from this same out of town person added a few more tweaks to the above. He said the Mexicans could guarantee accuracy to come up right under any toilet along the way. They can guarantee that there will be no interruptions or interference with traffic and only the few bribed officials will even know its going on until they come out of the end of the tunnel. They will need section 8 rental houses along the way to expedite dirt removal and digging. and after work pot parties. The city will be happy to hear that because they want to punish property owners in Seattle because we bitch a about wanting to control our own property. We want to screen our tenants, rent to who we feel is desirable. We don’t want rent control. I’m sure you and out Mayor would love to see landlords punished somehow. there was a picture of a lot of showing of hands who want rent control. My suggestion is “why not take a showing of hands of how many who would like to live in their houses without paying any rent at all: You would get even more raised hands. cant cure stupid.

This is how stupid we look to people outside our city who have no dog in the fight at all.


Car Tabs With The Seattle Council

Seattle Car Tabs Taxes

I thought the City Council worked FOR the voting public. I thought your job was to get the best deal for the taxpayer dollars. I guess I was wrong about that because we were definitely hood winked into passing a $60.00 car tab fee that was to improve transit. It was passed because of the promise that was tacked on that the low income people would get a $20.00 rebate.
Now, you admit that a $20 rebate will cost taxpayers $37.00. That should have been stated on the ballot. Nobody but a fool would approve something like that. Sounds like you are running our transportation money through the Slick Willy, Hillary, Chelsea foundation. They too only give 15% to charity and use the 85% to live like millionaires. Council member Tom Rasmussen who chairs the transportation committee said it seemed high and non profits usually charge 15% for administrative costs but the committee including Jean Godden and Mike O’Brian recommends going forward with it. The advisor to mayor Murray says its expensive to give rebates. Then why would you put on the ballot to give rebates?

They are worried now that not enough people have signed up for reduced fares and rebates etc and are going to spend $718,000 to make sure more people hear about the lower fares. In other words they want to give away as much free stuff or reduced price stuff as they can so these people will vote for them next time. No one is working to use taxpayer money wisely.

The transportation department has NO plan as to how to spend all this money so it doesn’t bother them that a $20.00 will take $37.00 from what the taxpayer’s thought was for transportation, not to buy next election votes. DOT is like a kid with a fist full of money from a birthday party heading for Toys R Us. They don’t know whether to add more rapid rides, reduce time between buses. They should have had a plan before the ballot was presented to be voted on and we should have been told how much you would screw away. Why should we help Wells Fargo bank make money issuing debit cards. With people like this running the show there will never be enough money. Need to get rid of every council member that goes along with this . Someone should demand the $60.00 tab ballot was passed by misleading the public. Enough is enough.

I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t drive. But we have one bus in Georgetown that goes every half hour and none that go down highway 99 and to town on 4th. The transportation dept. has the 131 and the 132 go from town to Burien go down 4th, both turn at Michigan and end up in Burien. One of them could come on down the highway and turn on the new South Park bridge and pick up riders all along the highway. I have written to them about that but they are so “extremely” busy they have never answered. Too busy figuring out how to get more money and make other bus routes go every 10 or 15 minutes. I would be happy if I had a bus on the highway that would get me to town or to Burien if it ran once an hour. I am 91 and have to walk clear to 4th and Michigan to get a bus and back home to Corson when it turns to go over the first ave bridge. Usually both big buses are almost empty. One could pick up a few passengers along the highway, but there are none to pick up on the 1st ave bridge or until they get to South Park.

Hillary’s Emails vs. Troy Kelley, State Auditor

Hillary Clinton Hiding Her Emails From Public

This article is not about democrats or republicans. It’s about who has to obey laws and who doesn’t. No country can operate where the laws are not enforced evenly.

For example: If you did not declare some deal on your income tax (or if the IRS dreamed it up) they can swoop in with a warrant and seize everything you have. they can ruin you completely before you have a chance to prove you are completely innocent. They can take your files, phones, computers etc. This includes your personal Emails. Your Emails like Hillary’s might have your daughters wedding, yoga lessons or plain old juicy gossip but the IRS gets it all to sort through to look for your missing income. You can wind up in jail if you resist. All Hillary has to do is say she maybe should have done things different. She gets to choose what to turn over and with all her past lies I don’t think even her friends believe much of what she says. She put the entire country at danger. She conducted top secret business on her homebrew computer. She has to have had Emails about Benghazi and Syria on there but there are months of missing Emails.  For any ordinary person they would be sitting in jail refreshing their memory of where the heck the lost Emails are.  The Justice Department should have swooped in immediately and seized everything, but who heads the Justice Department? Another liar and crook who has a contempt charge against him. He could rush to Ferguson and help instigate all the turmoil with his pip squeak buddy Sharpton. Starting the lie about “hands up don’t shoot” They incited the riots but they just don’t talk about that part. Hillary can’t be turned loose free as a bird after what she did. For her to stand with a straight face and say her computer was safe because she had secret service outside her home at all times. That might stop someone from going in TAKING YOUR COMPUTER, but it sure would not stop a foreign country from hacking into it. It doesn’t sound like these days the Secret Service protecting even the president are responsible. They sure like to drink and find prostitutes to have fun with, or drive thru barricades at the white house that could have set off a bomb while drunk as skunks.

Congress has to protect us from the Justice Department and even our own President. He is selling us down the river.

Our State Auditor, Troy Kelley had his home searched, Justice Department swooped in and took lots of his stuff while he is out of state someplace on vacation. I have no idea what he did wrong or if he did wrong, but FOR SURE whatever the problem it was not anything like Hillary has done. No one has issued a warrant to search HER home. They say they can’t for some reason. She used her personal homebrew computer to conduct the highest of the highest business. What could Troy Kelley or even his employee have done that would endanger our whole country? They may have squandered a lot of taxpayer money. I don’t know a thing about Troy Kelley, but the Justice Department was sure interested in what he did or did not do. Has he taken a lot of bribes from Foreign countries like Hillary has? I am using him as a comparison as how laws can be used again State Officials who are no threat to our country, but can’t be used against Hillary.

The above is what my article is really about, but will add a little information that proves it is a hard to believe anything Hillary says. The State Department is a supposed to be a non partisan office. She was the fourth in line of importance in protecting our country. Now she just wants to forget about what she did or didn’t do and concentrate on running for president. This opens up another can of worms. Her whole agenda is going to be on Woman’s Rights. Of all the woman I have ever heard of her view on Woman’s Rights are right in the toilet. Look at how she has let her own husband completely disrespect her and their daughter. Put them to the worst possible shame while she stood right by him and blamed “the Right Wing Conspiracy”. Poor Slick Willy used the defense that he didn’t know what the word SEX or IS meant. Now it has came to light that the Clinton Foundation has taken in tens of millions in donations from countries like Saudi Araibi, United Arab Emiratis and others that are oppressive to woman. Girls are forced to marry at 9, woman have zero rights, can’t drive, or walk anyplace alone or get an education. They got donations from those countries while she was Secretary of State. Where are the Emails about those transactions? When you are fourth from the top dog in the country taking tens of millions from foreign countries have to be explained. Those countries bought silence of some kind. They did not donate to HELP WOMAN’S RIGHTS. Then of all things the web of lies entrapped Slick Willy. When he could take time to get away from raking in funds for his Foundation he took several trips with a convicted pedophile to an exclusive island where they had young sex slaves. The logs shows this happened, no one can dispute it. I think this guy has donated to his foundation, not completely sure. Why did he take trips there? Hillary doesn’t care it seems so the lies they have told are catching up. For instance, Hillary said they set up the homebrew computer for her and her husband. Well Slick Willie made a lie out of that. He says he sent two Emails in his life and neither were to Hilly. (lol)  Maybe they were to Monica or the pedophile making arrangements for a trip to a sex island to rest up from his fundraising. (lol)  Now the web stretched out a bit further and poor Hillary was not supposed to EVER TELL WHO THE DONERS WERE.  Hope she has to give it all back because she breached that promise but that should not clear her anymore. What if I robbed a bank and was caught on the sidewalk with my loot, and just took it back in and said, gee sorry about that?

This is just to get you to thinking about how the little guy can be ruined but if you are a top dog working for “We The People” you can lie, cheat, steal and/or endanger out whole country, and not a thing can be done.


Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State
New York

Seattle Council Follow-Up

Washington State Transportation Tunnel Failure

To Emerald City Journal:

I just read your good article you wrote about the tunnel.

I wrote a letter that went to every city council member the morning they were supposed to get the real “scoop” from DOT. Well they got the real scoop except it was the kind you need a scoop shovel to get rid or and it “stinks”. Not one member on the council responded to me after the meeting. Can you imagine them sitting there listening to State Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson, spinning a story that would make a normal persons head spin but the Council Members didn’t argue with her. She says its too late to stop work on the tunnel because the tunnel is 70% complete (yes seventy). It would take a really good liar to be able to make a statement like that at this point. Why didn’t they stand up and declare the meeting over? Is this an insult to the taxpayers of Seattle and to the businesses that have been ruined during this last year of digging. Well I cant use the word digging because Bertha cant dig. What will it take to stop this nonsense? They cant drain the sound, and if they dig beside it they will hit water so they can never pump enough. All the politicians think is how to PUMP MORE MONEY into it, not water out of it.

The council hasn’t made a big deal of any of it publically. The money for the tunnel is gone on south and north portals and a pit to reach Bertha. How can you call this even a start on the tunnel? Its just a big gamble(but they already lost the money). Lets say they ever get the pit dug. Will the land around the pit hold up when they bring in a crane or cranes big enough to lift the front end of Bertha out or will we have Bertha and a crane or two to bury? Readers speak up now or forever hold your peace. Email and every member will get a copy. Flood them with e mails not water.

A gambler can quit anytime he wants. If he has lost his pay check, he still is better off to walk away before he puts the title to his car or house in the pot for the last game. It makes good photo ops for the Mayor. Maybe Obama can send Gruber to give a speech saying Taxpayers are too stupid to understand how good this is. See my letter to the council below or here.

Update: Unfortunately, there has been no response from the City of Seattle Council as of 3/13/15. We are sadden to say the least. We continue to see the failed tunnel project move forward. Each day wasting more and more money which could have been spend on our education system, roads, or new options / roads to fix the mess this project has created. One thing we will never see is the Council admit they made a mistake with this project. They will continue the effort and talk less and less about all the money being dumped into it. When it finally is completed they will praise their hard work and how successful it was. It’s a complete failure and catastrophe. As news continues to come out about the tunnel (Alaska Way Viaduct Project), more and more injuries are being reported now. Medical / compensation claims are at there highest at over 1$ million dollars since 2012. According to an AP news report, there were more claims in 2014 then the last two years combined. The machine continues to sit with no action. It is believed that the machine will start running again in August 2015. The Seattle Council members fail to listen about all the wasted money. Aborting this project is the right action.

Letter To Council About Failed Tunnel Project (No Response)

Seattle Council Email About Tunnel Project Failure

Subject: Tunnel

Hate to say,” I told you so”, but the Tunnel mess is really coming to light. How many more billions are you going to pour down the sink hole? We could have had a nice flat surface road or a new viaduct by now but you have an endless pit. I wrote before that I thought digging a tunnel thru fill dirt right along the sound was about as stupid as anything you could dream up. The DOT, The Tunnel Partners have lied to you repeatedly. Why will you believe tem this morning when they come to assure you everything is “hunky dory”. You should invite former Governor Gregoire to come. How many times did she stand with a straight face and say, the tunnel will be built under budget and NOT ONE COST OVERRUN WILL BE PAID BY TAXPAYERS?

You have heard from strategists, planners, managers, and experts, but mostly from LIARS. This was a boondoggle from day one. You had 1.4 billion to build the tunnel. 1 billion is gone and you are not only at square one but worse than when you started. What are the odds of it ever getting built? I would say zero. If you think spending 400 billion more to try to keep from losing the 1 billion you already lost, you should definitely listen to Kenny Rodgers sing, The Gambler. That’s all you are doing now.(gambling) No one knows how much water you need to pump, The space where you pump water has to be filled with something. Do you want to keep on til the historic buildings start to shift and crack? Do you want to wait til the viaduct falls over because of your digging? Do you want to keep on til the pressure sends dirt up thru the hole you are trying to dig to repair Bertha. You have squandered enough money to build a new house for every homeless person in Seattle. You have squandered enough to repair every street in Seattle. On and on and on.

Take a special vote of the people of Seattle and especially the businesses that have been ruined by all this digging. Is was in insult for the Mayor to take advantage of King Street falling apart for a photo op. He doesn’t have a clue(neither does anyone else) why it is happening. Maybe you need to bring “Patty and Maria” for a photo shoot and have them promise all sort of Federal Funds. Remember Federal funds, County funds, City funds all come from the working peoples pocket. The money to build the tunnel is gone. Time to admit defeat. Give Bertha a burial and let some other fools a hundred years from now run into her when they try to dig again. Stop this madness and stand up for the people who voted you in to speak for them.

– That was my letter to the Seattle Council. There has been no response thus far.

Prop. 1, Seattle Park District Measure

Seattle Park Measure

DO NOT TAKE POWER AWAY FROM THE VOTERS!!!!!!! This is a terrible way to fund parks. Every one loves a park. Voters have generously passed a parks levy every six years. Seattle is pro-parks. Prop 1 isn’t a replacement of the existing parks levy. With the support of Mayor Ed Murray, Proposition 1 proposes a new PERMANENT taxing authority controlled by the City Council. We now pay 20 cents per thousand dollars on assessed amount. This would go to 33 cents and could be UPPED anytime with no way for taxpayers/property owners to control it. They could fund anything they wanted to.

Red flag comes up here. Under state law this new district cannot be dissolved by a public vote. Neither would citizens be able to file initiatives against decisions they disagree with. WOW that is plain and simple handing the City Council and Mayor a blank check.

This takes all the power away from the voters. Do you want to give the City Council a blank check after the City Light CEO pay raise screw up. Only two Council Members, Nick Licata and Sawant Kshama voted against giving the raise. I hope the rest of the council members are enjoying eating crow but I don’t think it bothers them one bit. One Council Member emailed that she realized it was hard for “US” to understand the huge salaries but they have to do it to get the best talented help. (yes it is a little hard for me to understand since I live on $20,000/year What you got was a little “liar”. City Light has not been that great. The amount of money does not guarantee good leadership. To even think you would consider giving the head of city light (paid from our light bills) a $120,000 raise is almost beyond my imagination. Shame on you guys. The whole city is top heavy. The Mayor has big dreams, you have a rubber stamp. What we need is to get all of you that voted for the raise booted out. Property taxes are way way to high. To many people getting freebies and the ones of us left paying are on overload. Evidently the CEO wasn’t pressuring much to get a raise of that proportion because he says now he is content to stay at his old salary. He should be fired. This proves the city council did not give it any thought. Just wanted to back the Mayor and brag how great the salaries are for city workers. Hopeful that will all start to go down hill and we will get a new crop of council members that remember they work for the people, not the other way around. Your heads got way way to big.

Letter To Seattle Council City Light CEO

Seattle City Lights

My letter to the Seattle council….

Sounds like someone got their wires crossed at City Light. Please delay your vote on the stupid stupid raise for the CEO of City Light. He was already getting a whopping 245,000. He is the highest paid city employee. What on earth can make him worth that? Now you want to give him a raise of almost $120,000. What are you thinking about, when we have no money for things the city needs you raise his pay to $364,000. That was all the information I have read or heard about and it was a shock. Completely out of line. He could fall off a light pole tomorrow and city light would go on just fine without him. Of course he doesn’t climb poles, or change bulbs or do anything we really need. He spins tales for the city and the Mayor. If he can go someplace for more pay, we city light customers will come help him pack. Remember you are representing the people of Seattle and there is no way you can think this is right or fair.

That was bad enough, but thank goodness for the Times article today (Sunday June 15) by Jim Brunner we learned there is something very wrong going on. People can stand to be screwed over, they can stand to be taxed unfairly, but one thing almost NO ONE can stand is a liar. Then top it off with a cover up. Have you taken some lessons from Susan Rice? She is the second best liar I have ever heard of. Obama is the number one. They sent her out to spin the tale of a video causing the Benghazi disaster AFTER it was well known by everyone that it was a terrorist attack. But wanted to keep it covered up so Obama could win a second term. Now she was back telling more lies that the deserter had served with dignity and distinction. She is trying to make Obama look good and facts or the truth has nothing to do with what she says. So City Lights Chief of Staff Sephir Hamilton hired a firm to clean up the CEO’s image online. The only thing that should be online about Jorge Carrasco should be the TRUTH. Nothing taken away, nothing added. They call it a reputation-management service. The clear negatives by blanketing search results with positive content. In other words if the CEO has done some things he would like to keep covered up, just write something positive instead. If Mayor Murray is so hell bent on quality leadership he should not even be considering someone who is trying to cover their tracks.

Wait on your vote until you are sure (not just what the Mayor tells you) what it is he is trying to quash. Or is he being given a whopping raise a/k/a a pay off to promote the City’s green program. If the green program is so good it will make it by showing the people its good, not paying a CEO bribe money or pay off to promote it for you. The more lies and cover up’s the worse it will get. So don’t vote on the raise this morning.
Thank you

Councilmember Nick Licata responds and does a very good job of explaining his point….

I too am troubled by the City Light CEO salary hike approved by the Council majority and have shared my concerns on the my Urban Politics blog and below.

To recap, the City Council voted 6-2 (Myself and Sawant opposed and Harrell was absent) last week to raise the City Light General Manager and CEO salary range by 45 percent, setting a new maximum of $364,481-per-year up from a $250,750 top-end salary. The Council vote paves the way for the Mayor to pay the highest paid Seattle city employee even more. The Mayor has said he will give General Manager and CEO Jorge Carrasco a 24 percent bump from his current salary of $244,954 up to $305,000.

Council proponents argued that Carrasco is underpaid in comparison to leaders of other publically owned utilities. Their conclusion originates from city staff analysis showing we pay our top City Light post less than other governments pay their utility heads. Past city staff studies reached the same conclusion. However, the relatability of the other salaries has been challenged because some utilities included as comparables in the staff analysis oversee multiple utility services, like water, while City Light just handles electricity. Regardless, on the surface, it would seem that one could justify the raise—albeit a very large raise on top of a very large salary when compared to what Seattle pays other city employees.

Councilmember Sawant and I raised objections of two kinds. First, and most obvious, is that in comparison to other City Light employees’ salaries, the General Manager and CEO’s new salary is out of line and sends the wrong message to our employees and the public. The big ticket salary basically says that CEOs of large corporations deserve a salary commensurate with whatever the market will bear, and that City Light must be a large corporation with its over 2,000 employees and budget of more than $1 billion. In other words, if other CEOs receive huge salaries, the City must offer the same to attract top talent.

Unfortunately, this trend has gone on for some time. In 1965, CEOs made more than 20 times what an average worker was paid. By 2012, that ratio was more than 10 times as skewed: CEOs made 273 times the average worker that year. I don’t believe that the Council, representing taxpayers, must conform to this pattern. By doing so, we contribute to the very problem of income and wealth inequality that now plagues our nation and undermines our economic stability. As workers are paid less and less, they have less to spend to keep our economy functioning smoothly. What’s more, workers are being pushed out of Seattle. Relative to wages, housing costs have become unaffordable. The irony is that since President Ronald Reagan embarked on a philosophy of letting the unfettered market determine what is fair in the 1980s, laborers have enjoyed an ever smaller share of the productivity gains their hard work produced. American workers are not being adequately compensated for their efforts.

The second objection raised is more to the point here in Seattle. Our city government has kept a tight lid on wages for average city employees. How can we fairly bargain with our employees after giving such an ostentatious salary increase to one individual? The Council and Mayor’s pay hike for the City Light General Manager and CEO justifiably creates hard feelings among our employees and sets up a very poor example for evaluating and rewarding performance.
It’s this last point that I most underscored during the meeting Monday. First, a little background—Carraso was confirmed in February 2004, and, that spring, a survey was conducted of City Light employees. It had been scheduled before Carrasco became the head of City Light. A report was issued on the findings, and four significant problems were identified:

• A troubling lack of confidence in the executive management
• Poor communication among the various levels within the utility
• Lack of adequate staffing to provide high-quality service
• A sense that quality and process improvements were not a priority

Another survey was taken in 2007 to see if these problems had been addressed during the first three years of Carrasco’s leadership. To assure that the survey was measuring the same concerns, 29 of the 50 questions asked were pulled from the 2004 survey, either exactly or using very similar language. More than three-quarters of City Light’s workforce responded to the survey, roughly the same rate as in 2004. The Council’s Central Staff reviewed the survey and concluded that the 2007 survey averages were statistically indistinguishable from those of the 2004 survey.

A staff report to the Council concluded, “ …the most striking conclusion to be drawn from the new survey is how little things have improved in the three-plus years since the first survey was done. In key areas – leadership, communication, and staffing – in which City Light did poorly in 2004, there has been no improvement.” Though some improvements were noted, the report said scores for key areas remained “at a level the survey developer would describe as a failing grade.”

The Council acts as the board of City Light, and I believe that we (and I include myself) should have required—at a minimum—that another survey be taken. We did not. There has not been another survey conducted since 2007. I asked the Superintendent at a June 9, 2014 meeting when another employee survey would be done. He said one will be done this year. However, our Central Staff know of no such effort.

So the bottom line is: why are we boosting the pay range for the City Light CEO when we have no evidence comparable to a survey showing employees believe that there has been improvement under Carrasco’s leadership? Carrasco has told me that he solicited input from employees when drafting a new City Light strategic plan City Light. I’m glad, they certainly should be involved. But that is not the same as a thorough review; that is not a survey showing how things have gone since 2007.

Unfortunately, we heard news recently that raises concerns things may not being going so smoothly at the utility. Thanks to the investigative reporting of Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner, it was revealed to the Council and the public that City Light entered into a $47,500 contract with marketing firm to engage in an “action plan” that included creating positive blog items and stories about City Light’s green image.

City Light has made strides with its sustainability programs—that is not to be challenged. But isn’t it more important to spend funds to assure that we have a well-run, efficient and responsive public utility? The money would have been much better spent on addressing the problems that were identified 10 years ago, reiterated in the 2007 employee survey and, for all we know, might still exist.

Thank you for taking an interest in our city and for taking a moment to share your thoughts with me.



Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata

Questions About President Obama’s Visit To OSO

Obama OSO Landslide Visit

I felt the need to do a follow up about the multi million dollar waste of money for President Obama to come visit the people of OSO. It was just photo shoot with Susan, Patty and Maria. But now that all that money has been squandered I want to ask if he noticed any thing different here than at the New Orleans flood. I know he was not president then, but should certainly know what I am talking about. Here are some questions he should be asking himself, and thinking very hard about answers he comes up with. He could learn quite a lesson here if he wanted to.

Where are the rows of brand new mobile homes that were furnished almost immediately for the flood victims in New Orleans?? These were totally trashed within a matter of months. Did OSO get any?

Where were the mobs demanding fast food instead of the free food that the people in OSO were cooking for the victims and workers. In New Orleans food that was good enough for the soldiers was not good enough for the victims.

Why isn’t the military in OSO to prevent looting, violence and raping that occurred in New Orleans?

Why aren’t the victims in OSO gathering in places like stadiums demanding more free stuff instead of helping one another? Old white woman in their 80’s are busy cooking funeral meals for the victims.

We will never get to compare answers if you even give this a second thought but I think it’s the mindset of the people. The people of OSO are working people. They were there to get away from the crime in the big cities. They wanted a home, that they paid for themselves. They wanted to earn their own way, and most of all did not want the government’s handouts that would keep them from doing what they wanted to do. In New Orleans most of the houses were free to the tenants to begin with. If something falls apart(tenants trash it) it just gets replaced. They have no respect for each others property and steal from each other, so it only makes sense if their house gets flooded, no problem, Uncle Sam will give them a new better house. Give them all the food they need. Meet all their demands to keep them from killing each other.(and of course voting you back in office) In OSO the people bought their homes, and were making payments. They bought their food. They always helped each other and probably did not even lock their doors. Perfect example how you can drag down whole cities by making them dependent on the government handouts. You are not helping them plan for a good future. It is more or less, one meal at a time. If that quit they don’t have a clue how to help each other. Nothing is of any value to them they way it is for people who have had to go to work each day to put food on the table and buy a house.

Did you notice any of that President Obama? If you did I am sure you would never admit it, and call me a racist on top of it.

Steve Utash, White Detroit Tree Trimmer

Steve Utash Detroit

What makes a crime a hate crime? According to the news reports (or lack of reports) President Obama, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, anything said or done toward a black person is a hate crime, all hell breaks loose. Every major network and newspapers will say a WHITE man did something to a BLACK man. Color is really stressed. If a bunch of BLACKS beat a WHITE man it is color blind. Major networks do not mention color unless its something against a black by a different race.. The media and the president do not mention BLACK against BLACK . Honduras has the highest murder rate of any country but Detroit has more. Obama if trying so hard to funnel billions to rebuild Detroit but until he stops the BLACK crime its useless. But the Monday morning news never bothers to tell how many murders the blacks do over the week end. The following are two glaring examples of how unimportant WHITE people have become.

This story pretty much says we are in a race war. Steve Utash, a tree trimmer in the Detroit area is an employed hard working WHITE man. He stopped at a gas station to buy gas on his way to work. As he was pulling out a little BLACK boy threw himself against the side of the van. The WHITE guy did NOT hit the BLACK boy like the news reported. (Watch the video on Google).The WHITE guy(Steve Utash) got out immediately and went to aide the little BLACK boy that was hurt. A mob of more than a dozen BLACKS came from every direction and beat the WHITE guy almost to death. They stole all his tools, his wallet and didn’t care a thing about the little BLACK boy that got hurt. Rumor has it they used the little boy as a decoy to make the truck stop so they could beat and loot. Steve Utash did everything a decent person would do and nearly got himself killed by a bunch of young BLACK THUGS. I am not sure at this point if Steve Utash ever got out of the hospital because my Seattle Times paper and none of the 3 major networks have mentioned the story at all. But there is a big difference in reporting crimes. If its against a WHITE, its not important, if its against a BLACK it gets the attention of even the President of the United States, but on this story he has not uttered a word. Can you imagine the uproar if a little White boy ran into the side of a Black mans van and when/if the black man tried to come to his assistance he was beat senseless by a dozen WHITE teenagers or young men. Every news cast, every paper would have been right on it. Not a peep when it’s the reverse. The president would have jumped in his toy called Air Force One and visited the boy in the hospital. What a photo op that would make.

OK you might say the President and Attorney General are too busy covering up their own crimes (Fast and Furious) (Bengasi),( NSA), (IRS),(VA), to bother with the tree trimmer . Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton must be busy too. BUT now look at this story of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and compare the coverage and attention it got. George Zimmerman was Hispanic(light colored), Trayvon Martin a BLACK teenager. You have all read/heard the details of that story so this is just about reporting. The BLACK teenager had Zimmerman on the sidewalk, beating his head into the cement saying he was going to kill him. Zimmerman shot him. Pure self defense. You cant very easily walk away is you are flat on your back. Not to much choice here but to shoot. The President of the United States dropped all the worldly problems and the story was on every channel. The newspapers carried it as headline news. The President praised Trayvon and said if he had a son he would want him to be just like Trayvon. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton raved and ranted about this poor little BLACK boy in a hoodie (as if he was five or 6 years old) just trying to get home with his bag of skittles. Well this oversized BLACK teenager had been expelled from school, he was homeless, didn’t belong in this housing complex at all that Zimmerman was acting as a guard for. He was on drugs, and was carrying things that had just been stolen from someplace else. But Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton praised him and vilified Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acquitted in a court of law, but the president and his cheerleaders did not even respect the jury’s findings and to this day praise Trayvon. No one wants anyone shot, no one wants anyone beat up.

Which crime was a hate crime? It’s the crime of a group of BLACK THUGS beating/robbing a WHITE man but the President, attorney General, Jessie Jackson Al Sharpton are not the least interested.

This is about REPORTING unequally WHITE/BLACK crimes. The latest without going into detail is Cliven Bundy the Rancher in Nevada. The Federal Government is totally out of control and surrounded Bundy’s ranch. They came in with a regular armed army. Snipers on the hills, armored tanks, and helicopters rounding up his cattle because they say he owed grazing fees. Not one of the major networks mentioned it. My Seattle Times did not mention it. It was a huge story about the Government of the United States using the Bureau of Land Management to seize a WHITE mans property. It came close to being another Waco or Ruby Ridge but thank goodness the Fed’s backed off. Of course Harry Reid says its not over and I am sure anything he asks Obama to do it will be granted. But the networks are afraid to report a thing against the government or Blacks. BUT Bundy made the grave error of making a Racist remark. It was poor judgment on his part but yesterday every EVERY network told about what a Racist Bundy is. My Seattle Times even had his picture telling about his racist remark. They completely ignored the story of how the government came in like a military to seize a WHITE mans property over a debt. This is not even remotely saying who owes what it is to simply point out the favoritism BLACKS are getting from the President on down. Bundy just said what most people think but are afraid to say. It came out sounding terrible. But look for a minute at what he was trying to point out. Most older people have had to work hard at some point in their life. When doing that you are always trying to better yourself. With the Obama mentality it takes away all ambition or desire to better yourself. If you are raised to believe that somehow the Federal Government will furnish you with a nicer house, better food, and 24 hours to use as you see fit why does any of what you call poor people want to do anything? This includes poor whites too. They are all just as much SLAVES to the Federal Government as they were to the plantation owners. I don’t know anyone who thought slavery was good, or fair or right but there is not a whole lot of difference. If the poor black boy does the right thing and marries the little black pregnant girl, she gets her welfare cut off, they would have to pay for the babys delivery etc. The government encourages them to be “slaves to their rules” not to help the poor person but to simply get more votes. The politicians don’t mind raising working peoples taxes to give to someone who does nothing for their government hand out. If a politician campaigned that he would find a job for everyone on welfare, he would not get a vote from a welfare recipient. But The Bundy story got totally lost. The Federal Government is totally out of control. Bonuses to anyone of their workers who break the law. The story of the BLM never saw the light of day on any of the 3 major networks or my Seattle Times but the minute Bundy said what he thought, then the HUGE RACIST STORY hit the press. Think this might backfire because he still has people that think like him(I don’t think he is a racist) are sticking with him. Any thing that makes it look like a WHITE is against A BLACK makes all the news channels and the papers. The white poor are slaves to the Government rules just like the blacks The don’t bother to work because they don’t have to. Every free thing handed out without the person having to do something for it drags that person down. If you have savings you cant get welfare, so heck just spend it on drugs and booze or travel, then you qualify. If you buy a house you get taxed out of it, so better to stay poor and get a free house. on and on. But this was to show hour WHEN THE GOVERNMENT WENT IN AGAINST A WHITE ARMED TO THE TEETH, NO NEWS WAS REPORTED AT ALL. Can you imagine the government doing this to a black rancher or isn’t there any?

Another example of what the President thinks is important. I think (could be wrong) he is overseas on a visit but he took the time from the WORLDLY problems to take the microphone and talk about the Clippers owner, Donald Sterling berating his mistress for “associating with black people” Didn’t want Magic Johnson to come to his games or some other stupid thing. The president was able to take time out to do a photo op on that. I am not saying Sterling is not a racist but until and unless the president gets his priorities on blacks straight it will get worse and worse. To break into an overseas jaunt and all the TV stations and the papers carried the story but will not mention A DOZEN BLACKS IN DETROIT BEATING A WHITE MAN SENSELESS. Not one word. Sterling has black players and obviously has no morals but surely it is not the President of the United States problem. Watch for Jessie and Al to be on this case too.

I have found the only place to really find out what’s going on is to watch Hannity or Judge Jeanne on Fox news. or read the Emerald City Journal for a different slant on things.

Statewide Fundraiser For OSO Mudslide Victims

President Obama Air Force One OSO Fundraiser

To my followers on the Emerald City Journal. I am asking a small favor. We could raise a huge amount of money for the victims of OSO by requesting that President Obama JUST STAY HOME.

Whether you like him or not it costs the taxpayers millions for him to make a trip to our state. It costs between $179,500 or $288.00 per hour to fly Air Force One. That is our millions each time he gets on that plane. Remember they fly an extra decoy and there are loads of expenses that we can’t possibly know about. My idea is to ask all of you who read this to phone or email your Senator and request they tell Obama to stay home. Do not come to Washington State for nothing more than a photo shoot. Our Governor and my two senators have already had their photo op and can inform the president on what they saw. They saw the devastation when it was at its worst and promised to help anyway they can. THE WAY ANY OF YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES can help is to have them tell The President not to squander a minimum of 8 million to come to Washington State.

Safeways, Home Depot, all the cash jars for donations and any others that have sent checks, or food or whatever are wonderful but one trip cancelled by the president would dwarf them all. I have emailed Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell and told them my feelings. I do not expect them to even see the email and some intern will punch in a form type email to me eventually.

When the President comes for his fundraisers, he will spend millions to have lunch with a rich crony on Mercer Island and raise $100,000. His idea of spending money is not like a common man’s idea of spending money. Just remember YOU are paying for it whether you admit it or not. So, if we could go viral and have everyone in the state request the president not visit our state. Just SENT A CHECK FOR THAT AMOUNT it would be so much better. Those people don’t need a cheesy cat smile and a hug, they need money. We cant afford to shut down our freeways, and downtown to protect him. So whether you like him or not, or agree with him or not I think you will all agree that 8 million in cash would do a lot more good in OSO that a smile and a handshake by him would do. If you don’t agree, nothing I can say will change your mind, if you do agree get the ball rolling. They need money for funerals, they have lost everything besides, wives, husbands, babies, neighbors and friends right now.

Our representatives were elected to represent WE THE PEOPLE not cozy up to the President to get votes. Remember when you write your check to the IRS on the 15th 90% of it will be totally squandered. Lets let the President play golf 7 days a week close to his home, just don’t spent 8 to 10 MILLION to fly here.

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