Elyes Gabel's new single called LACUNA

Elyes Gabel Releases New Single – LACUNA. Read More About His Career & Music

On February 28th, 2023, Elyes Gabel released a new music video and single on his Instagram and YouTube Channel called, “Lacuna (Live)”. The single also features Koi Anunta and Glenn Holdaway. The performance was done in Los Angeles and will be available as a single track on March 24th 2023. You’ll be able to grab a digital version at your favorite streaming platform.

The song, LACUNA, has a nice sound and I would describe it as being soulful. It has a mix of Gabel on guitar (fingerpicking) and Koi Anunta on violin & Glenn Holdaway on trumpet.

Elyes Gabel – Live performance of his new single – LACUNA (Koi Anunta on violin & Glenn Holdaway on the trumpet)

Elyes Gabel has made a name for himself as an actor, starring in two hit television shows, Game of Thrones and Scorpion. However, his favorite role to play is himself—a musician. He says music is the only platform where he feels he can be himself, and he’s happiest when he’s playing his guitar. His YouTube channel goes back as far as 11 years, when he started posting homemade videos. He sings his blues rock soul music with his raw, raspy voice that seems to slide from bass to alto effortlessly. He sings from somewhere deep in his soul while strumming his folksy acoustic guitar melody. Many of the videos he has shared are exactly that: him playing guitar and singing the impeccable composition of his songs.

Raised Roman Catholic, Elyes Gabel went to college at the young age of 16. However, when he was 18, he decided to pursue his television acting career instead. London-born Gabel has a well-rounded background, all of which feeds into his unique sound as a musician. His voice has been described as having a “naturally light northern accent.” He was raised partly in Canada and partly in Manchester, and he has an eclectic ancestry. His heritage includes countries such as India, Ireland, Algeria, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Portugal. Pulling from this range of cultures, his music stands alone. You can hear the influential echoes of his diversity as they merge into one unique and passionate vibe accentuated by lyrics laden with poetic beauty. The ambiance of his sound resonates with the serious and classic truthfulness of an old soul.

On his demeanor, he’s been described as “Real, honest, and edgy with superb natural energy.” The creator of the TV Show Scorpion, Nick Santora, said of him, “Gabel was able to play the difficulty of expressing emotion while being emotional” for his role as Walter O’Brien, a character who had difficulty expressing and processing emotions.

In addition to acting and singing, Gabel has tried his hand at television and short film writing, directing, and producing. His last short film Game Show Hurt debuted in 2019. He also appeared on Apple TV+’s Suspicion alongside Uma Thurman in a thriller based on False Flag, a hit Israeli TV series.

In addition to acting and singing, Gabel is an active philanthropist with interests in a number of non-profits such as American Forces Network’s Stop Bullying Body Positive, the US Tennis Association Foundation, CBS Cares Autism, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the One Step Closer Foundation, the Cerebral Palsy Celebrity Poker Tournament, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and Children in Need. He also supports the ALS Association in honor and memory of his maternal grandmother, with whom he was very close. Sadly, she succumbed to ALS when Gabel was a teenager.

These days, he is the frontman for his band, El & The Broken Bones. His website hints at a music project that’s been years in the making and features “imbuing arrangements with his own patina of chaotic yet elegant melodies.” It goes on to describe the music as “rooted in contrast of rough & smooth timbres; the lyrics evoking this duality at times.” Fans of Gabel look forward to the release of more of his indie blues-rock folk music. His deeply moving and poetic lyrics and his aurally appealing and flexible vocals complement the soft acoustic melodies we’ve heard from him thus far. While Elyes Gabel’s career as an actor spans 12 films, 20 television shows, and nine theater roles, he has expressed that his passion for music is what truly inspires him. Looking forward, he plans to make music his main focus in 2023.

Throughout his filmography, Gable has exhibited a wide, extensive range of his performances, giving masterful appearances in a variety of different productions. Here are some of his most memorable performances, gaining him wide appeal across all genres:

Game of Thrones

Premiering in 2011, Game of Thrones took audiences by storm, creating an international fanbase that is still going strong, even after the end of the show. Elyes Gabel’s run on Game of Thrones included working alongside Emilia Clarke, who played iconic heroine Daenerys Targaryen, otherwise known as the Mother of Dragons. Gabel played Rakharo, a Dothraki bodyguard tasked with protecting Daenerys after her ascension to the title of Khaleesi.

Gabel’s first appearance in the show was episode three of season one, titled “Lord Snow,” where he defends Daenerys from her controlling brother Viserys, lashing Viserys around the neck with a horsewhip after he talks down to her. From there, Rakharo’s strong allyship with Daenerys helps her successfully fulfill her role as Khaleesi, despite being viewed as an outsider. At the beginning of season 2, Gabel’s character is unfortunately killed by a rival Dothraki clan, but his character’s loyalty to the Khaleesi followed him until his death.

World War Z

Released in 2013, World War Z is the film adaptation of the 2006 Max Brooks novel of the same name. Starring Brad Pitt, the plot follows the outbreak of a highly infectious zombie virus that inevitably takes over most of the population. Among the survivors are Brad Pitt’s Gerry Lane, a former ranking United Nations official, and Elyes Gabel’s character Andrew Fassbach, a virologist. Deployed to South Korea to track down the virus’s source and maybe develop a vaccine, Fassbach argues that nature is cruel to understand. However, analyzing the pieces left during these trying times is necessary for solving large-scale issues such as the zombie infections at hand.

As soon as they land in South Korea, zombies attack the security personnel sent to accompany them on their journey. In the panic that ensues, Gabel’s character winds up accidentally taking his own life. The complexity of a character like Fassbach humanizes the cast of world elites left over in this apocalypse scenario, reminding viewers that these survivors are all still people. Despite his tragic death, Gabel’s character stands out as a necessary way for the audience to sympathize with the characters in the film.


In this action-drama series, Gabel’s character Walter O’Brien heads a homeland security intel group called Scorpion, whose main goal is to protect the nation’s cyber security. As the starring role of the series, Gabel’s character is central to the plot of the show, which is based on real-life events. Walter’s character is rather stoic, leading his team of experts through their exploits with little to no emotion; however, during times of distress, he drops his cold exterior and shows how he’s feeling through a passionate release of his emotions.

One of the most pivotal plot points in the show includes O’Brien’s father figure, Cabe, lying to O’Brien about a particular project, ultimately changing their relationship for the rest of the series. The interaction begins with Cabe asking O’Brien to build a certain kind of software, and O’Brien, trusting him, complies with the request. Later in the show, O’Brien finds out that Cabe used the technology he built to try and kill a middle eastern leader, but instead, the software led to the death of 2,000 civilians. Gable’s portrayal of O’Brien shows a strong dichotomy between the character’s serious leadership side and his wounded inner child, bringing an intense sense of complexity to the role.

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

In this animated superhero film, Gabel stars as Star Boy. This previously unknown superhero inevitably joins forces with the Justice League to defeat Mano, Tharok, and the Persuader of the time-traveling supervillain group The Fatal Five. After traveling back in time, Gabel’s Star Boy triggers a trap set by another superhero, inevitably throwing him into a rage and causing Batman to put him into Arkham Asylum. To Batman’s demise, Star Boy breaks out and rejoins the rest of the Justice League; where after he is deemed trustworthy by the rest of the League, the group convenes to solve the problems brought forth by The Fatal Five.

As the heroes and villains battle, Star Boy and Jessica, a newly chosen Green Lantern, begin a sweet and loving friendship. The film climaxes with the Justice League, accompanied by Star Boy, attempting to stop supervillain Eye from splitting the sun and ending the world. Star Boy then sacrifices himself to save the planet, cementing his place as a renowned hero. Gabel’s performance in this film shows his range as an actor by proving he can do more than drama and action movies, highlighting a lesser-known superhero and turning him into a star.

Upcoming Projects

Since the conclusion of Suspicion, Gabel has begun focusing on more passion projects that put him in the director’s chair. Gabel has a penchant for telling stories from behind a camera since he enjoys delving into the details that give rise to fully developed complicated storylines. Stakes, a short film highlighting the stressfulness and explosive dynamics in financial culture, was directed by Elyes in 2017. The 2018 short film Grimshaw, which explores issues of drug addiction, relapse, and the loss of personal autonomy due to addiction, was also directed and produced by Gable. Gable is currently working on his next short film project Game Show Hurt, writing, and directing the film himself. With such a nuanced catalog of work, Gabel’s artistry and commitment to his work are undeniable, leaving fans eager to see his next project.

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