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Kittens Strip Club In Georgetown (Old Kettel’s Restaurant)

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Georgetown is getting a new business. We have no big store (Safeway, Albertson, Walmart etc). No direct bus to get to Burien to even get to a store. We lost our Laundromat, Treasure House etc. We did gain Harbor Freights. Now it seems we are getting a STRIP CLUB named Kittens. Shows a kitten climbing a pole like a dancer would.

This would be located in the old home of Kettel’s on 4th Ave.

DPD issued a permit for substantial alterations to the old Kettel building. DPd reviewed the zoning before issuing the permit. It is 800 ft from spaces where children congregate, day care centers, schools, community centers etc. PUBLIC NOTICE WAS NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS ISSUANCE. geez, they post public notice when a condo is being built but not a strip club.

Here is the interesting part. The property was purchased by MRAELLC. Records show that Michelle Ebert as listed as the corporation’s governing person. Records also show until recently, she was married to David Elbert who was among five men accused by the Federal prosecutors of profiting from prostitution at four Seattle-area strip clubs. He was give 5 years probation in 2010.  A condition of his supervision restricts Elbert from direct involvement in the ownership, management or operation of any adult business in Washington. I don’t know if they are still married and separated or what but she sure should not be able to own a strip club unless he is in jail someplace and even then money could be filtered to him. Something is really wrong here.  But this is just Georgetown so if it will bring in cash for the city to squander, what they heck.

Kittens Strip Club Seattle

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