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Obama blames politics for the delay on immigration – Yahoo! News (Political Discussion)

Is there anything that this man will NOT blame something on someone else rather than his own ineptness? Congress is partisan because, honestly, the democrats made it that way. They put their feet down in the ’80s with Reagan and then broke their promises as politicians are wont to do. Again in the ’90s. When the republicans, first time with Clinton in ’94 were together, there was a groundswell due to previous policies, and things got done. Even Clinton recognized that things needed to be signed and he did.

Now, with 8 years of absolute vitriol hatred against George Bush and thus everything conservative (rightly so in some areas, but mostly no), these petty children of the left are trying to blame everything on the right because no one on the right agrees with them. If the ideas were so great, then all the members, sans a few, would support it. But it is NOT good. So what does the POS POTUS do? Bitch and moan that partisanship is the problem and since he is a lefty, it is clearly the right’s fault. Sheesh!

Why not stop all the legislating and go on a permanent holiday (the whole 530 members of Congress and the president)! Nothing will get passed, and I guarantee you the stock market will be above 14K. Either that, or we will have a civil war again.

good luck and good night!


Debateguy: Maybe I should rename the trend “Blame Game Trends”. This article sums up what I believe to be the overall impression of our POTUS. Blame everyone else. Point fingers at everyone else.

Well, Mr. President. Did your mother (or grandmother as your mom wasn’t around much) not tell you that when you point your finger at someone else 3 more are pointing at you – from your OWN hand?

I cannot wait for this man to go the way of Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy: Obama and his friends love illegal immigration for a simple reason.  Eventually, somehow, someway, millions of the illegals in this country will get citizenship.  And they will get benefits (many are getting them now).  And most important of all, they will vote, and they will vote Democrat.

Obama ain’t stupid.  He knows this as well as anyone.

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