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A Well-Rounded Life: Mark Hurd

Often the media puts a famous celebrity or successful businessman under the spotlight, and the world is treated to a view of that person for a short while before they are passed over for a new story. In these cases, only one aspect of the person of interest is ever shown. For example, a movie star is only ever considered in the light of their career as a movie star. A businessman is considered purely in light of their business or their fame and notoriety because of their success in business.

The truth that is universally understood but seems to be ignored is that these people are far more than the caricatures that the media portrays. They are fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, artists and painters, lovers, thinkers, and doers. There is more than meets the eye to every person who has ever existed, and sometimes looking for that something else is worth the time.

Mark Hurd is known as a successful businessman. He has worked for NCR Corp, HP, and now Oracle Corp. His time as CEO and President at each of these companies has always led to increased profit, higher efficiency, and improved customer service. In addition, he has overseen each of the companies growth while maintaining efficient operations.

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While Mark Hurd was CEO of NCR, the company’s net profits increased fivefold, and total revenue increased by 7 percent in one year. When HP hired Mark Hurd as their CEO and President in 2005, positive changes were seen almost immediately. Within a year he brought HP to number one in laptop sales, and the year after, desktop sales hit number one as well. His 4 year tenure with the corporation yielded 22 years of consistent increase in profits, and a total revenue increase of 63%.

Now that Mark Hurd is President at Oracle Corporation, his emphasis on customer service and increased efficiency is as pronounced as ever, and the company looks to grow just as his previous businesses thrived. But in his spare time, Mark Hurd is much more than just a successful businessman.

Mark Hurd is a husband, and a father to two daughters. He is devoted to his Alma Mater, Baylor University, where he played tennis and where his oldest daughter attends. Who would have imagined the successful businessman of three computer companies was once the president of a fraternity and a tennis star? It’s a big load to carry, and having so many responsibilities requires some incredible time management skills, but Mark Hurd excelled while at Baylor.

He still goes to Baylor football games, and has donated generously to the Baylor tennis program. His philanthropy made possible a renovation of the entire tennis facility, renamed the Hurd Tennis Center. The Hurd family also donates to the Baylor Bear Foundation and to the Men’s Tennis Excellence Fund. Mark Hurd will always have a place in his heart for the national championship Baylor tennis program, which helped him grow so much during his collegiate years.

Mark Hurd Tennis Center Photo

Oracle’s Bellevue location:
Bellevue is located just east of Seattle, Washington. The drive time is about 16 minutes. Seattle is constantly growing in the technical space and was one of the reasons Oracle moved to Seattle. They have a training center here and are constantly hiring developers and programmers in the Seattle area. Phone: (425) 945-8200

Oracle Bellevue Office
Oracle Bellevue Office

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