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Who is President Obama?

I don’t know the answers to anything I am asking or writing about but my goal is to interest enough “Independent Thinkers” to help get answers as to Obama’s past. Hillary Clinton blew her chance by being so sure she would win that she did not put Obama’s back to the wall at all. If she said anything even remotely showing he might be a liar or evading she did not press because immediately the “race card” came in. In my opinion he is so far to the left and cares so little about America he sure should not get 4 more years to do more damage. It is so obvious he wants everyone to be dependant on the government that he is trying to convince people that the government is the only thing that has even made small businesses successful. He is dead wrong. The government has created so many rewards for people who have no desire to work that they know they have to vote for him to keep their “stay at home checks” coming. That being said, I will list the things I think he should be forced to answer. It should be relentless and stop the crap that people are picking on a black. Remember he is half white too. I am not a crazy lady making up stuff here. Donald Trump forced him to produce a long term birth certificate, which very likely is phony too but he did not cough up one for Hillary. Why did he have to be forced?

He is privy to the top top secrets. How on earth did he get a top secret clearance unless he bought one? For sure he did not even do what I had to do to get a low level secret clearance. During the War at Boeing to work on certain projects you had to have a secret clearance. I was sent on tests on Minuteman and needed one. I was only 18 but number 1 was a birth certificate. I didn’t have one. I was born in a log cabin, with no doctor, and no one to help my mother with the birth. BUT my Dad had a notarized paper made out. The census bureau had a record of my birth date. The public school where I started first grade and graduated from high school had my records. So I passed that part. I then had to prove I had never traveled outside the USA. Then had to fill in every address I had ever had and could not leave ANY blanks. I had to go through a similar thing when I worked for an insurance agency and I had access to the names and addresses of people who owned millions in jewelry and only two of us girls could do those policies. NOW FOR OBAMA.

He had his 15 minutes of fame of being the first black to run for president. He was a novelty and came out of nowhere. No one even knew him. He was treated with kid gloves for fear the ACLU or the like would raise a stink if you said a word, they would say you hated blacks. This time lets concentrate on he is half white and go for that half. Forget that his birth certificate could very well be a phony. But his life is a total mystery. He grew up in Indonesia. He was a citizen of that country. He was abandoned by his Mother to be raised in Hawaii by his Grandparents. He had no money. He traveled to Pakistan. American citizens were not allowed to go there. SO, if he was an American citizen how could he travel there? He must be forced to show what passport he used. It had to be an Indonesian passport. What name was he using, was it Barack Obama or Barry?

How did he pay for his college education. Did he get student loans?  Did he pay them back? When did he become an American Citizen after being an Indonesian citizen? Why are all his college records sealed? What is there to be ashamed of  or what is he hiding? Its something way way bigger and darker than poor grades. George W. Bush was crucified for missing a few National Guard meetings and drinking a few beers. Obama just has totally covered his past. Read the Public Liberty Alert of Aug 9, 2012. A so called classmate speaks out. But to summarize it, it is scary. Obama says he graduated from Columbia University, Class of 83. Obama says he was Pre-Law and Political Science major. This classmate never saw Obama or Barry Soetoro (the other name he used). They have interviewed 400 so called classmates and not one ever remembered seeing Obama. Did he even go to school there, if not where was he during those years? If his grades were poor how did he get into Harvard? Why has he spent millions to keep his school records sealed.

Who paid for his education? If he had student loans he had to keep up his good grades. Did he pay his student loans back? OR did Obama a/k/a Barry Soetoro get into Occidental and Columbia as a foreign exchange student? Foreign students get admitted to American Universities way easier and they get all sorts of aide and scholarships for free. Did Obama use his Indonesia Passport and citizenship to go to college here? He could not be an American Citizen and be a foreign exchange student at the same time. Mitt Romney’s income tax forms are nothing compared to what Obama should be forced to disclose. To be president of the United States you can’t have a past like this completely sealed up. He has to talk without a teleprompter. He actually should be forced to step down as president now. Keep reminding him he has used up his black half and now we start on the white half and we all know whites don’t get treated with kid gloves. This is beyond scary? Its time for Romney to make a deal to lay records on the table, but even if Obama quits trying to bring up Romney’s tax returns should not be enough to keep his past school and travels sealed. Is he even a citizen? How come he has not a single classmate or professor that remembers him? We have to tell more about ourselves to get a job at Burger King than he had to to  become President because he hid behind being a picked on black. Lets pick on the white now. Hope you think about this and help get answers.

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Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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