Warning About Cindy Smith Cleaning Services


I never dreamed that if I hired a cleaning service they would try to take me to the cleaners instead. I am elderly and do my own cooking, light cleaning etc but can no longer clean behind the toilet, under the bathtub so I hire someone to that. I had a regular lady that had helped me before several years but she got sick and could no longer do that. I was leery about Seattle.Craigslist.org so I went through an employment agency. I chose Thumb Tack. they send you the resumes of 4 and you can choose one by what they wrote. At least this agency would know that this stranger was to be at my house at a certain time if something happened. I chose Cindy Smith. She came right on time and was as nice as could be. I wanted my windows done on the inside and the paper changed under my kitchen cabinet and behind the toilet and under the tub cleaned. She started in the bathroom. She has two big green garbage bags. No mops or brooms. She says she does everything on her hands and knees. One bag is for her clean rags, one for the dirty ones. I never thought anything about that, but over two hours went by and I never heard a sound of water running or toilet lids closing and I thought OMG maybe she fainted or something, but she had everything out of my medicine cabinet and was washing the cough syrup bottles, etc. I said geez I did not want you to even open those doors. I can do that kind of cleaning if I want it done. It was noon then. She put it back in and did finally clean the toilet etc She said her job is to clean top to bottom and that included inside cabinets. I said no not at my house. I think looking back she was looking for drugs. Well she did not find any. I don’t take tranquilizers, sleeping pills, pain pills or a thing. but man with big garbage bags it would sure be easy to slip in some of a guys pills and you would never know. She finally got to the kitchen and it was 6 o clock and I told her to just go and we would finish another day. She did good where she cleaned, I have no complaint with that. I didn’t get the windows washed or stuff I wanted done but sure have clean shampoo and hand lotion bottles. lol Anyway, the gist of my story is this. She came one time and it was a Saturday. I made an appointment for the next month on the 19th Less than a week later I get this e mail (see below).

Good evening Lilly,

How are you holding up in this heat? 🙂 I got you message about the 19th, I will also email you a day ahead for reminding 🙂 I shall tackle more for you on the 19th too 🙂

Do you know of ANYBODY that can help me with a personal loan and I pay them back with agreement. My Ex Husband stole a lot of money from me and my house payment was in it 🙁 If I don’t make my house payment by this weekend, I am going to Lose my home 🙁

I have a $ 3500 contract check that I am waiting for, I don’t receive it until the end of the month. I will pay back the payment as soon as I receive my check.

My Ex Husband Really messed me over!!

I am so Desperate, I am trying anywhere. I don’t know what else to do.

Do you know of anybody?? I am Reliable.

Thanks Lilly 🙂

She really tried to manufacture a tear jerker on an old lady knowing we are from an era that we would help anyone asked. Or I would feel sorry for her and help. She must have thought I had STUPID written on my forehead because my house and furniture sure does not look like I am someone that would have an extra thousand or two to hand out to a stranger. I have children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and a great great grandchild to give any excess money I might ever have to give to. She did not specify how much the house payment was. But lets guess it’s around $2,000. This was a Friday night I got her email, and wouldn’t you think that was cutting the time pretty short if she would lose her house the next day? First real red flag. She wanted  a personal loan to be paid back with agreement. What the heck that means I don’t know. Said she had a $3500 contract check. I don’t believe that either but she could sure take it to Money Tree if she had it and SAVE HER HOUSE.

She told me when she was working she raised her children alone and they were grown and she was a grandma so it’s funny the Ex-Husband suddenly appeared and she just happened to have the house payment in plain sight. She simply wanted a handout. She would have taken any amount I might have said I could spare and I would never see her again.   I decided not to get into a conversation with her at all and simply wrote

CANCEL MY SEPTEMBER 19TH APPOINTMENT. But she emailed again. see below.

Are you okay?

I wasn’t asking for you to help me, maybe you or somebody knew of a loan officer or a really good resource that can direct me in the right direction for a home loan? 🙂

If she wasn’t asking me to help her, why did she ever send me the first e mail. This e mail was sent to me on Saturday right after noon and she is looking for a loan officer or good resource (what does this mean) for a home loan. Remember this was the weekend she had to make the payment or lose her home and its Saturday noon already. lol  How many good loan officers does any old woman know? She should have walked into a bank and asked for a loan officer. Of course she was not looking for a loan, she may not even own a house, don’t know don’t care but anyone that desperate to scam an old 90 year old woman should not be turned loose in anyone’s house with two big garbage bags.

Her cleaning was fine, she was nice, and I don’t think she stole a thing and for sure I did not loan/give her any money but the fact that she would ask makes me branded her as not someone I would recommend.

Just wanted to share.


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