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The Emerald City Journal often features celebrities and business owners who are very successful. In fact, we have a category just for this effort on our website! Rafael Golan is the President and Owner of RS Golan Consulting Services. Based in Delray Beach, Florida, RS Golan Consulting Services provides financial services and seminars to individuals and families in the Florida area. The history of the company started in 2001 by the highly successful Rafael Golan. Recently (November 2014), they celebrated their 10th year company anniversary. It wasn’t easy starting the company Mr. Golan expressed. The economy wasn’t doing very well back then (up and downs), however, everything worked out in the end. In fact, the company has been voted the best Financial Firm in Delray Beach, FL. Their success is due to how hard they work for each customer. Mr. Golan expressed that they customize their services for each customer with a high level of interaction. Having worked in the financial space myself, I understand how difficult this must be. It takes a lot of resources and experience to run a highly successful financial services company.

As the President and Owner, Mr. Golan understands that with hard work and experience – anything is possible. That is one of the major reasons the company was started. With all the successful business leaders featured on our website, they all have been driven to success. They also are highly experienced and the same is true about Mr. Golan. Before starting the company, he was registered representative (and director) for several firms. Some of the firms included Prime Capital and Paine Webber. This isn’t something new to him. He was been in the financial arena since 1983. In 2001, he decided to take the next big step and start his own company. His goal was the build a company that was highly interactive with customers. The focus would also be on families and individuals rather than larger corporations/businesses. Offering customized financial plans and services that helped customers be more successful. Not only did he want to guide them to financial independence but also empower them. He works to fully educate them on them about their investments and how it can be leveraged better. Some of the services provided by RS Golan Consulting Services are: Asset protection, accounting, income and estate planning. They offer a wide range of services so give them a call if you’re unsure at (561) 499-7009 (Eastern Time).

Philanthropy and community work
In 2008 when the mortgage industry was continuing its fall, Golan teamed up with Bill Rancic to help families struggling. If you don’t know Bill Rancic, he was the winner of the first “The Apprentice” show staring Donald Trump and many other celebrities. Using Mr. Golan’s experience of maximization revenue and Bill Rancic’s publicity to get word out – they helped countless homeowners get back on their feet. The funds raised by the fundraisers would go to helping them pay their mortgages and expenses. The community work of Bill Rancic and Golan help countless homeowners get back on their feet.

Having an individual with the experience to really help and understand is important. There are so many financial companies out that will take your money with no explanation or strategy. You just give them your money and hope they can do their best with it. Unfortunately, you’re in the dark with this approach and I really hate that. That is why I like Golan’s company. He is very personable and knowledgeable. If you have a question or need some help understanding something, you can just give them a call (or setup a call) and they can explain it to you quickly. It’s just a more personal service as compared to the bigger brands who just say they can do it. Golan’s company has built a solid business just off that principle. It’s that personal approach to individuals and families that makes them so popular.

Address: 7499 West Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33446
(They work with customers nationwide including Seattle, Washington)
Phone: (561) 499 7009

Map of RS Consulting Services

Rafael Golan
RS Golan Consulting Services
The company RS Golan Consulting Services is owned and managed by Rafael Golan. They offer personal finance service and other options to individuals, families, and businesses.
7499 W Atlantic Ave
Delray Beach,FL
Phone: (561) 499 7009

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