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Hillary Got a Free Ride At The Benghazi Hearing

I seems impossible that the long awaited hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee turned into another free ride for Hillary and the Obama administration. They have a way or twisting and turning in the wind to try to make it look like we are picking on a black president or a white woman in power. Her emotions should not have had a thing to do with what the hearing was about. Congress should not have used this hearing to give speeches and have a photo op when they knew there would be a large TV audience. I believe Hillary was under oath, and if she wanted to take the 5th she could have. My view is she should be sitting in jail until she decides when and if to tell what happened. She had 4 months of stonewalling to prepare for this. Look at all the trips she HAD to take to Asia, then she got the flu, then she fell and got a concussion. Why didn’t she play that up a little more and say she cannot remember anything that has happened the last year (short term memory loss). She got all flustered and angry and shouted out What difference does it make? It makes a lot of difference. Lack of funds is no excuse to lie about what happened. The hearings were not just to hear how these four brave men died or to make sure it never happened again. The hearings were why did the Obama Administration say the attack was because of a video which had nothing to do with it. Why did she not want to even talk terrorist attack until after the election? The lie was repeated time and time again. Hillary did sit with Obama and the relatives of the dead men, but she was still lying right then. She leaned to the dead Seals Father and said, “we will get the guy that made the video”. She knew or should have known that was a total lie. She should have been (and hope the public will demand another hearing) questioned so she could not evade answering anything. Yes Hillary it makes a lot of difference. Here are a few things she should still have to answer and what the hearing was suppose to be about. Not giving her praise for a job well done, or saying they would have fired her. That got nothing answered and just let the clock run out. She was very careful to not answer one thing so they should start over with hearings. Here are a few questions they should have asked her:

1. When did you find out the video was a made up lie? date
2. What is the name of the person who told you that lie? Name
3. Who does the person who told you the lie, work for? Name
4. Who told Susan Rice to make a round of the talk shows, telling that lie? Name
5. When did you tell Obama it was a terrorist attack? Date
The above list is just a sample of how she should have been questioned and not let her wiggle out of answering anything. She denied, cried, yelled but but gave NO FACTS AT ALL. I missed some of what she said but I don’t think she has ever said the video has nothing to do with what happened.

She seems to have got off scott free. She and the whole administration has lied and lied and lied to the American Public. President Obama was really tap dancing at one of his debates getting help from the reporter named Candy. He wanted her to say he used the word terror in his speech, but he did not say it was a terrorist attack. For some reason Romney let it slide. I have not read or heard where she or the administration has admitted it was terrorists not the video. I could be wrong on that but they have carried out a complete cover up. They should not get a free pass. yes Hillary it makes a lot of difference to the American People to know the people we pay and depend on to protect us from terrorists are a bunch of liars.

I would like to give Hillary and Obama a little common sense example to help them answer the question of What difference does it make? WHAT IF Obama’s little daughters and Hillary’s daughter were captured by a gang. They raped, tortured and killed the girls. But lets say some members in the gang were sons of congressmen, so the investigation of who did it was totally covered up. No gang members caught(even tho congress knew who they were) and Congressmen stone walled and lied and it went on an on til someone snitched and the whole thing was out in the open. But the day came when Hillary and Michelle could question the gang members they were told, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE which one of us did it. If we had been given bigger allowances we would not have done it, and we want to help make sure IT WONT HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE. Would they be happy? no I don’t think so. I hope the Seals Father does not let this go away, I hope the Ambassadors wife does not let it go away. I hope the American People does not let this go away. Congress just prefers to do nothing about anything.

I have to ask a question here because of the timing. I believe it was the day before the Hillary appeared before Congress Obama passed some sort of legislation that all debts of children of the congressman would be forgiven. I am not sure if that was just student loans, but even if it were did that have a little bearing on the questions? Did Rand Paul saying he would have fired her get any questioned answered, but make it appear he was being tough when he accomplished nothing and maybe his kids owe big money. The forgiving of the loans were not head line news for sure but Hillary and Obama could have cooked up that scheme to make it almost impossible for Congress to ask the right questions. This is my opinion, and I think I am still entitled to it, not real sure. Hillary has a way of looking at things differently than I for sure. Remember when she went on TV to all the talk shows and said “I am not a Tammy Wynette” that Stands by Her Man. It was a left wing conspiracy that got her husband in trouble. Not his fault. She had to know at that time that hat was a total crock but still did it. In a court they usually say if you are caught in one lie the judge wont believe much of anything else you say. Well Obama and Hillary you both have been caught in a whopper. Throwing Susan Rice under the bus didn’t help much and cost her her job as Secretary of State.

Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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