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Norm Dicks Retiring

Government spending is on the tight rope AGAIN. Deadline after deadline, kick the can down the road, scare tactics, posed photo ops, propaganda is about all the news is these days. Then comes along a real lulu. It’s easier to write using one person for an example to show how our government is completely out of whack. I am not anti government, I am for any control or rule or law that makes any sense at all to the ordinary citizen if we can afford it. In this article I will be picking on Norm Dicks. The politicians are not representing “we the people” when they are able to make up special rules and regulations for themselves that put them way way above the people they are supposed to represent. The have elevated themselves to a class of people who do not have the capacity to even understand what the word WORK means. Sure they put in a lot of time hob knobbing with each other and trading votes to get a lot of money for their home state. They come back home and tell the people about how they got billions in FEDERAL money for fancy libraries, jails, bridges, and say life will be so good in their state. If the politician in Alabama wants a huge chunk of federal funds he will have to make a deal with for instance Norm Dicks that he will vote for a huge chunk of money for some monstrosity that Norm Dicks wants to come back to Washington State and get fawned over and met at the airport like royalty because he is royally screwing them but they don’t know that. I think there will come a point where each state will have to almost go on its own. We won’t need Washington DC or the Feds. We simply cannot afford them. They vote their pay, they determine their pension and seem to think if they are short of money no one can touch that. WRONG. “We the people are paying for it”. Its time if we are told to tighten our belt, to tell the Congressman we can’t afford their lifestyle anymore.

Here is what got the “burr under my saddle”. Congress retirees’ pensions. OK Norm Dicks here goes. He is retiring with a pension of $107,268 or $8,939 a month. “I think I did a good job for the people in the State of Washington. I think that this is fair, I really do”, Dicks said. Now that he retired he got another job as a consultant with defense companies. I am not sure what the pay is or what his duties are. His job was to wheel and deal and bring money to the state of Washington that we did not need, nor could we afford. This is a form of graft, robbery, embezzlement that the politicians have cooked up that has broke America completely. If the state of Washington had never heard of Norm Dicks we would be better off (my opinion). But somehow unlike regular workers who must give back a dollar for every two they earn if they even get near the poverty level, he can get a six figure pension but earn more at another government agency. WHY? because the politicians say so. The rules for social security retirees’ are sure not like congress pensions that they wrote for themselves, paid for by us.

They do nothing but try to make everyone dependant of the government. It has tipped to where the welfare, food stamps, housing, student education is all promised to them so they vote these crooks in. It has reached the point where you are rewarded to be dishonest and lazy. It’s not just the gangs hanging on the corner that are greedy and lazy, its congress too. We can’t afford them. 72 new congressman are ready to retire and will add $28 million in yearly pensions to congress. I don’t know how much we are paying for the ones who have already retired, but with all perks and pensions and waste, America is broke, swimming in red ink, but have you heard one sole say to cut the salaries and perks of these idiots that are sparring with one another, saying absolutely nothing that makes sense?

They showed on TV last night that after Friday (deadline) to cut spending we may run out of meat and that poultry and meat plants may shut down. WOWIE. They will cut police and fire response time, they will make all the little clerks, secretaries, etc all take an unpaid day per week off or possibly be let go completely. But the Congressmen voted themselves a raise a short while back. The congressman won’t take a day a week of unpaid leave. I hope every policeman, fireman, school teacher, store clerk, looks at the congressman’s pay, and pension and has an absolute FIT . They all lie about everything and convince people that they will bring in the federal funds. They don’t say that workers (not people working for the government) has to pay for it. This article got too long but briefly the government can’t promise you anything they don’t take from someone else first. They are trying their best to control us completely. Now they want our guns. Good guys will probably have to pay a big fee for registering, and government will start up a new layer of federal workers to enforce all this which will put us further in debt. If I sell my gun to my neighbor I could be breaking a law, but Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General GAVE assault rifles to hardcore criminals and our border agents got killed but I guess it was what the president ordered. Why doesn’t Obama use that for a backdrop, not a bunch of kindergartners? Time to get out of our face and cut the spending in Washington DC first. I mean CUT. If they all went home we would never know the difference. People who want an abortion are going to get one, no matter what the law, people who want to kill with a gun will get one. You cant keep saying everyone deserves a nice house or a good education. They deserve what they are willing to work for. You can’t give them things you take from non government workers.

Congress is not honest and more and more are making headlines. Look at the spending addiction of Jessie Jackson Jr. If that were an ordinary person they would be in jail. He is a liar and a thief but it seems to be sort of OK. Well our Commander in Chief has not set the best example. Don’t you think he could cut back a little? Go to google and find out what he spends a year on air force one. Look how many servants his wife has. While you are on google look up Barry Soetoro. This seems to be a citizen of Indonesia who came to America on the Foreign Exchange student loan program and got a free education in America. You can’t do it if you are an American Citizen. So this student lied to get in as a non citizen or our President lied when he ran for congress as Barack Obama and said he never used another name. No wonder he wanted his college papers sealed. When did he give up his Indonesia citizenship? When did he change his name back to Barack Obama legally? We will need a background check (what names we might use) to own a gun, but to be president you don’t. Might be worth you checking this out, then again his buddies that know all of this probably just say, “what difference does it make”. Thanks Hillary for creating such a good line for them to use. You got by with it.

Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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