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Funny Stories In The News

Funny Stories In The News

Everyday great news is released to the World.  We all need some funny news once in a while right?  These are some of the best funny stories in the news and other items discovered today. You have to see this stuff it’s so funny and entertaining stuff!

Funny Beer Can Numbers – Some of the employees at this beer bottling company have a funny sense of humor.

Smart Student Being Funny – A teacher who recently started her Geography class (8th graders) starts her lesson with having the students try to draw the U.S. She didn’t expect this to happen.

Dog on duty guarding the house – Dog on duty guarding the house

USPS going the extra mile with this piece of mail. – USPS going the extra mile with this piece of mail. This was one of the postal centers in Seattle delivering a long lost valentine card.

Funny Dog Pic

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