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Frank Sisti Jr. Biography

While the internet has made us more connected than ever, there are still many artists who are
hidden underground and have not had the mainstream success one might assume based on the
quality of their work. Enter Frank Sisti Jr., the creative force behind the long-running cult
classic, The Kid America Adventure Hour.

Sisti Jr. has been producing and starring in The Kid America Adventure Hour for years now, but
he came from humble beginnings and has had many avenues of creativity in his career.

The Early Days

Frank Sisti Jr. was born in Queens, and his work reflects his upbringing in New York during the
1990s. His first job came when he was only 11 years old and worked at a comic shop. He
attended New York University for Dramatic Writing but did not finish the program. Instead, he
sold a script titled “Bicycle Ice Cream” to get his foot in the door of show business.

Show Business Beginnings and The Kid America Adventure Hour

Attempting to find his niche in the world, Sisti Jr. began developing an idea that would shape the
rest of his career. The result was The Kid America Adventure Hour, a show he aired on
Manhattan Public Access television.

The Kid America Adventure Hour had an eclectic mix of live-action, puppetry, and animation to
make up the variety show format. Sisti Jr. starred in the show as the host, Frankie, and employed
numerous other New York actors who were young and looking to try something adventurous and

The show was popular with those who watched it, with a mix of bizarre and somewhat avant-
garde comedy mixed with entertaining puppetry for children. The show encapsulated everything
that makes New York unique and different, giving viewers a taste of the authentic city and the
people in it through Sisti Jr.’s lens.

As the show went on, Frank Sisti Jr. realized there might be a market for this work online. While the
internet was still young in 2005, he believed his videos would find a cult following through the
burgeoning internet culture of the time. Video sites for a singular franchise were popular at the
time, with series like Homestar Runner generating plenty of traffic and clicks. Sisti Jr. hoped to
capitalize on the growing popularity of video on the web.

Frank Sisti Jr. teamed up with Alex Orlovsky, a producer for entertainment like Half Nelson and
Blue Valentine, to take The Kid America Adventure Hour and bring it to the internet. They
produced a pilot for a new website and used it to host Kid America Club content for a wider

While the new website did not bring a newfound wave of mainstream attention, it did solidify the
show and Frank Sisti Jr.’s vision of entertainment into a cult classic. The site developed a loyal
and dedicated fanbase and still exists with videos to this day. The Kid America Club site also
hosts merchandise for avid fans, with t-shirts and stickers based on the costumes and characters
of the show.

Frankie’s Apartment

As Frank Sisti Jr.’s ambitions grew larger, so did his need for more room on the Internet. Later in
his career, he launched the website Frankie’s Apartment to host a new show. Frankie’s
Apartment allowed Sisti Jr. to introduce new puppet characters and create small skits for them.
Some of the popular characters from Frankie’s Apartment include Rubbish the Rat, a wise-
cracking and fast-talking rat who verbally spars with Frankie, and Bill the Snowman, a therapist
and confidant for Frankie. These characters have created a rich and fascinating world that is
popular with those who enjoy things a little weird but still kid-friendly.

Lil’ Hipsters

Another one of Frank Sisti Jr.’s most popular projects was Lil’ Hipsters, a web series he made in
2007 and 2008. Eschewing the live-action elements of Frankie’s Apartment or The Kid America
Club, Lil’ Hipsters was entirely done with puppetry.

Lil’ Hipsters was styled as a sitcom about Krispy, a young kid trying to fit in with the cool kids
in New York City. The series ran for 25 episodes and dealt with topical events of the time. It also
maintained the local roots of the five boroughs of New York that have permeated much of Sisti
Jr.’s work since finding his voice with The Kid America Club Adventure Hour.

Music Career

Aside from acting, Frank Sisti Jr. has also created music. He and his childhood friend Jeff Roberts
formed the band Bandy, a hip-hop group of almost entirely fictional members. You could think
of it as similar to a band like Gorillaz. He also deejays in New York under the pseudonym DJ
Kid America

Frank Sisti Jr.: Cult Classic Creator

It’s not always possible to break into the mainstream, but it is often more fulfilling just to reach a
passionate and dedicated audience. This is what Frank Sisti Jr. has done his entire career,
creating stories that connect with his hometown and resonate with fans across the globe.

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