Illegal Immigrants

We hear a lot of talk how to gain citizenship in the United States. It is not complicated at all unless you choose to make it complicated. 1. You come into this country by obtaining a work permit, or visa or school scholarship etc.  That would be legal and welcome.2.  If you decide to stay you take steps to becoming a citizen. It has always been that way and it still is. You do not come into this country to live and reap all the benefits of legal citizens by climbing over a fence or swimming a river or riding like cattle in the back of a smugglers truck.

We also know it is the supposed to be the Federal Governments job to enforce immigration rules. But it is not doing its job, and is not letting the State keep the illegal immigrants out of the workplace, schools and hospitals and it is totally breaking the States budgets. Everyone knows all of the above but seems to pooh pooh it away.

Last night there was a big barbecue in the yard next door and I want to use it in such a way that I hope will make independent thinkers look at immigration differently. Some tenants fired up the barbecue and some invited friends came. Then a few uninvited friends stopped by. The last arrivals did not bring steaks and burgers or hot dogs but gathered for the party. Pretty soon some swearing and fighting started. One guy yelled, you so and so get away from the grill, you didn’t bring any food, you were not invited so “get the hell out”. Now that’s the way it should work with the illegal immigrants(without the swearing and fighting). So, lets say you are having the barbecue and this happens. You call the police and they say no this is private property and its your problem. What can you do? Lets say these uninvited people go in your house to use your bathroom, then help themselves to a room to spend the night in, use your soap, water and maybe take your prescription pills. All the time you have to just sit and watch your home being taken over, your food eaten all on your dime. They decide to just stay with you, and if they get sick you pay their doctors bills. That is exactly like California and Arizona, Texas and some other states. The illegal’s come in, the police cannot check to see if they have valid identification or ask them to leave. They are told they have to wait for the Federal Government to do their job. Well years go by, babies are born, the states go more broke, the prisons fill up but the Federal Government fights the states in court to stop them from enforcing immigration laws in their states. If it can happen to a state, it can soon happen to a private citizen if you think about it.

A legal citizen that was born here, lived here and worked here all his life has to show his drivers license to cash a check or vote or do most anything but not if you’re a Mexican. They call that profiling. I call it a real crock of deep doo doo. They want the vote to keep them in office, they forget they really were not elected to LEAD anyway they want to. They were elected to represent the wishes of the people.

Please take time to really study this recent survey and you will see the majority of Americans are not happy with the immigration laws not being enforced.

See the results of a recent poll

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