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Losing Your Job With Obama Care?

With Obama Care running wild in the next few years there will be a common trend… letting people go.  As a business owner, I understand how it works.  However, as an employee, you may not.   At his point, I will only hire independant contractors.  That will take care of me.  However, companies with a larger staff will need to make serious cuts to make it work.  That means if you’re currently employeed, your job is in jeopordy.  Making it work for new hires shouldn’t be a problem though.  They will just get offered less when they start the job.  It’s simple math.  A job that normally starts at 50K will be offered at 38K now to cover the extra Obama Care expenses.  Of course less jobs will be available because company’s will have to pay more.   Since there are a lot of desperate people looking right now, they will take the “offer”.  Companies will simply offer you less (when starting the job) to absorb the extra costs involved of the Obama Care program.  If you got dental or health insurance now with your company, you already are getting this cut from your paycheck or were offered less when you started to cover those costs.  You didn’t really think you were getting eye/dental coverage for free did you?  It was calculated into offer before you even applied for the job.

I recently read an article about David Siegel the CEO of Westgate Resorts.  Mr. Siegel has a staff of 7,000 in Florida (battleground state).  He is very unhappy with Obama and sent out an email to everyone working for him basically saying that the economy isn’t a threat to you job but another 4 years of the same President puts your job at risk.  He continues to say that if any new taxes are levied on him he’ll be force to cut the size of his company.  He doesn’t mention Romneys name in the 1,400 word email and also says you certainly have the right to vote for whomever you choose.  However, it makes it quite clear employees will be cut if Obama is re-elected.

I admit I respect David Siegel for coming straight out with it.  SO many employees working right now will not get the luxury of that pre-notice email about their job.


Romney Lays The Smackdown On Obama

Last night was the first round of the debates for the presidential campaign.  I certainly was expecting a debate, however, it feel short.  It was 90 minutes of Romney laying the smack down on Obama.  It appeared at times Obama was being scolded by Romney like a child who did something wrong.  The only real debate and I use “debate” lightly was in regards to the topic of ObamaCare.  The President stood proud to have created such a program and seemed confident to talk about it. During the debate Romney mentioned laying off Sesame Street and big bird.  The producers of Sesame Street were not happy about losing that funding provided by the Government should Romney be elected.  The statement released by Sesame Street sounded like Romney was firing them.  In realty, Sesame Street has had a free ride for 43 years now and they just need to add commercials to the program.  Currently the show doesn’t have any sponsors or commercials.  I know the show is valuable but does it deserve to be founded by the Government.  Paying all their staff and CEO’s?  Non profits do make money and a lot of it… look at the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.

For this article I was curious just how much Sesame Street makes per year so I looked it up.  On their 2011 IRS form they pulled in 8 million dollars from Government grants.  I would say that is fair amount to work it out on there own right?  Well here is the kicker… they made an additional $45 million on product royalties!  Things like toys and Tickle Me Elmo’s for example.  Oh it doesn’t end there.  They have content and syndication deals also.  When it’s all said and done in 2011 Sesame Street pulled in $112 million dollars in revenue (not including the 8 million in Government support).  Big Bird is part of the 1%!  Why is Big Bird on Welfare then? This show can support itself. There has to be a better way to make that “poor” program work and I’m sure they will figure it out.  It’s just a good example of things that are not going to make everyone happy.  It was sad to hear that news from Romney he may cut them, however, looking at the money now and what the show is bringing in – they don’t need us paying for their show.  If you cut things some people will get mad and that is why most politicians don’t cut at all.  They want to save their office and don’t want the negative response by the few mad people.  Unlike Obama who is “helping” everyone with the handouts and not putting his neck on the line with any program cuts or decisions.  His goal has been fluffing up the job numbers (which he still failed at) and made 47% of the public loving the free handouts of the Government.  It’s pathetic.

None the less, it was a good showing for Romney.  I expect Obama to come with more heat next round, however, he better be ready with the answers to his failed numbers the last 4 years.  It’s going to be a tough road debating the negative numbers during his presidential history.  He can’t really say what he would do better this time because on every topic he has failed at it… plus why didn’t he implement this new approach the last 4 years.  The numbers of the last 4 years don’t lie.  The spending has never been worse.  Jobs are in the gutter and worse than when he started.  ObamaCare isn’t free like most of the public thinks and Mitt has already done it …. better.  We have a cyberwar with Iran and soon a real one.  Syria is falling apart.  North Korea hates us and we are running private operations there the administration doesn’t want to call a war yet.  China and Russia sure don’t support us.  National deficit is maxed more than Bush spent for the wars.  Can’t blame it on Bush because Obama raised it more in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years.  Obama on energy was a disaster and total loss of billions.  We are sending billions to countries who don’t appreciate it.  Our embassies are under terrorist attacks all over including Libya.  Could it get any worse with Romney even with little to no experience on foreign policy – it would appear he has a better shot at it from this point.  There really isn’t a topic that Obama hasn’t failed at.  You simply can’t debate with a failed record.  He can say what he want to do and what people want to hear but in reality he’s had 4 years and hasn’t implemented those things.  You just have to sit there and take it like a man just like Obama did last night.

The only thing Obama has working for him is his history of supporting and financially helping everyone for free.  The handouts to the public who will continue to support him until the end.  Can’t blame them really that would be a nice life and I wouldn’t want it to end.  It’s not their money so who cares right.  Obama has the African and Latino votes which is huge.  However, history has proven Republicans have done more for blacks than the democrats have ever done.  The civil rights movement was started by Republicans and wasn’t even backed by democrats!  Look that up if you don’t believe me.  Obama has supported the illegals so of course they will continue with the support for him.  Obama’s brand is strong.  He is a family man which I believe is true and that really hasn’t been displayed to the public for Romney.  American’s eat that up and feel better about someone who has that brand in place.

Next debate is Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden for Vice President.  I predict Ryan will mop the floor with him.  Ryan is an AMAZING talker and knows his numbers and facts well.  His banter and wittiness will be sharper than Biden. I suspect Joe Biden will do better than Obama because they will be more prepared due to how the Romney/Obama debate concluded.

Will Obamacare Replace Dr. Kevorkian?

Dr. Kevorkian a/k/a Dr Death died in a hospital recently. There is no doubt about it what he did was very controversial. From the things I have read he had a lot of very grateful patients. When our end time comes we each will look at it differently. My opinion of him was very high. It took a lot of courage to study a patient, listen to them and when they decided they could not stand the pain and suffering any longer, and there was absolutely no hope of getting better he provided them with a way to end it. It was still their decision to take whatever it was he gave them but he did not put a needle in their vein like they do when someone is put to death on death row. He did not smother them or do anything to them, just gave them a way to end it. I think that took a lot of compassion. They are saying now that he helped some end it all that were healthy. I doubt that but of course government and laws were on his case all the time. But now that he is gone Obamacare will just cut off our treatment payments and that will end our lives but we will die a drawn out painful death. That is even worse.

You hear the rumors about “killing Grandma” by limiting or suggesting how much treatment an old person should get. I think it should be completely between the patient and their doctor and their family, not the government run health insurance that we could be forced to join. People who cannot afford to sign up for the required health insurance will be fined. If you can be fined you probably could be put in jail. All the time an honest hard working person is struggling it will not affect the welfare class at all. The illegal immigrants, the lifelong welfare cheats, the alcoholic’s and druggies get everything free now and will then too.

I wish there were less government interference and more Dr. Kevorkian’s. I am an elderly person and if/when I cannot go to the bathroom, swallow food, am in constant pain it would be comforting to know I could have a pill to take when I felt I could no longer stand it. I already have signed papers that I do not want to be resuscitated. I have a notice in my windows, front and back for Medics. My children know this. If I should come to and live longer fine but I do not want to be hauled off to ICU and have a breathing tube down my throat, food thru a tube in my side and a catheter to help with my most personal problems. I think it’s just as controversial to hook a person up to all sorts of machines and prolong death AND CHARGE US for it as was for Dr. Kevorkian to make our own decision to end our suffering.

I am only talking physical suffering, not mental. We all have times where we lose a job, a sweetheart, our house burns down, or the dog runs away that if we could ask Dr Kevorkian for a pill that would be a big mistake. Usually everything looks brighter tomorrow. This brings to mind an article I read about a young athlete who got hurt in a game and was paralyzed from his neck down. No one wanted to even go see him, they felt so bad and had no idea what to say. Finally his little sister went to give him a kiss and when she came out of his room she was so happy. She told him she was sorry he got hurt so bad but he told her that it could be a lot worse. He said he was so thankful that he can see rainbows, and still hear the beautiful music and talk and eat. He said not to feel sad because he is fine. Most of us would not have that attitude. But what the Obamacare if talking about is how much to spend on the elderly. I can see the point in a way. If a guy is darn near 100 I think its really stupid to be doing hip transplants and things like that. We need more Dr Kevorkian’s and less Obama’s that’s for sure

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