SuperFineArt Seattle Event

Superfine Seattle 2023 In Belltown 7/27/23 – 7/30/23

Colorful, creative, and accessible, Superfine Art Fair returns to Seattle at the height of summer with 2000+ high quality artworks by 70 in-person artists, thoughtfully curated and approachably priced from $50 to $5000. After launching the fair back in 2015, entrepreneurs Alex Mitow and James Miille expanded the nationally recognized fair to Seattle in May 2022 as its seventh market and are excited to return to Belltown’s Block 41 from July 27-30.

The decision to position the fair in time with the Seattle Art Fair was a carefully considered one:

“A21 and Art Market Productions, the teams behind The Seattle Art Fair, have really pioneered the concept of a first-rate art fair in Seattle. As colleagues in the industry, we frequently cross paths and are thrilled to position our unique, artist-driven model in context of their world-class event this summer. We feel that the events together provide a vast survey of what the contemporary art world offers to Seattle residents and visitors at every stage of the art collecting journey,” says Superfine CEO Alex Mitow.

Superfine’s artist-to-buyer model creates a direct link between creator and collector in a professionally curated space that maintains the warm sense of hospitality the brand’s dynamic duo are famous for. Keeping with its democratic ideals, 100% of art sales go directly to the artist, and work is available at price points friendly to all collectors. As a result, the fair attracts a high-intent, art-buying audience, creating a sustainable opportunity for independent artists to sell art and build their collector network (over 75% of visitors report coming to the fair to buy new art). “It’s rare that someone visits one of our fairs and doesn’t walk out with something they’ve fallen in love with – at the very least a print, but often an original painting, sculpture, or limited photograph,” quips co-founder James Miille, also an exhibiting photographer whose own career spurred on the Superfine method. Artists are encouraged to show affordable prints and merchandise as a means of motivating collectors at all stages.

Superfine’s unique, artist-driven, people-focused approach has been widely recognized by national and global media outlets including Forbes, the Guardian, and the Advocate. Aside from Seattle, the fair hosts annual editions in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, Miami, and Savannah, as well as biannual shows in San Francisco.

Fairgoers enjoy a long weekend of art at Superfine and across Seattle. Art installations like Holly Martz’s Prime Cuts will be displayed, live performances from musical guests like international saxophonist LE//ON and local musicians Chhaylee Young and Craig Suede, and collaborations with arts and culture organizations like Make.Shift and Northwest Film Forum are all on tap. Body painting artist Kree Arvanitas, whose solo show with Bonfire Gallery opens a day before the fair, is providing a live demonstration. On Saturday 7/29, Superfine will host a free Night Market featuring local food vendors such as MariMakan and Ms. Helen’s Soul Bistro. It all starts Thursday 7/27 with a Grand Opening sponsored by local non-profit Path with Art: a group that fosters the restoration of individuals, groups, and society from the effects of trauma through arts engagement and community building.

Superfine Seattle runs from 7/27-7/30 at Block 41 in Belltown. To get your tickets to the fair and discover all the programming, visit Superfine Seattle’s home page

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