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Letter To Tim Burgess Council Member

In response to a survey conducted the first week of January by Alison Peters Consulting, a firm that serves both Republican and Democratic clients, the poll of 600 registered voters revealed wide and strong support for a variety of gun safety measures ———-

I sent this letter to Mr. Tim Burgess… but got no response to date.

Mr. Tim Burgess Councilmen: Received your email of City Views and copied/pasted the above two lines. The politicians jumping on gun control shows you must need something to do to keep you from doing something worthwhile. Not one thing you listed would make me or a school any safer. You and even President Obama know that criminals/thugs and nut cases do not follow any laws, rules about anything. They will never buy a gun. They will just break into a car or home and steal one. Lets for now just stick to the kindergarten slaughter. Would any law you can think of Keep Reading

Civil Service Commission In Seattle Wants You!

The City Of Seattle Council is looking for a few good men or women for their Civil Service Commission.  It’s pretty much a volunteer position but you do get a small stipend each year.  It’s a 3 year term which starts on Jan 1st 2013.

The Civil Service Commission in Seattle is a team that provides fair and impartial meetings regarding alleged violations from the City Of Seattle’s personnel.

The team consists of 3 members.  First is appointed by the Mayor, second is appointed by the Council, and finally one is elected by Seattle City employees.  Team members normally meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning at 9:30 a.m and it runs an hour or two.

The announcement came from Seattle Council Member Tim Burgess.

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