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IF Mitt Romney Wins the GOP Nomination 2010 (Discussion)

Mitt Romney is in high gear promoting his new book.  I caught him on the Sean Hannity show last night and Sean actually asked him if he is considering another run for President.  Ahhh, (with a Beavis & Butthead intonation) talk about a charade; come on Sean!  Do you think he has been traveling the circuit and authored the book because he needs the money?  I felt like I was watching one of those Saturday morning infomercials where the get-rich-quick pitchmen have the studio set up like it’s a “talk show”.  I guess there are actually people who believe that approach.

Nevertheless, if Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination we will need to develop some comparisons to Barack Obama so we should start thinking this through in advance.

There are similarities and differences between the two:

Romney has the advantage of consistency.  He has consistently been on both sides of important issues, depending on who he was running against.

They both may be able to say they used their respective executive branches to impose socialized medicine on their constituents.

I did find one major difference.  A key difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is that as a Mormon, Mitt Romney believes he is going to become a god over his own planet; while Barack Obama believes he already is.

Seriously, we cannot afford another division like the last primary that diluted the conservative vote so much it gave us the one nominee that no conservative actually wanted.  That is one irony we cannot repeat and that is exactly what is going to happen if we do not devise a system where each state must have a run-off if one Presidential candidate does not receive a 51% majority of the votes.

Another critical thing that states need to do is stop allowing the states with early primaries and caucuses the novelty of doing so.  By dragging these elections out for weeks in between, we are allowing the media to engineer the outcome through the manipulation of incessant polling.  Polling has become more of an art than a “science” to these people.  They use these polls to create self-fulfilling prophecies that are actually self-serving and ignominious. It makes me literally sick to my stomach to think of the many glaring instances this manipulation manifested itself in 2008 and I mean EVERY news network is guilty of this.  We simply CANNOT allow this anymore.

There are many theoretical reasons why the majority of states have allowed these smaller states to have their primaries earlier than the rest.  These reasons have merit but not one of these reasons is acceptable at a time when our republic is hanging on by a thread.  They declare these elections over before the majority of the country has even voted and the outcomes would likely be entirely different if all states voted on the same day.  They MUST be simultaneous.

This can be accomplished if states prepare themselves early on – to have their primary elections as soon as they possibly can.  If some states move their elections even further up in order to be first, other states need to be nimble enough to follow.  Of course, this only applies to states that actually care about this problem.  I suspect that some of the liberal states do not care about their autonomy as much. 

Discussion Comments:


Question any rational person would ask.

Why do you assume the reader would support Mitt Romney?  How could anyone support him? 

Neither man can be trusted – except to continue repping the corporations with zest and elan. 

The last time America was set for disaster the moment Ron Paul was eliminated.

Those polls!  Darn those people having opinions, for instance, the instant polling that took place after the South Carolina GOP Debate. 

Support Ron Paul and your problem will be simplified. 

I hope this is your idea of satire.

Jess: Romney would be another McCain. The Republican Party can do much better, and it better, or we will just see more of the same. Bigger, more expensive, more controlling, more invasive and more incompetent government. The Nation needs a 180′ turn and get the U. S. back to ‘The Home of the Brave and The Land of the Free’. 

Stone: We don’t need health care, because Mitt told me anyone can go to the emergency room and be taken care of without insurance. I would vote for Mitt because he has nice hair and he’s always smiling.

Unfortunately, this article discussion has been closed because it was in 2010.

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