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Letter To Tim Burgess Council Member

In response to a survey conducted the first week of January by Alison Peters Consulting, a firm that serves both Republican and Democratic clients, the poll of 600 registered voters revealed wide and strong support for a variety of gun safety measures ———-

I sent this letter to Mr. Tim Burgess… but got no response to date.

Mr. Tim Burgess Councilmen: Received your email of City Views and copied/pasted the above two lines. The politicians jumping on gun control shows you must need something to do to keep you from doing something worthwhile. Not one thing you listed would make me or a school any safer. You and even President Obama know that criminals/thugs and nut cases do not follow any laws, rules about anything. They will never buy a gun. They will just break into a car or home and steal one. Lets for now just stick to the kindergarten slaughter. Would any law you can think of have prevented that? The only thing that would have prevented it is if there was a law that every teacher carried a gun, and had training in how to use it OR an armed guard was at every school door with orders to shoot anyone who did not have the proper credentials. The only thing about all these background checks you politicians have missed is taking advantage of the money you could squeeze out of law abiding gun owners. I imagine this will soon come that EVERY GUN OWNER has to come in personally and re-register his gun and PAY A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS FEE. You could start a whole new bureaucracy and pay the top guys 6 figure salaries’ like the Port and Schools are paid to do nothing. It could be based on your last money making/control of people scheme to make owners of rentals pay you $150 to tell you I have a rental that I have had for 35 years and then pay you some more for you to send an inspector to tell me what HE wants ME do do.

Now to your poll of 600 registered voters. Its almost laughable that you would think a poll of 600 registered voters would have any bearing on what the rest of the thousands of voters wanted. Here is a poll you should take and see “how’s that workin’ for you” like Dr Phil would say. I am almost willing to wager my rental(which I will simply close up anyhow) if you would line up 30 little first grade boys. Tell then you want them to be safe in school. Then take a poll of how many of them would LIKE TO BE ABLE TO BRING A LOADED GUN TO SCHOOL WITH THEM. Your poll would show at least 29 yes votes. If you stand outside a church and take a poll about drinking or drugs, you would get a whole different answer than if you stood outside a bar in Belltown. By now you probably can surmise what I think of your gun safety laws. How much did you pay Alison Peters Consulting firm out of taxpayers dollars?

Maybe gun owners will get lucky and you guys will get so busy on trying to shove another Arena into Sodo that you wont have time to worry about KEEPING US SAFE. Thank goodness I am just shy of 90 years old. I cant imagine what four more years will bring with the states trying to please King Obama. Us longtime residents of Georgetown cant get a bus to Burien, Federal Way or down 4th Ave anymore without walking a long way or transferring. Nothing you guys do make anything better. Just costs us more in property taxes. FYI I would still vote for you for Mayor rather than McGinn. He will soon have everyone ride bikes.



Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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