Reducing Your Energy Bills At Home

Reducing Energy Bills At Home

Reducing your energy bills is a big issue for many these days. This is especially true because Seattle Utilities and Puget Sound Energy just keeps raising their rates on us. What are we going to do except continue to play their game and pay the increases each month and year. As a city, there isn’t much we can do about this. They have a monopoly on the energy so we are stuck. Below you’ll find some of the most recommended tips you can use to help reduce your energy bills.

First, it’s highly recommend to unplug devices if they are not being used. The Department of Energy as stated that 85% of our energy costs are from devices/appliances which are not being used. In short, if it’s plugged into the wall there still is a cost associated with that. Now obviously you don’t want to be unplugging your refrigerator but how about that toaster you never use or that lamp across the room? If you’re not using it or rarely use it, keep it unplugged and you’ll save money on your energy bills.

Second, if an appliance breaks or you’re looking to update your kitchen make sure you’re using Energy Star appliances. These appliances use 10-50% less energy and water compared to their counterparts. You’ll most likely have to pay a little more to get your hands on them but in the long run your monthly bill will be less. We are actually seeing more and more Energy Star appliances on the market and less of the old so just take your time and investigate that purchase. Educating yourself and looking a little bit longer can save your money and energy.

Third, get a good thermostat. You want one that is programmable so you can adjust it to during the day. You can make it more comfortable only when you need it. Some may want it turned down dramatically during the day then up a little more at night for example. The point is that you can control it easier to reduce your heating and cooling energy costs.

Fourth, consider talking to a energy solutions company like Smart Energy Today Inc. They offer a lot of products and solutions they can dramatically help reduce your energy bills. Plus, it helps with our environment. They also have dinner events you can attend (which are free) and they will just educate you about becoming more energy independent. Don’t even need to bring your money to the event. Did I mention it’s free? It’s a win/win.

Fifth, with all this great weather we are having try to use more fans instead of the AC. Fans are way less compared to AC energy costs.

Sixth, an easy fix everyone can do is make sure you home is air sealed. Just go through your home and make sure you don’t have an leaks where air can get in. Check around the edges of your doors and sliders. If there are holes or gaps, you’ll want to get that fixed or at a minimum put insulation in there so all your heat isn’t being wasted.

Seventh, the final tip we can give you is try to conserve water. Water heating is actually the third largest when it comes to your energy bill. Some tips you can implement are taking faster showers and just being alert when using water (dishes, clothing, cars, ect). Another great tip is to reduce your hot water temperature. It will save you a lot and you probably won’t even notice the change throughout the house.

There you have it readers. Take the first steps and start to reduce your energy footprint.

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