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**LAST UPDATED:  4/13/17

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The Emerald City Journal reserves the right to change this policy at anytime and will provide those updates here on this privacy policy.  Updates to this policy will be sent to registered users or other personal information provided by it’s visitors.  We encourage all our visitors and yourself to read our privacy policy often.


The only information collected on the Emerald City Journal is from information provided directly by it’s visitors/you.  Some examples include contact us forms, registration information, and standard mail.  Information provided to us maybe used to sell or inform you via any means.  While visiting our website, you maybe given opportunities to post comments, contact us, or interact with other users, etc this information maybe collected.  The Emerald City Journal provides opt out information with all correspondence should you wish to not be contacted by us.


The Emerald City Journal will provide opt out information per any correspondence.


As you browse our website, cookies maybe placed on your computer.  Cookies maybe disabled on your computer should you wish not to use them.


The Emerald City Journal may use other companies, vendors, and/or contractors regarding our website and/or services.  These resources are not permitted to contact you anytime and your information provided to us will not be sold to other parties.  The Emerald City Journal does reserve the right to disclose your personal information when we believe reasonable disclosure is required by law.


You should assume all services and content posted on the Emerald City Journal is being used to sell you.  It is provided as is. You should also assume all content on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Any questions about your privacy or our website can be sent directly us via the contact information noted below. We will respond usually within 24hrs if not sooner.


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