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Katharine Schwab – Left Wing Journalist Pushing Propaganda About Elon Musk

We’ve known for a long time the left is controlling much of the media. They push certain narratives to fulfill the left’s agenda. Today, we are looking into Katharine Schwab from Forbes. According to her Forbes archive page, she has written 3 articles with Forbes, all of which are Elon Musk hit pieces. It appears she is pushing democratic propaganda in the news to change the public perception of Elon Musk and his work to try to protect free speech.

Here is her archive page to track her published articles.

Katharine Schwab Forbes Writer
Forbes Staff Writer: Katharine Schwab pushing left-wing propaganda to try to change the public’s perception of Elon Musk.


In November 2022, she wrote another article for Forbes about Elon Musk. Again, a hit piece that appears to be a left-wing article against Elon Musk. Katharine Schwab’s history with is only negative articles about Elon Musk and Twitter.

Katharine Schwab Journalist
In November 2022, Katharine Schwab wrote another hit piece about Elon Musk. It’s all she writes about.

It should concern the public that her journalism isn’t balanced and appears to be written only to smear people or push left-wing narratives under the umbrella of journalism through

Below is a Google News screenshot showing her articles for the public to view. It appears she is purposing leveraging to push her left-wing narratives at the top of Google.

This type of behavior as a journalist is concerning for us and should be concerning for the public. It appears her whole objective is the push Elon Musk and Twitter narratives since that is all she has written about. This clearly is fake news with the purpose of changing public perception in our opinion.

Doing some additional research, it appears she worked for Fast Company last year. There doesn’t appear to be any manipulation at her previous employer so we are unclear why her behavior has changed to a more extreme approach for the left. It says she was a Deputy Editor.

She appears to be a real person from New York, according to her LinkedIn. It says she is a Senior Editor at Forbes. She went to Stanford University and previously worked for The Atlantic, which is highly left-wing and has been known to push fake news or omit news that doesn’t fit the left’s narrative. We’ve seen this countless times.

Senior Editor

She does have a personal website with a bio about her. It is very left-leaning of course: also Twitter @SchwabKatharine

We will continue to report on Katharine Schwab and her writing habits. Based on the information collected, it appears she has moved too far left and is unable to provide fair and balanced news reporting anymore. She has become too politicized and maybe using her position (and platforms) to promote left-wing articles for their agenda.

This article is for educational purposes and is opinionated based on the data collected. It’s your responsibility to draw your own conclusions about this writer.

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