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Mark Hurd Being An Effective Manager

We’ve all experienced bad mangers in our careers.  Seattle is a fast paced environment and every company is looking for the fastest and best employee.  However, often times their expectations or egos get in their way of managing others.

This is a great piece on how to be an effective manager.  You maybe one right now in Seattle or working to be one in the future.  Just remember these skills and maybe one day you’ll be the best manager ever.  You too can build these key personality traits.

First lets talk about Mark Hurd because this guy is a leader in the business World.

Mark Hurd is an experienced leader and President of the Oracle Corporation. A former President of NCR Corporation and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Mark Hurd met a number of men and woman with characteristics defining a strong and effective leader. For some men and women, these skills come naturally while for others, the skills are practiced and developed while climbing the management ladder.

Before looking at a person’s qualities as a manager, Mark Hurd first looks at what makes a manager effective. A manager has many responsibilities and duties and only one of them is leading a team. Managers must have their own talents and skills while coaching and mentoring the employees under their watch. Managers need to be organized, efficient, and productive to be profitable for a company. A good manager can motivate a team, support the goals of management, work as a negotiator when there is trouble, and encourage a team to be innovative.

There are also a number of key personality traits that make one person more effective than another. It is important to look beyond sales numbers to spot who the best manager may be. Mark Hurd recognizes a number of personality traits common along strong leaders. The strongest leaders have the ability to communicate, lead others, develop themselves and others, build strong work relationships, and drive positive performance.

Communication is important to Mark Hurd because it is the first key to success and understands the goals and expectations of a business. An effective manager should be able to instruct others and listen just as effectively. Effective managers need to learn to hear more than what is spoken. Mark Hurd believes managers need to be attentive to non-verbal communication and how their own nonverbal actions speak to others.

The ability to lead isn’t as easy as it may seem. Mark Hurd understands a natural leader is one who can drive positive results by providing direction and feedback in a positive way. Leaders should inspire trust and be responsible for making sure tasks are completed when expected. The best performing employee may not be a skilled leader and a negative attitude can negatively affect business performance.

Self-development and developing the skills of others is important. Mark Hurd worked on his skills as a leader for years developing his business skills and knowledge. Effective managers praise employees for performance while encouraging them to develop further as an employee. Managers must improve themselves and be grateful for the opportunities of themselves and others to grow without being too controlling.

There you have it!  Build your key personality traits to be the best in the future and even perhaps the best business manager in Seattle.  There are so many great career and job opportunities in Seattle (including Oracle in Bellevue) so get out there and make a difference.

Best personality traits for a seattle manager



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