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David Petraeus Will Testify Friday

After after all the lies and cover ups and the downfall of a four star General, it sounds as if David Petraeus will testify Friday. I would not bet the farm on it and it could be he will still protect Obama, but I hope he tells us what happened. His personal life and career is pretty well shot and unless he has something more hanging over his head he should stand up like the great man he has always been and tell what happened. He has to know exactly what happened. He knows who in Washington knew what happened. For Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice all to blatantly lie and blame a video that insulted the Muslims. They were trying to postpone, stonewall or whatever until after the election. It appears that Petraeus sex mess has been known for several months. Why was it not brought up then? Why was he still in command if it is so important now that he resigns. I have a feeling he was encouraged to resign so he would not have to testify. But there was just too many people who would not go for that. Obama will be in Asia, Hillary is in Peru someplace, Susan Rice has lied about everything so with all those guys away maybe David Petraeus will be able to tell congress what happened, when it happened. He is a low life cheater like Slick Willie and John Edwards to name a few but he has put his life on the line for all of us. He is intelligent, and brilliant, well liked until his Mistress got jealous. He says he resigned because he is not the type of man for the job and failed as a husband, but this has gone on for months, why right after the election? Why just before the hearings before Congress. Obama wanted John Allen to testify but he was not in charge then. If the top man at the CIA didn’t know it was a terrorist attack then who would? Surely he told Holder or Obama or Hillary or Rice. His Mistress gave a speech a couple months ago saying there was a safe house or prison or something a couple miles from where Ambassador Stevens was murdered after asking for help time after time and being refused. Obama gave orders to do nothing. WHY? Obama is getting to act like a dictator. He thinks whatever he says we should believe but so far he has lied about almost everything or blames someone else. He is saying don’t pick on Susan Rice. Pick on him. Well he just lies and blames. He should have known what happened but he makes no sense. Just says to blame him. That answers nothing.

If Petraeus had kept up the affair with Paula Broadwell none of this would have came to light. But since it has and her Emails to Jill Kelly were threatening it all came crashing down like a stack of dominos. Why would these generals have the time to be emailing these woman that has nothing to do with their jobs? They are married and had secret responsibilities so they knew they had to be even more careful in their personal life but got carried away by thinking they could get by with anything. When Broadwell emailed Kelly something about “under the desk” she thought it meant she wanted to kill her. But she meant sex under the desk. Ironic because Monica under Slick Willies desk almost ended his presidency. Cant they find a motel or couch?

Petraeus was a good soldier and it’s a shame to lose his job and all of his talent because he did what a sleaze ball does. They say adultery in the army is a crime. My goodness if a guy does not want to do another tour of duty all he has to do is get caught with a mistress. Look at all the prostitutes waiting when a ship comes in or service men get a night to spend in town. Lots of them are married. How can you still be in the service and be a criminal? Eric Holder sure should have been in contact with Petraeus but Holder cant even answer questions about Fast and Furious where he lost a lot of guns and our agents got killed because Obama signs an executive order saying he cant testify about that. It will be interesting to see if Petraeus will actually talk on Friday or has he been told to say nothing.

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