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28th Amendment


What is it about Amendment 28 that Congress, and the President do not understand. Sure sounds clear to me. This is not getting to the dog fight of funding or not funding Obamacare because of funds. Obamacare has been tinkered with until it has to be changed before ANY FUNDS go to it. It is completely against the 28th Amendment to our constitution. Congress has MADE A LAW THAT APPLIES TO THEM and forgot it’s the citizens of the United States that has to pay for it. If Obamacare is to be put into affect then Obama, Biden, Boemer, Reed, Peloski etc all have to pay and join in Obamacare. They make way to much money to get any subsidies. The little man has to fill out papers stating their income and then are told how much subsidy they will get. Congress and the President don’t have to do that and while most are millionaires they will get a subsidy the way things are progressing. If they extend putting Obamacare into law for a year for businesses then it has to be extended for the ordinary citizens. We don’t have paid lobbyists and are not doing favors for Congress and the President so we get screwed over royally. I know the Supreme court has said this is a tax I am not talking about that. If Obamacare can’t be put off a year to work the bugs out of it for everybody then it has to apply to EVERYBODY. This is the time to insist your rights are protected just as much as the guys making the laws. Read the Amendment 28 over and over, send it to your Congressmen. Copy it and write your own e mail or forward this story to your congressmen. Lilly

28th-Admendment Obamacare

Norm Dicks Retiring

Government spending is on the tight rope AGAIN. Deadline after deadline, kick the can down the road, scare tactics, posed photo ops, propaganda is about all the news is these days. Then comes along a real lulu. It’s easier to write using one person for an example to show how our government is completely out of whack. I am not anti government, I am for any control or rule or law that makes any sense at all to the ordinary citizen if we can afford it. In this article I will be picking on Norm Dicks. The politicians are not representing “we the people” when they are able to make up special rules and regulations for themselves that put them way way above the people they are supposed to represent. The have elevated themselves to a class of people who do not have the capacity to even understand what the word WORK means. Sure they put in a lot of time hob knobbing with each other and trading votes to get a lot of money for their home state. They come back home and tell the Keep Reading

Moody’s Credit Ratings Threat To US

It’s about that time again, when we need to raise the debt ceiling.  Moody’s credit ratings services has stated that they will be cutting our rating if a debt deal is not reached.  Obviously, one will be agreed upon eventually.  Money seems to grow on trees for our Government so whats another trillion dollars to spend? Nobody wants to stand up to really cut any spending here in America as it could put their political career in jeopardy.  To save face our politicians think of ways to pinch the dollars out of us without saying its a tax.  They are no ashamed to propose taxing the 1% because they know the other 99% will be ok with that and their job is safe down the road.  It’s a shame really no one has stepped up (except Ron Paul) who has the confidence and brass to make the tough decisions about spending cuts.

In 2011, our “big cuts” were so small it was pathetic.  In perspective, if a family was in 142,710 in debt the equivalent spend cut was $385 dollars!  What a joke and honestly the proposal of cutting so little should be embarrassing.  Who could review a proposal like this with so little cut per year and not laugh them out of the room.  You would never pay your debt off at that rate so how can we expect to do that with our national deficit if we are making similar cuts?  We can’t and they won’t.  Obama won’t do it nor will Mitt Romney do it.  We need someone who is serious and just cuts a good 20% or more out of the ridiculous programs and tasks the Government shouldn’t even be involved in.

During the last negotiations of raising the debt ceiling our congress agreed upon cutting  38.5 billion dollars (pathetic).  In the 8 days they talked about what they were going to do, our national debt went up 54 billion dollars.  Lets get serious now and get this under control.  It’s beyond me how we even have a AAA rating by Moody’s Credit Ratings and perhaps they are just as wrong as everyone else laying in bed together.

Finally, one last food for thought, our “government stated” national debt is over 16 trillion dollars now and that means each citizens share of debt is over 51,000 dollars (313 million people).  OR IS IT…?  Now if you add in all the federal governments obligations (which we all know are nearly bankrupt) like Medicare, Social Security, Treasury Securitys, and Bonds the national debt is actually over 79 TRILLION DOLLARS.  That is a real number and a number you’ll never hear about from these crooks spenders in office.  With that in mind, every new baby born in this “rich” nation is given a burden of $253,000.

I know it’s hard to hear and the public would probably go crazy if that was broadcasted on TV – but the numbers are the numbers.

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