Dwight Holton US Attorney

I was recently reading about US Attorney Dwight Holton US Attorney in the Times about Marijuana.  First, let me say I don’t participate in the wacky tobacky.  It’s not my thing but all the best to the rest of you who do.  Rarely individuals get on my nerves but this Dwight Holton nobody is pushing my buttons.  His Hitler communist remarks in the article are a response to Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Act (1988).  An Act that was voted on by the majority of Oregon people for medical marijuana.  They went through the proper channels, got enough signatures, and won the majority vote to pass this Act.  You maybe against marijuana use and I respect that, however, when the majority of people are for anything and it becomes law – you become the minority and need to respect the decision of the people. 

Dwight Holton, however, came out swinging preaching the Federal Law which constantly hangs over all states heads who have passed a Medical Marijuana Act.   In the article he clearly threatens the people and the dispensaries.  In the letter directed to everyone “Sale of marijuana in Oregon for any purpose, including medical use, is illegal and will be prosecuted.”  Here is a point blank Hitler power trip remark he made also, “Oregon and federal law make it illegal to sell marijuana — period, end of story.” 

Here is a larger paragraph continuing this threatening verbiage:

“The sale of marijuana for any purpose — including as medicine — violates both Federal and Oregon law and will not be tolerated,” it added.  “People and businesses that conduct sales of marijuana face the risk of prosecution, civil enforcement action and seizure of assets . . .”

“Prosecuting individuals and organizations involved in the cultivation and distribution of controlled substances, including marijuana, are core priorities of the United States Department of Justice

US Attorney Dwight Holton needs to get off his high horse and work for the people.  If the majority of people vote for something his job is to fix the law so it represents the wishes of the people and that is it.  Maybe this Dwight Holton has a little man complex or just doesn’t know his role (I know I would love to slap him around).  One thing is for sure, his ego is very large, and he needs to be shown the door.  These are the type of scum people that need to go in our Government.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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