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Map Testing Washington State

This article is written to show you that the schools have lost control of not only the students but the superintendent has lost control of the teachers etc. At the moment the tail is wagging the dog. The biggest thing that is going on right now is the school kids via the teachers are being taught that if they don’t want to do something, JUST DON’T DO IT. There will be no punishments or making up time they are wasting standing on the steps saying the test is a waste of time. Lets just stick with Garfield school to show the point. The schools are like a business. There is a chain of command. I believe the Superintendent of Public Education is Keep Reading

No (Hell No) On Both School Levies

I am certainly not against schools or a good education or a good school for the children  BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

until someone does some accounting of how the money is being spent/squandered/embezzled no money should be given to them. The two levies coming up in February are huge. How did they come up with numbers like that? An ordinary person does not think in terms like that so its time to give us (people who will have to pay the property tax that people who does not own property can vote on). What does it really cost to run ONE CLASSROOM? I think the school classroom is allotted a Keep Reading

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