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Teachers In Seattle Vote To Suspend The Strike After Reaching ‘Tentative Agreement’ With School District

Seattle Teachers Strike

The school year was supposed to start Sept 7th, however, the strike continues to be extended. That maybe over, however, as the teachers and the school district have reached a “tentative agreement”. 

Washington state’s largest school district, Seattle Public Schools, announced late Monday it had reached a tentative agreement with Seattle Education Association on its educators’ contract. This comes as great news for many families as they try to get back to work and in the office.

Seattle Schools released a statement, acknowledging the tentative agreement but not really saying much on the matter according to ABC News, “For now, the details of the tentative agreement are confidential”. The Emerald City Journal was disappointed by all parties and the lack of transparency. The newspaper responded late Tuesday, “We go through this exercise just about every year and these are the employees we pay for with our taxes. They all work for us and they should all do their jobs better to represent the public. That includes all parties involved. If this was any other business, a lot of people would be shown the door and honestly, there are 100’s of others who would step up to replace them. Over time we’ve created a system that is poorly operated and not sustainable. The educational system has been ruined with privileged characters all protected by agreements, rules, bargaining parties, and the union. We will go through this again soon.”

On Tuesday, union members voted on whether to lift the strike. Among 78% of those voting, 57% approved a motion to suspend the strike, according to the union’s Twitter feed. School is expected to start on Wednesday.

As of late Monday night, the union was “excited” to have reached a tentative deal.

It was an “incredible effort” by both sides to reach an agreement, the school district stated.

All this comes, while today, the Dow dropped 1200 points devastating the financial savings across the country. It marks the worst drop since June 2020. Families are struggling to put food on their tables and inflation continues to run wild. Biden and the White House threw an ‘inflation reduction’ celebration with James Taylor on the South Lawn. Nothing to see here…. everything is going just great!

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Seattle Ranked 4th For Best Readership

Seattle 4th Most Read City Education

According to, Seattle is ranked 4th for the best read city. Alexandria, Virginia topped the list. Now don’t let this confuse you and think Seattle is the smartest city… it just means we read a lot. It does make sense because we are coffee town USA with Starbucks and all. Miami came in 2nd place where their top orders were books, magazines, and health and mind. What else you going to do when you’re at the beach all day. If we actually had a good beach (and hotter weather) I’m positive we would be #1 on this list because everyone would buy more. On a side note, did you know Washington State sells more sunglasses than any other state? Yes, it’s true.

No (Hell No) On Both School Levies

I am certainly not against schools or a good education or a good school for the children  BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

until someone does some accounting of how the money is being spent/squandered/embezzled no money should be given to them. The two levies coming up in February are huge. How did they come up with numbers like that? An ordinary person does not think in terms like that so its time to give us (people who will have to pay the property tax that people who does not own property can vote on). What does it really cost to run ONE CLASSROOM? I think the school classroom is allotted a Keep Reading

Letter To Tim Burgess Council Member

In response to a survey conducted the first week of January by Alison Peters Consulting, a firm that serves both Republican and Democratic clients, the poll of 600 registered voters revealed wide and strong support for a variety of gun safety measures ———-

I sent this letter to Mr. Tim Burgess… but got no response to date.

Mr. Tim Burgess Councilmen: Received your email of City Views and copied/pasted the above two lines. The politicians jumping on gun control shows you must need something to do to keep you from doing something worthwhile. Not one thing you listed would make me or a school any safer. You and even President Obama know that criminals/thugs and nut cases do not follow any laws, rules about anything. They will never buy a gun. They will just break into a car or home and steal one. Lets for now just stick to the kindergarten slaughter. Would any law you can think of Keep Reading

Seattle Superintendent Jose Banda Announcement (2012)

Jose Banda

A few months ago, a new Seattle Schools Superintendent was announced and Jose Banda is his name. He said in his own words that he, “plans on taking it slow” to look at all the data.  Supposedly, he likes reviewing the numbers/data before making the hard decisions.  We of course have reported the issues with the previous Seattle Superintendent Maria Goodloe Johnson.  I would like to give Jose Banda the benefit of a clean slate since he is just starting out but we unfortunately are already starting off on the wrong foot.  I blame the Seattle School board and the City Council for this mess and you should also.  I have said it time and time again on the Emerald City Journal and that changes in the School Districts must start at the top.  Upper management spends all the money on themselves, and the pennies left are trickled down to the Teachers who are usually forced to pay for their classroom supplies (and other student expenses). This doesn’t just happen in Seattle; however, you’ll see this bad practice all over the state and the teachers just accept it as their problem. Teachers shouldn’t have to be ok with paying for their own supplies. That is not ok.

Previously, Maria Goodloe Johnson was being paid a fortune and it turns out Jose Banda got an even better deal.  His annual salary (with 3-year contract) is $270,000.  Are you kidding me? He also will be making (it’s unsure if this is additional or included) an annual $22,000 and $700 per month car expenses to help him out.  Obviously, money is not an issue at the Schools here in Seattle!  Seriously, it’s just corruption to pay something this much when the school could have hired 3 superintendents for that kind of money.  3 Superintendents working together to clean up the schools would have produced better results in the end.

Take note, you heard the complaint here first and when the question comes asking for more money (I expect that anytime), you’ll know who to ask to borrow a few bucks from (Welcome Jose Banda).

The press release indicates that during Wednesday’s School Board meeting (May 2), the full board anticipates formally identifying Mr. Banda as their preferred candidate, with a subsequent vote on the contract slated for May 16. Subject to approval, the incoming Superintendent would assume the role post-July 1. Mr. Banda is set to succeed Maria Goodloe-Johnson, who was dismissed last year amid a financial scandal. Notably, two other candidates for the superintendent position—Steven Enoch from San Ramon Valley, near San Francisco, and Sandra Husk from Salem-Keizer, Oregon—withdrew after their interviews. Mr. Banda brings with him four years of experience as superintendent of the Anaheim district, serving 20,000 students, while the Seattle district, where he is poised to serve next, is the largest in Washington, catering to over 47,000 students.

Update about Jose Banda: June 20, 2014, Jose Banda announced he was a finalist for Superintendent of Sacramento City Unified School District and wouldn’t be renewing his contract in Seattle.

Gap in Seattle Schools Test Scores of Blacks

Seattle Education Student Studying

The American born blacks are doing lots worse than the immigrant blacks in their test scores in math. They use words like this is an “alarming” or “comparison shocks some”. I am no expert at anything but feel the need to give my spin on what I would think makes this happen. Everything has a pay off, there must be an incentive to do something. From the time you are a toddler you must eat your “veggies” to get your piece of cake.

I have always been amazed at how the Asians come over here, not knowing our language or culture and get to be the top achievers. Maybe there is something in their genetic make up but mostly it’s the way they are brought up at home. They are taught to study. They are taught to better themselves. I don’t know a thing about American born Blacks and Somali born blacks but I would imagine their genetic make up is the same. That being the case it has to be attitude. There are some rich Somali blacks and there are some rich American born blacks, so lets stick with the run of the mill type.

My take on this is our welfare society has ripped all ambition form the little American born blacks. I am using a broad paint brush and there are exceptions but for some reason American born blacks are raised to believe that because their great, great, great, great Grandaddy MIGHT have been a slave they should be handed everything on a silver platter. There are 3rd and 4th generation blacks who have lived on welfare. They even whine about that. Lets just take one family for an example. A little American black is born to a Mommie that has no idea who his daddy is or if she does know she wont say because she would not qualify for welfare. He can still slip in the backdoor of her “free rent” apartment, and eat from her food stamp supply of food. They can go to emergency rooms free, get a welfare check that gets raised every time she has another baby. That baby grow up knowing he is way better off to JUST HAVE FUN and not study, his Mom does not try to get him to study or support himself. He has a better life(better apartment, and food) than the little white boy and girl that got married and both have to work at flipping burgers and have no insurance.

If the United States stopped giving free rent and food to the Mommies and Daddy’s whose kids are doing so poor in school it would stop. There should have to be a pay off. The Mommies are home all day and could be teaching their pre schoolers all sorts of things, instead they give them no reason to do well in school at all. No punishment, no rewards and probably the parents dropped out of school and on and on. Lots of Somali blacks came here from war torn countries and refuge camps but still do better than the blacks who had a much better life here. The American born blacks are actually being harmed by insisting on things instead of earning things. Even trying to force whites to integrate with blacks backfired. I have worked with blacks, I have rented to blacks, I have lived beside blacks. I do not hate blacks but its how they act that makes me like them, not because someone is trying to force me to live or work with one.

Cut of Mommies welfare check and food stamps if she cant help her child with his school work. If she knew unless he went to school and brought a passing grade home, “she would get fired from her job of collecting freebies”. It would change in a hurry. The American born blacks have a huge chip on their shoulders that the Somali blacks don’t and until that changes these little blacks would rather hang on corners in gangs or stay out all night because Mommie doesn’t care what they do. She doesn’t care if they bring home a good report card. Give them an incentive to study.

I was a really really poor little farm girl, baby of 12 that caught on early that if I was going to do anything different I had to study. I was the first in my family to graduate from high school. I was the valedictorian of my class. My parents made all of us little kids sit at the old kitchen table and study by a kerosene lamp. We had no running water, we had a three holer outhouse so if you think for one minute being poor automatically makes you do poor in school, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. There was a willow switch waiting if we brought home a bad report card. There was no welfare or food stamps. We were taught, “work if you want to eat”. The little American born blacks don’t have a clue what its like to be poor. They have no incentive, they have been robbed of that. They have to want to better themselves but giving them more freebies is not the answer. Maybe school work camps for the children, and make Mommie get a job, even a low paid one.

Hope this generates some thoughts. Until you change the mind set of the American Born Blacks that they are so poor, so picked on etc etc nothing will change. LLL

Free Lunch Families Get More Perks With Comcast Internet Essentials

Low Income Internet Seattle - Internet Essentials Program

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus, but his name has been changed to “government handouts”. Children who qualify for a free lunch already were insured a free college education even though their grade point average was just above flunking. It had to be a 2.0, which would not give any kid much incentive to study hard because you could get that grade without opening your book and going with a multiple-choice answer. You would have a 50/50 chance of guessing right. That sure would not make you college material. That is not what this article is about.

They get new perks now. They would qualify for Internet Essentials. They would only pay $9.95 for Internet service, and could buy a new computer for $149.99. WOW. That is really a deal and all your have to do to qualify is (I would have to guess here) be on welfare. The state or federal government does not have a money tree. They take it away from the private sector workers, skim off a huge amount for administering these programs to give away all this STUFF. You and I will see our Comcast bills go up. Sometime this mess must stop but the country is broke and still giving things to families who may be drug users, drunks, or whatever and encouraging them to stay dependant on government hand outs. It’s a real vote getter. I am not against a kid getting a free lunch. Don’t want to see anyone hungry, but there has to be an incentive to try to better yourself, not just demand more “services” from the government.

Here is the PDF about the program:

Update: This program is still active through the city or housing authority for those who need it. This is a nationwide program and as of 2019, comcast stated it is being used in about 7 million households. The real question, however, is it really helping or hurting?

Here are more resources if you need help getting online and you’re low income:

Here are some avenues through which low-income residents in Seattle could potentially access discounted internet:

  1. National Programs:
    • Comcast Internet Essentials: Comcast offers Internet Essentials, which is a low-cost home internet service for qualifying households. This program provides affordable internet for eligible low-income households at reduced prices.
    • AT&T Access: AT&T also offers a similar low-cost internet service for qualifying low-income households.
  2. Local Programs and Initiatives:
    • The City of Seattle might have specific programs or partnerships with local ISPs to provide discounted internet services for its residents. It’s recommended to check with the city’s official website or the local public library for up-to-date information.
  3. Non-Profit Organizations:
    • Some non-profit organizations might offer programs or grants for low-income individuals or families to get discounted internet services.
  4. Federal Assistance:
    • The Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program, which was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, provides a temporary discount on monthly broadband bills for qualifying low-income households. While this might be a temporary measure, it’s worthwhile for residents to check if they qualify.

For the most current information and to see if new programs have been introduced after 2022, it’s a good idea for residents to check directly with the City of Seattle’s official resources, local ISPs, and the FCC’s website.

The Problem With Maria Goodloe Johnson And Seattle Schools

Maria Goodloe Johnson Seattle

As you know, Maria Goodloe Johnson was recently fired as the Seattle Public Schools Superintendent.  She most likely will not apologize for her actions and didn’t even attempt to keep her job.  It turns out she was making approx. $264,000 per year and is entitled to an additional $264,000 after she was fired per her severance contract terms.  Don Kennedy, the school’s Chief Financial Officer, was also fired without cause.  Mr. Don Kennedy was making approx. $174,000 per year and is entitled to $87,000 (half) after he was terminated. As we all know, that is how government works.  They create contracts that none of us regular people would ever get if employed. We would be immediately terminated without notice but not when you have a leadership position with the city.  I guess that makes you better than everyone else.

After reading those facts several things come to my mind.  First, lets talk about skills and education.  There are many well-educated school officials available all over the USA.  We all know (if not – you should) that everyone is dispensable and a few job wanted ads in some of major publications will result in more qualified talent then we can handle.  They will come from every state far and wide to work in the Seattle School District.  No severance or contract would even be required.  Maria Goodloe Johnson and Don Kennedy are not “that special” when it comes to their skills and education.  I understand from a public relations aspect Seattle School Officials want the public to feel “confident” in their hiring decisions but their process and the “value” they place in these individuals is overrated.  If they really wanted to make a change, with would hire them just like everyone else.  We all should be equals when it comes to hiring and firing.

From a money perspective, they obviously are being way overpaid.  Seattle doesn’t care about their spending and will just make up another law to take more taxes from you. It’s the democrats way to spend more than they have then claim they are broke and require more. In regards to salaries, $120,000 should be the cap for upper management.  Like most positions – there should be no severance terms.  You get hired and fired just like everyone else.  It’s not needed and wouldn’t hinder the resumes from pouring in.  This of course is the problem, Seattle leadership has created a monster and are now stuck with their bad policies and procedures.  Changing these procedures would be a public relations nightmare and cast someone being a dictator or extremist. 


There was an Audit published on February 23 that disclosed that the district expended over $1.5 million on endeavors of dubious public value, and nearly $300,000 on services that were not received. They found it to have, “questionable public purpose”.

Update 2023: Despite her efforts to address the district’s academic achievement gap and to improve overall student performance, her tenure was marred by a financial scandal involving a district-run small-business contracting development program. Maria Goodloe-Johnson passed away in 2012. The exact cause of death is unknown but family members stated she was sick for a year prior. She was 55.

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