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Billions In Cash Airlifted To Iraq Possibly Stolen

Surprise, Surprise. What is the right response to that. Lots of things come to mind like “well do tell”, “you gotta be kidding” or if you were Flo on that old show called Alice she would say “well kiss my grits”. They sent bundles of shrink wrapped cash in cargo plans to Iraq in March 2003. I sure don’t remember hearing about it then but now they are closing the books on it and for the first time saying the cash might have been stolen.

According to the report The Bush administration flooded the county with cash. (golle gee here again). Why would they do that? The report says one giant Hercules cargo plane could carry $2.4 billion in shrink wrapped blocks of $100 bills. They sent 20 plane loads of cash by May 2004 or a total of $12 billion. It was the largest airlift of cash ever. They were too busy to keep track of it and now they can’t account for $6.6 billion in cash. Federal auditors THINK it must have been stolen. US officials say they did not have the time or staff to keep strict controls. If it were Iraq’s money they should have a record of some sort. What a bunch of crooks. Each one will lie for the other, maybe it was not even sent. No one will ever know but with all the expertise and expensive auditors, consultants and advisors who woulda thunk. It would be funny if it were not so typical of how government does its job. And now they want to provide us with healthcare.

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