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Dr. Robi Ludwig: Killer Lovers

Falling in love is always a bit of a mystery. Psychoanalyst Theodor Reik said most people fall in love for selfish reasons. We’re attracted to and choose people who seem capable of giving us the qualities we think we’re lacking. But what if our love radar is terribly off? So off, that the lover we choose instead of making our dreams come true, ultimately turns into our worst nightmare as well as our personal killer? I know, it’s a very scary thought. One thing that is true is that Robi Ludwig (LinkedIn) knows her stuff and she is an expert in her field.

Eight years ago, when I was approached to write a book about marital homicide, it was the last topic I ever thought I’d write about. I considered myself more of a “happily ever after” kind of person. Marrying one’s killer is such a dark idea and a very foreign one to a positive self-help therapist like myself. Yet, there was something very intriguing and compelling about the notion that someone would actually fall in love with and marry his or her killer. It didn’t take long before I was totally hooked and intensely researching the topic. I wondered what went wrong. What took place in order for these love tragedies to occur?

One of the first questions I was and still am routinely asked, especially during TV and radio interviews I do about my book, Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage and the Mind of the Killer Spouse is,

Why don’t these people just get divorced?

That is a very good question! The answer, “Divorce takes time, takes forethought, and can be quite costly.” In some cases, it can also compromise one’s moral and social standing in the community. Homicide, to the distorted thinker, is a lot quicker. It erroneously seems more efficient in that disturbed state. Divorce, while an understandable and common solution for the martially disgruntled and even minded is not always the effective go to choice for the more murderously and maddened partner.

As a relationship contributor for Investigation Discovery’s popular series Scorned: Love Kills (now going into its 4th season this October), I talk about the unconscious mindset and motivations of these killer lovers. The show vividly highlights and brings to life the more lethal side of love and romance. Scorned leads its loyal viewers to the intimate side of these violent crimes of passion. It gives the audience a voyeuristic view and dramatic account of the events which lead to the homicidal crimes and major headliners of the day. Having seen the show myself, I can report it’s truly fascinating to learn about how the mind works.

As a writer for the Emerald City Journal, I can tell you that Dr. Robi discusses in-depth with vivid detail about the killers psychology and why they may have done what they have done. The show is not for the faint of heart and digs deep into the topic. I’ve seen a show that discusses the mindsets of these individuals and if the mind interests you or learning more about why people do the things they do then it’s worth watching for sure.

During my research one common trait clearly emerged among these disturbed group of killer lovers: They often viewed their partner as standing in the way between them and the life they wanted and felt entitled to lead with a certain fierceness: A life they viewed for themselves as filled with interpersonal happiness, joy, passion and fulfillment. It’s a sad and deadly twist of fate for couples who simply wanted to achieve their own personal version of “happily ever after”, even if it meant killing one another to achieve it.

These individuals with their distorted view of self and their own self described perception of happiness, ultimately led them to dire results for both themselves and their partners.

– By Dr. Robi Ludwig

Table of Contents:
Getting Married? Here is What to Expect, Statistically
Helping Adults and Couples
Early Career
Counseling and Psychotherapy – Which is Which?
Getting Personal Interview
Your Best Age is Now
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Vise Mari Jewelry
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Dr. Robi Ludwig Biography
Psychotherapist and TV personality Dr. Robi Ludwig career is filled with may highlights. She is highly regarded and the to go source for relationships and family matters. She is located and living in New York and married to her husband David Ludwig. She has two children. In the last year, Dr. Robi started her own jewelry line which goes by the name of Vice Mari. Each jewelry piece on the website is personally approved by her. Her feedback and designs are also implemented into each piece which makes it highly personalized. You can read more about Robi and her full bio on her official website ( or stay connected with her via Facebook or her very popular Twitter account. She is very connected to the community and her visitors. Her Jewelry line is a work in progress and a venture she is very passionate about. It relates personally with her as it’s something she did with her Mother growing up which was one of the reason she started the company Vice Mari. She also is active with her practice of helping others in the community with her expertise as a physiatrist. She has an office in New York according to Yelp. Robi Ludwig continues her practice in her New York office and available to help residents of the area.

Friday Night Tykes TV Show
Friday Night Tykes Show

On Wednesday, January 14th 2015, Robi Ludwig is expected to be a panelist to discuss our youth, important social, emotional and psychological implications associated with hyper-competitive parents, controversial coaching techniques and pressure felt by very young children to win at all costs. The show will be brought to you by the Esquire Network and 92Y. The show will be moderated by ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap and will feature lots of guests. The discussion/debate will be a refection of the Esquire Network’s show Friday Night Tykes. The show follows 8 to 9 year-old Rookies division in the San Antonio region of the Texas Youth Football Association (TYFA). The series follows five teams on and off the field throughout the season, from pre-season training through the state championships. These young players face some very adult pressures and concerns, from extreme training drills, heckling from rabid fans, and balancing on-the-field expectations against a typical off-the-field childhood.

Her talent and experience in the social and relationship space is at its highest right now. There really isn’t a network she hasn’t worked with and the same is true for media/newspapers. You can even schedule a one-on-one with her if you’re in the New York area. She is also a well known and very busy author. Her advice and tips are highly valued in the media and by the public who trust her and her education.

Her book “Till Death Do Us Part” is featured on Amazon currently and a very popular read according to the Good Reads website. The book is also co-authored with Matt Birkbeck. Larry King is featured in the Introduction and Nancy Grace provides the Forward for the popular book. The book itself is about understanding the profiles of some of the most popular profiles of killer spouses. She digs deep into why the killer spouses did what they did. It’s a professional in-depth analysis of their motivations to kill their spouses. As of 1/15/15, has 29 reviews for the book with an average rating of 4.5/5. The book came out in 2006 so it’s pretty established and well known at this point in time. I have personally read the book myself and can say I have never seen such an analysis so deep as it relates to this topic (or even category). She really expands and explains each partner’s profile. It’s extremely interesting for sure and a must read.

Her book, Till Death Do Us Part, presents the psychological profiles of notorious killer spouses — from Scott Peterson and Clara Harris to Rabbi Fred Neulander and Betty Broderick. Ludwig reveals ten killer personality categories. These ten personality types are defined in detail and illustrated with examples from high-profile cases along with in-depth analyses of the motivations behind the murders. The ten types range from the Betrayal/Abandonment Killer (who loses control and kills from a broken heart) to the Control Killer (who micromanages every aspect of the spouse’s life) and the Black Widow/Profit Killer (who kills for money).

The book was published by Atria books. It came out March in 2006. Every day six people in the United States are murdered by spouses or intimate partners. That is truly a shocking number. The stories of killer spouses tend to captivate us, as they beg the question of how so many seemingly normal and happy people manage to go over the edge. Indeed, every relationship presents “extreme moments” where scary feelings surface, yet what happens when those feelings turn to action? That was the core concern of Ludwig’s book.

The book is a masterpiece in the psychology category. It has received so many top class reviews and ratings. We thought it’s noteworthy to bring some of them here.  Read these reviews and quotes from other well known celebrities.

“…Through Robi’s valuable insight, she has helped us all to understand the violent actions and dark logic behind these murders, particularly since these cases appear to involve seemingly normal people.”
Larry King
CNN’s Larry King Live.

“Dr. Ludwig casts light on the formerly taboo subjects of marital strife and homicide. She enlightens us all!”
Nancy Grace
Court TV’s Closing Arguments & Headline News

“…Till Death Do Us Part is an invaluable resource. It offers an expert’s analysis of the psychological factors that oftentimes coalesce and are expressed violently.”
Robert K. Tanenbaum
Former homicide bureau chief for the Manhattan DA’s office and New York Times bestselling author of Fury

Authors Ludwig and Birkbeck examine the concept of peaceful versus violent resolution and why certain spouses believe murder is the best and only response in their great piece of work. In the book they sit down and evaluate the situations so you can better understand the couple. You get an inside look of what they may have been thinking and what some of their highly rooted issues may have been.

Getting Married? Here is What to Expect, Statistically
Disney movies seem to have the whole “romance equals marriage” thing figured out. What Disney movies fail to include in their happy-go-lucky outlook is that marriage, at times, can be work. Watching Prince Charming kiss Snow White to wakefulness may make you question the romance in your own marriage, but it helps to remind yourself that the romances Disney portrays are often dated, idealistic notions of love. And, as it turns out, they are only really documenting early stages. Psychologists have studied the marriage track and concluded that most married couples go through many stages, stages that most couples will hit in their marriage. Sometimes, these require more dedication and care.

Married couples can attest even happy marriages require work. Vows merge one life to another and suddenly personal gain must give way toward a common goal. Your partner has equal share of your burdens, and you of theirs. As spouses spend more time together, they tend to go through several, predictable stages. These stages occur as your personal identity gives up control, even in small amounts, and embraces the nature of a true union.

Why the Stages of Marriage Complicate Unions
Couples go through five major stages of personal development. These stages are ones of exciting, confusing growth. They are challenging for two reasons:

1. Each partner progresses through these stages at differing speeds. You may be stuck at stage three while your spouse has already ascended to stage five. This difference leads to misunderstandings, as one spouse may wonder why their partner is still stuck on petty control issues he or she has long surpassed.

2. Most people are unaware these stages exist. People tend to have a basic understanding of the stages of grief. Depression and anger are expected. The stages of marriage are every bit as natural as grief, though more tied to ego. When ego comes into play, tricky variables, like admitting fault and making compromises, seemingly evolve into impossible feats.

The good news for all married couples is when you finally find light at the other end of the tunnel, the major storms of your life are out of the way. These couples experience the full benefits of love and affection promised by matrimony.

The Five Stages of Marriage by Dr. Ludwig:
1.) The first stage is the best-loved. This is when your body chemistry launches itself into overdrive, akin to an adolescent holding hands for the first time. This stage represents the kind of mortar love songs are about. Even the mention of a name spurs the heart into a quickened pitter-patter.

Your life seems inexplicably tied to theirs, the deep burning desire of passion increasing your positive attitude toward the other person, personal energy, sensitivity, and sexuality. This stage is common in fresh love, but often heightened during the first year or two of marriage, starting with the honeymoon.

2.) At some point a fight breaks out that spurs one partner’s doubt about the union. This stage breaks the mirror, so to speak. You realize flaws in your partner for the first time, but it is accompanied by a nagging, negative voice that says “can I live with this for the rest of my life?” Will you divorce because your partner never washes the dishes after you make dinner? The mantra here is: old habits die hard.

Stage two is the hardest to stomach, because the differential between the incredible passion of stage one and feelings of personal betrayal in stage two are so large. The newness is gone and is replaced by familiarity.

Another challenge is by the third or fourth year of marriage, the situations with impossible answers surface. Should we have kids? Do we pack up and move across the country for that incredible career opportunity? It is unfortunate that as partners begin to distrust the capabilities of their partner these questions must be addressed.

3.) In stage three usually both partners have entrenched themselves. The trenches do not have to be a stark, dividing line between tired arguments. They can manifest through habits, lifestyles, even chore procedures. At this stage both couples think his or her opinion is the best one. Relationships that lack communication struggle with this stage. During this stage, a couple may frequently tell couples’ therapists that they have tried everything but the gap will never be bridged. To pass stage three, couples must invest their time and energy to meet in the middle. The fifth year is cited as the statistically most challenging for married couples. Most are in stage three during that year.

4.) Stage four is the point where couples stop trying to change one another. They recognize the habits that will die hard, or never disappear, and resign themselves to making the best of the situation. Some may struggle, seeking advice from friends, family members, and therapists on how to live with the aspects of the marriage that are displeasing. Fights still happen, but they lack the same oomph from the early days. After years of traveling uphill, couples are finally about to stroll down the other side of the mountain, to the sunny meadows.

5.) Statistically speaking, nearly half of marriages fail. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association 40 to 50 percent of marriages fail.  Those numbers are much higher for subsequent marriages.  Many more couples stay together out of habit, living their lives without speaking much with one another. Maybe divorce is too expensive, or perhaps they have been together too long to make the change. Whatever the numbers are, a good number of couples never reach the last stage.

Here couples honestly appreciate the life they’ve lived together. Shared memories burn brighter, and both partners feel secure in their roles. The things that seemed so important before have been reduced to petty grievances, barely worth noticing.

As a final note by Dr. Robi Ludwig, she mentions that communication is what drives all successful marriages. Stages 2-4 are impossible to surpass without talking through problems. Nobody ever said marriage was easy, but for some reason most first-timers assume it is.

Helping Adults and Couples
Being a well-known psychotherapist, she deals with both adults’ and couples’ issues. She is inspiring directing people to find their personal life goals and to grow emotionally. She treats for a wide range of issues including relationship problems, addiction issues, transitional problems, as well as mood, depression, thought and character disorders.  She has been appearing on the broadcasting mass media since 1997 and has contributed a lot in communicating current psychological insights on broad range of topics.

The goal is to help provide you with the insights and tools you need to move beyond old, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, she can help you identify limiting beliefs and outmoded coping mechanisms that may be standing in your way. Her advice has help many understand their problems more clearly which in the end helps them overcome their issue/s. Many clients report rapid progress due to the effective approaches she employs.

An increasing number of people are dealing with stress in their everyday lives, it helps to seek professional help. She has been encouraging the use of psychotherapy for the treatment of a variety of issues via broadcasting media and other channels to help spread the word. Her opinion and insights on a wide range of well-being issues are sought after and dealing with stress is one of those issues.  It’s quite common for stress to ruin marriages and families.

Robi began her career as psychotherapist in 1988. Her role was that of a counselor, aiding patients with acute psychiatric disorders. She has meted out treatment for all sorts of mental illnesses such as personality disorder and impulse control disorder, grief, substance abuse, job stress, sexual identity crisis, sex abuse and emotional issues in her private and clinical practice. Her dexterity also reaches out to more widespread parenting and social issues.  Dr. Ludwig works currently with adult individuals who have suffer from various issues such as addiction, relationship struggles, problems of transition along with character, mood and thought disorder. Her treatment approaches include those of cognitive behavior (CBT) and Solution Focused Brief (SFBT). Currently she practices in New York, although her television assignments have her jet setting across the country. She treats both couples and singles. She strives to aid people cope with their various issues so that they can focus more on their life goals and ambition. She believes that a troubled life is no reason to feel defeated and dejected; with proper help and guidance, nothing is impossible to achieve.

Early Career
WETM-TV in New York is where it started for Robi Ludwig WETM-TV in New York is where it started for Robi Ludwig. In the late 1990’s she worked as a psychology reporter for WETM-TV, the NBC affiliate in Elmira, New York. She wrote, produced and hosted Real Talk, a weekly live call-in show covering psychological and self-help topics. Everyday people would call in and she would help them live on the show. It covered a variety of topics and emotions from serious problems to questions which turned out pretty funny. The show was an immediate hit and talked about all the time in the media.

As mentioned, her practical experience as a psychotherapist began in 1988 when she worked as a counselor for patients with severe psychiatric disorders.

In addition to the mass media programs held by her, she voluntarily helps those who need counseling via social media networks. In her profile, there are lot of people asking different types of psychological issues. Everyone who expects some mental and spiritual relief are welcome to her profiles. She has asked her fans to be forward and to participate in those little activities that she recommends on her social sites. She believes that those activities (I may say fun activities) would lessen the heavy weight that people keep in their heads.

Dr. Robi Ludwig is not just a professional counselor or a psychologist. But she is a famous star who has helped people to resolve their mental dilemmas. Her solutions to mental problems are simple, practicable, and obviously very effective.

Apart from the TV programs, Robi Ludwig is now doing regular “Ask Dr. Robi” Segments every Wednesday morning for Magic Variety Radio on Magic 100.1 in New Jersey. On the show, their audience can ask them about their social and mental problems directly to Dr. Robi Ludwig. Most of the topics covered by her included sexual aspects, depressions, couple problems, teenage mind, parenting issues, divorces and so on.

Counseling and Psychotherapy – Which is Which?
You might have heard about psychotherapy from one of your friends or colleagues. However, most people do not fully understand how psychotherapy works as they often use the terms psychotherapy and counseling interchangeably. It is good to note that they are essentially the same which is to cater to the emotional and psychological needs of other people, they have distinct differences.

To start things off, counseling is all about lending a sympathetic ear to someone who’s been going through a troubling experience. Generally, a counselor will listen to the angst of a person without any form of corrections or interruptions. They usually do not give analysis or advice.

On the other hand, psychotherapy looks more on the historical factors that may influence the present behavior and line of thinking of a person. Psychotherapy tends to delve into what might have caused the present scenario. They link pieces of information together to come up with a certain form of hypothesis. Counseling on the other hand works more with the crisis intervention.

According to the theory of Eric Berne known as Transactional Analysis, he said that whatever happened to an individual’s life it is also duly recorded in his brain. All of these experiences include those that happen in his childhood, on what he perceived from what he considered as parent figures and how perceived are the events that happened in his life.

All of these memories are recorded to our brain just as the way we save files on a computer disc. These sets of memories can be replayed all throughout our existence. We often recall and re-experience what happened in the past in what we experience today. That is the reason why each one of us behaves differently on different things.
To better illustrate, here are the key differences between counseling and psychotherapy:

– Assist people in identifying their personal problems and dilemma while encouraging them to take proper and positive actions to address the problems
– This type of treatment is advisable to those with deeper understand of human wellbeing and to those who are good at resolving problems
– This is considered a short term that helps in changing a person’s behavior.

– This type of treatment can help people deal with problems that have built over time
– This will also help you to better understand your actions, feelings and thoughts a lot better
– This is a long term process of treatment that deal with historical background of the emotions that a person currently feels

Psychotherapy and counseling are two different treatments that often overlap in numerous ways. To put it simply, counseling can be considered as a crucial aspect of the psychotherapy process; whereas a counselor may work with people in a psychotherapeutic way.

Also, other key differences between these two is the time that is needed in order to get desirable results. Counseling is often given on a short period of time while psychotherapy will require a longer period of time in order to work out the person’s emotional problems and difficulties.

Getting Personal Interview
We were lucky enough to do an interview with Dr Ludwig below.  She has been appearing on broadcast media since 1997, and is sought after for her psychological insights on a wide range of topics.  As a child she was raised in Chatham, New Jersey. Her Mother (Helene Shalotsky) was a school teacher and her Father (Charles Shalotsky) was an executive for a men’s product company. She has two sisters and she is the niece of Irving Gikofsky. He also went by the name of Mr. G. He was an actor who played in People I know in 2002 and also Honey, I Shrunk The Kids in 1997.

Where did you go to school?
I received my doctorate in psychology (Psy.D) from California Southern University; got my post-masters certificate in advanced clinical work from Hunter College, received my masters degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania and got my bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Cedar Crest College.

What motivated you to get into this field?
I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a therapist. I believe it was while I was walking home from elementary school my chosen profession to become a therapist became fully crystallized. I always loved delving into the intricacies of interpersonal dynamics, and analyzing people and situations. Any psychological subject captured my interest and attention. It wasn’t until I became a teen, around the age of 14, that I realized I wanted to include television into this mix. My uncle is a prominent local New York City TV weatherman. He made the TV business look so glamorous and fun. When I first saw Dr. Joyce Brothers on a talk show combine psychology and television, I realized this was something I had to pursue. It was somewhat of an “aha” moment for me. I’m not sure when I knew I wanted to be an author, but this probably happened when I was in high school. It was very clear to me from an early age what my professional path would be. I was fortunate to discover what I felt passionate about when I was very young.

Can you share one of your more memorable experiences during your career or on TV?
The most powerful TV memory I have is definitely when I got my first TV reporting job at WETM, channel 18 in Elmira, New York. It was actually a job interview I almost didn’t go to. I knew that I wasn’t going to take the job I was interviewing for. I was going to interview for a job to be a full time morning anchor. The job would require me to relocate and move upstate, which I was not prepared to do. I took a six hour bus ride all the way up to Elmira from New York City, until I found my way to the studio. The news director at the time, David Schifter, told me in detail about the anchor job. I told him I didn’t think this job was exactly right for me, and then pitched my job idea to him, to be the station’s psychology reporter. He hired me on the spot, and I was on the air that evening analyzing Timothy McVeigh. This news director is one of my dearest friends, to this day. He was the one who gave me my first real start in the TV news business. And the rest, as they say, is history.

How do you find inspiration?
I really find my inspiration everywhere. From life. I’m inspired by my field, my desire to learn and know more, by the patients I work with, and by my friends and family. I love what I do and feel passionate about my work. I suppose it’s this passion which fuels my inspiration.

What are some project/s you’re currently working on?
I’m very excited about finishing my latest book, published by Harper One: Your Best Age is Now: Embrace an Ageless Mindset, Reenergize Your Dreams, and Live a Soul-Satisfying Life, which comes out in April. I compiled all of the latest research, combined with the research from my practice, to dispel some of the unsettling myths currently out there about midlife. I’m also excited to bring my jewelry line, Vise Mari, to Star Shop, a new shopping APP which makes shopping fun and easy, on your phone.

Where is your office in New York?
275 7th Ave
New York, NY 10021

Your Best Age is Now – Her New Book 2016
The older we get, the more our lives become bogged down with our baggage that comes with reaching middle age. Women start to face harsh realties when they begin to reach their midlife, and many times women let the myth of the midlife crisis influence their outlook on life. Sometimes that outlook can lead to depression because they stop feeling relevant and feel like they no longer have the same options in life that they once did in their younger years. Midlife is not what it once was for their mothers and grandmothers. Society has become so youth obsessed that is has become harder and harder for women to be comfortable and happy in this next phase of life. Women get fed the same lies about middle age that stops them from living the best life possible. Women become stunted and stagnant because these myths about middle age hold them back.

Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, award winning reporter, and author wants to help women to not fall victim to the middle age trap. Contradicting long-ingrained beliefs about this time of life, Robi Ludwig draws on myth-busting data from scientific research and on her experience as a therapist to show midlife is not the trap that women believe it to be but instead it is a time to shine. Robi Ludwig writes in a way that is relatable to women from all different walks of life. This book is for any women looking to redefine the later years in life.

Her latest literary accomplishment, Your Best Age is Now, is the guided for women in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s wishing to live younger and more vibrant lives. The book offers specific advice on how to change our perception about this next life phase and make the best of it. She draws on her long time experience as a psychotherapist when she worked as a counselor for patients with severe psychiatric disorders like substance abuse, grieving, sexual identity issues, job stress, emotional and sexual abuse problems as well as the more common social and parenting issues. Dr. Robi Ludwig combines that experience and knowledge with scientific research to come up with the new rules for middle age. There is very little information out there that provides the kind of honest to goodness advice that women need in order to help them change their middle age mindset.

Your Best Life is Now provides specific advice on how to change your perception and approach to the next phase of life. Dr. Ludwig offers advice on how to let go of stress to create a more balanced life and to help women to identify false thinking that is holding them back. She gives solid advice on how to take charge of your love life and relationships. She also writes about the best way to stay relevant in the work place and how to start a new and exciting career later in life. Ludwig teaches women how to lead a spiritual life and how to live a life full of gratitude. These key aspects will help women to find the happiness that can be hard to come by as they get older. This book gives the reader guidance on how to reject the status quo and teaches women on how to become the best version of themselves possible.

Media Coverage and Appearances
Dr. Ludwig’s media exposure is quite large. As noted above, she has been included in just about every media outlet available today. Some of these including a contributor to the Huffington Post, Washington Post, Fox News, CNN, Hitched Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, and Today to name just a few. She always has new articles being featured on her Huffington Post. Not to mention all the TV appearances. From TV series, movies, and documentaries her career and appearance schedule is very busy. One of my favorite appearances by her was when she was the host of TLC’s show “One Week to Save Your Marriage”. By the way, Dr. Ludwig has been married over 13 years herself (to David Ludwig) so not only is she experienced she knows what it’s like being married for a respectable time period. During the show, she offers some of the best advice I heard to struggling couples and she is very open about her marriage as well. She explains that nobody or marriage is perfect and there are always things everyone needs to work on (including herself). It’s a very personal/emotional show and I think it really puts marriage in perspective for couples looking to take that next step as well. Many of the couples on the show are in a last resort type of situation where they need serious advice and help by an expert. One of the questions I remember her talking about was what she thought was the biggest issue facing couples that she has to deal with. Her answer was related to partner disappointment. From my relationships (not working out), I completely agree with that. There seems to be a point when a relationship is coming to an end and you look back thinking about what went wrong. For me, it comes down to the disappointment as well. You start to think about your partner’s flaws and evaluate how great it was initially and where it went wrong. The disappointment of those flaws and eventually understanding that it’s simply not going to work out. The disappointment in your partner or other half could be other things as well such as financial, past history, or maybe in-law issues she points out. There is no perfect solution and marriages really do take work to make them successful.

Vise Mari Jewelry
Dr. Ludwig believes that everyone has to right to look beautiful, and wear stunning costumes and jewelry. Her national recognition can be judged by the fact that most of the noble personalities, whether working in media or corporate world, like to wear her collections. She is passionate to proceed further in this line along with her professional responsibilities. She is continuing her commit to writing and discussing psychological issues in the media as well as attending to her patients and building a healthy partnership with ShopNBC. Her jewelry line is named Vise Mari ( All of her jewelry pieces are described as being big and bold. Her jewelry has been worn by stylists and celebrities. Her goal is to make people feel good and beautiful about themselves. Each piece is carefully made and very affordable. Dr. Robi Ludwig was quoted as saying; “It’s my goal to make every woman feel like her very best self, so she can go out into the world to sparkle and shine. To create a line of jewelry that’s both beautiful and purposeful is truly a dream come true.”

Being so successful in her career this far, there is a high probability that her childhood inclination will earn her fame in this jewelry line as well. Her early love exerted her creative skills and she started designing jewelry for herself. Being her sole collection, it looks very sophisticated and bears a mild touch of ancient times, which created excitement among her fans and they started questioning her about the vendor from where she shops. She herself was not aware of how much the public craves for her specifically designed jewelry items, but discovered it soon. She designed her first collection upon the request of her close friend, to raise funds for a charity and then came the very popular “believe pendant” to the market.

Age and Net Worth

  • Age: We never ask a lady her age and at this time it’s unknown online.
  • Net worth: Again, as we know she is very popular but at this time we were unable to find her net worth online.

Popular Videos
In this video Ludwig, part of her EXaholics appearance, she discusses about grieving as it relates to a breakup. We all know relationships are hard and grieving can certainly be part of the that “healing” process. She offers some great advice about moving forward and dealing with the grieving process. She also discusses the importance of building your self confidence back up and how to recover from this dark place after a breakup. It’s important advice for anyone getting out of a relationship and dealing with grieving. You can watch her video below (1 min length):

In another video with Robi Ludwig on her YouTube Channel, she talks about being defined by your ex after a breakup. She talks about how easily you can be defined by what your partner thought of you as person. Her advice focuses on that topic and how you need to get out of that mindset because it can be toxic for future relationships. You’re more than what your other half thinks of you and nobody knows that better then yourself she expresses. As an author and relationship expert she obviously knows about dealing with these issues. It’s something we all deal with on an emotional level at some point in our lives so it’s good to hear advice from an expert like her. Watch this topic video below (1:38 min length):

Her appearance on Entertainment Tonight:

Her appearance on The Bill Cunningham Show:

Friday Night Tykes Show (Esquire Network)
Esquire Network is shining some bright camera lights on the exclusive culture of a youth football association in the heart of Texas. The compelling documentary series, called Friday Night Tykes (airing Tuesdays at 9PM Eastern Standard Time beginning January 20) follows five teams in the 10- and 11-year old Juniors division of the Texas Youth Football Association both on and off the field. Coaches and parents alike are also observed, offering their insights explaining why kids should suffer in order to achieve football glory and excellence.

While the parents and coaches support this tough love notion of discipline, they also struggle with a serious question: How hard is too hard to push your kids? As the Friday Night Tykes cameras continue to roll, one wonders if this militant approach to football which includes extreme training drills, heckling from crazy fans, along with the balancing of intense on-the-field demands, are put in place alongside the normal demands of being a child. This approach, however, may be failing rather than facilitating these kids’ mental and physical well-being.

To delve into this topic more comprehensively, Esquire Network and the 92nd Street Y will host a private screening of Friday Night Tykes on Wednesday January 14, 2015 at 8:15 p.m. This screening will be followed by a candid conversation on the state of youth sports in our culture. ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap will moderate the discussion. The other panelists will include former NFL players Tiki Barber and Bart Scott, who will also bring their own experiences as players and fathers into the discussion. Barber and Scott will be joined by Brian Morgan, President of the Texas Youth Football and Cheer Association, Matt Maranz, Executive Producer of Friday Night Tykes and Psychotherapist, author and award winning reporter Dr. Robi Ludwig.

Dr. Ludwig will address such psychological themes as competition, how much is too much, as well as discuss how hyper competitive parenting styles combined with an obsession about winning, can ruin a child’s self-esteem. She will lead the discussion about important social, emotional and psychological implications associated with hyper competitive parents, controversial coaching techniques as well as address what happens when very young children feel an overwhelming pressure to win, at all costs.

Questions such as:
-Why do we continue to professionalize youth sport?
-When does competition become harmful?
-What is the outlook for children and professionalized type sports?
-How do we progress on in this sports’ field within our culture?

The ultimate goal for the panel is to have a productive debate and further the ongoing national conversation about this very problematic trend. This private event will be extended to media, 92nd Street Y special guests and influencers across sports, health and parenting media.

Dr. Robi Ludwig joins the Bella Magazine
Bella Magazine is one of New York City’s premier subscriptions and newsstand-based women’s luxury lifestyle publication. They offer an insider’s guide to one of the most affluent areas on America. At Bella, the spotlight shines on the individual. Their tag line for women is “Beauty is Defined by You”. They offer a sophisticated combination of fashion, beauty, health, philanthropy, arts and culture, cuisine, celebrity and entertainment.

Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief, Courtenay Hall strives to inspire her readership to discover the beauty all around them. One of the ways she accomplishes this, is by showcasing professionals who share a passion for helping others identify and embody what beauty is.

Dr. Ludwig, was brought on board In March of 2015, to add her special psychological point of view, that resonates with the Bella readers. She is a nationally known psychotherapist, author and award winning reporter who is also a relationship contributor that only adds additional value for the magazine and it’s readers.

Dr. Ludwig can be seen regularly on such high profile national shows as: Nightline, ET, The Today Show, CNN, The Fox News Chanel as well as many others, helping audiences and guests alike understand the complexities of the human condition. She is looking forward to contributing her particular brand of expertise via writing regularly for the magazine. Her first article, “Calling all Eco-Budget-Conscious Fashionistas. It’s Your Lucky Day to Shine!” will appear in Bella’s May Magazine edition.  Bella is published six times a year in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Seattle Speaking Events
We currently don’t have any events for this celebrity in the area, however, should a speaking or book signing event happen locally in the City of Seattle we’ll be the first to report that.

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Dr Robi Ludwig Dr. Robi Ludwig Profile Photo

Dr. Robi Ludwig speaking at a lecture event
Dr. Robi Ludwig speaking at a lecture event
A book signing and meet and greet event where she provided insight on mid-life possibilities.
A book signing and meet and greet event where she provided insight on mid-life possibilities.

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