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No (Hell No) On Both School Levies

I am certainly not against schools or a good education or a good school for the children  BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

until someone does some accounting of how the money is being spent/squandered/embezzled no money should be given to them. The two levies coming up in February are huge. How did they come up with numbers like that? An ordinary person does not think in terms like that so its time to give us (people who will have to pay the property tax that people who does not own property can vote on). What does it really cost to run ONE CLASSROOM? I think the school classroom is allotted a six figure amount and roughly $35,000 for the teacher, what is the rest spent on? We deserve to know. The whole administration is way way to top heavy. All the top dogs are paid 6 figure salary’s. How many are getting salaries like that? Look at how Silas Porter was able to embezzle and squander thousands of dollars right under the Superintendents nose. How much from these two levies will actually be spent on a classroom? Will there be an accounting of exactly what repairs are made and if they are necessary at this time.

The levies are for 1.2 billion dollars. The leadership at the schools have been in disarray for a long time and are not any better under Jose’ Banda and he is paid more than the former superintendent that was fired. The Times and other propaganda media are saying to not confuse how the schools are run, that that is completely separate for the dollar amount the school needs. Well not all of us got an 80% raise like Howard Schultz from 16.1 million to 28.9 million a year so $152.00 added to my $3500 a year property tax HURTS. The legislature has no qualms about ordering schools to spend more and upping taxes, that’s what they think their job is. I am getting a little off the subject here but for instance there was a big article in the Times about not having any money for a mat on the floor for homeless people, but right next to it was an article that the “city had FOUND the funds to remodel the King Street Station. I believe it said it would cost $50 million. Some of that the city FOUND. some is in grants(whatever that really means) and the rest is from the federal government. Geeze Louise the Federal Government doesn’t have a money tree or pot of gold to dip into until they screw the taxpayers over and take it away. Until the Times or the school sends out a list of expenditures for a typical classroom NO MONEY should be given to them. Let the city find the money to repair the schools in the same hidey hole they found the money to do 50 million repair job on king street station. They could also shelter the homeless if they fired half of the administrators at the school district. Don’t tell us you have to pay a lot to get the best. You pay way too much and have not got EVEN GOOD people running the schools. Frittering away the money they have is not the best.

Vote No on both levies and insist to see a list of what you are paying for. Please don’t yell at me and say “What difference does it make?” I think when you start to make a list of expenditures for each room you will FIND a lot of money and more than enough to hire an armed guard at each school.

Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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