Ricks Strip Club Maybe Jiggling Again

Seattle’s Rick Strip Club will soon be on the auction block by the Justice Department. By doing so it will give it the opportunity to jiggle again. As you know, the Seattle strip club was seized in a racketeering allegation (prostitution) which shut down all the clubs owned by Frank Colacurcio Sr., Frank Jr. (his son); and their associates. After years of investigating and thousands and thousands of dollars (16K of tax money ) spent by a detective buying lap dances at the club they all were indicted and charged. No arrests were made during the lap dances they were buying. This activity lasted for years by the Seattle police department to build their case. Once the four clubs were seized the owners above forfeited 1.3 million dollars and all the clubs to the Justice Department in an attempt to lessen the charges and basically make it go away, however, that didn’t work out so well.  Since prostitution as involved, they charged them with racketeering, money laundering, mail fraud, conspiracy etc. Basically, anything they could charge them with when someone accepts payment via a credit card at the strip club. It’s a common method of payment at any strip club and continues to be a major form of payment at the local Deja Vu’s in the area. The Government also wants 25 million from the strip club partners.

The government was “finally confident they would convict these guys” now they said. After months and months in court, however, nothing really happened or was resolved except the millions of dollars in the “investigation” and attorney fees that were wasted. All the associates/partners settled for probation and walked out the door. Frank Jr gave up his interest in the strip club and pleaded for a one year term (he’ll serve a few months). Frank Sr. died before trial before a conviction could be completed (he was 93 years old). Due to his age, some have argue how much participation he really provided to the business. Due to the nanny behaviorship of Washington State, many of the associates have already moved to California and started over again.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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