Rose Kreider Seattle Filmmaker

Rose Kreider: Internationally Recognized Seattle Female Filmmaker Breaking Barriers In The Local Film Industry

Rose Kreider. A name you’ll hear more often than not. Rose started her career during COVID as an actor and model. She walked for New York Fashion Week in 2020 and 2021 for mini fashion designers across the nation, as well as participating in Seattle’s North American fashion week and walking for Macy’s department store four times. Rose began her film directing career in January 2021 after writing her first screenplay, The Woman, and becoming internationally recognized and winning three awards for the film, which includes Best Drama, Best First Time Director, and Best Actor and Director Award. Rose’s original screenplay The Woman is about a struggling art major college student who finds out that he was kidnapped at a young age and that his whole life and everything he’s been told is a lie. He comes to the conclusion to find who he really is and search for his family through trial and error. The film has been featured on many different streaming platforms, including Tubi TV, Xumo, Amazon Prime, OneHub TV, and many more. Tubi TV is The number one platform you can still stream The Woman on. The film has been played over 20,000 times and has been broadcast in over 55 countries since its release in March 2022. 

Rose had a successful red carpet premiere on March 13, 2022, in Edmonds, Washington. She had a sold-out theater of 100 people and a beaming applause after the film. Many friends and family were in attendance as well as locals to the Edmonds area eager to support artists. Rose knew that she was bound to be in a career where she could be creative and outspoken. She says a psychic also told her that she should consider leaving her corporate America job, so that she can blossom her creative outlet. Only a couple of years later went by before she found her true calling: film directing. “I am a very passionate, extroverted, outspoken individual, who is welcoming, determined and driven”, Rose says regarding her film career. Rose has proven again and again on her film set that she creates a safe space, is very friendly, listens to her actors, and even takes advice on script changes or character personality traits from the actors themselves in order to create a healthy balance on the film set she runs. Everyone who has been on her film set says they would love to work with her on a future project again and loves her dynamic as a director and feels heard and respected. 

Rose is looking forward to the future of her Rose Kreider Productions. She plans to branch out by offering her directing services as well as equipment rentals. Whether people want to bundle their rental and hire her as a director as well or just her equipment for their film sets. She is planning on creating a broader production company that involves all and wants to create a female run platform and make an everlasting stamp on the Seattle film industry. What Rose has in store next is something Seattle has never seen before: a documentary spotlighting individuals who have saved a life with a firearm. The title is Silent Citizen Heros, and it is in pre-production as Rose and her crew plan on filming in 2024. She hopes that everyone watches her documentary as it will be inspiring, non-biased, and educational. Not many documentaries come out of Seattle, so she’s very excited to be one of the few. She is also in preproduction for an Amazon book called Deadly Delivery which is a feature crime/thriller that will be filming in early 2024 as well as Wish You Well, a short comedy that will be released before the New Year’s! 

The two films currently available to watch now include The Woman, a 60-minute drama feature film and A Room by the Road, a 9-minute crime/thriller short film that is about a robbery gone bad and the consequences that come with it, which was filmed in Kirkland Washington in May 2022. ARBTR is available now to watch on the free TV or phone app, Reveel! Rose was approached by a local screenplay writer for A Room by the Road and decided to turn this person’s idea into a film while adding her own flair to it also. Rose loves adding unexpended twists and turns in her films and plans on leaving it up to the audiences’ interpretation at the close of her movies. 

Make sure to follow Rose Kreider’s journey on her social media pages: 

Instagram @rosekreider Rose Kreider 

Rose also has a director’s reel and a trailer for her first film The Woman if you are interested in watching before you tune in on Tubi TV! She asks if there is interest or any questions about current or future films, to message her on social media. 

 We can’t wait to follow Rose Kreider’s film career!

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