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Rafael Golan Biography

The Emerald City Journal often features celebrities and business owners who are very successful. In fact, we have a category just for this effort on our website! Rafael Golan is the President and Owner of RS Golan Consulting Services. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, RS Golan Consulting Services provides financial services and seminars to individuals and families in the Florida area. The history of the company started in 2001 by the highly successful Rafael Golan. Recently (November 2014), they celebrated their 10th year company anniversary. It wasn’t easy starting the company Mr. Golan expressed. The economy wasn’t doing very well back then (up and downs), however, everything worked out in the end. In fact, the company has been voted the best Financial Firm in Delray Beach, FL. Their success is due to how hard they work for each customer. Mr. Golan expressed that they customize their services for each customer with a high level of interaction. Having worked in the financial space myself, I understand how difficult this must be. It takes a lot of resources and experience to run a highly successful financial services company.

As the President and Owner, Mr. Golan understands that with hard work and experience – anything is possible. That is one of the major reasons the company was started. With all the successful business leaders featured on our website, they all have been driven to success. They also are highly experienced and the same is true about Mr. Golan. Before starting the company, he was registered representative (and director) for several firms. Some of the firms included Prime Capital and Paine Webber. This isn’t something new to him. He was been in the financial arena since 1983. In 2001, he decided to take the next big step and start his own company. His goal was the build a company that was highly interactive with customers. The focus would also be on families and individuals rather than larger corporations/businesses. Offering customized financial plans and services that helped customers be more successful. Not only did he want to guide them to financial independence but also empower them. He works to fully educate them on them about their investments and how it can be leveraged better. Some of the services provided by RS Golan Consulting Services are: Asset protection, accounting, income and estate planning. They offer a wide range of services so give them a call if you’re unsure at (561) 499-7009 (Eastern Time).

Philanthropy and community work
In 2008 when the mortgage industry was continuing its fall, Golan teamed up with Bill Rancic to help families struggling. If you don’t know Bill Rancic, he was the winner of the first “The Apprentice” show staring Donald Trump and many other celebrities. Using Mr. Golan’s experience of maximization revenue and Bill Rancic’s publicity to get word out – they helped countless homeowners get back on their feet. The funds raised by the fundraisers would go to helping them pay their mortgages and expenses. The community work of Bill Rancic and Golan help countless homeowners get back on their feet.

Having an individual with the experience to really help and understand is important. There are so many financial companies out that will take your money with no explanation or strategy. You just give them your money and hope they can do their best with it. Unfortunately, you’re in the dark with this approach and I really hate that. That is why I like Golan’s company. He is very personable and knowledgeable. If you have a question or need some help understanding something, you can just give them a call (or setup a call) and they can explain it to you quickly. It’s just a more personal service as compared to the bigger brands who just say they can do it. Golan’s company has built a solid business just off that principle. It’s that personal approach to individuals and families that makes them so popular.

Address: 7499 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33446
(They work with customers nationwide including Seattle, Washington)
Phone: (561) 499 7009

Map of RS Consulting Services

Rafael Golan
RS Golan Consulting Services
The company RS Golan Consulting Services is owned and managed by Rafael Golan. They offer personal finance service and other options to individuals, families, and businesses.
7499 W Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach,FL
Phone: (561) 499 7009

Naveen Jain Biography

Naveen Jain Photo

Born as Naveen K. Jain on Sept. 6th 1959. As a child he grew up in or around the villages of Uttar Pradest, Roorkee, as well as the New Delhi, India. Education was very important to him and in 1979 he graduated with an engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee. He later moved again (Jamshedpur) and received an MBA from XLRI School of Business and Human Resources in 1982. Married to his wife Anu Jain who is the Vice President of community relations at inome. As a young man he always knew the importance of a good education and how it would be the foundation of his career.

Jain is a very successful Businessman, executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Growing up Jain always had the passion of business and helping others. While growing up and surrounded by poverty, he knew that he had to make a change that will be impacting. Later in life he realized it was his calling and motivation to be so passionate and successful. Mr. Jain is known mostly as being the Founder/CEO of InfoSpace. He is also known as the Founder/CEO of inome & Moon Express. When Infospace was at its height (the dot com boom) he was worth over 1 billion dollars. The stock did go down, however, he did taste and hit that mark at one-time in his career. Being a leader in the tech industry and a highly sought speaker he was also featured on Forbes “Richest Americans” in the year 2000. We were unable to find any Seattle Washington speaking arrangements scheduled.

In 1983, he got accepted into a business exchange program. It required him to leave India, however, it was a important turning point in his career. He knew it was a great opportunity. This turning point highlighted Naveen Jain’s professional career. He worked at several companies including Convergent Technologies and Tandon Computer Corporation (Computer Manufacturer). About 6 years later in 1989, he joined Microsoft as a Program Manager. Living in Seattle, we all know Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the World and leader in the computer software space. He was assigned to the Redmond, Washington office. Mr. Jain’s software background really helped him at Microsoft and it formed the foundation he needed to start his own company several years later name InfoSpace (1996). While at Microsoft, however, he worked with OS/2, then moved on to Windows NT, and the popular Windows 95. His position at Microsoft was later moved to the Microsoft Network.

As I mentioned in March 1996, Jain founded the highly success InfoSpace. Until the year 2000 he served as the CEO. If you’re not sure what InfoSpace is – it’s a company that provides private label and search data for businesses as well as companies. During the height of the well known Internet boom he was considered ranked as being one of the richest Americans. In fact, Forbes ranked him 121. Later at Infospace Jain was pushed out by the board members as CEO/Chairman in 2002. In 2003, he stepped down from the InfoSpace board completely. The same year he started a new company named Intelius which is located in Bellevue, Washington.

His philanthropy work is quite large and highly publicizes in the media. His focus is about improving the lives of as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s business or helping others. The impact of someone’s effort should try to reach as many souls as you can. It should be strategic and that is how Mr. Jain likes to approach his philanthropic work. He mentions that there are four key elements. These include overcoming the infrastructure, build scale, making it self-sustaining, and to live an entrepreneurial life. Through his leadership at inome, he gives back to medical care, family development, and education. His company, inome, was ranked by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of the top 15 philanthropic companies in the USA.

World Innovation Institute:
He is the founder of the World Innovation Institute which believes that “entrepreneurship and creativity can solve the world’s most pressing and complex challenges” according to their website ( The groups focus is about improving the lives of through philanthropy, education, and positive youth development. It’s a effort he and his family strongly support. Today, we wants to put his efforts into making the World a better place. He wants to make sure we leave our children in a position that is better than it previously was.

Moon Express:
Is a group supported and funded by silicon valley and space exploration entrepreneurs. Their ultimate goal is to mine the moon to see if any resources are available. They want to find elements that are rare on Earth. In the short term they would like to win the Google Lunar X Prize. The venture is headquartered in California and includes a robotic transportation element as well. They already have been connected with NASA for various efforts of data purchase. In 2015, they are going to be doing a test flight to the moon and by 2018 place two Lunar telescopes near the Malapert crater. The crater is about 3 miles high. In recent news, they have expressed to send their robotic spacecraft up a little early in 2016. The company believes the moon holds valuable elements such as gold, iron, tungsten plus many other elements which could provide nuclear power without all the waste we currently are using. The Moon Express company has approximately 50 employees and have a goal of staying under 50 million dollars for the moon mission.

Awards and Recognition:

  • In 1999, he was awarded the Emerging Entrepreneur Award Winner by Ernst & Young.
  • In April 2011, he was given the Light of India Business Leadership Award by the The Times Group.
  • In December 2011, during the Red Herring Global 2011 Conference, he was awarded the Lifetime
    Achievement Award.

Personal Life:
Mr. Naveen Jain is married with 3 children. They live in Washington State just north of Seattle in Medina. The City of Medina is mostly reserved for the most wealthy including Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Moon Express
CEO September 6, 1959
Naveen Jain is a very successful Businessman, executive, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. founder and former CEO of InfoSpace.
227 Bellevue Way NE
Phone: (425) 974-6100
DOB: 09/06/1959


Mighty-O Donuts Competes in Food Network Donut Showdown

Seattle, WA: Announcing another Food Network showdown featuring the Mighty-O Donut Queen, Julie Twiggs.  Invited by the Food Network to compete in the Donut Showdown, Julie goes up against other international top donut creators.  This is the third time the Food Network has invited Mighty-O Donuts to appear on one of their networked shows.

On Wednesday, February 11th (6:30pm-8:30pm) Mighty-O will be showing the Food Network episode ‘Great Outdoors’ at the café (2110 N. 55th St, Seattle 98103).  In addition to the show, free donuts and coffee will be given to audience members, with emphasis on a selection of seasonal donuts and Julie’s Food Network donut creation.

Says Ryan Kellner, the owner and founder of Mighty-O Donuts, “It was an honor for us to be invited to another Food Network program”.  Ryan continues “Julie is an invaluable part of our team; it was an easy choice to send her to represent our company”.

In April, 2011 Mighty-O Donuts competed in the Food Network “Donut Challenge” taking first place; beating Seattle doughnuts Top Pot.

  • Donut showdown episode viewing party on Wednesday, February 11th 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Coffee and donuts served to audience members, along with some of Julie’s Donut Showdown donuts.
  • Mighty-O is an organic donut bakery focused on sustainability, environmental impact and community support.

About Mighty-O Donuts:  Our café is located in the Wallingford “Tangletown” neighborhood, with a wholesale baking facility in South Seattle and a soon to be announced new location.  We produce all of our own donut mixes and glazes from scratch using organic ingredients.  As a sustainably minded bakery, we donate our extra donuts to non-profit organizations serving the hungry.  We owe our success to our hard-working employees and our community who grow and share in our excitement about organic foods, great coffee and donuts.

Invited by the Food Network to compete in the Donut Showdown, Julie goes up against other international top donut creators.
Starts: 02/11/2015 06:30 am
Ends: 02/11/2015
Duration: 8 hours: and 30 minutes
2110 N 55th St
Seattle, WA

Seahawks Powering Up For Super Bowl XLIX

Seattle Seahawks Returning To Super Bowl

The big game is this weekend and I hope you’re as excited as I am.  Our Seattle Seahawks will be playing the New England Patriots in Arizona.  The build up as been happening all week and will continuing up until the kickoff time at 3:30 pm.  The season was a rough start for the Seahawks I will be the first to admit.  They struggle with several games and a little piece of me deep down started to question if we were going to make it even to the playoffs.  We even had a very challenging game against the Raiders who are considered by many to be the worst team in the entire NFL.  We seemed to make improvements after we let go of Percy Harvin to the Jets.  The Hawks started to play really well and won just about every game from there.  The energy of the team players was high and our injuries were low.  Russell was starting to find his grove in both the handoffs and passing routes.  The Beast (Lynch) must of started to pound the Skittles because his game dramatically increased as well.  He was running through teams and compiling the yards.  This brings us to the championship game against the Packers.  Many left at halftime in disappointment as the Green Bay Packers continued their assault on the Hawks. Then just when you thought the Hawks maybe getting to far behind they pull of an amazing fake field goal.  This set the tone and movement to push the Hawks to winning the game in overtime.  With a lot of luck and skill we made it to the Super Bowl again and the Seahawks fans in every bar exploded with excitement.  The imaginable comeback game just happened right in front of every ones eyes.  I was amazed and so was everyone else.  Tears were running down the cheeks of fans as they high fived their neighbor sitting next to them.  Talking with fans, it had to be the highlight game of the season.  It was another great year for Pete Carroll.  He consecutively pushed the Hawks for a repeat season.  There is only one thing which could top off this season… and that would winning the Super Bowl on Sunday again.

So how do you get your teenager into sports?  First, they often start young and are naturally talented.  When they are on the field at school are they obviously a head of the game?  Young students that are super talented tend to excel at a very young age.  They continue exceling through middle school and often HS and college as well.  Talented students often really enjoy sports.  They play after school and even in groups in facilities like at the House of Sports complex or even a local sports complex.  Their facility is one of the largest in the country for students and adults who want to enhance their skillsets.  They are a family facility and one of the owners is Donald Scherer.  Cities often have community centers (funded by that particular local city) students can visit to train as well.  If you live in the city, the fees are often waived.  We have one by our house and they charge just a few dollars per visit.  Some sports complexes have pools and gym equipment.  These are often included with just the one visit fee and others charge depending on what gym services you use.  At the end of the day if your student is highly talented and it’s clearly obvious, the family should certainly push forward with the training.  You’ll want to find the sport he/she is the best at and really focus on it long-term.  There is a point where you should see him/her excel on some kind of sport and that is the time to scale it up.  When it comes to football and maybe even joining the Seahawks – these guys have been playing football their whole lives.  Most go through college and get picked up by the leagues then and others come straight out of the High School.  Depending on their talent and position, they could be on the Seahawks or another major NFL league in no time.

The Seahawks big game is this Sunday February, 1st 2015 at 3:30 PST.  It will be broadcasted on the local channel.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, our Seattle Seahawks lost the big game. They were behind most of the game and came back big in the end only to lose by inches.

The Seattle Seahawks are a NFL team located in Seattle, Washington.
800 Occidental Ave S
Seattle, WA
Phone: 425-203-8000

Dr. Robi Ludwig – Friday Night Tykes (Esquire Network)

(1/4/15 – New York) Esquire Network is shining some bright camera lights on the exclusive culture of a youth football association in the heart of Texas. The compelling documentary series, called Friday Night Tykes (airing Tuesdays at 9PM Eastern Standard Time beginning January 20) follows five teams in the 10- and 11-year old Juniors division of the Texas Youth Football Association both on and off the field. Coaches and parents alike are also observed, offering their insights explaining why kids should suffer in order to achieve football glory and excellence.

While the parents and coaches support this tough love notion of discipline, they also struggle with a serious question: How hard is too hard to push your kids? As the Friday Night Tykes cameras continue to roll, one wonders if this militant approach to football which includes extreme training drills, heckling from crazy fans, along with the balancing of intense on-the-field demands, are put in place alongside the normal demands of being a child. This approach, however, may be failing rather than facilitating these kids’ mental and physical well-being.

To delve into this topic more comprehensively, Esquire Network and the 92nd Street Y will host a private screening of Friday Night Tykes on Wednesday January 14, 2015 at 8:15 p.m. This screening will be followed by a candid conversation on the state of youth sports in our culture. ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap will moderate the discussion. The other panelists will include former NFL players Tiki Barber and Bart Scott, who will also bring their own experiences as players and fathers into the discussion. Barber and Scott will be joined by Brian Morgan, President of the Texas Youth Football and Cheer Association, Matt Maranz, Executive Producer of Friday Night Tykes and Psychotherapist, author and award winning reporter Dr. Robi Ludwig.

Dr. Robi Ludwig will address such psychological themes as competition, how much is too much, as well as discuss how hyper competitive parenting styles combined with an obsession about winning, can ruin a child’s self-esteem. She will lead the discussion about important social, emotional and psychological implications associated with hyper competitive parents, controversial coaching techniques as well as address what happens when very young children feel an overwhelming pressure to win, at all costs.

Questions such as:
-Why do we continue to professionalize youth sport?
-When does competition become harmful?
-What is the outlook for children and professionalized type sports?
– How do we progress on in this sports’ field within our culture?

The ultimate goal for the panel is to have a productive debate and further the ongoing national conversation about this very problematic trend. This private event will be extended to media, 92nd Street Y special guests and influencers across sports, health and parenting media.

Robi Ludwig, Psy.D.

Esquire Network History:
A popular network TV channel in America. The network is owned jointly by Comcast (NBCUniversal) and the Hearst Corporation. It is believed that the venture is 50-50 ownership. The network mostly focuses on cooking, travel, and fashion. The non-sports male is a targeted audience by Esquire. It was originally named the Style Network by was later re-launched in Sept 2013. According to the Nielson ratings it’s available to approximately 73,500,000+ households. Their main office and headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California. In 2007, the network was launched in the Arab world and also across Southern Africa. The UK and Japan received the network in June 2008. Australia got the channel in 2009. The network is positioning itself for more International exposure in the future. These in both Poland and Romania.

Having watched the Esquire Network for many years now, I can say the channel is pretty amazing. They cover everything mostly for men including their fashion and even helping them cook. We all know that men need lots of help in those departments. I personally enjoy all the travel segments featured. I a strong believer in traveling the World so getting information about new locations or additional information is always fun to watch for me. I want to see everything in the World but unfortunately can’t be everywhere. It’s nice just to have at your finger tips. The photography is amazing and the network really provides well thought out research.

Dr. Robi Ludwig is a popular psychotherapist, author, and TV personality. She has been featured on countless shows and media channels. Recently she became a contributor to Bella Magazine and was appointed to their advisory medical board. You can view the entire list of 8 individuals on their website. She is also a contributor on the Huffington Post. Ludwig is married to David Ludwig and has an practice office in New York. They have two children. She is a published author featured on Amazon as well as an award winner reporter. Her book entitled Till Death Do Us Part has been quite successful and is available online. You can read our book review here. On that same topic, she has a popular article entitled Killer Lovers which was published exclusively on the Emerald City Journal several months ago (September 2014). It is one of our most visited pages.

Throughout the years, her experience has placed her on many news channels and TV shows. Channels like Fox News, MSNBC, and Entertainment Today have made her a popular medical advisor. There is simply to many to list. Ludwig is very engaged on the Internet and social media sites. She does try to help individuals with questions submitted as time permits and this includes comments as well. She understands the importance of keeping up to date this the news and topics in the industry and that is the reason why she is in so much demand. There are countless articles, sites, and videos featuring her as well.

The show, Friday Night Tykes, continues to be a success on the Esquire Network. Please check your local listing for time and channel information. The show recently started its second season.

American digital channel owned by NBC and Hearst Corp. It was started in 1999.
5750 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-954-2400

New Seattle Driver Tax Pending – Pay Per Mile

Seattle Driving Tax Pay Per Mile

A measure is on the table and is expected to be approved by the Washington State Transportation Commission. In short, this new pilot program (trial) would require drives to get a GPS device installed in their cars. They would then charge drivers per mile for the amount they drove on the public roads. They could start the initial testing of the pilot program in 2016. State Legislature would need to give final approval for the test project. The suggested program was modeled after a similar project happening in Oregon. All of this is in response by the Transportation Commission to help pay for roads since the gas tax revenue is supposedly not enough anymore.

The program would also give drivers several options of payments. You can choose the flat fee (all you can drive), odometer reporting, GPS locator installed, or download an app on their smartphone. The fee would be called a road usage fee. They also stated the drivers would get credit for any gas taxes paid.

If everything is approved and move forward the full program wouldn’t begin until 2018.

With that being said let me say it again (as I have said it many times before) and that is our leaders sit around all day just thinking this crap up. They have nothing better to do but think of ways to nickel and dime the public for the failed or horribly managed programs. This is another attempt and example of my very point. The issue with this moving forward is that it would need to be passed without voter support because there is no way the public would approve such a program. With that being said, the public did put Obama in office the second term (after a horrible first term) approved Obamacare so maybe I’m wrong. I would like to think, however, the public would be smart enough to know that getting tracked and paying more in taxes in a bad idea. What angers me is that this is just one step closer the government monitoring. It would be easy the government to weasel there way into it behind the scenes (under national security) and use it to their benefit as well. They do it now with Comcast and the phone companies so this program would be an easy entry point to make that happen. Just another way to get inside all our lives. Another way to track cars and track individuals. It’s really not far fetched considering their involvement with the other everyday items we use such as computers. This will never be discussed or mentioned just as it’s not mentioned with Comcast or our phone service providers.

The other issue is the argument of not enough tax revenue. Sure, I can see their point on this one. We are moving into a more hybrid culture. However, the state has been cooking the books for years on this revenue. People are driving more and working longer than they ever have before. Gas is coming down (only because it’s Winter) but will rise again as it always does. I honestly am not convinced gas prices adjust due to supply and demand anymore. It’s a controversial and debatable topic. Our government has milked just about every program and service we have available. They understand gas prices, have reserves, and understand how supply and demand can be manipulated so more taxes are paid on it. It would be silly to think over wise. It’s happening but the public is very naive about it.

With that being said, I vote a big fat NO WAY on this.

UPDATE: July 2015, Oregon is going to be testing out this program with 1500 drivers (volunteers). They branded the program OReGO (which is a stupid name – by the way). These drivers will submit their driving logs or install a device to monitor their miles. They will then pay a rate of 1.5 cents per mile to the state. States across the nation have expressed they cannot afford to pay for their roads so they continue to think of ways, laws, taxes ect to make repairs. As I’ve state my opinion above in the article, I wouldn’t support this new law. I can’t imagine anyone else supporting it either. States have been able to pass agendas which are not supported by the people. As long as it benefits them from a revenue perspective – laws have been known to pass successfully. I can only express the solution so many times on the Emerald City Journal and it’s the same for every problem we have (education, buses, gas taxes) the people just want transparency in spending. It’s that simple. The financial figures need to be broken down by item for projects and determine where the money is really being spent. If we are actually spending all our tax revenue appropriately, the people will understand the need – thus fully support an increase in taxes. The states and cities, however, know they continue to waste money on roads, projects, interstates, ramps, ect that really don’t need work (but passed to keep people working only). They do provide financial reports but the data is very general and doesn’t get into specifics of spending. This is done on purpose so it’s not criticized. This is where we need accountability and corrections to be made. If the city or states can clearly itemize their spending with valid work, salaries, jobs, then the people will comply with the tax reform efforts. They will have to – roads are a must have for everyone. It’s not that difficult just prove where that tax money is being spent for the roads. Until that happens, I will be keeping my checkbook closed.

Seattle Tunnel Project More Troubles

Seattle Tunnel Project Big Bertha

The troubles continue with Big Bertha. We’ve talked about the issues many times on the Emerald City Journal and really we are just beating a dead horse on this one. You can read about more Big Bertha troubles here. It was reported that the city is starting to notice cracks around the tunneling efforts. The Washington State Transportation Dept. is making the claim and the city council is starting to hear more about the issue now. This includes cracks in the streets, buildings, and even the settling of buildings in Seattle’s Pioneer Square area. It shouldn’t come as a surprise really. Water continues to flood the dig area and it’s being sucked out constantly. It turns out when you dig below the sea level – there is water!! Well… that is good to know I wonder how many millions they spent to figure that out. The Seattle Council is expect to hear more about the issue with the machine and area cracking today.

This is all one big disaster and this project shouldn’t have ever started. It’s all bad and it continues to get worse. Big Bertha continues to break down not only itself but the city is now cracking all over the place. Time to cut the losses the make it one big flat area. Tear down the Viaduct, add some roads which connects the area more efficiently, a park, lots of parking (where you overcharge as usual $8 per hour), and call it a day.

The history of Big Bertha:
Named after Seattle’s only female mayor Bertha Knight Landes. The machine itself was created by Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works located in Osaka, Japan. The assembly, however, was done in Seattle 2013. The measurement of the machine is 57ft in diameter and as of 2013 was the largest in the World that is known.

There continues to be issues with Big Bertha today. Back in early Dec 2013 the machines progress took it first hit. A pipe was discovered in the area and Big Bertha was not equipped to handle metal cutting. The pipe damaged the machine and replacement blades were needed. WSDOT stated that they knew about the pipe but believed it was removed. Responsibility of the issue is still unknown. As of Dec. 6th 2013 Bertha has only been able to push through 11% of the project length of the project (1,019ft).

Feb. 2014 it was reported that Big Bertha had been experiencing an issue with overheating and a seal (a main seal) was damaged and needed replacement. This set back is expected to take until March 2015. Dec. 2014 crews are working to lift the front end of the machine for the repair. As noted in the article there are also reports of cracking in the streets and buildings so the Seattle Council is getting briefed on that issue as well (Dec. 15th 2014).

What is the Alaskan Way Viaduct?
The Viaduct had good intentions but has turned into one of Seattle’s worst nightmares. In short, it’s a double decked section of elevated road in downtown Seattle. It runs from Route 99 along the Elliot Bay waterfront and then into downtown Seattle. It transports about 110,000 cars per day. It’s called the Alaskan Way Viaduct because it runs about the street Alaskan Way. There was an earthquake (Nisqually earthquake) in 2001 that damage the viaduct and it continues to be a burden. There has been lots of debates and arguments of what to do with it exactly. One thing that everyone agrees on is that something must be done with it. Some have argued to just remove it and build a park, however, the City of Seattle Council took the initiative and decided to an alternative route of boring a tunnel with a machine by the name of Big Bertha. At this point Big Bertha has failed. It sits broken waiting to be fixed. There are reports that the area has shift due to the tunnel/boring efforts and water continues to flood the hole (being pumped out). Again with good intentions, the tunnel project has failed costing millions (and soon billions) in tax revenue. The project is estimated to cost $4.25 billion dollars.

Injuries are at their highest right now (2015) which has resulted in lots of compensation claims. From crushed hands to injured knees people has started to get hurt and it’s costing more and more money to support this tunnel project failure. Next time the state or Seattle complains about how bad the roads are and how they need to have you pay more in taxes – just remember where all the money is going. It’s going into this money pit. How about the pay by the mile program they are going to propose to you soon? Should we have to pay by the mile in taxes because our city government can’t cut the cord or determine a failed project. We’ve lost so much road repair money on this project at this point it’s sad politics. It’s come to point where it’s so obvious a failure that their egos don’t want it to fail. So they are going to throw more money at it hoping one day they can call it a success. The tunnel machine Bertha hasn’t even moved in a while. It’s been broken for months and not expect to start again until August of this year. When do we call is quits on this project? The city is sinking, people are getting hurt, it’s costing billions and billions – let’s pull the plug and build some interconnect roads in that area. Just flatten it and cut our loses.

Internet Connection For The Homeless

Seattle Internet for the homeless

Seattle council member Kshama Sawant is pushing the need to get Internet access for the homeless. She wants to allowcate $100,000 of Seattle funds to make this mission a success. The debate on the issue is simple. Some believe that the homeless have bigger needs than the Internet while others believe Internet access will provide them with the opportunity to look for jobs. I have to say I stand with Kshama Sawant on this issue. I’m for the Internet as I believe it’s an extra tool which could lead to more opportunities (like jobs and making money). Unfortunately, I think the terms need to be tweaked to make this work, however. First, $100,000 budget for some Internet access is extreme. Internet is $50 per month by Comcast and I’m sure the city of Seattle could arrange a non profit deal with them to get an even better rate. In fact, they probably could just wire it in with their current city Internet connections. It really shouldn’t cost more the $15,000 per year project. With more access the shelters could attract volunteers to work with the homeless one on one and get their resume updated, email setup, typing skills, and general Internet usage help. There really is a lot of opportunity on the Internet. It’s the difference of sending 100 resumes a week or 10 resumes a week. In addition, there needs to be some blocking setup on the computers so they are not misused. That setup doesn’t cost anything extra.

In short, lets move forward on the issue with a better plan on implementation and a much lower budget.

Dr. Robi Ludwig Book Review & Bio

Dr. Robi Ludwig Photograph

The website, is a popular book review website that started back in 2007. They pride themselves as being a site that focuses on its readers and book recommendations. The company has over 30 million readers and 34 million books in their database. One of the many popular features of the site is that you can view what your friends are reading and also what they have read previously. You can also leave reviews and make suggestions to your friends. Otis Chandler is the CEO and the very reason why he created the site so he could easily get recommendations from friends. Of course, he created it for his passion for books as well.

One of the books featured on the website is entitled “Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage, and the Mind of the Killer Spouse”. The book is authored by Dr. Robi Ludwig and Matt Birkbeck. This book goes into great detail and analysis about killer spouses. It dives into the some of the specific psychological reasons of why it may have happened or why one spouse turned violent. They discuss the spouse profiles and history. According to Dr. Robi Ludwig, on the Goodreads website the full description of the book is described and quoted as: “Every day six people in the United States are murdered by spouses or intimate partners. Society is captivated and startled by stories of these killers, leading people to wonder how seemingly normal and happy people manage to go over the edge. In Till Death Do Us Part, noted psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig, along with journalist Matt Birkbeck, presents the psychological profiles of notorious killer spouses — from Scott Peterson and Clara Harris to Rabbi Fred Neulander and Betty Broderick. Dr. Ludwig reveals the ten killer personality types and defines them in detail with examples from high-profile cases and in-depth analyses of the motivations behind the murders.” I must say she describes the book very well and is highly qualified in this area. There are currently 73 ratings of the book online at and 11 full reviews for the book. It is a paperback and features 256 pages. The book publisher is Atria books.  I wrote about my review and additional information about Robi’s the book here.

Till Death Do Us Part

History of Dr. Robi Ludwig

Writing and talking about a complicated issue of why a spouse would kill their partner, you must be experienced. Author Dr. Robi Ludwig is highly successful and experienced. She graduated from California Southern University. In addition, she also has a certificate from Hunter College, a Masters Degree from the University of Pennsylvania (social work – 1990), and a bachelor’s degree from Cedar Crest College (mass communications). She is a contributor to many major media sites including the Huffington Post. You can also find her live on the radio station Magic 100.1 (New Jersey). The segment on the show is called “Ask Dr. Robi”. She helps callers with questions and answers live on the radio. According to the website Psychology Today she has 15+ years of practical experience.

TV Appearances

Dr. Robi Ludwig has hosted and made several TV appearances throughout the years. She was on two seasons of TLC’s reality show, “One Week to Save Your Marriage” as well as , GSN’s reality game show, “Without Prejudice?” according to her official website. It also states that she was a “regular on CNN, Headline News and The Fox News Channel where she talks about psychological/lifestyle issues as well as the criminal mind. She also appears on national shows such as: ET, TODAY, 20/20, ABC World News, The View, Fox and Friends, The Steve Harvey Show, Wendy Williams, The Bill Cunningham Show, Neil Cavuto, Hannity and Lou Dobbs helping audiences and guests alike to understand the complexities of the human condition.”

Jewelry Business Vise Mari

Dr. Ludwig believes that everyone has to right to look beautiful, and wear stunning costumes and jewelry. Her national recognition can be judged by the fact that most of the noble personalities, whether working in media or corporate world, like to wear her collections. She is passionate to proceed further in this line along with her professional responsibilities. She is continuing her commit to writing and discussing psychological issues in the media as well as attending to her patients and building a healthy partnership with ShopNBC. Her jewelry line is named Vise Mari ( All of her jewelry pieces are described as being big and bold. Her jewelry has been worn by stylists and celebrities. Her goal is to make people feel good and beautiful about themselves. Each piece is carefully made and very affordable. Dr. Robi Ludwig was quoted as saying “It’s my goal to make every woman feel like her very best self, so she can go out into the world to sparkle and shine. To create a line of jewelry that’s both beautiful and purposeful is truly a dream come true.”

Being so successful in her career this far, there is a high probability that her childhood inclination will earn her fame in this jewelry line as well. Her early love exerted her creative skills and she started designing jewelry for herself. Being her sole collection, it looks very sophisticated and bears a mild touch of ancient times, which created excitement among her fans and they started questioning her about the vendor from where she shops. She herself was not aware of how much the public craves for her specifically designed jewelry items, but discovered it soon. She designed her first collection upon the request of her close friend, to raise funds for a charity and then came the very popular “believe pendant” to the market.

Personal Life

Even with a fast moving career and business, Dr. Ludwig does have time for the family. She lives in New York with her husband (married) and two children. Her husband’s name is David Ludwig. According to Hitched Magazine she has been married approximately 13 years. As a child, she was raised in Chatham, New Jersey. Her Mother (Helene Shalotsky) was a school teacher and her Father (Charles Shalotsky) was an executive for a men’s product company. She has two sisters and she is the niece of Irving Gikofsky. He also went by the name of Mr. G. He was an actor who played in People I know in 2002 and also Honey, I Shrunk The Kids in 1997.

Seattle Appearances

We were unable to find any history of appearances for this celebrity in Seattle, Washington.

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Joseph Tacopina Biography

Joseph Tacopina

On the Emerald City Journal, we provide some of most thorough information that is related to many of the celebrities and CEO’s in Seattle. Below you’ll find our most recent addition to the Journal which we have entitled the Joe Tacopina Biography and career history. It’s the full story about Mr. Tacopina and his life story.

Attorney Joseph Tacopina was born 4/14/66. He is a criminal defense attorney based in New York. In 1994 he founded his law firm the Law Offices of Joseph Tacopina, P.C. and he is also the chairman of the Bologna Football Club. By the time Joe Tacopina was 42 years old he had already had 80 cases under his belt. The media started to call him the “hottest young criminal defense lawyer” in New York. Mr. Tacopina was a prosecuting attorney as well before becoming a famous defense attorney. Before his fame, however, he earned a law degree from the University of Bridgeport. Also, a graduate of Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. He is a high profile celebrity and one of the most successful defense attorneys (if not the most successful) in the country. His cases have been known to be some of the most difficult and most profiled in the legal field.

Joe’s history of legal experience and high profile cases, puts him in the cross hairs of the media. You can often find him appearing on TV being a legal expert/analyst on shows such as Fox News, NBC, CNBC, CNN, and Court TV to name just a few. Joe is not afraid to speak his mind and discuss openly about case law and verdicts (as long as he is able legally). You can sometimes even find him debating and/or discussing legal points of view on “Imus in the Morning” with Don Imus. He is not afraid to speak his mind even if that means being loud about it.

According to his official website “Mr. Tacopina is a member of the Federal Bar Council, the New York Counsel of Defense Lawyers, and the Judicial Committee for the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.” Both of these associations solidifies his expertise in this area. New York has a lot of competition in the legal field and having these associations really demonstrates his dedication to this field.

Joesph Tacopina is a Managing Member at TAG Partners LLC. The firm was in talks to purchase 100% of the soccer club Bologna but unfortunately the deal was delayed and later dropped. The TAG firm and Bolangna deal was expected to be in the $28.6 million dollar range approximately. In Oct 2014, however, Tacopina & Joey Saputo were successful in the acquisition of the soccer club.

The Bologna Soccer Club:
As we mentioned above, the initial struggles to acquire the Bologna Soccer Club was not easy. He battled the allegation that he may flee the area to manage the team and that his assets should be frozen as well. Mr. Tacopina denied all the allegations and continues to practice law in the New York area. Tacopina and Joey Saputo (A Canadian investor) took over the team in late Oct 2014 and the fans were excited over the news. Over the last few years, the Bologna Soccer Team was failing to preform well and having the new leadership in place offer lots of hope for the future years. It was unfortunate the team was doing so badly because the history of the team is actually quite successful. It has won the Italian league championship 7 times and considered to be the 6th most successful team in the league. Despite all the allegations and finger pointing directed at Mr. Tacopina, he has shown his leadership to take the team over the make it once again very successful. Not to mentioned loved again by the many fans to love the team and sport.

Mr. Tacopina was a director at SG Building and later company from January 2008 until November 4, 2011. SG Building provided code engineer shipping containers.

Other career highlights include:

  • He was a key figure at Talent Representation. It’s a talent representation, marketing, and advising firm. (2009)
  • Vice Chairman of A.S. Roma S.P.A since 10/2011 and served as director since 2011.
  • Tacopina is a member of the board at Advantage Home Telehealth Inc.
  • Director of Barnaba S.r.l
  • Member of the Federal Bar Council, New York Counsel of Defense Lawyers, and Judicial Committee for the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.
  • Serves on the Legislative Committee for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
  • Mr. Tacopina volunteers his time as an Adjunct Professor at Fordham Law School and lectures nationwide.

Popular Criminal Cases By Joseph Tacopina:
– Viewed as being one of the most shocking verdicts in history by the media, New York Police Officers Franklin Meta and Kenneth Moreno were found to be Not Guilty of Rape (Acquitted by Jury) in May 2011. A women claimed she was raped while intoxicated.

– Represented State Senator Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) was cleared of felony assault. The allegation was that he slashed his girlfriend Karla Giraldo with a piece of broken glass.

– Bryan Thomas who is a linebacker with the Jets was charged in Randolph Town Court. Joseph Tacopina represented the professional football player. The allegation was that he committed aggravated assault upon his wife at their home.

– Represented Melanie McGuire in her murder trial. The allegation was that McGuire murdered and dismembered her husband. His body was found in 3 suitcases in the Chesapeake Bay.

– Mr. Tacopina was part of the team who represented Michael Jackson during his child molestation case.

– Represented famed actor Lillo Brancato who was charged with felony murder. Mr. Brancato was acquitted by Joe Tacopina.

– In another high profile case Mr. Tacopina successfully represented van der Sloot in regards to the allegation of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The lawsuit was brought to the court by the parents of Natalee Holloway. With the representation of Tacopina the case was dismissed.

– Represented a popular land assessor by the name of John Nicolo who was charged with bribery and money laundering by the Eastman Kodak Company.

– A very high profile and infamous case known as the body snatchers. Tacopina represented on the case where two men were accused of cutting open fresh corpses and selling the body parts. Prosecutors stated the ring netted approximated $4.7 million dollars over 4 years with allegedly 1,077 corpses.

Personal Life:
Mr. Joe Tacopina met his wife back in Law School. He later decided to move to her hometown of Westport New York. This small town only has a population of 1,312 which was recorded in 2010.

Mr. Tacopina does in person and TV appearances. We’ve looked for any future appearances for Seattle, Washington but was unable to find any at this time. If a Seattle event comes to the area, the Emerald City Newspaper will be the first to report that for you.

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