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Gun Laws

President Obama Agenda & Laws

As the time continues to pass with the Obama Administration, the picture is becoming even more clear.  He is not interested in touching anything that would potentially make him look bad.  He would cut spending as they will cut jobs and ruin is record.  He won’t be touching the medicare issues or social security.  In short, anything that could potentially hurt his brand/image is just not going to happen.  The can will be kicked down the road for the next guy (or girl).  Any issues that could hurt him will be passed onto someone else.  For example, he was quick to play dumb with the Benghazi attack.  Hilary took the fall but played the obvious dumb card also when questions which was a big surprise.  The guns sold to Mexico which ended up killing our Agents was sealed.  My point is this trend will Keep Reading

Norm Dicks Retiring

Government spending is on the tight rope AGAIN. Deadline after deadline, kick the can down the road, scare tactics, posed photo ops, propaganda is about all the news is these days. Then comes along a real lulu. It’s easier to write using one person for an example to show how our government is completely out of whack. I am not anti government, I am for any control or rule or law that makes any sense at all to the ordinary citizen if we can afford it. In this article I will be picking on Norm Dicks. The politicians are not representing “we the people” when they are able to make up special rules and regulations for themselves that put them way way above the people they are supposed to represent. The have elevated themselves to a class of people who do not have the capacity to even understand what the word WORK means. Sure they put in a lot of time hob knobbing with each other and trading votes to get a lot of money for their home state. They come back home and tell the Keep Reading

Letter To Tim Burgess Council Member

In response to a survey conducted the first week of January by Alison Peters Consulting, a firm that serves both Republican and Democratic clients, the poll of 600 registered voters revealed wide and strong support for a variety of gun safety measures ———-

I sent this letter to Mr. Tim Burgess… but got no response to date.

Mr. Tim Burgess Councilmen: Received your email of City Views and copied/pasted the above two lines. The politicians jumping on gun control shows you must need something to do to keep you from doing something worthwhile. Not one thing you listed would make me or a school any safer. You and even President Obama know that criminals/thugs and nut cases do not follow any laws, rules about anything. They will never buy a gun. They will just break into a car or home and steal one. Lets for now just stick to the kindergarten slaughter. Would any law you can think of Keep Reading

2nd Amendment Rights, Debt Ceilings, And Other Stuff

Since the election, for the first time in my life I have been at loss for words. I could not believe it when Obama won the first time, but to be re-elected was a shock. He won, he got the most votes but this does not mean that all of us people who did not, and do not agree with where he is taking the country should roll over and play dead. This article will be just a hodge podge of my observations using famous quotes to make my point.

The first point is, if you take away our guns, only criminals will have guns. Obama can stand for a photo shoot with little kids behind him wanting him(and being brainwashed into thinking) to keep them safe. He doesn’t have a clue about worrying about his daughters. The go to Sidwell Friends school, it has armed guards, and secret service agents to accompany them to and from school. How do you spell hypocrite? He wants everyone to think he is a King, not a president. He is abusing executive orders and for some reason no one will stand up to him. All want to keep their jobs. If by the sweep of his mighty sword a/k/a pen, no citizen is allowed a gun in their house the thugs and crooks will have theirs. They do not follow rules or register guns and they don’t own a house or pay rent so no one can find them like they can a law abiding citizen. The world would be safer if every homeowner bought a gun, took a course in how to shoot it, and if someone started to break the door down, just shoot right thru the door. Why does the guy breaking in to rob or rape or murder you have more rights than you do? It is a real tragedy when a child gets their hands on a gun that is kept in the house but legislation wont stop that. Look at the children that have shot each other with their Daddy’s gun(and he is a police officer). Lets say I go out, buy a gun, get a permit or whatever I need if I have to keep the bullets out of the gun, and I have to have the gun locked up in a safe, its not going to help me when I wake up and see a stranger standing in my bedroom. There has to be some common sense to go with controls, laws and rules. Criminals will never follow rules. Teach the teachers to shoot, and to shoot anyone who barges into her classroom, no questions asked. Better to shoot first and ask questions later, than have your whole class slaughtered. No law abiding citizen is going to do something like that and banning guns and passing laws wont change a thing. When I was a little girl on a big Montana ranch we had a gun rack that the guns were hung on. They were loaded in case you heard a mountain lion trying to get your sheep or cattle. When I rode a horse I took a gun(I was 7 or 8) so I could at least protect myself a little. Not once did one of us shoot each other or ourselves or take our gun to murder the neighbor or shoot up the school.

Now to out of control spending. The balance has been shifted. There are more people being led to believe they “deserve” a nice place to live, good food on the table, all taken care of by the government. This quote by George Bernard Shaw is why I think Obama won twice. “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul”. There are more Paul’s than Peter’s but this will not work very long because Peter will just quit his job when he sees he has to hand over what he earns to let the government give it to Paul.

You cannot buy friendship for foreign countries either. Most of the countries that we we are pouring millions of foreign aide to hate our guts. They would blow us off the map if they could. If we were really helping some POOR people I would see it totally different, but the people in the little shacks, with the little kids playing in the streets with pigs(four legged kind)never see a bit of the aide we send. Their leaders whether they are called Kings, Presidents, or Sheiks whatever just travel more, ask for more aide, have photo shoots (like Obama with little kids or at flooded places) but the money gets squandered. Look at the Mayor of New Orleans when it was flooded.He made off with millions. A school mate of Bill Clinton’s at Georgetown University, named Douglas Casey said, “Foreign aide might be defined as a transfer of money from the poor people in rich countries to the rich people in poor countries.” If our country is broke, STOP SENDING MONEY WE DON’T HAVE. If Obama really wanted to make a statement that he really cares for people or our debt, yesterday would have been the time. He already had one inauguration so why couldn’t he stand up and say, its time to get our debt under control and I want to start off by being an example. I am going to just be sworn in as president, no parties, no parades, no 120 million spent for my security so all of that money can go to pay off part of the national debt. He has blown thru billions traveling in his little air force one. Michelle has more servants than Queen Elizabeth. They spend more on the White House upkeep than England does on its Castle, etc. One last quote by Thomas Jefferson, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take away everything you have.”

I will close by copying what has become known as the FIVE BEST SENTENCES. Read these and think about them when you are thinking about what the politicians are telling you to get you to vote for them.


  1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity, by legislating the wealth out of prosperity.
  2. What one person receives without working for…another person must work for without receiving
  3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
  4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.
  5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work, because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation!

Obama Gun Laws

Obama Taking More Of Your Rights! New Gun Laws

With almost two months in office now, President Obama continues the path to abolish anything left in this country.  His shady ways of Obama care will be here shortly and I can’t wait for Americans to start complaining.  They have no idea how much this is going to cost them.  My response will continue to be “told you so”.  The ads from H & R block are starting to run on TV how they are going to help us all out with the details and how much it is going to cost us if we decide to opt out.  Doesn’t this sound fun?  If you’re not in the loop a health plan is required by everyone when the time comes.  What I find even more amazing is that the people I continue to talk to think this is free health care.  They are wrong!  It’s the “Affordable Health Care Act”.  “Affordable” unfortunately isn’t defined Keep Reading

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