Response To ‘Seattle is Dying’ KOMO News

This concerns the story about the Homeless crisis and what was called ‘Seattle is Dying’ by KOMO News.

Cities don’t die, they are killed by the people running them under the guise of “helping”. If you had stopped the homeless mess when it first started, it wouldn’t be like crab grass growing out of control in the yard. It’s hard to get rid of once it gets going. First of all, you say there is no affordable housing. HOW COULD THERE BE? My little $10,500 house I bought and rented it out for $1.50/month – that was what I call affordable. It was all I could afford when I looked in my wallet and bank account. And yes I was working at a full time job. Georgetown was filled with single family dwellings, school, several stores, boots and hat gas station and even a Valu-mart, but politicians re-zoned it and now it’s mostly condo’s. Guess what they then said? My little house had to pay the same property tax as the new high-rise condo beside it (best use) and my property tax went up to almost $4,000. But worse, you were going to do the renters a favor and make a landlord rent to the first person who stopped by (could be from a homeless camp, that you give a months rent to). We cannot ask him a thing about his criminal past, job or a thing. A landlord can’t even get a damage deposit. I am willing to bet you the farm that if you picked out at random someone in one of those camps and set him up in a nice apt or house, his first month would be taken care of but by the second month, he would have it looking exactly like tent city, and it would cost the landlord a fortune to get them out. We would be racists, bigots, and some more words I cant even spell.

YOU LEADERS CAUSED THE SEATTLE AFFORDABLE HOUSE CRISIS. Seattle is a disgrace with all the homeless and all the big talk and crap and spending millions on studies only to have things get worse. It would change overnight if you cut off ALL THE CASH to them. Anyone in a tent has a choice, JAIL or treatment. Period. You put up a huge circus tent or find some big empty apartment houses or something and anyone is welcome. Soup/Spaghetti would be served 24/7. This would end saying these are poor hungry people with no shelter. If they want something better, they would have to change their ways. They do not want to follow any rules, but we taxpayers have to. They can burn in a burn barrel, but we can’t burn in a nice heater if the air is stagnant. Mayor Jenny said recently she thinks the show ‘Seattle is Dying’ about the homeless is a little biased and they should have shown the good things. No Jenny the story is about how you liberal do gooders have ruined Seattle. And our Governor has the nerve to be running for President.

Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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