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Enchanted Valley: The Best Trail in the Pacific Northwest

Hiking Enchanted Valley Pacific Northwest

“Are there bears?” I asked my cousin Damon.

“I’ve been there two times and I’ve never seen a bear.” he replied, laughing. I had been on several hikes with Damon before, but never overnight. This would be my first overnight backpacking trip and we were heading on a three-day excursion into Enchanted Valley, an unbelievably picturesque destination in the Olympic National Park.

Enchanted Valley is home to the Enchanted Valley Chalet, a magnificent log cabin built in 1930 that rests along the edge of the Quinault River. The trail to Enchanted Valley is 26 miles with an elevation gain of 1700 feet, so it’s not impossible to complete in a shorter trip, but we really wanted to take our time and enjoy ourselves, so we made a weekend out of it.

The drive along Highway 101 is beautiful. From the town of Hoquiam, Washington, it’s takes about an hour and a half to get to the trailhead. You’ll want to turn east onto South Shore Road and go about 13.5 miles, then go right at the junction at Quinault River Bridge. After the junction, you will continue down a lonely stretch of road for about six miles until you reach the trailhead. This last portion of the trip may seem like the wrong way, just because there really aren’t any signs or mileposts, but as long as you go right at the junction you will know you are heading on the right path. If you hike pretty often you probably already know this, but remember your cellphone will likely not work at this point, or at any point within the National Park.

Hiking Enchanted Valley Seattle

Being that it was my first overnight backpacking experience, I was a little nervous as to whether or not I had packed enough food. Luckily Damon was a pretty experienced hiker, so he provided me with a list of what I should bring. All together, I packed about six Mountain House meals for both breakfast and dinner, along with several granola and energy bars for snacks along the way. Peanut Butter tubes are great for a cheap on-the-go alternative as well. Of course, the most important thing to pack on a long hike is water, and in our case that meant packing our Camelbaks and water filtration systems. For this trip, we brought along our Platypus water filter system. This trail runs along the river, so filtering water is not too much of a hassle.

One of the first things I noticed as we made our way from the trailhead was the incredible height and width of the old growth trees. Perhaps even more incredible than the trees was the behavior of the animals. Mice, chipmunks, and even deer weren’t even the least bit afraid of people. On the first night of our hike a deer came within about seven feet from me and didn’t even jump when I got up. I was able to snap a close photo of it. It’s amazing to consider how much human behavior dictates the behavior of animals.

By day two I was already starting to get used to being in the forest. In fact, I was really enjoying it. We rarely came across other people, and when we did, they were usually extremely friendly. The calm of the forest was such a welcome change from the constant buzz of traffic and activity in the city. On the trail, the only sound I could hear was the sound of the Quinault River. I was getting used to seeing deer and other small animals along the trail, but as we neared the seventh mile of our thirteen mile pathway we came upon a small herd of elk. As if the herd of elk wasn’t enough, rounding a corner I encountered a sight that is as fresh in my mind as if it had happened yesterday. There, in the trail, a mere twenty yards ahead of me, a large black bear glanced my way as it meandered down toward the river, stopping me in my tracks.

“Bear.” I whispered to my hiking mates. Just as soon as it glanced our way it simply continued on its path. The bear undoubtedly knew we were there, but it had no interest in us whatsoever. This feeling was not mutual. Damon had seen bears before, so the first thought he had was to break out the camera and snap a picture. On the other hand, my heart was racing, and I simply wanted to get as far away from it as possible. Fortunately Damon was able to snap this one photo, but we never saw it again. That night I barely slept. Although I knew there was absolutely no rational reason to fear the bear, my fight or flight instincts had kicked in and my adrenaline was still pumping well into the night. I couldn’t believe the awesome size and strength of this creature. As black bears go, it was probably only average size, roughly 300-400 pounds, but even an average bear makes for a large animal. I’d seen one from my car before, but seeing one up close when there is no barrier between yourself and the bear can be quite an experience.

Bear At Enchanted Valley National Park

We planned our trip so that the first day we only had to travel about 6.5 miles, then days two would take us an additional 6.5, so that the final day we would travel back the entire 13 miles. It’s not that it’s impossible to travel the 13 miles in one day, in fact one of the young park rangers did so regularly. We just wanted to take our time and enjoy the experience and we certainly did. By the end of day two we had reached Enchanted Valley, and I must say the Enchanted Valley Chalet was quite a sight. As you will see in the photo, it’s hard to imagine a better place to have a cabin. It’s used by the Park Rangers, so you aren’t really able to go inside, but if a Ranger is nearby I am sure they would let you have a look. We spent the majority of our time in the Valley just enjoying the view of the mountains and the river. Our 13 mile trek home the next day wasn’t too bad, considering we were on our way back we just took less stops and everything went fine. If someone were to ask me what the best hike in the Pacific Northwest is I would definitely say this is the one. It’s not the most challenging, but it’s certainly the most rewarding.

Author: Nic Poe

Nic Poe lives in Longview, Washington where he teaches English. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Writing from Marylhurst University. His short story The Batros, appeared in the November 2011 issue of Beyond Centauri.

Perry Rogers: How the Internet Has Changed Public Relations

Perry Rogers PR Partners Firm

The nature of marketing is changing. Not only is it getting more complex, but the growth is happening at an alarming rate. Identifying the nature of each marketing job is nearly impossible, and journalists and Internet experts are as involved as marketing as public relations. I have worked in PR for my entire life, and people approach Perry Rogers and PR Partners because we have managed to stay on top of the newest trends.

About Perry Rogers:
Serves as the President of PR Partners (Started in 2008). Graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in Accounting as well as attended the University of Arizona where he successfully completed his law degree. Mr. Perry Rogers is a board member of one of the most popular theme parks in the country, Six Flags. He knows business very well and he has several ventures which continue to be a success. One of those includes being a co-founder of Meadows Bank. He also has held an interest in PURE Nightclub which is located in Caesars Palace Las Vegas. [Full Resume for Perry Rogers]

His company, PR Partners, focuses on managing the careers, PR, and legacies, of the highest valued sports professionals. They offer a variety of services including endorsement management, NBA contract negotiations, media packets, TV, Radio, Print & Web exposure . A few of their clients include Kyrie Irving, Harrison Barnes, Todd Wilbur, George Whitfield Jr., and Shaquille O’Neal. His company has proven to be successful in their client’s careers and even beyond. One of the biggest benefits of his firm is not only his personal experience but to their contacts which can provide tremendous opportunities not only for sports professionals but actors as well.

You can read much more about him and his company on his LinkedIn below:

The Changing Climate

How has my job changed? Well, today I do not just wriggle brands into the public eye using journalists. I need to influence people online using social medial. I market content to improve public image. My company deals with sports professionals as much as newspapers/media. Regardless of how much the field changes, there are two overriding principles I believe will always hold true:

1) Trust matters. If a person does not believe in my client’s brand, the client’s business suffers. Whether he or she fears the ability to perform a service or deliver a quality product on schedule, trust guides purchasing decisions.

2) The message must reach as many people as possible. It does not matter how great your message is or how trustworthy the brand appears. If nobody knows about a company, they cannot use their services.

Improving Reach

Speaking very broadly, the internet has divided reach into a two-pronged campaign for every client we take on:

1) Journalists. PR experts have historically relied on journalists to convey their message. Press releases and articles are written by or on behalf of clients, and they need to be published somewhere. Journalists are a trusted source of material. Reading the newspaper used to be a daily or weekly occurrence. The hard-working father reading the newspaper with his morning coffee was a stereotype for a reason.

However, a journalist’s reach is limited by what medium he or she uses to reach the public. There is a stark difference between publishing in a local paper versus The Washington Post.

2) Online. Influencing customers online and establishing trust is perhaps more dynamic than using traditional print and TV media, but the basic principles are the same. Customers have to be aware of the brand, the company’s message, and its content. Content quality and customer interaction are much more important. Social media determines how effective a company is at interacting with and responding to customer’s criticisms and concerns.

Both of these outlets for improving reach are important, and each company needs to use them differently. A company selling software specifically to younger audiences will rely more heavily on internet marketing, while an established, respected corporation will likely use both more evenly.

Other companies strive to let their customers do their work for them. Not directly, of course, but there are a lot of industry bloggers carving out their online niches and customer bases by simply reporting on certain fields. The best PR firms know how to influence those bloggers, either directly or indirectly, by personalizing their reach and pitching marketing campaigns directly to those bloggers.

This is a great approach because the public more implicitly trusts bloggers than they do direct advertisements. Ads are created by a company, and thus they are biased. Bloggers and internet personalities are seen as a kind of defense: a public phalanx set to weed out potentially misleading material and promote what is best for the consumer.

Changes Due to Social Media

Social media is turning PR into the dynamic, challenging field it has become today. The question we often get is, “How do you use social media to control public image of my company?” This is a valid question because simple mistakes now go viral and can cost thousands, if not millions, of dollars in damage in a matter of hours.

Let us think back to the Encarta Encyclopedia. This was seen as one of the best, most powerful informational tools of its time. Developed by Microsoft, it appeared on the surface to have every possible advantage. After all, Microsoft is a Forbes 100 company with a near-infinite budget, and it had cornered the encyclopedia publishing market. This was not just due to marketing; Encarta was a great product that offered better information for a lower price.

Then Wikipedia came along, and in less than a decade, the Encarta giant was dead. In another ten years, few people will remember the name. Wikipedia was created for far less money and written by the public. Experts from all over the World have donated millions of hours writing billions of words.

Social media operates much in the same way. PR firms no longer write the entirety of their own content – the public does it for them. What companies need in a quality PR firm these days is the ability to guide that content and ensure the information spreading around supplements your brand and improves your overall image.

Dr. Robi Ludwig: Getting Married? Here is What to Expect, Statistically

First Time Married by Dr. Robi Ludwig

Disney movies seem to have the whole “romance equals marriage” thing figured out. What Disney movies fail to include in their happy-go-lucky outlook is that marriage, at times, can be work. Watching Prince Charming kiss Snow White to wakefulness may make you question the romance in your own marriage, but it helps to remind yourself that the romances Disney portrays are often dated, idealistic notions of love. And, as it turns out, they are only really documenting early stages. Psychologists have studied the marriage track and concluded that most married couples go through many stages, stages that most couples will hit in their marriage. Sometimes, these require more dedication and care.

Married couples can attest even happy marriages require work. Vows merge one life to another and suddenly personal gain must give way toward a common goal. Your partner has equal share of your burdens, and you of theirs. As spouses spend more time together, they tend to go through several, predictable stages. These stages occur as your personal identity gives up control, even in small amounts, and embraces the nature of a true union.

Why the Stages of Marriage Complicate Unions

Couples go through five major stages of personal development. These stages are ones of exciting, confusing growth. They are challenging for two reasons:

1. Each partner progresses through these stages at differing speeds. You may be stuck at stage three while your spouse has already ascended to stage five. This difference leads to misunderstandings, as one spouse may wonder why their partner is still stuck on petty control issues he or she has long surpassed.

2. Most people are unaware these stages exist. People tend to have a basic understanding of the stages of grief. Depression and anger are expected. The stages of marriage are every bit as natural as grief, though more tied to ego. When ego comes into play, tricky variables, like admitting fault and making compromises, seemingly evolve into impossible feats.

The good news for all married couples is when you finally find light at the other end of the tunnel, the major storms of your life are out of the way. These couples experience the full benefits of love and affection promised by matrimony.

The Five Stages of Marriage

1.) The first stage is the best-loved. This is when your body chemistry launches itself into overdrive, akin to an adolescent holding hands for the first time. This stage represents the kind of mortar love songs are about. Even the mention of a name spurs the heart into a quickened pitter-patter.

Your life seems inexplicably tied to theirs, the deep burning desire of passion increasing your positive attitude toward the other person, personal energy, sensitivity, and sexuality. This stage is common in fresh love, but often heightened during the first year or two of marriage, starting with the honeymoon.

2.) At some point a fight breaks out that spurs one partner’s doubt about the union. This stage breaks the mirror, so to speak. You realize flaws in your partner for the first time, but it is accompanied by a nagging, negative voice that says “can I live with this for the rest of my life?” Will you divorce because your partner never washes the dishes after you make dinner? The mantra here is: old habits die hard.

Stage two is the hardest to stomach, because the differential between the incredible passion of stage one and feelings of personal betrayal in stage two are so large. The newness is gone and is replaced by familiarity.

Another challenge is by the third or fourth year of marriage, the situations with impossible answers surface. Should we have kids? Do we pack up and move across the country for that incredible career opportunity? It is unfortunate that as partners begin to distrust the capabilities of their partner these questions must be addressed.

3.) In stage three usually both partners have entrenched themselves. The trenches do not have to be a stark, dividing line between tired arguments. They can manifest through habits, lifestyles, even chore procedures. At this stage both couples think his or her opinion is the best one. Relationships that lack communication struggle with this stage. During this stage, a couple may frequently tell couples’ therapists that they have tried everything but the gap will never be bridged. To pass stage three, couples must invest their time and energy to meet in the middle. The fifth year is cited as the statistically most challenging for married couples. Most are in stage three during that year.

4.) Stage four is the point where couples stop trying to change one another. They recognize the habits that will die hard, or never disappear, and resign themselves to making the best of the situation. Some may struggle, seeking advice from friends, family members, and therapists on how to live with the aspects of the marriage that are displeasing. Fights still happen, but they lack the same oomph from the early days. After years of traveling uphill, couples are finally about to stroll down the other side of the mountain, to the sunny meadows.

5.) Statistically speaking, nearly half of marriages fail. Many more couples stay together out of habit, living their lives without speaking much with one another. Maybe divorce is too expensive, or perhaps they have been together too long to make the change. Whatever the numbers are, a good number of couples never reach the last stage.

Here couples honestly appreciate the life they’ve lived together. Shared memories burn brighter, and both partners feel secure in their roles. The things that seemed so important before have been reduced to petty grievances, barely worth noticing.

As a final note by Dr. Robi Ludwig, I would like to state that communication is what drives all successful marriages. Stages 2-4 are impossible to surpass without talking through problems. Nobody ever said marriage was easy, but for some reason most first-timers assume it is.

If you found this article interesting or want to learn more about Dr. Robi Ludwig check out her article about Killer Spouses and biography history.  We cover everything about her in that article and it’s a good read.

Plan Day Trips to Theme Parks in Seattle

Amusment Parks in Seattle having fun
Amusement parks are a popular attraction for people of all ages. Far from a few simple thrill rides, modern parks work to provide entertainment to suit everyone’s tastes. If you’re planning a vacation, or just looking for a new way to have fun on the weekend, here you will find the Seattle amusement park that is worth visiting:

Wild Waves Amusement Park: Seattle Amusement Park
Once known as Enchanted Forest, this combination of water and theme park was owned by Six Flags until it was sold in 2007. It now operates independently. This Seattle amusement park include the 75-foot-tall Timberhawk wooden coaster, the spinning Timber Axe, and the splash down ride Lumberjack Falls.

Smaller children will enjoy the kiddie rides, and there’s enough variety of water attractions and big thrill rides to keep all types of people entertained at the Seattle amusement park.

Season passes are available at a cheap price for people that return to the park; young children and seniors have a discount, and infants under two get in free at this Seattle amusement park. (

Riverfront Park
Seattle Amusement Park: Riverfront Park Amusement parks in Seattle don’t need to be expensive to visit; several of the attractions in Riverfront Park are totally free.

Popular tourist attractions include the scenic Spokane Falls and historical Clocktower, and the sculpture walk is sure to interest anyone with an eye for art.

If you’d rather enjoy more traditional amusement park fare, Riverfront Park delivers: The Pavilion Amusement Rides are available all summer, with a wide variety of tilting, spinning, and free-falling thrills for all ages. (

Pacific Science Center
If you’re looking for more educational theme parks in Seattle, the Pacific Science Center could be exactly what you need. A six-acre hands-on science museum, this location also includes stage shows, a butterfly house, planetarium, laser shows, IMAX movies, and much more.

Tickets are pretty cheap, although you can expect to pay a bit more if you’re going to an IMAX film during your visit. Returning members can purchase a membership and receive free entry. (

Whether looking for an educational park, an outdoor family fun adventure, or a water park, theme parks in Seattle offer a great deal of fun and education for everyone. Seattle water parks and theme parks provide a great way to spend a day during your vacation, or even just get away for awhile during a dull weekend.

Relationship Advice: The Prince Charming Factor?

Prince Charming Factor Dating

Dr. Robi Ludwig was interviewed by Fox News’s producer and online contributor for, Ashley Papa Twitter, about the psychology behind the Prince Charming Syndrome. This syndrome is when women creates a romanticized ideal of what love should look like and they either end up in the wrong relationship or no relationship at all. Often times, the person is very inflexible because they become so focused on finding the “prefect” partner.

During the interview with Ashley Papa, Dr. Robi Ludwig points out in the interview on Fox the issues that surround the individuals who are constantly striving for these perfect relationships. Dr. Robi thinks that everyone has an idealized image of what the perfect love should be, but as people mature, they realize they are not perfect and their lover is not going to be perfect either. However, the women who fall into the category of “The Prince Charming Syndrome” are very often socially immature, have a resistance to being in a real relationship and have expectations that are too high which often set up their partners to fail. These individuals never grow and mature and hence are stuck in the cycle of trying to find a love that doesn’t really hold firm or true in the real world.

Dr. Robi Ludwig thinks that these ideals come from a psychologically memory or wish from when we were babies and we were wholly and completely loved and there was someone that was there to take care of all our needs. Also our society idealizes love and romanticizes relationships. These two factors combined create the “The Prince Charming” syndrome.

Dr. Robi’s advice to these women who are striving for this perfect partner is to not lower their standards but to be more open-minded. Relationships are not black or white and in order to exist in the real world, women have to mature and lose the concept of romanticized love and ditch the fantasy. A true rewarding relationship will come from maturity and self-realization.

Additional opinion by the Emerald Journal:
The advice and interview with Dr. Robi and Ashley Papa is simply amazing. Relationship’s and dating can be really difficult. There is so much to understand about dating psychology and what to do and what not to do. It can be very complicated. The advice given by these experts can really help and sharing the information only helps understand the gaps when it comes to dating or finding a partner. We all have our issues (and insecurities) with meeting new people and dating but at the end of the day, living with the issues and being able to accept them is what can make the difference. I believe this article, interview, analysis only scratches the surface of this topic. We all have our judgments when first meeting someone. We all are products of our environment and this is carried over into how we function and view relationships in my personal opinion.

Combating Poverty, The Challenge of Lack Message

Fixing issues with poverty message

I was just listening to the President’s remarks on poverty and felt compelled to put my ideas on paper. I remember the rap group Poor Righteous Teachers (PRT) once penned the words: “[If] you lack, you lose, you lose, you lost the knowledge of yourself. And if you don’t know who you are, you won’t know no-one else.” While PRT was popularizing the thoughts of black nationalism of the 1960’s and the teachings of Elijah Pool as relayed through Clarence Edward Smith, they do have a point relevant for our time. I submit that in our country today there is a whole lot of people who lack, and therefore a whole lot of people who cannot relate to others, let alone understand themselves.

The idea that we should empower our poor by providing for them a system of support is a noble principle. However in practice the system is filled with so much paperwork and bureaucracy that it makes the people it is meant to help feel like second class citizens. If you do not believe me, just try and take your child to get a root canal on Medicaid or enroll her in speech therapy classes. The first thing that you will find is that although you have what sounds like a commercial insurance provider, your doctor segregates you out of the main stream because you have a welfare based health plan. They tell you straight out that if you were privately insured by your provider you would be able to get an appointment next week, but since you have Medicaid you must go on a waiting list, and if you qualify, may be seen some time in the next 90 to 180 days. The second thing you realize is that by the time you get through the paperwork needed to qualify to get your child’s tooth repaired or speech examined you have taken on a second job just jumping through all the hoops it takes to get your kids the help they need. The third thing you notice is that you actually feel a loss of dignity, a loss of financial stability, and a loss of self-worth. You find it hard to understand why you are on Medicaid because for all intents and purposes you make enough money to have real insurance, but your insurance was taken away by the state who wants to lump you into Medicaid, the subset of coverage that is so underfunded that you have to wait months for the most basic of care. And finally, by the time you get into be seen, you notice that your child has lost her tooth, or developed such a speech impediment that the intervention is not likely to help as much as it would have had you been seen without the bureaucratic hurdles.

While the government may be trying to provide a step up for the working poor, the de facto reality is they are sending them spiraling down a hole of self-doubt, loss of dignity, and throwing them into a pit of despair. This despair is the kind that ignites a powder keg in places in the United States like Ferguson and Baltimore. The solution to those types of outbreaks appears to be to ensure a thriving all inclusive middle class or at least that’s what I thought our President was saying when he spoke on the topic. If businesses and government really wanted to build the middle class, and empower the working poor, they would work to ensure that the working poor had a living wage. That means a wage that would allow them to provide for their own health insurance or at least meet the premium payments of the affordable care act. A wage that allows them to buy food while also paying their rent and putting something away for a rainy day. A living wage, one based on a reasonable working day and not dependent on overtime the rent and light bills. Business and government should realize that the best way to give a person hope is to show them that they can provide for themselves, with a little hard work, strong faith in their creator, and a good dose of self-worth. The kind of self-worth that comes from being able to navigate through life without relying on a 30 page set of forms to fill out and a 60 to 90 day waiting period.

The true cost of allowing employers to pay so little to their employees is borne not on the rich, but on the working poor and the government. A government that has to ration out services through a crippling bureaucratic process that may subsidize low wages for workers, but keeps them from getting the real hand up out of poverty and a true sense of self-worth. It’s not socialistic to think that each person should have a fair shot at self-determination, and a real chance to manifest their own destiny. But this cannot happen where a minority controls almost all of the wealth that has been accumulated on the backs of the working class. This cannot happen where the government is forced to bear the weight of subsidizing a low cost work force. A fair wage is not communism; it is capitalism at its best. A fair days pay for a fair days work. What we have going on now is the antithesis of capitalism, if not a new form of slavery, that is fueled on the backs and with the broken dreams of the working poor in America.

Author: Tark Aouadi

Mayweather vs Pacquiao The Rematch

Mayweather Pacquiao Rematch Fight














It was a record amount of money and that was about it. All hype. The fight itself was played out as expected. Floyd Mayweather went around in circles and played defense mostly. He landed more punches and had a higher percent of them landed. The boxing match ended up going the distance 12 rounds with Mayweather winning by unanimous decision. Mayweather got his guaranteed $100 million after the fight and Pacquiao left with ONLY $80 million. I knew exactly how this fight was going to go down. It was classic Mayweather. The same thing he has been doing for years. Of course a little piece of you wants the little guy to win but in reality the fight was over before it started and Pacquiao was another victim.

Of course it’s setup for a rematch and there have already been talks about it in the media. Pacquiao is claiming a shoulder injury before the fight. Mayweather mentioned that he would be open to a rematch. It would be dramatically less revenue but still a pretty good payday for both parties. Will the rematch actually happen… nobody knows for sure at this point. It took nearly 6 years for this fight to happen! Mayweather is one fight away from being 50-0 so ending a career at an even 50 wins is something to consider.

One thing is true over the history of sports there has been some great sporting agents/managers who represents these athletes. Many of which we probably haven’t ever heard of. People like Bob Arum (Pacquiao promoter), Todd DuBoef (Top Rank promoter), or even Perry Rogers who represented Shaq and movies. Even after retirement, Shaq continues to make a lot of money being a celebrity and product sponsor. Perry Rogers represents a lot of the sport figures actually. Another for boxing is Oscar De La Hoya from Golden Boy Promotions. In recent news Todd DuBoef of Top Rank, co-promoter of the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight, said he will be going after the 10,000 or so viewers of the PPV fight who may have viewed it illegally online. I guess the tens/hundreds of millions of dollars isn’t enough for him.

I predict a rematch coming very soon. Personally, I think I will stay home and watch it this time.  Both fighters are well past their primes.  They both are nearly 40 and that is pretty old in the boxing World.

Bruce Jenner TV Appearance

Bruce Jenner Women Photo

I’m sure you know by now that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a women. It’s been on the news for months now and finally Diane Sawyer sat down with him for the exclusive interview. The interview was watched by over 16.9 million viewers. 20/20 has been promoting the interview for a longtime now and finally it went live. Bruce Jenner is 65 years old now. Well known for his Olympics past. During that time, many said he was the American Male and a true Olympic hero – he was. Deep down, however, he was fighting a battle of who he was. He mentioned he used to dress up in his sisters clothes growing up went no one was around. Dr. Robi Ludwig (author of Killer Lovers) has an article on the Huffington Post which discusses the coming out process and being transgender if you’d like to read more. Ludwig does a Q & A session with her transgender friend Ryan Sallans. He is a very popular author and American LGBT advocate.

Having watched the interview with Bruce, I can only imagine how hard that process must be. It’s even more complicated being a celebrity with a family and children of your own. How you go for so long (65 years) without telling anyone is beyond me. I assume it was time considering all his children are full grown and the marriage was over. There was some suspicious about the appearance because Bruce is leaving the Kardashian’s TV show to start his own. He seemed very genuine and didn’t promote it, however. I also think it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to promote your show while talking about such a personal topic for the transgender community.

No one knows just how this is going to end up. I assume Bruce will slowly start making the transition on the outside more visible as the months go by.

Seattle-Based Loloz: A Lollipop Dentists Can Get Behind

Loloz Healthy Teeth Lemon ProductHealthy teeth and lollipops aren’t something you tend to associate with one another.  And yet, a new product might be the natural alternative to costly cavities and gum disease.

Loloz, made by HealthyGrid, is a new line of sugar-free, cavity-fighting lozenges and lollipops. Definitely not candy, the magic comes from the extract from a specific kind of licorice root that has been shown to improve dental health.

Natural Dental Health Isn’t a Trend
In a city where we spend as much time outdoors as possible, and where a large portion of Seattleites prefer natural health remedies over traditional Western approaches, Loloz is right at home. In fact, it fits in nicely with the dentists using holistic practices, low-radiation imaging, and no-mercury fillings.

Half of the Loloz team is based in Seattle, while the other half is in Portland. It’s no accident that both are located in cities where people value proactive health practices.

While Loloz is available on the ubiquitous Amazon, the company plans to roll out its products in local retail outlets, health food stores, and other health-conscious retail locations in Seattle.

Flavors the Kiddies (and Kids at Heart) Will Eat Up
Loloz comes in three flavors: orange, lemon, and berry, and is sweetened by stevia and isomalt (a natural sugar substitute that minimally affects blood sugar levels and is tooth friendly).

Other similar products use Xylitol for sweetening, but the Loloz team wanted something more natural. After seven years of intense research by a team of microbiologists at the UCLA School of Dentistry, they came up with Cavibloc, an exclusively formulated, patent-pending extract from licorice root that helps to inhibit Streptococcus mutans, sobrinus, and Lactobacillus, the three types of bacteria that lead to tooth and gum problems. The extract targets and kills 99.9% of the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. That means a drastic reduction in the risk for cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

Loloz is making serious inroads already toward preventing tooth decay, the silent disease. The National Institute of Health found that more than half of children under the age of 15 are affected by tooth decay. And 92% of adults aged 20 to 64 have instances of tooth decay. So it’s an issue that affects a large percent of the population, and yet the standard way of dealing with it has been treatment after the fact, not prevention.

Loloz has been shown to reverse the decaying process, eliminating the need for costly (and painful) fillings. Dentists have been recommending Loloz to patients for years with great results. In fact, Dr. Wenyuan Shi, Chair of the Section of Oral Biology at UCLA’s School of Dentistry, stated on Good Morning America that Loloz was “the secret to beating tooth decay.”

Users suck on two Loloz pops a day for 10 consecutive days (not biting) in the morning and evening, allowing each lollipop to dissolve for about five minutes to allow sustained exposure to all teeth and gum areas. Using just two to four times a year has shown to provide maximum protection for about three to six months.. Loloz is intended to complement normal brushing and flossing habits and twice-yearly dental cleanings. A box of 20 lollipops or lozenges sells for $29.99.



Andrew Clapp is Director of Product Management at HealthyGrid, makers of Loloz and a startup that leverages emerging technologies to reach those in need of dental care.

Time For Fun It’s St Paddy’s Day!

St Paddy's Day 2015 Fun Times Photo










It’s that time of year to be Irish. If you’re not Irish just fake it like everyone else! It’s a day to have fun and meet new people. St Paddy’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I actually rank it number 3 on my list of favorites because everyone is just so friendly. Certain days just make people come out of their shells and be more social and it’s one of those days. The most friendliest day in my opinion is actually New Years but Paddy’s Day is up there for sure. Downtown Seattle is busy this morning. The local bars are open early and people are dressed up in there green. If you listen closely, you can hear their fake accents as they choke down a early morning Guinness beer. I’m sure for lunch time the cabbage will be a popular item.

It is true though how people change for the holidays. You can feel it in the air and even in the way people talk to you on the street. It’s hard to explain but people’s moods really do change. I would consider myself social all year, however, if you’re single or shy then this is a great night to go out and meet a new friend. People are open and approachable. There are only a few days a year where everyone’s guards are down and this is one of them. Individuals are in a giving mood as well. They are kind and ready to solute and tap beers with you. I believe meeting new friendly people, generosity, and kindness are one of the best qualities in people. The truth is kindness is one of those things that can heal the soul. It can lift your spirit even if it’s only for one day.

It’s saddens me to only see this spirit only a few times a year. Our society mostly turns away from meeting new people. When was the last time you talked to someone in line or they tried to talk to you? Probably not recently. When was the last time you met someone new who was just an honest friend. We tend to grow up with our closest friends and when they are gone – that’s it. I’m unsure why are culture has moved in this direction. Perhaps what we’ve seen on TV or the whole don’t talk to strangers growing up talk. I’ve talked to many expats and frequent travels who passionately agree. Other countries simply are more friendly. Dr. Robi Ludwig said it best in her Huffington Post article about Acts of Kindness. I’m a big fan of her work. Dr. Robi’s views about Psychology and human nature is right on. With that being said, all these barriers and judgment that others may have are gone on St Paddy’s Day and that’s why I love it. It’s even lower on New Years Eve.

History of St. Paddy’s Day:
Also known as Saint Patrick’s Day – it started in the 17 century as a Christian feast day. Named after Saint Patrick who was a patron saint of Ireland. Is a day to have fun and celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as the Irish in general. It has been an official holiday in Ireland since 1903. Since the 1960’s the color green has been connected to Ireland. In American, it’s not an official holiday as you know but widely celebrated. The official St Patrick’s Festival runs 5 days in Ireland. Previously, it was 3 days but later modified to include another day of fun. Then again in 2009, it was moved up to 5 days and had close to 1 million visitors for event. The first Festival was in 1996 (March 17th of course).

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