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Dreams of Success: Mark Hurd

Many teenagers and young adults watch successful businessmen and businesswomen wear fancy clothes, drive in expensive cars, and go to upscale parties. They imagine what the high life would be like as a successful executive. They dream of money and all of that money can buy, and wish for the success that has been bestowed upon others. What many of them never recognize is that those successful people once had the same dreams before turning them into realities.

Mark Hurd was one of those dreamers. So were many of the famous figures of business technology. They worked hard, had an idea, and then discovered how to turn that idea into a profit. They saw needs in society that others missed, and they found themselves able to fill those niches. Mark Hurd and others like him followed the examples and advice of those that came before them, the men and woman whose faces could be found on the covers of Fortune and Forbes Magazines.

For Mark Hurd, the journey to success was not short, and it was not easy. He put in a lot of long hours and had some unsatisfying days before making his dreams come through. But Mark Hurd and others like him have long known that in order to make your dreams come true, you have to work as hard as you can and never give up. That is why Mark did not quit his job as junior salesman at NCR when he likely deserved a much higher position.

Instead, Mark Hurd worked to become the best at the job he was given, and once he had done that he was promoted, and given a new challenge. With every new position and new responsibility, Mark could feel himself getting closer and closer to his dreams. Those dreams were still a long way off, it was true, but Mark Hurd was not going to give up.

In 1994, after 14 years of performing in various sales, marketing, and management positions, Mark Hurd was promoted to Vice President of one of NCR Corp’s larger divisions. He performed well, as he had always done, and was named COO of the division and President of NCR Corp as a whole. His dreams were finally coming to fruition.

Mark Hurd was named the COO of NCR Corp in 2002, and after only a year was named CEO, making him the President and CEO of the company where he had worked for 23 years. In 2005, Mark Hurd had led NCR Corp to incredible success and growth. The company grew nearly $300 million dollars (up 6%). A few years later he was offered a position at Hewlett-Packard as President and CEO. He took the position. Even at HP Mr. Hurd was able to increase their revenue nearly 63%!

When the name Mark Hurd began to show up in the lists of Fortune, Business 2.0, and Forbes, it was evident that his dream had been realized. Mark Hurd at last attained success. He worked hard, he worked long, he devoted his life to the business of technological advances, and he became successful.

Many people would consider this to be the culmination of his dreams. But the thing about dreams is that they must always evolve. Success is a great dream to have, but far better than success and wealth is excellence. Mark Hurd led HP with an attitude of excellence, and continues to do so as the President of Oracle Corporation today. It can only be assumed that Mark Hurd will continue to pursue excellence for a long time to come.

Overall, one the best businessman working today. We are including his revenue performance chart below. As you can see it’s impressive work.

Mark Hurd Revenue Chart
Mark Hurd Revenue Chart

**Inspiration piece submitted to inspire Seattle residents to make big moves in their careers. Dream big and be your best at everything you do.

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