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Even Though Western Washington Has Liberal Tendencies, Threats On Drag Events Continue To Happen

Drag Queen Seattle

“A lot of people use children as their scapegoat to vilify anyone who doesn’t agree with their lifestyle.”

By Connor Nash

Washington State over the past decades has become increasingly more liberal, with Seattle and the counties surrounding the Puget Sound driving the move to the left. As Western Washington becomes more liberal, more diversity and different expressions are engraining themselves within the area. Especially when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community.

In Seattle, every type of bar and restaurant has a drag event, whether it is a show, a bingo game, trivia, etc. And not just in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Seattle’s gaybourhood, but in Freemont, Ballard, and even the suburban Madison Valley.

Drag is not just in the big city anymore but in smaller-suburban cities like Renton, Bremerton, and more rural areas, like Maple Valley and Kingston.

In the US, drag has become another area of conflict in the culture war that has consumed the nation. Now, areas that are considered left-leaning are getting caught up in this culture war topic, even in Western Washington.

One of the first flare-ups over drag events in Western Washington didn’t start when states put up legislation banning drag, but in June 2019 in Renton and Issaquah.

In Renton, dozens of protestors and counter-protestors came to a Drag Queen story hour held at Fairwood Library for Pride month. Both sides had pro-gun organizations supporting them, with Three Percenters on the right and the Puget Sound John Brown Club, escalating tensions. No attendees or protestors were harmed and no arrests were made.

In Issaquah at a King County Library Systems meeting, 10 men with “Make America Great Again” hats loudly protested drag queen story hours at the libraries. Although there were no guns at this protest, the Issaquah Reporter noted that “…a male was arrested in the parking lot for harassment after brandishing a baseball bat.”

In response to all the protests, King County Libraries stop hosting Drag Queen Story hours after June 2019. With no family-oriented drag events happening in the Renton area, local business owner Marley Rall of Brewmaster’s Taproom began hosting monthly drag events. For the past year, Sylvia O’Stayformore has hosted a monthly drag story hour and bingo, creating a family-friendly drag event.

“I’m no reader, I’m no literate. My mom was a teacher and I’ll read a storybook. And I’ll do bingo on the side.” said Slyvia. “This has been very positive and has been one of the sweetest events…maybe 8-12 kids show up and their liberal parents bring them.”

A typically small event became a flash point in late 2022 when a Reddit post called for people to protest the bar over the drag story hour. Before the December show, a pellet gun was shot at the bar breaking a window; no one was injured. Rall taped a sign on the window saying “This is what intolerance looks like.”

The community came out strongly in support of the Brewmaster, with 250-300 individuals coming to support the bar. “There was a full gay marching band, and the bar was full of supporters,” said Slyvia, and only “2-3 people out protesting.” Although caused by a dangerous and potentially bigoted act, the Renton community responded in a much more favorable manner than during the library protests.

No other incidents or protests have happened at Brewmaster since the December event.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the sound,  Kitsap County has seen more drag events popping up in bars and other event spaces. This is both surprising and not because Kitsap is a moderate county, and is slightly right-leaning compared to the state, according to a 2021 Crosscut/Elway poll.

Although liberal enough to have drag shows in cities like Bremerton and large towns like Kingston, Kitsap still has a conservative presence that will silently disapprove of the event or post all about it on social media.

Clara Voyance, a popular drag performer in Kitsap, has become a local celebrity by performing at many local events. As a “local queen” Clara has shows that are not just at 21 and over gay bars, but at “straight” restaurants, or at all-ages events, but what dispels many conservative fears is that she thinks about who the audience is.

“As a performer, you have to consider what audience you are performing to.” said Clara, “ If I’m performing in front of a straight crowd, I gear my show to them.”

She went on to say, “If I’m going to Pride, which is all ages, it touches me when there are queer families, to have a child that comes up and says ‘I’m beautiful.’ That experience would have been important to me as a child, to see someone confidently living.”

And that is the point of these all-ages drag events, for there to be a positive, appropriate,  fun queer representation. Yes, many people can find a few examples of a controversial drag event, but the overwhelming majority of drag performers have the knowledge and competency to create a family event like any heterosexual performer.

For the most part,  there was no major adverse reaction to any of Clara’s shows in Kitsap or any other drag event in the county. Only passive-aggressiveness and indirect comments. That was until late March when Bookshelf under the Stairs, a store in Bremerton, was told by their mall landlord that the drag queen story hour was canceled.

According to the Kitsap Daily News, the landlord told the bookstore, Terry Heath, was told by their landlord  that “The mall is not an appropriate venue for controversial and divisive events that are likely to result in disruption to tenants and visitors, not to mention possible injury and damage to the mall itself,”

Maybe the mall was worried about social media posts made criticizing the story hour saying that it would “groom children.” Maybe the mall was worried about the incidents in King County, cited earlier in this article. Whatever the reason, the effect has been chilling on free expression, and parents’ rights on what they find appropriate for their children. Ideas that conservatives have been decrying for years.

“A lot of people use children as their scapegoat to vilify anyone who doesn’t agree with tier lifestyle,” said Clara, referring to conservatives. A sentiment that does ring some truth.

As for Sylvia O’Stayformore, “We need to have conversations, and we need to be respectful of each other. Even in my groups, they are not doing that.” Groups Syliva is referring to the liberals and progressives that are generally open to diversity if it fits into their worldview. 

Both are correct, many people do use the safety of children as a disguise to push particular policies forward. With all the scapegoating going around, people just go back to their corner to be vindicated in scapegoating more. It feels like a doom spiral that we are going down.

For our drag performers, the future seems both hopeful and worrisome. “In Seattle, I don’t see it getting worse, [it’s] very progressive in that aspect. As it goes for the country, I am not sure,” says Clara. She continued, “It’s about queer and trans erasure, and I’m not having it. If enough people give up then they will continue to take away rights.”

Sylvia hopes that the energy that Clara has, and the younger generations, is supported by the general public, regardless of age. “I hope that we get to the point where we are more respectful of each other, I hope that we get to support the youth that has more energy….

“Not sitting around and thinking that someone else will fix it.”

Sylvia O’ Stayformore has been performing in drag since 1991 in Utah as a creative outlet to raise money for Mormon Churches. She then moved to Seattle in the early 2000s, later starting Bacon Strip in 2005, a monthly variety show in South Seattle.

Clara Voyance is a drag performer currently residing in Kitsap County. Clara now mainly performs burlesque numbers in 21+ bars in Seattle, Bremerton, and other Western Washington establishments. Clara hopes to one day be a contestant on Rupual’s Drag Race.

Mike Asimos

Located in Charleston, SC, Mike Asimos is an avid fan of the Grateful Dead and their music. The collection was started by his father and it was eventually passed down him. Mike Asimos family were big music fans as well. His father, Dan Asimos, was a drummer and his mother was a singer.

In his teen years, Mike started to really build his collection of the Grateful Dead. He started to build his music collection and finding all of their posters with the little money he had. “My father had a pretty big collection when I got it, however, now it is just out of control”, Mike explained to the Emerald City Journal. Mike Asimos continued, “I’m very proud of my collection and it’s certainly one of the largest around. I have thousands and thousands of pieces. When my friends come over they are truly amazed by the shear volume of everything”. With the Internet, looking for collectibles has become a lot easier Mike explained, “I actually found my favorite pieces on the Internet from all over the World”.

Mike Asimos Photo

In his spare time Michael Asimos enjoys the outdoors and hiking. He is also studying Environmental Science at Coastal Carolina University. Science has always be inspiring and intriguing to Michael. “There is something about science the just inspires me and keeps my mind busy”, Michael explained. He also has an active blog where we talks about his collections, travels, and the outdoors.

Mike Asimos visited Seattle, Washington quite often as a boy he explained, “I guess that is where I got all my hiking motivation and my family travelled quite often”. Washington State has 186 state parks to be exact and is the largest lumber producer. Hiking is very popular in Seattle and it’s surrounding areas. Mike stated to us recently he has been doing a lot of hiking in his area and around his new home. He continues to be very active with camping trying to get as much time as possible in before Winter hits. Lastly, he mentioned he hates the cold but understands sometimes you have to do things you don’t like to do the things that you love to do like enjoying the outdoors, camping, and fishing.

Mike Asimos Fishing Trip
Mike Asimos Fishing Trip

We were curious the last time the Grateful Dead visited Seattle for a concert and we found it was back in May 1995. We are posting the Seattle concert live below – enjoy!

Update: Mike Asimos has a new blog. Stop by his website and say hi to him In Oct 2014, Mike reached out to us to discuss his new collection items. He also mentioned that he will be selling some of his collection online. Over the years, he stated, that he was able to get a lot of duplicates and he felt there was no need to duplicates in his collections so he is letting these great items go up for auction. He mention that most of his items will most likely be sold locally, however, much of it will be placed on Ebay as well.

In response to this recent news, we reached out to Mr. Asimos to get some pictures of the items he will be selling/auctioning and he stated he will send those shortly. He mentioned that he will also be placing the items in our Seattle Classifieds section so our members can have the opportunity to buy some.

During the next year, he will be attending more expos to showcase his collections. He mentioned that many readers have expressed interest in his collection but haven’t made any decisions of whether to sell or pass them down to his children.

Seattle Space Needle

The Seattle Space Needle is one of the most amazing icons in Seattle.  It’s considered an official historic landmark.  Visitors from all over the World come to see the Space Needle.  It weighs approximately 9, 550 tons.  Going up the Elevator (605 ft up!) you will find the observation deck and restaurant.  The elevator takes you to the top in about 41 seconds.  The speed varies depending on the amount of wind as they purposely slow it down for safety sometimes.  The observation deck allows you to go travel all around the top outside overlooking the City of Seattle (360 degrees).  You can pretty much see everything in the city and take your best photos.  Mountains visible on a clear day include Rainier, Cascade, Olympic, and Baker.  The Space needle was actually finished back in Dec. 1961 and opened officially the first day of the Seattle’s World Fair (April 21st, 1962).  The Needle brought in a lot of visitors in fact over 20,000 people used it a day back then during the Fair.  The World’s Fair had an estimated 2.3 million visitors.  Having visited the Space Needle myself on many occasions, I can tell you it’s an amazing architectural structure and a must see if you’re in Seattle, Washington.  When designing the Space Needle, they even considered how it would do with earthquakes and high winds.  They say it can take up to 200 mph of wind and a 9.1 earthquake.  A 6.8 earthquake in 2001 tested the Needle and no serious damage was reported.  The structure can even withstand lightning due to the lightning rods installed to protect it from lightening.

On the bottom floor of the Space Needle, you can valet your car and enter the free gift store.  It’s official name is the SeattleBase Retail Store. They have all kinds of gifts, gadgets, and collectibles available.  Many unique stuff is inside which is not sold in regular stores.  You can even purchase a gift certificate for a friend.

Going up the elevator you’ll run into the SkyCity Restaurant.  At one time in history, there were two restaurants in the Space Needle but they were eventually closed (in 2000) to make room for the now larger SkyCity Restaurant.  The Restaurant is pretty expensive in my opinion so it’s used by many customers for special occasions or visitors wanting to truly experience the Needle.  The minimum charge is $35 per person so you have to spend at least that.  As of 2014, dinner entrees range from $38-$60.  The SkyCity Restaurant rotates 360 degrees while you’re eating.  You make a full circle rotation around the city every 47 minutes.  The restaurant is family friendly but does have a dress code.  Visitors wearing tank tops or muscle shirts will not be admitted.  They recommend casual attire that is neat and presentable.  They have one desert called the Lunar Orbiter that has been served since 1962.  SkyCity has many events during the month which keeps it pretty busy.  You can make a reservation at the restaurant and it can accommodate up to 10 guests.  A side banquet room is available for parties of more than 10 guests.  It can hold 20-360 people if needed.

The idea for the design of the Space Needle came from two businessman named Edward Carlson and John Graham Jr.  They both actually had their own separate concepts but came together and decided on one final concept 13 months before the fair opening.  The idea was a futuristic attraction for the World’s Fair actually.  It was a way to bring more visitors to Seattle and a way to bring more people into the Fair.  Mr. Edward Carlson had a concept of a giant balloon attached to the ground with a sloping base.  Mr. John Graham Jr. concept was more of a flying saucer which became the top section of the architecture.  Later, Victor Steinbrueck suggested more of an hourglass design which was accepted and combined with the other two ideas.  The men involved were businessman for the World Fair (not the City of Seattle) so there was an agenda to push the local fair.  The Seattle Space Needle was not financed by the City of Seattle in fact it had no land it could be built on except inside the Fair.  A plot was later discovered which was measured at 120 x 120 ft.  They almost gave up finding a lot available.  The land sold for $75,000.  Since the City of Seattle was not involved financially, it was by the Pentagram Corporation.  The team consisted of Bagley Wright, Howard Wright, John Graham, Ned Skinner, and Norton Clapp.  Later in 1977, Bagley Skinner and Norton Clapp sold their interest to Howard Wright.  Mr. Howard Wright is the current owner under the company named the Space Needle Corporation.  The cost to build the Seattle Space Needle in 1962 was $4.5 million dollars.  The first cleaning of the Space Needle didn’t happen until 2008 which was  a pressure washing cleaning.  It was blasted with an estimated 2,900 psi of water pressure.  No cleaning supplies or detergents were used while pressure washing it.

A little history lesson for you, the foundation of the Space Needle is pretty amazing as it measured 30 ft deep and 120 ft wide.  The hole was filled with concrete which took 467 dump trucks.  Rumor is, the continuous concrete pour lasted only one day and was the biggest pour ever attempted in the West back then.  Once the foundation was complete, it weighed as much as the entire Space Needle.

On New Years Eve (1999) a beam of light was revealed as a new feature.  The Skybeam is displayed on special occasions during the year like national holidays.  On average, it comes on about 12 times per year but that does vary.  After Sept. 11 2001 is was turned on for 11 days.  The idea for the Skybeam was suggested from an old World’s Fair poster.  It didn’t actually have the beam of light back then but graphic design of the poster made it look like it was beaming with light.   Each year on New Years the Space Needle has a celebration.  There is usually a black and white party that many Seattle residents visits.  It’s one of the higher end new years celebrations in Seattle.  The Needle also has lots of fireworks which shoot out the top of the Space Needle.  Oddly, the 2007 (going on 2008) new years celebration had to be stopped and restarted due to some pyrotechnics issues.  It was fixed and the rest of the fireworks had to be denoted by hand.  The company providing the pyrotechnics that year blamed the issue on a corrupted file which control the detonations.

In 2000, the Space Needle got a $20 million dollar update.  They added all the features we have today such as the Pavilion Level, SpaceBase Retail Store, The SkyCity Restaurant, O Deck updates, exterior lighting additions/updates, Legacy Light installations, exterior painting and many more new features.

In May 2007, the Space Needle celebrated it’s 45 millionth guest.  The man’s name was Greg Novoa and he was from San Francisco.  He got 2 free tickets to Paris and a VIP dinner at the Eiffel Tower.

Over the years, the Space Needle has experienced some controversy.  These include Base jumpers, illegal photography, and labor disputes.  Since it’s opening in 1962, 6 base jumpers has jumped off the top of the Space Needle illegally.  Out of the 6 jumpers, 2 have been arrested for their jumps and caught.  In 2013, a mystery person has been scaling buildings all over Seattle, Washington and taking photography.  There is a website dedicated to the activities and personally the photography is absolutely amazing pieces of art.  There is video of this person on top of the Space Needle sitting back and enjoying the skyline.  Between 2012-2013, union workers and owners of the Space Needle have had some disagreements with the contracts.  Mediation is still be worked out between the workers and owners to this date today.

Most recently in April 2012, the Space Needle celebrated its 50th anniversary.  The top of the Space Needle was painted a Galaxy Gold color.  It’s the same color  used when it was originally developed and constructed back in 1962 at the World’s Fair.  Over the years, the Space Needle has experienced many makeovers and colors including the celebration of UW Huskies winning the Rose Bowl back in 1992 or when it was colored with the Seattle SuperSonics.

As Seattle continues to grow with more and more buildings.  There has been constant debates regarding the views of the skyline, the Space Needle, parks, and water.  The City Council makes those decisions and the debate continues today.  Areas and views from I5, Lake Union, and Mercer st are some of the hot topics regarding this issue.  Many believe areas from Seattle public parks which have a view of the Space Needle should be protected to preserve it’s views.  However, protecting these views also diminishes the value of private property which can create jobs and provide public housing.

As of 2013, ticket prices are $19 dollars to ride up the Space Needle to the observation deck.  There is no charge to use the elevator if you’re visiting the restaurant. Senior discounts are available include youth and bulk rates (15 people or more) if you’re going as a group.  The group discounts saves you only a few dollars on each ticket.  As of today, the Space Needle is still the #1 attraction in Seattle.


Seattle Space Needle
Seattle Space Needle view from across the street

Space Needle In Seattle
Looking up from the bottom of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.


New Paintings By Marcio Díaz

Opening First Thursday June 6, Marcio Díaz presents new work in Sensing Color, an exhibit at ArtXchange Gallery. These paintings reveal the different qualities of light and weather that captivated Diaz after his move to the Pacific Northwest.

There is more light in Nicaragua, but it makes everything flat,” he reflects. “In Nicaragua we react to the sun, not the rain. In the Pacific Northwest, I can see color deeply in the shadows. The distortion of the light by the rain and dew inspires me.

Díaz soaked up the influences around him in the Pacific Northwest, both in the landscape and from the local art community. “I never knew the depth of color until I moved to Seattle,” says Díaz. He began to experiment with abstraction and new painting techniques emerged. He moved towards a pointillist technique involving layering dripped bubbles and circles of paint, which became his popular Bubblism style.

His painting method is a bright-hued variation on the pointillism of Seurat, building an image from vibrant circles of color,” wrote Michael Upchurch in the Seattle Times. “The tensions between shimmer and almost-solid objects are exquisite.”

From the sunny, arid landscapes of Estelí to the lush tulip fields of SkagitValley, Díaz builds images through dappled brushstrokes and layers of shape. Sensing Color presents works in his signature Bubblism style, as well as new techniques that Díaz has been developing.

Sensing Color opens First Thursday June 6, 5-8pm, with the artist in attendance. In July, Díaz will offer a painting demonstration in the gallery on Thursday, July 11, 5-8pm (the official Pioneer   Square replacement date for 2013 First Thursday in July which falls on the 4th).

Exhibition Dates: June 6 – July 27, 2013

Opening/Artist Reception: First Thursday, June 6 5-8pm (During the First Thursday Artwalk)

Artist Demo and reception: Thursday, July 11, 5-8pm

Location:ArtXchange Gallery, 512   First Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 5:30 PM

Phone: 206-839-0377



Marcio Diaz Paintings Seattle
Marcio Diaz new painting – Sensing Color

Funny Stories In The News

Funny Stories In The News

Everyday great news is released to the World.  We all need some funny news once in a while right?  These are some of the best funny stories in the news and other items discovered today. You have to see this stuff it’s so funny and entertaining stuff!

Funny Beer Can Numbers – Some of the employees at this beer bottling company have a funny sense of humor.

Smart Student Being Funny – A teacher who recently started her Geography class (8th graders) starts her lesson with having the students try to draw the U.S. She didn’t expect this to happen.

Dog on duty guarding the house – Dog on duty guarding the house

USPS going the extra mile with this piece of mail. – USPS going the extra mile with this piece of mail. This was one of the postal centers in Seattle delivering a long lost valentine card.

Funny Dog Pic

Seattle Powerball Growing

Seattle Powerball Tonight Get Your TicketIt’s here one of the biggest lottery drawings in history.  Tonight the Powerball drawing is at $600 million dollars and that number is expected to climb as the drawing time gets closer.  Even Though the odds are ONLY 1 in 175 million you can’t win if you don’t play.  The gas stations and convenience stores are reporting higher than usual numbers and in some states lines are gathering just to buy a ticket.  Starting January 15 2012, the Powerball ticket prices increased to $2 per ticket thus making the pool much higher.

The Powerball drawing tonight is the second highest in history just behind the previous Mega Millions in March 2012 which was $656 million.  With the amount of people playing there is a very high chance a winner will be decided.  In the event there is no winner, the jackpot could increase to over $1 billion dollars.  That would make it the biggest pay day in history.

Take a chance!

On a side note, the IRS really needs your money right now.  Considering the scandals and shady practices (no surprise) they will be waiting for their fair share.  The good news is that you won!  The bad news is that you’re going to pay A LOT more than you would have paid just 1 year ago.  The IRS is really sticking it to people whenever possible.

Here is some food for thought…. in the event you’re the big winner tonight and you take the lump sum of $376.9 million (spread out over 30 years), you’ll have to pay $149 million out of that to Uncle same.  Soo…. $600 million is more like $225 million net.  Congrats the IRS is the big winner here.  Not complaining or anything but just pointing out the obvious….we’re all getting ripped off.

Mike Asimos Favorite Seattle Hiking Spots

Having travelled all over the country and having experienced many of the hiking spots in Seattle, we asked Mike Asimos what his favorites are. If you don’t know Mike Asimos, he is a collector, hiker, and outdoorsman. He runs his own personal blog which goes into great detail about his adventures and the products he was used (good or bad). We recently did an interview with him about his large Grateful Dead collection as well here. It’s a great read so be sure to check it out for more background information.

After doing our interview with Mike Asimos, continued to discuss his hiking adventures. He obviously is a person who is passionate about whatever he is doing. He is very detailed and knows what he is talking about. I wish we could post some of the places he was visited… they are AMAZING. I recommended that he should try photography actually. Mike mentioned he hasn’t been to Seattle in sometime, however, he does remember all the good hiking spots around here. “There are so many… ones which nobody even talks about”, he explained.

Here is the short list Mike Asimos (who also goes by Michael Asimos on his blog) recommends if you’re a local Seattle resident. Washington State is one of his favorites due to all the forest trails and national parks.

1) Rattle Snake Mountain: It’s a good starter hike if you’re just getting started. Its elevation is a little over 1,000. It has some amazing views of the Mountains (Cascades & Mount Si). It can get pretty busy so go early if you’re going to go.

2) Annette Lake: Mike Asimos says this is one of his favorites because when you actually reach the top – there is a lake at the top! The trail is covered by trees but there is a clear enough path to make it there. It also has some great views as you hike up.

3) Little Si Hike: Lastly, Mike recommends a more rocky trail but again it features some great views similar to Rattlesnake (above).

There you have it readers. The top hiking spots by Mike Asimos himself. As the weather continues to improve here in Seattle be sure to visit them and enjoy the scenery. You can read more about Michael Asimos by using our search feature on the Emerald City Journal homepage.

Good Bye Century Link – I’m Cancelling

CenturyLink Cancelling

I’m so tired of the extra fees and taxes for services (phone, cable, heating, hotels etc).  It seems anymore the extra hidden fees are more than the services.  It’s like an open checkbook for companies and city officials to tack on the fees thus over inflating the prices.  You can’t even book a hotel in Seattle without paying a 20% tax on top of it!  With that being said, I am officially done with Century Link.  The time has come when a land line phone simply is not needed in my life.  Cells phones have greatly improved and the convenience of having a cell phone on you is a big bonus.  My home phone system will consist of a Straight Talk cell phone.  The service is prepaid and runs me $30 per month.  It uses all the cell phone towers of AT&T so the quality is great and consistent.  No extra fees, no BS, no personal info, no contract.  I pay online every month and it’s done.  They don’t bother me with Keep Reading

Kittens Strip Club In Georgetown (Old Kettel’s Restaurant)

Georgetown Seattle Hats and Boots

Georgetown is getting a new business. We have no big store (Safeway, Albertson, Walmart etc). No direct bus to get to Burien to even get to a store. We lost our Laundromat, Treasure House etc. We did gain Harbor Freights. Now it seems we are getting a STRIP CLUB named Kittens. Shows a kitten climbing a pole like a dancer would.

This would be located in the old home of Kettel’s on 4th Ave.

DPD issued a permit for substantial alterations to the old Kettel building. DPd reviewed the zoning before issuing the permit. It is 800 ft from spaces where children congregate, day care centers, schools, community centers etc. PUBLIC NOTICE WAS NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS ISSUANCE. geez, they post public notice when a condo is being built but not a strip club. Keep Reading

St Patrick’s Day Seattle

St Pattys In Seattle

Break out your bag pipes, irish food, and green beer because Seattle is celebrating St Patrick’s Day.  This weekend is going to be so much fun and the real party starts today (Saturday) and end late on Sunday.  This year there is even a St Patrick’s Day parade which starts at 12:30pm (Saturday) on 4th ave S from Jefferson.

On Sunday, over 17,000 runners are going to take over the city with The St Patrick’s Day Dash.  The event supports the Schrempt Foundation and children charities.  The St Patrick’s Day Dash is in its 29th year now.

The nightlife will of course be very exciting.  Some of my favorite spots tonight and tomarrow will be Keep Reading

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