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David Petraeus Is A Naughty Boy

With all the news surrounding David Petraeus and is his naughty boy love affair, I figured I would share my thoughts on the issue.  First it all started out as just an affair and then his immediate resignation.  Mr. Petraeus is 60 years old now and knows how these things can look bad on the country and the White House so the reasoning I could understand.  He felt the spotlight and wanted nothing of it.  The public, however, was ready to stone this guy.  Some even wanted him to answer for the affair and have him pushed through the court system.  Even though the affair is morally wrong the military has setup ethics codes which pretty much can put you in jail for anything they find such as being irresponsible, making us look bad, or whatever they find morally wrong.  It’s pretty much the same as our legal system if they want to nail you for something they can find a loop hole to make that happen.  It comes down the resources and just figuring out how to make it work.  The affair itself I could careless about and I just couldn’t understand why everyone else cares so much.  It doesn’t effect them or their lives.  It’s not your wife or family that is now in shambles so who cares about him making a dumb personal decision.  There is no room in our court systems or prisons for people who have affairs.  Don’t waste the time or resources (money) on it.  I personally don’t believe an affair hindered his job or anything he has provided this country.  In fact, he may have done a better job when he was done being a naughty boy.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has moved ahead with an ethics review over the affair issue.  Recently a Military General got in trouble and they reduced his rank from four to three stars.  They discovered he was misusing government money in Africa and living a lavish life style.  Why he would have money to spend on this “lavish lifestyle” is a whole another issue that should be discussed and ultimately falls on upper management.  There is one thing for sure in all of this.  If Leon Panetta keeps digging he is going to find himself with a reduced military.  Once folks get off these boats the military crew is looking for women, hookers, strip clubs and whatever else comes their way.  If we found the real truth about the moral of couples (and married couples) our divorce rate would be a lot higher.

Several days later the investigation started to heat up even more.  Turns out David Petraeus may have leaked sensitive information to his new snuggle buddy Paula Broadwell.  This of course raised a lot of red flags.  I figured if this info turns out to be true that he leaked sensitive information he maybe going down hard and locked up for a long retirement.  The difference obviously is the safety of our country and military personnel.  That to me is a much bigger issue here.  He’ll have to deal with the affair himself, however, sensitive leak could change us all and put the lives of others at risk.

As of today (11/15/12) Petraeus has stated that no information was ever leaked to his mistress.  So I guess if nothing is found that pretty much wraps up the sensitive leaked conspiracy and we’re back to just the affair again.

There is nothing really funny about this matter and Petraeus has not only ruined his family and reputation but his career and that is all on him to deal with.

On a funny note.  Jill Kelley is the believed name of the lady who may have received the harassing emails from Paula Broadwell (his snuggle buddy).  Here is the funny part – there is a porn star named Jill Kelly who has done many of the adult classic films.  The company selling her XXX flicks has reported an increase in her sales 500%!  Hope they found what they were looking for.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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