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House Foreign Affairs Committee

Hillary Got a Free Ride At The Benghazi Hearing

I seems impossible that the long awaited hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee turned into another free ride for Hillary and the Obama administration. They have a way or twisting and turning in the wind to try to make it look like we are picking on a black president or a white woman in power. Her emotions should not have had a thing to do with what the hearing was about. Congress should not have used this hearing to give speeches and have a photo op when they knew there would be a large TV audience. I believe Hillary was under oath, and if she wanted to take the 5th she could have. My view is she should be sitting in jail until she decides when and if to tell what happened. She had 4 months of stonewalling to prepare for this. Look at all the trips she HAD to take to Asia, then she got the flu, then she fell and got a concussion. Why didn’t she play that up a little more and say she cannot remember anything that has happened the last year (short term memory loss). She got all flustered and angry and shouted out What difference does it make? It makes a lot of difference. Lack of funds is no excuse to lie about what happened. The hearings were not just to hear how these four brave men died or to make sure it never happened again. The hearings were why did the Obama Administration say the attack was because of a video which Keep Reading

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