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Will Obamacare Replace Dr. Kevorkian?

Dr. Kevorkian a/k/a Dr Death died in a hospital recently. There is no doubt about it what he did was very controversial. From the things I have read he had a lot of very grateful patients. When our end time comes we each will look at it differently. My opinion of him was very high. It took a lot of courage to study a patient, listen to them and when they decided they could not stand the pain and suffering any longer, and there was absolutely no hope of getting better he provided them with a way to end it. It was still their decision to take whatever it was he gave them but he did not put a needle in their vein like they do when someone is put to death on death row. He did not smother them or do anything to them, just gave them a way to end it. I think that took a lot of compassion. They are saying now that he helped some end it all that were healthy. I doubt that but of course government and laws were on his case all the time. But now that he is gone Obamacare will just cut off our treatment payments and that will end our lives but we will die a drawn out painful death. That is even worse.

You hear the rumors about “killing Grandma” by limiting or suggesting how much treatment an old person should get. I think it should be completely between the patient and their doctor and their family, not the government run health insurance that we could be forced to join. People who cannot afford to sign up for the required health insurance will be fined. If you can be fined you probably could be put in jail. All the time an honest hard working person is struggling it will not affect the welfare class at all. The illegal immigrants, the lifelong welfare cheats, the alcoholic’s and druggies get everything free now and will then too.

I wish there were less government interference and more Dr. Kevorkian’s. I am an elderly person and if/when I cannot go to the bathroom, swallow food, am in constant pain it would be comforting to know I could have a pill to take when I felt I could no longer stand it. I already have signed papers that I do not want to be resuscitated. I have a notice in my windows, front and back for Medics. My children know this. If I should come to and live longer fine but I do not want to be hauled off to ICU and have a breathing tube down my throat, food thru a tube in my side and a catheter to help with my most personal problems. I think it’s just as controversial to hook a person up to all sorts of machines and prolong death AND CHARGE US for it as was for Dr. Kevorkian to make our own decision to end our suffering.

I am only talking physical suffering, not mental. We all have times where we lose a job, a sweetheart, our house burns down, or the dog runs away that if we could ask Dr Kevorkian for a pill that would be a big mistake. Usually everything looks brighter tomorrow. This brings to mind an article I read about a young athlete who got hurt in a game and was paralyzed from his neck down. No one wanted to even go see him, they felt so bad and had no idea what to say. Finally his little sister went to give him a kiss and when she came out of his room she was so happy. She told him she was sorry he got hurt so bad but he told her that it could be a lot worse. He said he was so thankful that he can see rainbows, and still hear the beautiful music and talk and eat. He said not to feel sad because he is fine. Most of us would not have that attitude. But what the Obamacare if talking about is how much to spend on the elderly. I can see the point in a way. If a guy is darn near 100 I think its really stupid to be doing hip transplants and things like that. We need more Dr Kevorkian’s and less Obama’s that’s for sure


Having lived in Seattle (Georgetown) for over 80 years, Lilly has a passion for the area. A true Seattleite, Lilly has the history & experience to discuss any topic. Being retired, she enjoys visiting with her many grand children, gardening, and writing.

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