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The Major Issue With Healthcare

Affordable Healthcare Issues

As you know there are a lot of issues with Obamacare (affordable healthcare act). The biggest issue being the monthly fees and deductibles. I truly believe most people want to be healthy and have the luxury of a good healthcare program, however, the fees are just un-realistic. With a deducible starting at 5,000++, most couldn’t afford it anyway should something serious happen to them. One positive I like about Obamacare is that there are options available (healthcare exchanges). Again, they are all un-realistic like I said, however, so what’s the point. The thought of it is a good thing I believe.

I’ve said it a few times on the Emerald City Journal and that is related to the root of the issue with healthcare. The costs/fees hospitals are charging. Going to the ER for a broken arm and getting a 6,000 dollar bill in the mail is extremely unfair. It cost them about $100 dollars for that visit (including the x-ray). It’s the issue that everyone feels their time is worth a million dollars and they can charge 1000% interest on items. This includes medication as well. American is way over priced compared to Canada or Mexico medicine. The Government is to blame as well for not correcting this issue. They could simply say they are not going to pay them more than 2x cost and that would correct the issue. It would bring everything down when it comes to cost. The Government continues to turn a blind eye to that solution because they love the taxes and revenue it creates. It generates a massive amount of revenue for the hospitals and also the insurance companies. Sad but 100% true. Instead of Obamacare we should have just reviewed the fees and regulated them to a reasonable level. The people would have them been able to get an affordable healthcare program and also feel confident with going to a physician or ER trip without going into bankruptcy after each visit.

There was recently a story of a NJ man named Baer Hanusz-Rajkowski. He went to a local NJ ER hospital to get his cut finger checked. The man hit is finger with the claw side of the hammer and after a couple days of it not healing he went in to see if stiches would be needed. It turns out no stiches were needed nor was an x-ray. Overall, Hanusz-Rajkowsk got hit with an $8,200 bill for the emergency room visit. The Bayonne Medical Center also charged him $180 for a tetanus shot, $242 for sterile supplies, and $8 for some antibacterial ointment. With everything the bill came to nearly $9,000 dollars. This happen just last August and was featured on many news channels across the nation. When Bayonne Medical Center was questioned over the incident by the news ect they blamed the insurance company. This is exactly what I’m talking about. They feel they can just charge whatever they want because the “insurance company” will cover it. It’s the industry standard these days. People should be able to visit a doctor and make a ER visitor (cuts, broken arms, check-ups) out of pocket. No insurance should be needed for these minor issues. However, our system is setup to encourage these high mark ups which cost the hospital little to nothing to take care of or even look at. It’s all about money hungry hospitals, insurance companies, and our government wanting their “fair” share of the profits.

What we need to correct the healthcare problems is transparency and rules. We also need to kick out the leaders who are supporting this scandal behavior. Just as Obama promised in everything that he would do for us – Transparency. We need a public database or source where all the costs are displayed and their markup. This would eliminate all the overcharges and keep people honest. It would also keep the cost regulated to a fair level so the hospitals (medical industry) can make their fair share. However, looking a finger (who probably was a volunteer or intern) and wrapping it up with some ointment for $9,000 is simply unforgiving.

Can’t Afford Obamacare? Get To Work!

Can't afford Obamacare then get to work!

There are many reasons why I didn’t support Obamacare.  One of them has really not been discussed in the public or by the supporters of the law.  First, most supports of the law in my opinion have their regular 9 to 5 jobs.  They feel their insurance is covered by their employer so who cares about the costs to the other Americans right?  Most Americans fall into that category. Self employment is a big deal here in a America, however, and with that being said I do understand entrepreneurship and business ownership isn’t for everyone.  I for one want to be wealthy one day and don’t want to settle for an average $40,000 per year job.  I have always felt that this opportunity is what America is about.  Many come to American for this opportunity.  You can go on your own and make a difference for yourself here.  If you work hard and build your own empire (instead of working for someone else) then you can be your own King.  You can be a multi-millionaire and not have the worries of working for the man.  Sure, it’s not for everyone and mostly about your environment and how you were raised I believe.  I have great friends who don’t want to take that chance or leap into something that could be much more beneficial.  They have so many opportunities due to the field of work they are in. It’s the difference of being happy with $3,000 per month or giving it a shoot to make $50,000 per month.  They are content with the average routine of 9 to 5er’s.  I don’t really understand that reasoning but it’s a personal choice and I respect that.

My point is that Obamacare is a set back in entrepreneurship.  Before Obamacare, you had that opportunity to quit your job (saving up and putting some cash away) and try to make it happen.  However, with Obamacare you have to take into the healthcare monthly fees now.  Since you won’t be supported by a company, you have to factor this in.  It’s much harder to be a business owner or self employed just starting out.  The law puts a bigger burden of financial responsibility on you and there is a less chance you’re American Dream of self entrepreneurship will ever happen.  The burdens are much larger and most likely to much for most to risk.  Many more won’t take that chance now.  In short, I have felt the Obamacare law is a big step back for people who want to make a better future for themselves.  It’s a set back for the dreams of what America is to many people all over the World.  An opportunity to spread your wings, give your idea a shot, and perhaps you can have live a life of prosperity.

The truth about Obamacare is….that it’s much harder now.  Many won’t even bother to give it a shot and more people will have to just get normal jobs working for the man.  From a Government and taxes perspective this is a great system.  They can force people to the workforce and build up the taxes and revenue which is what they need so greatly right now.  Obamacare, because of the rates/plans, forces you to the 9-5 workforce.  You probably can’t afford it going the entrepreneur route anymore (especially just starting out) so you’re going to need to get a job and support our economy. You need to get your taxes automatically taken out of your paycheck each week and be the perfect citizen. Obviously the more citizens working the better the economy is.  It’s that hidden agenda nobody talks about and one big step back for the American Dream and entrepreneurship.

Washington State Affordable Healthcare Rates

Affordable Healthcare Act Seattle

The time is coming in just a matter of days when you can do the “right thing” and purchase Obamacare (Affordable Healthcare).  As you know, I strongly didn’t support Obama or the Affordable Healthcare Act.  I liked the idea, however, it doesn’t really correct the real issue and that is overpricing and ripping people off.  A better solution would have been for the Government to say “no” to all the bills and overpriced items.  Breaking an arm and going to the ER shouldn’t cost a family $5,000 dollars – when nothing is done with the broken arm except x-rays and an arm sling to go home with.  This is where the problem is and not enough was done to correct this.  None the less, we are here now with Affordable Healthcare Act and the supporters are going to have a shock and awe when they see the prices.  I can’t help but laugh each time I do a search online at the fees and really just wonder how everyone is going to pay for this?  They don’t have money now what makes you think this is “affordable”.  Most live paycheck to paycheck with just a few dollars left over each month.  I suspect everyone will just be supported by the Government or go into debt to the IRS over the fees of not getting it.  If you don’t have a job, you’ll pretty much be supported by the Government – what else are you going to do to participate into the program.  It’s a requirement so if you’re unemployed, you must get it through claiming poverty (applying) or paying the IRS fees.

I have looked at many comparison websites now.  For Washington State, this appears to be the main one:  Out of curiosity, I ran a basic search.  Husband (35 years old) and Wife (29 years old) making $45,00o per year with one child under 21 years of age.  The total came to a laughable $687 per month.  This maybe reduced to $346 per month with a Government subsidy (however that works) who knows when or how the check comes in the mail.  How about another you ask… OK how about a single male (35 years old) not married and no kids.  Lets say he makes $30,000 per year.  This basic search comes to $282 per month.  There is a subsidy of $73 dollars of that.  Who thinks these numbers up?  Out of the 314 million people in America paying for these high rates now you would think it would be more realistic wouldn’t you?  By the way, these numbers are from the exchange so they’re going to be higher through an insurance company.  It’s just laughable to me that people are just going to support this and pay it each month.

The next few months should be interesting to say the least.




Obamacare Running Wild On You! (Opinion)

Obamacare Celebration

Better start saving those penny rolls because the required Affordable Health Care Act is coming your way.  I’ve been reading more and more about the rules but mostly the fees involved.  At this point, It’s going to happen it’s just a matter of how much it’s going to set me back each month. Monday, Vermont released their health insurance exchange program rates for individuals. It reads:

Rates being offered for the benchmark so-called “silver plan” for individuals will be a bit less than $395 per month for individuals buying a Blue Cross Blue Shield product, and $410 a month for those buying a similar policy form MVP Health Care. Those prices are similar to what an individual pays now for a similar suite of coverage options, Goddard said.

Lower-income Vermonters will get federal tax credits and state premium subsidies to cover some of the costs. For someone making the median individual income of about $34,000 a year, that will reduce the cost of the Blue Cross plan to about $230 a month, and the MVP plan to $252.

The Blue Cross family plan will cost $1,111 a month through Vermont Health Connect. For MVP it will be $1,151.

Well.. that sure sounds cheap only $395 per month in Vermont.  What is affordable about that?  This of course shouldn’t come to a surprise to most of you since I have been preaching about this for a longtime now.  What truly is amazing is the amount of people supporting this corruption and they simply are sheep in the wind.  The only one who will benefit from this is the government who just got 300 million people to buy a monthly health insurance plan (or have a business pay it for them).  It’s going to be a big shock for many Americans when they start shopping for health care at one of these state “affordable” health care exchanges.

If you don’t know by now the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has the rates, however, they are keeping their mouths shut until September to break all these “affordable” monthly rates to the people.  Yes, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services knows the rates because they got the filings from all the insurance companies already.  In September, you can start buying – that’s only a month away!!

One slick strategy the administration is going to take with Obamacare is with regard to it’s low-income credits program.  As you know if you’re broke, you can signup similar to welfare and get credits to lower your health care costs.  You still need to have health care and purchase it, however, it’s much cheaper.  The move they are making, however, is really slick like I said and let me explain that now.  In the first year, if you apply for low income credits, they will just take your word for it that you’re broke/low income.  In short, they are going to let you get in cheap (turn their heads and not look the first year) then in the second year, it will be fully audited.  Wow!! isn’t that slick.  It’s slick because when the rates are finally released they are going to be HIGH.  It’s going to scare people and they are going to say “forget this I’m not participating”.  However, with an option to get in easily the first year (with no problems no reviews of financials) and just taking your word or testimony for it that you’re low income – you just signed up and are part of the system.  In the end, that is all that matters.  They just want you to be part of the health care system, signed up, and willing to participate even if the first year is a freebie.  I applaud them on this slick move – most Americans will never get that concept.  It’s the same concept as paying taxes.  It’s not about the amount of taxes you owe that gets you in trouble, it’s when you don’t participate or say “forget this program”.  That is when Uncle Sam lays the smackdown on you.

If you work for a company who is going to (you think) have to pay for health care coverage, you may have another thing coming.  For businesses, the choice is clear.  Limit the hours their employees work and you’re fine.  That essentially means you’re going to have cover that health care expense each month on your own…. or get another job.

Honestly, folks I really would like an Affordable Health Care Program and I think everyone would agree with that.  The truth is that it’s not going to happen and we’re fools to believe it was/is going to happen.  I knew it and you’re going to soon find out it’s not what is cracked up to be.  If the program was $100 bucks per month, I would be on-board.  I would support it completely.  That is what my prescriptions cost each month so it is a good deal for me personally; however, that numbers won’t work like that.  We are a country of greed and insurance companies and governments need their cuts.  If Obama really wanted to fix the health care system for the people, he would fix our broken system by simply saying that the government isn’t going to pay $500 for one night in the hospital.  The government isn’t going to pay $300 for a shot that costs the hospital $6 bucks.  Seniors are getting screwed and I’m getting screwed.  The fees are way overvalued and even with Obamacare in place – they will continue to be because the system doesn’t get fixed.

Obamacare is a system to increase revenue without actually saying it.  It adds lots of money in the system (businesses & individuals all paying), producing massive tax revenue.  Obamacare is about adding more money in the system that is and continues to be broken.  It also creates penalties which are administered through the IRS if you decide not to participate.  We’re not saving money with this in place – the citizens are losing more money.  You really think they care if you go the hospital with a broken leg and can’t pay the bill?  How much do you think the government is losing by you not paying the hospital their enormous fees to look at your broken leg?  Think about it.  Sorry folks, it’s not the rainbow you were looking for when you elected President Obama.  This pot of gold is empty.

Update: Unfortunately, Obamacare continues to be unaffordable to most people who actually pay for it.  The people who can barely afford it are paying the full price while everyone who doesn’t work or want to get a job gets healthcare for free (or very low rates). The program is an example of how socialism works and obviously the way the Democrats are moving this country.  Many are without insurance and are risking their lives without it while others stay home and abuse the system. Prescriptions continue to be unmanageable.

Obamacare continues to be a topic of substantial debate since its implementation in 2010.

Recognized Successes:

  1. Increased Coverage:
    • Millions of previously uninsured Americans gained access to healthcare coverage.
    • The act allowed young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance plans up to age 26.
  2. Pre-existing Conditions:
    • Insurers can no longer deny coverage or charge more due to pre-existing conditions.
  3. Medicaid Expansion:
    • Many states expanded Medicaid, providing healthcare access to more low-income individuals and families.
  4. Healthcare Marketplaces:
    • The creation of healthcare marketplaces provided a platform for Americans to shop for and purchase insurance.
  5. Premium Subsidies:
    • Federal subsidies made insurance premiums more affordable for many households.
  6. Improvement in Healthcare Quality:
    • Focus on quality over quantity in healthcare provision aimed to improve outcomes and patient experiences.

Recognized Challenges:

  1. Premium Increases:
    • Many Americans experienced significant increases in health insurance premiums.
  2. Limited Options in Some Areas:
    • In some geographic locations, options for insurance carriers became limited.
  3. Mandate Controversy:
    • The individual mandate, which penalized people for not having health insurance, was a point of contention (note: the penalty was effectively eliminated in 2019).
  4. Complexity and Bureaucracy:
    • Some critics argue that the ACA introduced additional complexity and bureaucracy into the healthcare system.
  5. Employer Mandate Issues:
    • Some small businesses reported challenges in navigating and affording the employer mandate to provide healthcare.
  6. Access to Care:
    • Despite having insurance, some individuals found accessing care challenging due to factors like narrow networks and high deductibles.

Perspective Matters:

  • For proponents, the ACA is often seen as a landmark act that expanded and improved healthcare access and enacted crucial protections for consumers.
  • For critics, it represents governmental overreach and is seen as responsible for various issues in the healthcare system, such as rising costs and limited options in certain areas.

Obamacare Information

Starting in 2014, Obamacare is a requirement of every American citizen.  Some individuals will get Obamacare through their jobs and others will need to research and find the best health care program for them.  Below you’ll find all the Emerald City Journal news topics related to Obamacare and we hope the information we provided is useful.  If you’d like to post your own news, articles, or information related to the Affordable Health Care Act (also known as Obamacare) right here on our Seattle news website, please let us know.

President Obama Agenda & Laws article covers the lead up to Obamacare.  Not much is known except the American people are standing by President Obama and his Affordable Health Care Act which starts in 2014.  Many have argued whether he should have even been elected over the Benghazi attack but the voters do continue to support the President and his agenda & laws.  You would think these issues would ruin his reputation but he was re-elected.

Obama Taking More Of Your Rights!  New Gun Laws news article was written to inform you about your rights about gun ownership and does cover some information about Obamacare.  It goes into a conversation about all your rights and how they are slowly being stripped away from you.  Whether it’s Obamacare or other laws, Obama has a way of saying one thing then doing another behind closed doors.

How will Obamacare impact your job? A great article showing the connection between your job and the new Obamacare health program connection.  Business owners are now being forced into providing health care to their employees, however, business owners are simply going to limit the employees hours (under 40hrs per week) to bypass that requirement.  Since Obamacare is also a requirement of new hires working 40+ hrs per week, we are going to find that business owners are going to adjust that in their employment job offer (secretly lowing he offer) when starting a job to cover those extra health care expenses.  Read how the Obamcare program may impact your employment with this news article on the Emerald City Journal.

How you could lose our job over the new Obamacare healthcare program and other information about the Affordable Health Care Act.  This article is for those who voted for Obamacare and are currently employed and working full-time.  With the passing of the Obama’s Health Care program you could be getting yourself fired from your job.  Not a smart move voting for this in my opinion.  Not to mention that if you’re every let go from you job, that would mean you’d need by by and keep medical and you’ll need to pay for it out of your pocket.

What does Dr. Kevorkian and Obamacare have in common?  An interesting article about how Obamacare could be similar to the activities of Dr. Kevorkian.  More of fun article regarding the topics but an interesting read for sure.  Recently Dr. Kevorkian died so who will replace his efforts maybe it’s Obamacare.

Photo Of The Obamacare Law.  That is a lot of pages!
Photo Of The Obamacare Law


President Obama Agenda & Laws

As the time continues to pass with the Obama Administration, the picture is becoming even more clear.  He is not interested in touching anything that would potentially make him look bad.  He would cut spending as they will cut jobs and ruin is record.  He won’t be touching the medicare issues or social security.  In short, anything that could potentially hurt his brand/image is just not going to happen.  The can will be kicked down the road for the next guy (or girl).  Any issues that could hurt him will be passed onto someone else.  For example, he was quick to play dumb with the Benghazi attack.  Hilary took the fall but played the obvious dumb card also when questions which was a big surprise.  The guns sold to Mexico which ended up killing our Agents was sealed.  My point is this trend will Keep Reading

Obama Taking More Of Your Rights! New Gun Laws

With almost two months in office now, President Obama continues the path to abolish anything left in this country.  His shady ways of Obama care will be here shortly and I can’t wait for Americans to start complaining.  They have no idea how much this is going to cost them.  My response will continue to be “told you so”.  The ads from H & R block are starting to run on TV how they are going to help us all out with the details and how much it is going to cost us if we decide to opt out.  Doesn’t this sound fun?  If you’re not in the loop a health plan is required by everyone when the time comes.  What I find even more amazing is that the people I continue to talk to think this is free health care.  They are wrong!  It’s the “Affordable Health Care Act”.  “Affordable” unfortunately isn’t defined Keep Reading

Obama May Negatively Impact Your Job

In a recent article for the Emerald City Journal, we spoke how voting for Obama may negatively impact your job and/or future job salary opportunities (lower offers).  We spoke about David Siegel the CEO of Westgate Resorts and the email he wrote to his employees (thousands of them).  Today more CEO’s are stepping forward with the same warnings that your job maybe on the line if you support Obama.  This time the email is from Saddle Creek President Cliff Otto.  In the email he expresses many things but it comes down to Romney’s positions on energy and taxes align with the company better.

I do think it’s fair that employees know what is coming to them.  Most voters just look at the benefits (hey! free health care everyone) yet don’t understand the consequences that their employer will need to make adjustments in the company to make the numbers work and that means the possibility of cutting staff.  It’s a smooth move by Romney.  He expressed it on a conference call with the National Federation of Independent Business.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it has really hit the voters yet or they simply don’t realize that businesses can’t just write off Obama Care they have to balance their budgets.  You can’t spend money you don’t have.  Companies with 100 employees would need to come up with an extra 100K per year at least for the Obama Care program and that doesn’t just grow on the money tree in the backyard.

Another email from a car part manufacturer in Michigan (Lacks Enterprises) is expressing the same consequences.  It basically says that if you don’t for Romney, it could result in higher taxes and lower pay.  He earges his employees to for “less government”.

Lastly, you probably have heard of Steve Wynn (Wynn Resorts).  They are the third largest casino operator in America.  Mr. Wynn went a step further and mailed a 60+ page packet to his 12,000 employees.  Steve Wynn has stated, “It would be a complete disaster if Obama wins, which is why I’m urging my employees to vote for Romney.”  It will cost Steve Wynn millions of dollars per year if Obama is elected.

Unlike David Siegel the CEO of Westgate Resorts who doesn’t come out and say it (don’t vote for Obama) more and more companies are getting stronger in their statements and making it quite clear that your vote for Obama may put your job on the line.

Presidential Election Day

Tuesday Nov. 6th is the big day.  It’s time for the presidential election.  First up Obama with the poorest record in history or Mitt Romney and his trust funds.  The presidential pick is yours – so who are you picking?  I’m sure either way we are screwed but I’m putting my “hope” with Romney this round.  I believe many fell the same way.  I have heard many changing gears to support the other side of the team.  The main reasons I will be supporting Romney is due to the fact Obama has the poorest record in history to date.  You can look at jobs, economy, or gas number they are all down compared to when he started.  Foreign policy is joke.  Second, the republicans won’t support any of his bills which means he simply won’t be able to get anything accomplished without their support and that is not going to happen in the next 4 years should he be re-elected.  Third and most importantly – Obama Care.  I really don’t need the extra bills in my life which will easily be $1,000 or more per year for health care for myself.  If not acquired, I will be fined (taxed without saying it) by the IRS!  The IRS will manage the program by the way.  It’s all just shady.  The idea is also bad for jobs.  Not just my job and life but everyone’s if you have one.  If you’re employed now you’re job will be evaluated should Obama be elected due to Obama Care and the new business expenses involved.  With that being said, my support is going to Mitt Romney.

I found myself even more engaged this year compared to any other year that is for sure.  I actively participated in all the debates and listen intensively.  The first debate was a game changer and just verified my reason to vote for Romney.  He manhandled President Obama.  The others were even in my opinion.  Biden may have got the edge on Paul Ryan which I didn’t see coming.  Joe Biden came off as a rude old man, however, he was more of an authority figured which hurt Mr. Ryan I think.   Obama tried to get more aggressive on the second attempt however it wasn’t enough to change anything.  There was one point where Mitt Romney told him to sit down and Obama did it like a scolded little kid.  Third debate was even with Romney trying not to over do it while keeping everything even.

I must say I am happy to see that the presidential election day is finally here.  The radio, tv, telephone message have become a real pain.  I am tired of the complaining, fighting, and lying from both sides just to persuade votes.  On Tuesday, all this garbage will be done with and we can move on to bigger and better things whomever our President turns out to be.  I’m also excited to pick on all the mistakes of the next president who ever that maybe.  Vegas odds have Obama winning by a large margin.  In the event Obama does take the election (which I don’t think is going to happen), it certainly wont be by the popular vote.

Presidential Election Day
Presidential election day this Tuesday. Obama vs. Romney last chance!


Losing Your Job With Obama Care?

With Obama Care running wild in the next few years there will be a common trend… letting people go.  As a business owner, I understand how it works.  However, as an employee, you may not.   At his point, I will only hire independant contractors.  That will take care of me.  However, companies with a larger staff will need to make serious cuts to make it work.  That means if you’re currently employeed, your job is in jeopordy.  Making it work for new hires shouldn’t be a problem though.  They will just get offered less when they start the job.  It’s simple math.  A job that normally starts at 50K will be offered at 38K now to cover the extra Obama Care expenses.  Of course less jobs will be available because company’s will have to pay more.   Since there are a lot of desperate people looking right now, they will take the “offer”.  Companies will simply offer you less (when starting the job) to absorb the extra costs involved of the Obama Care program.  If you got dental or health insurance now with your company, you already are getting this cut from your paycheck or were offered less when you started to cover those costs.  You didn’t really think you were getting eye/dental coverage for free did you?  It was calculated into offer before you even applied for the job.

I recently read an article about David Siegel the CEO of Westgate Resorts.  Mr. Siegel has a staff of 7,000 in Florida (battleground state).  He is very unhappy with Obama and sent out an email to everyone working for him basically saying that the economy isn’t a threat to you job but another 4 years of the same President puts your job at risk.  He continues to say that if any new taxes are levied on him he’ll be force to cut the size of his company.  He doesn’t mention Romneys name in the 1,400 word email and also says you certainly have the right to vote for whomever you choose.  However, it makes it quite clear employees will be cut if Obama is re-elected.

I admit I respect David Siegel for coming straight out with it.  SO many employees working right now will not get the luxury of that pre-notice email about their job.


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