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With all the news of energy costs going up in the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest, we need solutions to combat this. Being a homeowner, I know my rates are constantly increasing yet I’ve done nothing to move into using more smart energy solutions. This week I’ve really been looking at my options. I called a few energy companies but one that really stood out was Smart Energy Today in Olympia. I spoke to one of their representatives about my home and some of the custom energy saving solutions they can do for me (see below). The gentleman I spoke with was extremely knowledgeable about the smart energy space and knew exactly what I was looking to do with my home. I was basically open to all ideas and solutions to save me money in the long run. The reality is that energy costs are just going to keep going up and we all need to be more independent when it comes to this. If not, we are all just going to continue to accept and agree to the constant increasing we all face. Being independent and saving money is something we all can do. Not only will it save us money but it will help the environment.

Smart Energy Today, Inc is headquartered in Olympia Washington. What I really liked about them was that they only recommend and use the best durable products on the market. Each one has its benefits and will save you money and energy in the long run. I could tell that the Smart Energy Today representative as passionate about helping me. I was educated not only on the financial savings but also about the products and the environment. They certainly are experts when it comes to energy solutions. I actually thought I knew a lot about energy and saving money but this guy was extremely educated. I felt like he could easily answer all my questions.

Smart Energy Today, Inc
Employees: 60+ (2014)
Phone Number: (888) 405-8689
Address: 1001 Cooper Point Rd SW, Suite 140-290, Olympia, Washington 98502
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Company Mission Statement:

Smart Energy Today Mission Statement

Types of energy solutions / products they recommend and support:
Solar Energy, Insulation, Maintaining your home, and Lighting

Types of branded energy solutions available:
Clean Energy Guard™
Instant Connect™ Photovoltaic Solar System
Smart Air Ventilation™
Smart Light Series™
Sol Blanket Insulation™

Smart Energy Dinners
One important thing about this process is learning about the energy products and solutions that are going to work best for you personally. All our homes and/or businesses are setup differently so they’ll want to get some info from you as well. Smart Energy Today, will help you every step of the way to setting up your home or business so it’s more energy friendly, however, I highly recommend attending one of their dinner events. They cover their products and solutions so you know exactly what your getting. Then they will connect with you to talk about any specific energy solution if wanted. Even if you don’t buy anything at their Smart Energy Dinners events, you’ll be highly educated about saving money on your energy bills and what you can do in the future. It’s really a fun event plus you get to eat!! If you go to the dinner, you won’t need to even bring a checkbook because they are not there to sell you anything. It’s more of a way to connect to the community and educate you about energy. Researching online and there is a lot of positive feedback about the experience. It’s not some cheap food or restaurant either. They go to places like The Ram, Dolce Carini, and Anthony’s Homeport. Dinner last about an hour or so and you get 2 tickets so you can bring your spouse as well. The company discusses ways you can save energy at home (or office) as well as tax saving opportunities. The Smart Energy Dinners events are invite only so give them a call first.

Customer Approval Rating:
Smart Energy Today, Inc has a A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. They have been an accredited Business since 08/02/2012 (established in 2008). On their website they also have lots of testimonials and customer reviews should you need to review more information. They are truly a leader in the Seattle and Puget Sound areas.

Smart Energy Today  Better Business

Free in-home analysis
One thing I really like about this company is that they will come to you for no charge and evaluation what you need to be more energy independent. A lot of companies charge to come to you and some charge as high as $85 dollars! It just shows you how much they believe in their solutions, team, and customer service. There is no risk or terms associated with this visit. You just give them a call and they’ll come out to look at everything for you. They are trained to listen and ask the right questions to make sure you’re getting the best solution/s available on the market. If you live or work outside of Washington State, they may have representatives available in your area as well so just call or email them to find out. They’ve satisfied 1000’s of customers.

Solar power is American power!
The time has come for Seattle to help lead the United States into a 21st century full of hope and bright ideas, rather than global wars and national insecurity. Energy independence through renewables and conservation is one hopeful avenue down which very few of our national leaders are proudly marching. Yet here in the Northwest we already have resources, opportunities, and leaders with which to realize renewable energy innovations. We live in a region notorious for cloudiness and are heavily dependent on cheap, salmon-exterminating hydropower. If we can demonstrate that solar powered technologies work here — both economically and environmentally, then the rest of the country will clearly see that they should follow!

This web site constitutes an initial effort to showcase local good works and resources that lead towards the solar future.

The first rooftop solar house in Seattle!
Located in the Roosevelt neighborhood, Thomas Allsopp’s home suports the first photovoltaic, grid-intertied, rooftop solar power system in Seattle. Along with the company that installed the system ( Puget Sound Solar), Thomas has set an excellent example of how to reduce one’s demand for electricity and then generate enough energy in the long summer days to last one through the winter. Rather than struggling with a storage method, he takes advantage of an on-going agreement with the local electric utility: you can run your meter backwards, thereby gaining credit for cloudier days! • 2001 open house slide show

• Seattle Times story (Oct 12, 2001): Homemade energy sparks savings and juices power grid, by Lynda V. Mapes
• Net metering for customer owned generation Practical information from Seattle City Light

Local organizations
Solar Washington Local non-profit promoting the development and effective use of solar and renewable energy and the related arts, sciences, and technologies with concern for the economic, environmental, and social fabric of Washington State through education and training. Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Association of builders, designers, home-owners, and others concerned with ecological building. Central Puget Sound chapter offers monthly meetings in Phinney Ridge neighborhood emphasizing educational themes.

Local solar designers, contractors, builders, and the like
Puget Sound Solar Winter Sun Design Sun Wind Concepts Western Sun Coop (Solar Utility Network) helps its members acquire and implement renewable energy technologies at the lowest possible cost through market aggregation. Our members are electric cooperatives, public utility districts, and municipal utilities. The Co-op purchases solar-electric technology directly from manufacturers and resells to members for resale to end use customers. The Co-op provides educational resources, training, marketing to its’ membership and their customers.

Recent local news coverage
• Dec 15, 2014: Smart Energy Today
• May 29, 2002: Nuclear power plant tries solar approach, Seattle Times, by Linda Ashton
• Oct 12, 2001: Homemade energy sparks savings and juices power grid, Seattle Times, by Lynda V. Mapes
• Apr 25, 2000: Solar power in the spotlight, Seattle Times, by Susan Jankowski

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