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Obamacare Information

Starting in 2014, Obamacare is a requirement of every American citizen.  Some individuals will get Obamacare through their jobs and others will need to research and find the best health care program for them.  Below you’ll find all the Emerald City Journal news topics related to Obamacare and we hope the information we provided is useful.  If you’d like to post your own news, articles, or information related to the Affordable Health Care Act (also known as Obamacare) right here on our Seattle news website, please let us know.

President Obama Agenda & Laws article covers the lead up to Obamacare.  Not much is known except the American people are standing by President Obama and his Affordable Health Care Act which starts in 2014.  Many have argued whether he should have even been elected over the Benghazi attack but the voters do continue to support the President and his agenda & laws.  You would think these issues would ruin his reputation but he was re-elected.

Obama Taking More Of Your Rights!  New Gun Laws news article was written to inform you about your rights about gun ownership and does cover some information about Obamacare.  It goes into a conversation about all your rights and how they are slowly being stripped away from you.  Whether it’s Obamacare or other laws, Obama has a way of saying one thing then doing another behind closed doors.

How will Obamacare impact your job? A great article showing the connection between your job and the new Obamacare health program connection.  Business owners are now being forced into providing health care to their employees, however, business owners are simply going to limit the employees hours (under 40hrs per week) to bypass that requirement.  Since Obamacare is also a requirement of new hires working 40+ hrs per week, we are going to find that business owners are going to adjust that in their employment job offer (secretly lowing he offer) when starting a job to cover those extra health care expenses.  Read how the Obamcare program may impact your employment with this news article on the Emerald City Journal.

How you could lose our job over the new Obamacare healthcare program and other information about the Affordable Health Care Act.  This article is for those who voted for Obamacare and are currently employed and working full-time.  With the passing of the Obama’s Health Care program you could be getting yourself fired from your job.  Not a smart move voting for this in my opinion.  Not to mention that if you’re every let go from you job, that would mean you’d need by by and keep medical and you’ll need to pay for it out of your pocket.

What does Dr. Kevorkian and Obamacare have in common?  An interesting article about how Obamacare could be similar to the activities of Dr. Kevorkian.  More of fun article regarding the topics but an interesting read for sure.  Recently Dr. Kevorkian died so who will replace his efforts maybe it’s Obamacare.

Photo Of The Obamacare Law.  That is a lot of pages!
Photo Of The Obamacare Law


Senator Maria Cantwell

Senator Maria Cantwell

I recently wrote to our Senator Maria Cantwell regarding raising the debt ceiling and the nations over spending habits.  Here is the conversation.

Dear Lilly,

Thank you for contacting me about your views regarding the federal budget and raising the debt ceiling.  I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

Our country faces serious challenges following the economic collapse brought on by Wall Street in 2008. As your Senator, I have remained focused on turning around our economy by investing in job creation, fighting for Main Street small businesses, and implementing strong financial reform.

I am also deeply concerned about getting our country’s fiscal house in order. It is time for both parties to work together for the good of the country and produce a responsible debt limit plan. I will continue to advocate for a plan that will stave off the economic catastrophe of default while creating jobs, putting Americans back to work, cutting wasteful government spending, and protecting Medicare and Social Security.

Government has a responsibility to spend taxpayers’ dollars wisely, but it also has a responsibility to provide certain services and guarantees to the American people. In this time of economic crisis, I believe it is especially important that Congress prioritize those measures that will foster long-term economic growth. We must reinvest in our education system, in our workers, in our nation’s infrastructure and in the development of clean energy technologies that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. By making these important investments today and helping revitalize our economy, we can leave our children with prosperity not debt.

As a member of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee I will continue to work with President Obama and with my colleagues to draft legislation that strikes the right balance in how we collect and spend federal tax dollars so we can leave more than debt to the next generation.  This is why I’ve worked to cut taxes for Washington families, specifically by extending the sales tax deduction to ensure fairness for residents of our state.   I understand that this issue is especially important to you; be assured that I will keep your views in mind as we craft legislation.

Thank you again for contacting me to share your thoughts on this matter.  Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance.
Maria Cantwell
United States Senator

I responded with the following email to Senator Maria Cantwell….

Dear Senator Cantwell:

Thank you for the response. I realize you have to send a boiler type answer but yours was informative. I don’t agree with a lot of what you say. I am not getting into dollar amounts here,  just using common sense that comes with growing old and being poor and working most of my life.
You do not help taxpayers, or the government by raising the debt ceiling. No one gets out of debt by getting more credit cards and it’s the same thing. The debt has tripled or more under Obama. He doesn’t have a clue about spending. He blows through money like a train wreck. He has never had to work for any money and does not know what a budget or anything else is. Most all of you have to keep promising the people in your State more and more goodies to get re elected. You have so many people voting for you that have never worked, never have any intention of working but know how to milk the system. There is absolutely no reason that generation after generation lives on welfare. It’s not fair to them. They will vote for every bus, or park or anything else that will raise our taxes because they don’t pay rent, they don’t pay for their food, they don’t’ pay for their medical. They are young, able bodied and somehow you have millions of people who think they are entitled to be taken care of. You have to cut that off. You are doing them no favors, but it does get you re elected.
The government is totally bloated. Lets just take the IRS now. Look at Lerner. She was making $200,000 a year as head of the department that supposedly grants special tax exempt status to organizations. Well I think before its over they will show that the election was controlled by the IRS in lots of ways. but back to her. She recently got a bonus of $100,000. Geez that’s 3 times more than I ever earned in a year. But it gets worse. First she tried lying, that didn’t work, so she lawyers up and takes the 5th. Someone wanted her to resign, but since she REFUSED to resign there was no choice(who the heck dreamed up that) but to put her on administrative leave. Now she can draw her pay and not even have to get up and go into the office. Don’t you see where you could save $300,000 right there. In our real world someone would have escorted her to her desk and said pack it up. Should have gone straight to jail, but if not that should have ended the job, pensions and perks. That’s just an example. We have a president that has no idea what the word truth means, from where he was born, whether he is a citizen, he was not told about the crooks in the IRS and acts like he is surprised. Lerner is saying it was not something she thought the president needed to know. Well no one knows where he was the night our 4 men were killed in Bengazi and they made a complete fool out of Susan Rice sending her to all talk shows to lie thru her teeth. They knew right on the start it was a terriorist attack. At the funeral of the dead Seal. Hillary leaned over to the Father of the dead Seal and said we will get the guys who made the video. She is as big a liar as Slick Willy but that was cruel. Obama thinks its terrible to treat the newsmen like criminals. but Holder signed the warrant that got Rosen in trouble and now Holder is going to get to the bottom of why a warrant was signed. One last thing, Obama wants to pretend. gee he didn’t know about any of these things and it was not important that he knew because he is so busy. Well it was important that he knew a millionaire black sports guy came out of the closet and even phoned him personally. Well for a president he really has his priorities screwed up. Cut government workers wages, cut out the pork, stop promising things you know there is no money for. DON’T RAISE THE DEBT LIMIT.
Thank you,

I encourage everyone to call, write, or even post on the Emerald City Journal you’re thoughts and opinions regarding issues. Make your voice heard.

Raising The Social Security Age

Social Security Age Increasing

Every year we hear the same news… people are living longer. These “studies” say the average expectancy now is 72 years old. Me, personally, know a lot more people who have died at a younger age than actually living until 72+. In fact, a just heard a friend of mine say her Mom died in her sleep just a few days ago. She was 54. Yesterday (3/5/13) we got the news one of the biggest managers in wrestling’s history (WWE) died and he was 58. His WIKI page is here. I honestly don’t believe the hype coming out of these “studies”. The realty is that everything you hear on the news/media, government, or these “age studies” needs to really be analyzed. All these organizations have a motive and propaganda to change your mind on issues. The scarcity or news (for or against) helps to convince the public to vote Keep Reading

President Obama Agenda & Laws

As the time continues to pass with the Obama Administration, the picture is becoming even more clear.  He is not interested in touching anything that would potentially make him look bad.  He would cut spending as they will cut jobs and ruin is record.  He won’t be touching the medicare issues or social security.  In short, anything that could potentially hurt his brand/image is just not going to happen.  The can will be kicked down the road for the next guy (or girl).  Any issues that could hurt him will be passed onto someone else.  For example, he was quick to play dumb with the Benghazi attack.  Hilary took the fall but played the obvious dumb card also when questions which was a big surprise.  The guns sold to Mexico which ended up killing our Agents was sealed.  My point is this trend will Keep Reading

Norm Dicks Retiring

Government spending is on the tight rope AGAIN. Deadline after deadline, kick the can down the road, scare tactics, posed photo ops, propaganda is about all the news is these days. Then comes along a real lulu. It’s easier to write using one person for an example to show how our government is completely out of whack. I am not anti government, I am for any control or rule or law that makes any sense at all to the ordinary citizen if we can afford it. In this article I will be picking on Norm Dicks. The politicians are not representing “we the people” when they are able to make up special rules and regulations for themselves that put them way way above the people they are supposed to represent. The have elevated themselves to a class of people who do not have the capacity to even understand what the word WORK means. Sure they put in a lot of time hob knobbing with each other and trading votes to get a lot of money for their home state. They come back home and tell the Keep Reading

Hillary Got a Free Ride At The Benghazi Hearing

I seems impossible that the long awaited hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee turned into another free ride for Hillary and the Obama administration. They have a way or twisting and turning in the wind to try to make it look like we are picking on a black president or a white woman in power. Her emotions should not have had a thing to do with what the hearing was about. Congress should not have used this hearing to give speeches and have a photo op when they knew there would be a large TV audience. I believe Hillary was under oath, and if she wanted to take the 5th she could have. My view is she should be sitting in jail until she decides when and if to tell what happened. She had 4 months of stonewalling to prepare for this. Look at all the trips she HAD to take to Asia, then she got the flu, then she fell and got a concussion. Why didn’t she play that up a little more and say she cannot remember anything that has happened the last year (short term memory loss). She got all flustered and angry and shouted out What difference does it make? It makes a lot of difference. Lack of funds is no excuse to lie about what happened. The hearings were not just to hear how these four brave men died or to make sure it never happened again. The hearings were why did the Obama Administration say the attack was because of a video which Keep Reading

2nd Amendment Rights, Debt Ceilings, And Other Stuff

Since the election, for the first time in my life I have been at loss for words. I could not believe it when Obama won the first time, but to be re-elected was a shock. He won, he got the most votes but this does not mean that all of us people who did not, and do not agree with where he is taking the country should roll over and play dead. This article will be just a hodge podge of my observations using famous quotes to make my point.

The first point is, if you take away our guns, only criminals will have guns. Obama can stand for a photo shoot with little kids behind him wanting him(and being brainwashed into thinking) to keep them safe. He doesn’t have a clue about worrying about his daughters. The go to Sidwell Friends school, it has armed guards, and secret service agents to accompany them to and from school. How do you spell hypocrite? He wants everyone to think he is a King, not a president. He is abusing executive orders and for some reason no one will stand up to him. All want to keep their jobs. If by the sweep of his mighty sword a/k/a pen, no citizen is allowed a gun in their house the thugs and crooks will have theirs. They do not follow rules or register guns and they don’t own a house or pay rent so no one can find them like they can a law abiding citizen. The world would be safer if every homeowner bought a gun, took a course in how to shoot it, and if someone started to break the door down, just shoot right thru the door. Why does the guy breaking in to rob or rape or murder you have more rights than you do? It is a real tragedy when a child gets their hands on a gun that is kept in the house but legislation wont stop that. Look at the children that have shot each other with their Daddy’s gun(and he is a police officer). Lets say I go out, buy a gun, get a permit or whatever I need if I have to keep the bullets out of the gun, and I have to have the gun locked up in a safe, its not going to help me when I wake up and see a stranger standing in my bedroom. There has to be some common sense to go with controls, laws and rules. Criminals will never follow rules. Teach the teachers to shoot, and to shoot anyone who barges into her classroom, no questions asked. Better to shoot first and ask questions later, than have your whole class slaughtered. No law abiding citizen is going to do something like that and banning guns and passing laws wont change a thing. When I was a little girl on a big Montana ranch we had a gun rack that the guns were hung on. They were loaded in case you heard a mountain lion trying to get your sheep or cattle. When I rode a horse I took a gun(I was 7 or 8) so I could at least protect myself a little. Not once did one of us shoot each other or ourselves or take our gun to murder the neighbor or shoot up the school.

Now to out of control spending. The balance has been shifted. There are more people being led to believe they “deserve” a nice place to live, good food on the table, all taken care of by the government. This quote by George Bernard Shaw is why I think Obama won twice. “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul”. There are more Paul’s than Peter’s but this will not work very long because Peter will just quit his job when he sees he has to hand over what he earns to let the government give it to Paul.

You cannot buy friendship for foreign countries either. Most of the countries that we we are pouring millions of foreign aide to hate our guts. They would blow us off the map if they could. If we were really helping some POOR people I would see it totally different, but the people in the little shacks, with the little kids playing in the streets with pigs(four legged kind)never see a bit of the aide we send. Their leaders whether they are called Kings, Presidents, or Sheiks whatever just travel more, ask for more aide, have photo shoots (like Obama with little kids or at flooded places) but the money gets squandered. Look at the Mayor of New Orleans when it was flooded.He made off with millions. A school mate of Bill Clinton’s at Georgetown University, named Douglas Casey said, “Foreign aide might be defined as a transfer of money from the poor people in rich countries to the rich people in poor countries.” If our country is broke, STOP SENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE. If Obama really wanted to make a statement that he really cares for people or our debt, yesterday would have been the time. He already had one inauguration so why couldn’t he stand up and say, its time to get our debt under control and I want to start off by being an example. I am going to just be sworn in as president, no parties, no parades, no 120 million spent for my security so all of that money can go to pay off part of the national debt. He has blown thru billions traveling in his little air force one. Michelle has more servants than Queen Elizabeth. They spend more on the White House upkeep than England does on its Castle, etc. One last quote by Thomas Jefferson, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take away everything you have.”

I will close by copying what has become known as the FIVE BEST SENTENCES. Read these and think about them when you are thinking about what the politicians are telling you to get you to vote for them.


  1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealth out of prosperity.
  2. What one person receives without working for…another person must work for without receiving
  3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
  4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
  5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work, because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation!

Obama Gun Laws

David Petraeus Will Testify Friday

After after all the lies and cover ups and the downfall of a four star General, it sounds as if David Petraeus will testify Friday. I would not bet the farm on it and it could be he will still protect Obama, but I hope he tells us what happened. His personal life and career is pretty well shot and unless he has something more hanging over his head he should stand up like the great man he has always been and tell what happened. He has to know exactly what happened. He knows who in Washington knew what happened. For Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice all to blatantly lie and blame a video that insulted the Muslims. They were trying to postpone, stonewall or whatever until after the election. It appears that Petraeus sex mess has been known for several months. Why was it not brought up then? Why was he still in command if it is so important now that he resigns. I have a feeling he was encouraged to resign so he would not have to testify. But there was just too many people who would not go for that. Obama will be in Asia, Hillary is in Peru someplace, Susan Rice has lied about everything so with all those guys away maybe David Petraeus will be able to tell congress what happened, when it happened. He is a low life cheater like Slick Willie and John Edwards to name a few but he has put his life on the line for all of us. He is intelligent, and brilliant, well liked until his Keep Reading

War In Iran Heating Up With USA

The secret war with Iran continues under Obama.  Even tough we haven’t claimed any official foots on the ground (so we’re told), it’s common knowledge that the Iran cyber war is full steam ahead.  We continue to push them when we can with public words and UN sanctions, however, one day the time will come that a bomb will be needed.  Israel has already drew the red line and that line will be pushed over under the next four years under Obama.  Sanctions and diplomacy hasn’t worked in 4+ years and we all know that it will continue to be brushed off by Iran Officials.  Since Israel always supported our wars and provided support as a partner so the US as a nation will be obligated to show them the support when it’s required to get physical.

So how is Obama going to deal with this situation.  There is no doubt Iran isn’t going to stop and we can only do so much about it for now.  In my opinion I view Iran like Iraq.  We believe something is going on over there and they “may” have something now or in the future which could be used against us.  We went into Iraq for the same exact reason.  That didn’t turn out to be true, however.  In hindsight, many believe Iraq shouldn’t have been invaded by President George Bush.  Of course that is easy to say looking back at something in history.  At the time of the invasion, many supported it and were still Keep Reading

Funny Obama Pictures

With the newly re-elected President of the United States Barack Obama, we probably should start things off with another set of funny Obama pictures.  Our last set of funny photos of Obama was a tremendous success so what is a few more funny ones right?  Enjoy the complimentary photos of President Obama.

Keep Reading
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