Relationship Advice: The Prince Charming Factor?

Prince Charming Factor Dating

Dr. Robi Ludwig was interviewed by Fox News’s producer and online contributor for, Ashley Papa Twitter, about the psychology behind the Prince Charming Syndrome. This syndrome is when women creates a romanticized ideal of what love should look like and they either end up in the wrong relationship or no relationship at all. Often times, the person is very inflexible because they become so focused on finding the “prefect” partner.

During the interview with Ashley Papa, Dr. Robi Ludwig points out in the interview on Fox the issues that surround the individuals who are constantly striving for these perfect relationships. Dr. Robi thinks that everyone has an idealized image of what the perfect love should be, but as people mature, they realize they are not perfect and their lover is not going to be perfect either. However, the women who fall into the category of “The Prince Charming Syndrome” are very often socially immature, have a resistance to being in a real relationship and have expectations that are too high which often set up their partners to fail. These individuals never grow and mature and hence are stuck in the cycle of trying to find a love that doesn’t really hold firm or true in the real world.

Dr. Robi Ludwig thinks that these ideals come from a psychologically memory or wish from when we were babies and we were wholly and completely loved and there was someone that was there to take care of all our needs. Also our society idealizes love and romanticizes relationships. These two factors combined create the “The Prince Charming” syndrome.

Dr. Robi’s advice to these women who are striving for this perfect partner is to not lower their standards but to be more open-minded. Relationships are not black or white and in order to exist in the real world, women have to mature and lose the concept of romanticized love and ditch the fantasy. A true rewarding relationship will come from maturity and self-realization.

Additional opinion by the Emerald Journal:
The advice and interview with Dr. Robi and Ashley Papa is simply amazing. Relationship’s and dating can be really difficult. There is so much to understand about dating psychology and what to do and what not to do. It can be very complicated. The advice given by these experts can really help and sharing the information only helps understand the gaps when it comes to dating or finding a partner. We all have our issues (and insecurities) with meeting new people and dating but at the end of the day, living with the issues and being able to accept them is what can make the difference. I believe this article, interview, analysis only scratches the surface of this topic. We all have our judgments when first meeting someone. We all are products of our environment and this is carried over into how we function and view relationships in my personal opinion.

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