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A Well-Rounded Life: Mark Hurd

Often the media puts a famous celebrity or successful businessman under the spotlight, and the world is treated to a view of that person for a short while before they are passed over for a new story. In these cases, only one aspect of the person of interest is ever shown. For example, a movie star is only ever considered in the light of their career as a movie star. A businessman is considered purely in light of their business or their fame and notoriety because of their success in business.

The truth that is universally understood but seems to be ignored is that these people are far more than the caricatures that the media portrays. They are fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, artists and painters, lovers, thinkers, and doers. There is more than meets the eye to every person who has ever existed, and sometimes looking for that something else is worth the time.

Mark Hurd is known as a successful businessman. He has worked for NCR Corp, HP, and now Oracle Corp. His time as CEO and President at each of these companies has always led to increased profit, higher efficiency, and improved customer service. In addition, he has overseen each of the companies growth while maintaining efficient operations.

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While Mark Hurd was CEO of NCR, the company’s net profits increased fivefold, and total revenue increased by 7 percent in one year. When HP hired Mark Hurd as their CEO and President in 2005, positive changes were seen almost immediately. Within a year he brought HP to number one in laptop sales, and the year after, desktop sales hit number one as well. His 4 year tenure with the corporation yielded 22 years of consistent increase in profits, and a total revenue increase of 63%.

Now that Mark Hurd is President at Oracle Corporation, his emphasis on customer service and increased efficiency is as pronounced as ever, and the company looks to grow just as his previous businesses thrived. But in his spare time, Mark Hurd is much more than just a successful businessman.

Mark Hurd is a husband, and a father to two daughters. He is devoted to his Alma Mater, Baylor University, where he played tennis and where his oldest daughter attends. Who would have imagined the successful businessman of three computer companies was once the president of a fraternity and a tennis star? It’s a big load to carry, and having so many responsibilities requires some incredible time management skills, but Mark Hurd excelled while at Baylor.

He still goes to Baylor football games, and has donated generously to the Baylor tennis program. His philanthropy made possible a renovation of the entire tennis facility, renamed the Hurd Tennis Center. The Hurd family also donates to the Baylor Bear Foundation and to the Men’s Tennis Excellence Fund. Mark Hurd will always have a place in his heart for the national championship Baylor tennis program, which helped him grow so much during his collegiate years.

Mark Hurd Tennis Center Photo

Oracle’s Bellevue location:
Bellevue is located just east of Seattle, Washington. The drive time is about 16 minutes. Seattle is constantly growing in the technical space and was one of the reasons Oracle moved to Seattle. They have a training center here and are constantly hiring developers and programmers in the Seattle area. Phone: (425) 945-8200

Oracle Bellevue Office
Oracle Bellevue Office

Mark Hurd Being An Effective Manager

We’ve all experienced bad mangers in our careers.  Seattle is a fast paced environment and every company is looking for the fastest and best employee.  However, often times their expectations or egos get in their way of managing others.

This is a great piece on how to be an effective manager.  You maybe one right now in Seattle or working to be one in the future.  Just remember these skills and maybe one day you’ll be the best manager ever.  You too can build these key personality traits.

First lets talk about Mark Hurd because this guy is a leader in the business World.

Mark Hurd is an experienced leader and President of the Oracle Corporation. A former President of NCR Corporation and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Mark Hurd met a number of men and woman with characteristics defining a strong and effective leader. For some men and women, these skills come naturally while for others, the skills are practiced and developed while climbing the management ladder.

Before looking at a person’s qualities as a manager, Mark Hurd first looks at what makes a manager effective. A manager has many responsibilities and duties and only one of them is leading a team. Managers must have their own talents and skills while coaching and mentoring the employees under their watch. Managers need to be organized, efficient, and productive to be profitable for a company. A good manager can motivate a team, support the goals of management, work as a negotiator when there is trouble, and encourage a team to be innovative.

There are also a number of key personality traits that make one person more effective than another. It is important to look beyond sales numbers to spot who the best manager may be. Mark Hurd recognizes a number of personality traits common along strong leaders. The strongest leaders have the ability to communicate, lead others, develop themselves and others, build strong work relationships, and drive positive performance.

Communication is important to Mark Hurd because it is the first key to success and understands the goals and expectations of a business. An effective manager should be able to instruct others and listen just as effectively. Effective managers need to learn to hear more than what is spoken. Mark Hurd believes managers need to be attentive to non-verbal communication and how their own nonverbal actions speak to others.

The ability to lead isn’t as easy as it may seem. Mark Hurd understands a natural leader is one who can drive positive results by providing direction and feedback in a positive way. Leaders should inspire trust and be responsible for making sure tasks are completed when expected. The best performing employee may not be a skilled leader and a negative attitude can negatively affect business performance.

Self-development and developing the skills of others is important. Mark Hurd worked on his skills as a leader for years developing his business skills and knowledge. Effective managers praise employees for performance while encouraging them to develop further as an employee. Managers must improve themselves and be grateful for the opportunities of themselves and others to grow without being too controlling.

There you have it!  Build your key personality traits to be the best in the future and even perhaps the best business manager in Seattle.  There are so many great career and job opportunities in Seattle (including Oracle in Bellevue) so get out there and make a difference.

Best personality traits for a seattle manager


Mark Hurd 30 Years of Tech: The Story

Mark Hurd

In the business world, the name Mark Hurd has become well known over the last 30 years. Mark Hurd’s continued successes ever since he began as a field salesman for NCR Corp in 1980 have shown his dedication to hard work and self improvement. There are countless field salesman and low level marketing employees in the world of business. Many of them rise over time. Few, however, have risen to such great heights as Mark Hurd.

Part of what has made Mark Hurd so successful is his dedication to excellence and his ambition. The business world is a hard school to learn in, and technology business, in particular, is even harder. Success necessitates quick decision making and forward thinking to keep up with the fast moving and ever changing world of technology.

This post is about the co-CEO of Oracle. We have gather all the great information about him and his career from the Internet and wrote a well organized article.

Working with NCR Corp

Mark Hurd climbed the ladder at NCR Corp, rising from field salesman to positions of ever increasing responsibility and management. NCR Corp, formerly known as the National Cash Register, has been a US-based company specializing in computer hardware, software, and electronics. For a young man interested in business and technology, it was a perfect place to start.

By 1994, Mark Hurd had worked his way up to Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Americas Professional Services Division for NCR Corp, a position which he held for 4 years. In 1998, Mark Hurd was promoted to Senior Vice President of Teradata Solutions Group. After 2 years he was named Executive Vice President of NCR Corp, and from 2000 on, Mark Hurd wore several different hats as one of the top managers of the corporation.

While serving as Executive VP, Mark Hurd was also the Chief Operating Officer of the Teradata Division and Global Leader in such fields as enterprise data warehousing, data warehousing services, and analytic applications. In 2001, he was named the president of NCR Corp, a position which he held until his departure in 2005.

In 2002, Mark Hurd began serving as COO of NCR Corp, with the responsibility of driving its business performance. This included performance in retail store automation, payment and imaging, financial self service, worldwide customer services, Systemedia and Teradata data warehousing. Mark Hurd was instrumental during this time in planning and carrying out strategies that maximized the operating efficiency and profits of NCR Corp.

Hewlett-Packard Career

From 2003 until his departure, Mark was named Chief Executive Officer, and he served as president and CEO for 2 years, completing a total of 25 years of service at NCR Corp. After leaving NCR Corp, Mark Hurd continued his success as CEO and president of Hewlett-Packard. After only one year at HP, he was named chairman of the board after the resignation of former chairman Pat Dunn.

Under Mark Hurd’s direction, HP increased its profits for 22 straight quarters, meeting Wall Street expectations for all but one of those quarters. The company rose to first in laptop computer sales in 2006 and first in desktop computer sales in 2007, a position which it held throughout his tenure. Mark Hurd also led the company to a 63% increase in revenue and a doubling of stock prices.

One of the most impressive feats that Mark Hurd accomplished while at HP was in the success of a merger that had begun before he even arrived on the scene. In 2002, HP negotiated a merger with computer company, Compaq, in a move heavily criticized by experts at the time. Carly Fiorina, the chairwoman and CEO before Mark Hurd, was unable to turn the combined company into a smoothly operating and profiting business.

When Mark Hurd arrived and took over the company, he managed to pull off what the New York Times called “one of the great rescue missions in American corporate history, refocusing the strife-ridden company and leading it to five years of revenue gains and a stock that soared 130 percent.” Even during the middle of the recession, when Hurd himself prophesied a 5% drop in sales for 2009, company profit increased by 6%.

Joins the Oracle Corporation

Mark Hurd was recognized many times for his successes as a manager and business leader throughout his time at HP by such groups as Fortune 500, Business 2.0, and Forbes. In 2010, Mark left HP to become the president and member of the board of the Oracle Corporation. As a leader at the Oracle Corporation, Mark Hurd is responsible for Oracle’s global field operations, focusing primarily on strategy, innovation, leadership, and customers. There is no doubt that Oracle Corporation will be successful in the years to come, with Mark Hurd at the helm. The reality is that when Hurd speaks the World listens. He has a proven record of increasing companies growth and revenue for over 30 years.

OpenWorld Events:
Mr. Hurd is a regular speaker at OpenWorld. This year, 2015, he is speaking about the future of cloud and forecasting its predictions. According to Diginomica, Hurd declared victory in the Cloud computing niche.

UPDATE: Mark Hurd continues with his success at Oracle in 2016. The company stock and cloud revenue is on the rise each quarters as he as done in the past with other companies. If you want to really get to know him I recommend this article by USAToday called “Meet the new co-CEOs of Oracle: Mark Hurd and Safra Catz.” Be sure to check that out on Google.

Mark Hurd: A Forbes Business Success Story

Mark Hurd Photo

Mark Hurd’s Inclusion in Forbes Magazine has been the mark of success among businessman in the world of technology, trade, and finance almost since the publication’s conception in 1917. Like its competitors, Fortune Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes often includes lists of the most successful or influential corporations and individuals. To be featured on such a list almost guarantees you a place in the upper echelons of the American business world.

Mark V Hurd, current President of the Oracle Corporation, has been featured in one list or another on multiple occasions. In 2007, he was named one of Fortune Magazine’s “25 Most Powerful People in Business.” He was included multiple times by lists in the Business 2.0 magazine and by Barron’s “Best CEOs” list, and in 2008, he was named the “CEO of the Year” by the San Francisco Chronicle. In 2009, Mark Hurd was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of Forbes’ Market’s Best Managers.

Mr. Hurd had reached the top of the business game, and he was getting recognized for it. But, that success was not handed to him on a silver platter of privilege. No, Mark Hurd worked for 30 years in the field of business and technology before attaining the success that he deserved.

The first 25 years of Mark Hurd’s career were spent at NCR Corp, a US computer company based in Dayton, Ohio (the company has since moved headquarters to outside of Atlanta, Georgia). Mark began as a field salesman in 1980, fresh out of college with his Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Baylor University. He sold computer hardware, software, and electronics and slowly moved through the ranks of administration and management.

In 1994, after 14 years of salesmanship and middle management positions, Mark Hurd was a division vice president for NCR Corp. He rose to Executive Vice president of the company, and eventually president and Chief Operations Officer. In 2003, Mark Hurd was the president and CEO of NCR Corp, a position which he held for two years. At the end of those two years, marking 25 years with NCR, Mark Hurd moved on to take the reins at Hewlett-Packard.

As president and CEO of HP, and a year later as Chairman of the Board, Mark Hurd was in the perfect position to make a name for himself and his company. HP stocks doubled in the time that Mark was in charge, and revenues increased by 63%. Mark Hurd knew how to cut costs and turn a profit, and that is exactly what he did.

The success of the company did not go unnoticed, and it was at HP that Mark Hurd’s accolades began to flood in. His inclusion in Fortune Magazine coincided with HP’s success in sales; the company was number one in laptop and desktop computer sales, and they were number one every year while Mark Hurd headed the business. In 2008, market share for HP in inkjet and laser printers both increased – to 46 percent for inkjet printers and 50.5 percent for laser printers.

Mark enjoyed 4 years of success at HP, righting the struggling company in the wake of its merger with Compaq and turning a profit for 21 successful quarters. There was only one quarter during Mark Hurd’s tenure in which HP did not meet the expectations of Wall Street. In 2010, Mark Hurd took a position as the president of the Oracle Corporation, seeking to bring the same success to this company as he had to his previous companies.

The Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer company based out of Redwood City, California, specializing in hardware and enterprise software programs. Oracle is the second highest producer of software after Microsoft. In hiring Mark Hurd as President, CEO Larry Ellison sought to use Mark’s focus on customers, innovation, and efficient operations, and execution to bring his company success.

As Mark Hurd’s experience and inclusion in some of the most exclusive magazine lists in the world has shown us, he knows about success. He knows the struggle it takes to be successful as an individual and the direction and leadership that is needed for an individual to bring that success to his company. As Oracle continues to move forward, it can only be assumed that Mark Hurd’s direction and leadership will bring the company as much success as they might wish for.

Mark Hurd Explains Seattle Business Inefficiencies

Mark Hurd is a seasoned leader who became President of NCR Corporation in 2001, before joining Hewlett-Packard in 2005. Under Mark Hurd’s leadership, both companies began turning profits after he improved efficiency, built stronger business leaders, and eliminated waste. He was named one of Fortune Magazine’s 25 Most Powerful People in Business in 2007.

As an individual, he is well-known for his cost-cutting capabilities and ability to shore up inefficiencies, all while embracing innovation and modernization. Before Mark Hurd designed alternative business methods, he first had to identify what about was inefficient about current processes.

Businesses aim to run flawlessly with no wasted opportunities. The symptoms of an inefficient business include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Complaints from customers about poor service or poor product quality
  • Frustration and negativity within the work environment
  • Work being neglected or duplicated
  • Work bottlenecks
  • Increased business cost and/or wasted resources

Mark Hurd provides these tips for replacing some of Seattle’s biggest business inefficiencies:

  1. Document the current processes and analyze it to understand the purpose it was designed to serve.
  2. Design several new process alternatives, evaluating each one for continued improvements.
  3. Develop the case for how the alternative is better and develop plan for its approval and implementation.
  4. Continue to look at alternative processes and remain receptive to the innovative ideas of others.

As a CEO, Mark Hurd appreciates analytical data. Identifying inefficiencies are difficult when processes are not properly documented. This is a greater problem when work is complex and has remained the same for long periods of time. However, Mark Hurd believes this is one of the largest mistakes companies can make because there is no way to quantify the process’s efficiency. Additionally, if businesses do not follow the documented processes then data is unreliable and possibly outdated. This can be very wasteful explains Mark Hurd, because there may be unseen redundancies in a business.

When redesigning processes to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and cut costs, it helps to speak to people directly involved in the process. Mark Hurd believes it is important to incorporate their ideas and insights into new process designs. After brainstorming and hearing from personal insight, analysis into risks, costs, and effects can be examined.

In the end, resolving inefficiencies may mean cutting labor, changing the roles of management, incorporating technology, or eliminating entire processes completely. Mark Hurd stresses the importance of continued monitoring. The process may take a while to adapt to and further changes may still be necessary.

Fixing Seattle Businesses With Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd Explains How Recreation Compliments Your Career

Seattle Career Tips by Mark Hurd

Living in Seattle Washington, I can tell you first hand it’s difficult to pay the bills and live with the stress of a full time job.  It’s very difficult to find the time to play sports or just unplug from work.  We all want to enjoy our weekends right?  I’ve heard other countries handle this aspect of their lives much easier than us.  It seems like in American we live to work and miss out on just living.

We all know we need to do it better and that is unplugging and taking a break from our stressed out 9 to 5 jobs.  This article goes into how you and I can and should use more recreational activities in our lives.  By adding more recreation into our lives it can actually help improve our careers.

Lets look at someone who knows how to do it. He has seen it all and is at the top of his game. His name is Mark Hurd from Oracle. If you don’t know Oracle is a very successful company (billions of dollars) and even has an office just east of Seattle in Bellevue Washington.

Mark Hurd is a passionate leader and an accomplished tennis player. In 1979, Mark Hurd graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. As a student, Mark Hurd attended on a tennis scholarship and his passion for the sport never diminished. He remains a strong advocate for the sport, and encourages everyone to find a hobby or recreation to enjoy outside of work.

Hobbies are a great to enjoy life outside of work. Participating in physical activities is linked to many health advantages, but not all hobbies need to be physical. Hobbies can be enjoyed every day or every week, but all serve a positive purpose. What is more, hobbies enjoyed regularly can help recharge a person so they perform better at work.

Mark Hurd provides three main reasons participating in a recreational activity or hobby compliments work:

  1. Renewed work perspective: While engaging in an activity you enjoy, you have more time to think about your work. A vexing work problem may not look so bad once you’ve been disentangled from it for a few hours. Stepping away from the problem and not thinking about it for a while can also relieve stress and get rid of any negative emotions associated with work.
  2. Encourage greater creativity: Skills associated in your preferred hobby or sport might be applied to your career. Talking casually with another person while playing a sport might generate new ideas that can be applied as a solution for change or opportunity. A sport requiring strategy can also help generate new ideas for work once you are away from it.
  3. Career building: Not everyone will include hobbies on a resume, but it may help in interviews. Engaging in recreation is a great way to meet new people and build social networks. Hobbies may include volunteer work too, which can be highly beneficial to a person applying for jobs in the medical or service fields. How much a hobby helps with career building is only as relevant as it applies to the field of work you are interested in.

There are numerous reasons why participating in recreation is good for your career. Mark Hurd knows participating in a sport, like tennis, shows a capability of working in a team environment or individually. It demonstrates a sense of discipline and working towards a greater goal. Engaging in recreation also keeps the mind and body sharp. According to Mark Hurd, that may mean a person is better focused in every aspect of their lives, including their careers.

Mark Hurd: The Importance of Growth

Mark Hurd has been the head of several successful technology corporations. Each of these corporations has increased in size and profits during Mark Hurd’s tenure, all while increasing efficiency. In fact, increasing efficiency has become one of Mark Hurd’s trademarks: During his 25 year tenure at NCR, he was noted for increasing operational efficiency in the Teradata Division, of which he was first vice president and then COO. As President, COO, and CEO of the entire corporation for 4 years, Mark Hurd was once again noted for increasing the company’s operational efficiency.

When he was hired as President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard in 2005, he was immediately recognized for his improvement of the company’s operational efficiency. By the time he left HP, they were number one in laptop and desktop computer sales for most of his tenure, and the price of stocks had doubled.

Now, as President of Oracle Corporation, Mark Hurd is standing by his mantra of increasing efficiency and continual growth. In all business, growth is important for a company’s survival. In the field of technology, where rapid industry-wide developments can take place in single 24 hour period, standing still can be fatal. Mark Hurd is well aware that a company must always be moving forward, always innovating, and always striving to produce better products.

For Mark Hurd, one of the best ways to grow is to focus on customers. In his keynote speech at Oracle OpenWorld 2013, Mark Hurd stressed two issues. Firstly the importance of recognizing value in big data, and secondly the importance of customer service. Big data is something that all companies have to deal with as levels of technology users grow exponentially larger. Customer service is an issue that companies have had to deal with since the beginning of business.

Mark Hurd at Oracle's OpenWorld giving a speech
Mark Hurd at Oracle’s OpenWorld giving a speech

For Mark Hurd, customer service is about relationships. He makes it a priority to visit with and answer the questions of his customers. He wants potential clients to understand that he cares about them and their business, and that by working with him and Oracle, a mutually beneficial partnership will emerge.

In every transaction, there must be a level of trust. In technology, that trust is based upon the assumption that the product or service will work as advertised, and that if there are glitches they will be fixed. Mark Hurd goes out of his way to show customers why doing business with the Oracle Corporation is the best choice for them.

For the Oracle Corporation to grow, Mark Hurd needs to find new customers, and to find ways to network with existing customers to generate profit for both parties. That is why Oracles’ goal is to spend 5 weeks of every quarter, 3 days a week, talking with and building relationships with customers. The goal is to talk to 50 customers a day. While this may sound ambitious, Mark Hurd recognizes that it is necessary for a company to grow.

Mr. Hurd understand the importance of a customer relationship and always building upon that. Every customer should be talked to in the loop about new services or even helping them with training.

The Bellevue office just east of Seattle was created just for that. They call it the Oracle Training University and it helps educate and train their employees for current and future Oracle products. Oracle not only builds and invests into their employees, they want to have the sharpest and most educated team in the Seattle area.

If you like to get a feel for Mr. Hurd, his experience, and leadership, be sure to watch his speech below at Oracle’s OpenWorld event.

Mark Hurd: Tips for a Master Salesman

Mark Hurd
Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd has shown the world time and again that he knows how to run a business. While President and CEO of NCR Corp, Mark Hurd improved the company’s operating efficiency, set up a strong panel of leaders, and enhanced product quality. In 2004, NCR showed a net income jump of nearly fivefold from the previous year, and the amount of total revenue generated increased by 7%.

As CEO and Chairman of the Board at HP, Mark Hurd led the company through a difficult period following the much criticized merger with Compaq three years earlier. Along with successfully executing the combined company, Mark Hurd was able to lead HP into 22 consecutive quarters of increased profits, and a total revenue increase of 63%.

Now, as the President of Oracle Corporation, Mark Hurd hopes to continue his string of successes. Despite these successes and his 30 years of experience in the technical business field, however, Mark Hurd began his career not as a CEO or even a high level manager. Mark began like most businessmen: as a junior salesman for NCR Corp. He worked his way up through the company for the next 14 years in various management, sales and marketing positions before becoming the successful CEO and President he is today.

What Mark Hurd’s journey taught him was how the different facets of business operate, from the level of salesman on up to CEO. He never forgot the lessons he learned as a junior salesman, and the customers with whom he built relationships. That is why Mark Hurd understands even now the importance of customers, and why he has made customer service a priority at every company he has worked for.

Below are some of Mark Hurd’s tips on being a master salesman and building a company with a strong and loyal customer base.
• Be open. Don’t try to trick your customers, and don’t mislead them. Share your vision and your strategies with your customers, your investors, and anyone else who is interested in doing business with your company. If you include your customers in your dreams, then you show your trust in them. In turn, you will earn their trust and they will support your business for as long as they can.

• Be relational. Meet with potential customers face to face, and give them your time. Nothing is more important to the success of your business than having a strong client base, and every possible client deserves your time and respect. At the same, time, customers understand that businessmen are busy, and so they will be grateful for any time you spend with them and will respect your company all the more for it.

• Become a customer-experience evangelist. This is a term that Mark Hurd uses to show companies how important it is to satisfy customers. Many corporations consider a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating to be the highest they can expect, and that satisfying the final 5 percent won’t be worth the effort. Mark Hurd strongly disagrees, and considers every customer problem worth handling personally.

“We are living in an interconnected world, and because of the internet every customer can affect 100 other customers,” says Mark Hurd. “We need to make sure that every customer has a good experience so that they can become ambassadors for our company.”

Dreams of Success: Mark Hurd

Many teenagers and young adults watch successful businessmen and businesswomen wear fancy clothes, drive in expensive cars, and go to upscale parties. They imagine what the high life would be like as a successful executive. They dream of money and all of that money can buy, and wish for the success that has been bestowed upon others. What many of them never recognize is that those successful people once had the same dreams before turning them into realities.

Mark Hurd was one of those dreamers. So were many of the famous figures of business technology. They worked hard, had an idea, and then discovered how to turn that idea into a profit. They saw needs in society that others missed, and they found themselves able to fill those niches. Mark Hurd and others like him followed the examples and advice of those that came before them, the men and woman whose faces could be found on the covers of Fortune and Forbes Magazines.

For Mark Hurd, the journey to success was not short, and it was not easy. He put in a lot of long hours and had some unsatisfying days before making his dreams come through. But Mark Hurd and others like him have long known that in order to make your dreams come true, you have to work as hard as you can and never give up. That is why Mark did not quit his job as junior salesman at NCR when he likely deserved a much higher position.

Instead, Mark Hurd worked to become the best at the job he was given, and once he had done that he was promoted, and given a new challenge. With every new position and new responsibility, Mark could feel himself getting closer and closer to his dreams. Those dreams were still a long way off, it was true, but Mark Hurd was not going to give up.

In 1994, after 14 years of performing in various sales, marketing, and management positions, Mark Hurd was promoted to Vice President of one of NCR Corp’s larger divisions. He performed well, as he had always done, and was named COO of the division and President of NCR Corp as a whole. His dreams were finally coming to fruition.

Mark Hurd was named the COO of NCR Corp in 2002, and after only a year was named CEO, making him the President and CEO of the company where he had worked for 23 years. In 2005, Mark Hurd had led NCR Corp to incredible success and growth. The company grew nearly $300 million dollars (up 6%). A few years later he was offered a position at Hewlett-Packard as President and CEO. He took the position. Even at HP Mr. Hurd was able to increase their revenue nearly 63%!

When the name Mark Hurd began to show up in the lists of Fortune, Business 2.0, and Forbes, it was evident that his dream had been realized. Mark Hurd at last attained success. He worked hard, he worked long, he devoted his life to the business of technological advances, and he became successful.

Many people would consider this to be the culmination of his dreams. But the thing about dreams is that they must always evolve. Success is a great dream to have, but far better than success and wealth is excellence. Mark Hurd led HP with an attitude of excellence, and continues to do so as the President of Oracle Corporation today. It can only be assumed that Mark Hurd will continue to pursue excellence for a long time to come.

Overall, one the best businessman working today. We are including his revenue performance chart below. As you can see it’s impressive work.

Mark Hurd Revenue Chart
Mark Hurd Revenue Chart

**Inspiration piece submitted to inspire Seattle residents to make big moves in their careers. Dream big and be your best at everything you do.

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