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Mitt Romney’s Election Attempt 2012

As Mitt Romney continues to rise over the competition with his recent win of both Arizona and Michigan, one has to think will it be enough?  In this election, I personally want to see more of a dramatic change to just the basic principles and way less government in my life.  The only candidate who will provide that is Mr. Ron Paul.  Unfortunately, the public isn’t ready for that yet, I guess.  Perhaps another 4 or 8 years and they’ll be ready to see the light.  As I said in previous posts, the force is strong with Mitt Romney.  His branding is strong enough to convince people to throw votes his way.  He gets the most spotlight out of all the candidates and that combined with Super Pacs/cash I truly believe he’ll get the nomination and eventually take the White House.  Right or wrong, we will see shortly.

Newt Gingrich is about done at this point, finishing 4th overall yesterday.  He should be stepping down soon.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens shortly after March 6th after Super Tuesday (10 states voting).  However, he may do it sooner to save himself from the embarrassment and keep his followers.  Newt Gingrich may take 1 out of the 10 states, his home state of Georgia.  Once there is a clearer picture of who is leading the pack, Newt will quickly endorse them and get reimbursed for his failed campaign.  Ron Paul will hang on longer only to get his message out more.  I believe the public realizes (including myself) he doesn’t have much of a shot but his message is what’s important at this point.

I have been seeing more and more Obama ads on the Internet (YouTube for example).  Like his last election, he will make a strong push for the younger crowd and continue to use the Internet better than anyone else.  He has done well at capturing that audience with him being a social media fan using Twitter.  I’m not confident he’ll have the same younger support this time around though.  I believe the hope and change promised (and over-delivered in his speeches) wasn’t delivered as promised during his presidency.  I’m sure many would disagree with that, though.

Looking forward to Super Tuesday’s 10 states results soon.

Candidates on the debate stage

Update: In the 2012 U.S. presidential election, Mitt Romney was the Republican Party’s nominee running against the incumbent President, Democrat Barack Obama. While Romney won a number of states and received substantial support, he ultimately lost the election to Obama.

In the Electoral College, which is the system used to determine the winner of U.S. presidential elections, Barack Obama secured 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206. In terms of the popular vote, Obama received around 51% (about 65.9 million votes), while Romney garnered approximately 47% (about 60.9 million votes).

After the election, Mitt Romney congratulated President Obama on his victory and called for political unity to address the challenges facing the nation.

IF Mitt Romney Wins the GOP Nomination 2010 (Discussion)

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is in high gear promoting his new book.  I caught him on the Sean Hannity show last night and Sean actually asked him if he is considering another run for President.  Ahhh, (with a Beavis & Butthead intonation) talk about a charade; come on Sean!  Do you think he has been traveling the circuit and authored the book because he needs the money?  I felt like I was watching one of those Saturday morning infomercials where the get-rich-quick pitchmen have the studio set up like it’s a “talk show”.  I guess there are actually people who believe that approach.

Nevertheless, if Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination we will need to develop some comparisons to Barack Obama so we should start thinking this through in advance.

There are similarities and differences between the two:

Romney has the advantage of consistency.  He has consistently been on both sides of important issues, depending on who he was running against.

They both may be able to say they used their respective executive branches to impose socialized medicine on their constituents.

I did find one major difference.  A key difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is that as a Mormon, Mitt Romney believes he is going to become a god over his own planet; while Barack Obama believes he already is.

Seriously, we cannot afford another division like the last primary that diluted the conservative vote so much it gave us the one nominee that no conservative actually wanted.  That is one irony we cannot repeat and that is exactly what is going to happen if we do not devise a system where each state must have a run-off if one Presidential candidate does not receive a 51% majority of the votes.

Another critical thing that states need to do is stop allowing the states with early primaries and caucuses the novelty of doing so.  By dragging these elections out for weeks in between, we are allowing the media to engineer the outcome through the manipulation of incessant polling.  Polling has become more of an art than a “science” to these people.  They use these polls to create self-fulfilling prophecies that are actually self-serving and ignominious. It makes me literally sick to my stomach to think of the many glaring instances this manipulation manifested itself in 2008 and I mean EVERY news network is guilty of this.  We simply CANNOT allow this anymore.

There are many theoretical reasons why the majority of states have allowed these smaller states to have their primaries earlier than the rest.  These reasons have merit but not one of these reasons is acceptable at a time when our republic is hanging on by a thread.  They declare these elections over before the majority of the country has even voted and the outcomes would likely be entirely different if all states voted on the same day.  They MUST be simultaneous.

This can be accomplished if states prepare themselves early on – to have their primary elections as soon as they possibly can.  If some states move their elections even further up in order to be first, other states need to be nimble enough to follow.  Of course, this only applies to states that actually care about this problem.  I suspect that some of the liberal states do not care about their autonomy as much. 

Discussion Comments:


Question any rational person would ask.

Why do you assume the reader would support Mitt Romney?  How could anyone support him? 

Neither man can be trusted – except to continue repping the corporations with zest and elan. 

The last time America was set for disaster the moment Ron Paul was eliminated.

Those polls!  Darn those people having opinions, for instance, the instant polling that took place after the South Carolina GOP Debate. 

Support Ron Paul and your problem will be simplified. 

I hope this is your idea of satire.

Jess: Romney would be another McCain. The Republican Party can do much better, and it better, or we will just see more of the same. Bigger, more expensive, more controlling, more invasive and more incompetent government. The Nation needs a 180′ turn and get the U. S. back to ‘The Home of the Brave and The Land of the Free’. 

Stone: We don’t need health care, because Mitt told me anyone can go to the emergency room and be taken care of without insurance. I would vote for Mitt because he has nice hair and he’s always smiling.

Unfortunately, this article discussion has been closed because it was in 2010.

Photo credit: Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore” by Gage Skidmore is marked with CC BY-SA 3.0

Romney Lays The Smackdown On Obama

Last night was the first round of the debates for the presidential campaign.  I certainly was expecting a debate, however, it feel short.  It was 90 minutes of Romney laying the smack down on Obama.  It appeared at times Obama was being scolded by Romney like a child who did something wrong.  The only real debate and I use “debate” lightly was in regards to the topic of ObamaCare.  The President stood proud to have created such a program and seemed confident to talk about it. During the debate Romney mentioned laying off Sesame Street and big bird.  The producers of Sesame Street were not happy about losing that funding provided by the Government should Romney be elected.  The statement released by Sesame Street sounded like Romney was firing them.  In realty, Sesame Street has had a free ride for 43 years now and they just need to add commercials to the program.  Currently the show doesn’t have any sponsors or commercials.  I know the show is valuable but does it deserve to be founded by the Government.  Paying all their staff and CEO’s?  Non profits do make money and a lot of it… look at the Salvation Army or the Goodwill.

For this article I was curious just how much Sesame Street makes per year so I looked it up.  On their 2011 IRS form they pulled in 8 million dollars from Government grants.  I would say that is fair amount to work it out on there own right?  Well here is the kicker… they made an additional $45 million on product royalties!  Things like toys and Tickle Me Elmo’s for example.  Oh it doesn’t end there.  They have content and syndication deals also.  When it’s all said and done in 2011 Sesame Street pulled in $112 million dollars in revenue (not including the 8 million in Government support).  Big Bird is part of the 1%!  Why is Big Bird on Welfare then? This show can support itself. There has to be a better way to make that “poor” program work and I’m sure they will figure it out.  It’s just a good example of things that are not going to make everyone happy.  It was sad to hear that news from Romney he may cut them, however, looking at the money now and what the show is bringing in – they don’t need us paying for their show.  If you cut things some people will get mad and that is why most politicians don’t cut at all.  They want to save their office and don’t want the negative response by the few mad people.  Unlike Obama who is “helping” everyone with the handouts and not putting his neck on the line with any program cuts or decisions.  His goal has been fluffing up the job numbers (which he still failed at) and made 47% of the public loving the free handouts of the Government.  It’s pathetic.

None the less, it was a good showing for Romney.  I expect Obama to come with more heat next round, however, he better be ready with the answers to his failed numbers the last 4 years.  It’s going to be a tough road debating the negative numbers during his presidential history.  He can’t really say what he would do better this time because on every topic he has failed at it… plus why didn’t he implement this new approach the last 4 years.  The numbers of the last 4 years don’t lie.  The spending has never been worse.  Jobs are in the gutter and worse than when he started.  ObamaCare isn’t free like most of the public thinks and Mitt has already done it …. better.  We have a cyberwar with Iran and soon a real one.  Syria is falling apart.  North Korea hates us and we are running private operations there the administration doesn’t want to call a war yet.  China and Russia sure don’t support us.  National deficit is maxed more than Bush spent for the wars.  Can’t blame it on Bush because Obama raised it more in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years.  Obama on energy was a disaster and total loss of billions.  We are sending billions to countries who don’t appreciate it.  Our embassies are under terrorist attacks all over including Libya.  Could it get any worse with Romney even with little to no experience on foreign policy – it would appear he has a better shot at it from this point.  There really isn’t a topic that Obama hasn’t failed at.  You simply can’t debate with a failed record.  He can say what he want to do and what people want to hear but in reality he’s had 4 years and hasn’t implemented those things.  You just have to sit there and take it like a man just like Obama did last night.

The only thing Obama has working for him is his history of supporting and financially helping everyone for free.  The handouts to the public who will continue to support him until the end.  Can’t blame them really that would be a nice life and I wouldn’t want it to end.  It’s not their money so who cares right.  Obama has the African and Latino votes which is huge.  However, history has proven Republicans have done more for blacks than the democrats have ever done.  The civil rights movement was started by Republicans and wasn’t even backed by democrats!  Look that up if you don’t believe me.  Obama has supported the illegals so of course they will continue with the support for him.  Obama’s brand is strong.  He is a family man which I believe is true and that really hasn’t been displayed to the public for Romney.  American’s eat that up and feel better about someone who has that brand in place.

Next debate is Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden for Vice President.  I predict Ryan will mop the floor with him.  Ryan is an AMAZING talker and knows his numbers and facts well.  His banter and wittiness will be sharper than Biden. I suspect Joe Biden will do better than Obama because they will be more prepared due to how the Romney/Obama debate concluded.

Presidential Election 2012 – Vote Seattle!

This is it.  The time has come where you need to make the right choice for the next President (and Washington State Measures).  Many news agencies are expecting Obama to take it, however, I am not certain about that.  Whatever happens in the next 4 years – it starts today with your vote Seattle.  Today is Tuesday November 6th, 2012 and that means the Presidential Election 2012 has started.

Seattle Voting Information:

Washington State Measures reviewed on the Emerald City Journal:

Seattle Proposition 1 – (Against)

Senate Joint Resolution No. 8223 – (Against)

Initiative Measure No. 502 – (Supported)

Initiative Measure No. 1240 – (Against)

Initiative Measure No. 1185 – (Supported)

Advisory Vote No. 2 (Substitute House Bill 2590)

Your 2012 Presidential voting picks (articles):

President Barack Obama OR Mitt Romney

Presidential Election Day

Tuesday Nov. 6th is the big day.  It’s time for the presidential election.  First up Obama with the poorest record in history or Mitt Romney and his trust funds.  The presidential pick is yours – so who are you picking?  I’m sure either way we are screwed but I’m putting my “hope” with Romney this round.  I believe many fell the same way.  I have heard many changing gears to support the other side of the team.  The main reasons I will be supporting Romney is due to the fact Obama has the poorest record in history to date.  You can look at jobs, economy, or gas number they are all down compared to when he started.  Foreign policy is joke.  Second, the republicans won’t support any of his bills which means he simply won’t be able to get anything accomplished without their support and that is not going to happen in the next 4 years should he be re-elected.  Third and most importantly – Obama Care.  I really don’t need the extra bills in my life which will easily be $1,000 or more per year for health care for myself.  If not acquired, I will be fined (taxed without saying it) by the IRS!  The IRS will manage the program by the way.  It’s all just shady.  The idea is also bad for jobs.  Not just my job and life but everyone’s if you have one.  If you’re employed now you’re job will be evaluated should Obama be elected due to Obama Care and the new business expenses involved.  With that being said, my support is going to Mitt Romney.

I found myself even more engaged this year compared to any other year that is for sure.  I actively participated in all the debates and listen intensively.  The first debate was a game changer and just verified my reason to vote for Romney.  He manhandled President Obama.  The others were even in my opinion.  Biden may have got the edge on Paul Ryan which I didn’t see coming.  Joe Biden came off as a rude old man, however, he was more of an authority figured which hurt Mr. Ryan I think.   Obama tried to get more aggressive on the second attempt however it wasn’t enough to change anything.  There was one point where Mitt Romney told him to sit down and Obama did it like a scolded little kid.  Third debate was even with Romney trying not to over do it while keeping everything even.

I must say I am happy to see that the presidential election day is finally here.  The radio, tv, telephone message have become a real pain.  I am tired of the complaining, fighting, and lying from both sides just to persuade votes.  On Tuesday, all this garbage will be done with and we can move on to bigger and better things whomever our President turns out to be.  I’m also excited to pick on all the mistakes of the next president who ever that maybe.  Vegas odds have Obama winning by a large margin.  In the event Obama does take the election (which I don’t think is going to happen), it certainly wont be by the popular vote.

Presidential Election Day
Presidential election day this Tuesday. Obama vs. Romney last chance!


Michelle Obama Will Be In Seattle Oct 2nd

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, will be in Seattle on Oct 2nd 2012.  Obviously an event to raise money and convience the public that hope and change is on the way anytime now.  The event will take place at the Westin Hotel and prices to get inside range from $500 – $10,000.  If you’d like a pretty photo with the First Lady, Michelle Obama, it’s going to set you back $5,000.  This is a fundraising event to re-elect the the President and her husband Barak Obama.  Just like the Democratic convention that was on TV you can expect her to say how great of a man he is and a loving husband.  It’s the same song and dance and part of their re-election gameplan.  This family man with the perfect family pulling the strings of the nation to re-elect him in November.  It’s actually not a bad plan in my opinion.  Americans love all this perfect husband and family talk.  They just eat it up.  Considering that all the real data that matters like the economy, jobs, education, taxes, obamacare, national debt, etc is in the worst shape of this nations history after 4 years – might as well play the family man card.

I’m looking forward to the debates coming up shortly.  One thing about Obama is that he is a great speaker.  The man can speak and convince a nation on any topic even if it’s doing horribly bad (like the economy).  Mitt Romney doesn’t have that “family loving great husband” brand that Obama has going for him.  Michelle Obama and Barak Obama really know how to leverage that.  Thus, the reason they are split up and running around town saying great things about each other.  Paul Ryan on the other hand is going to mop the floor with Biden.  Paul Ryan is witty and fast to throw it back at you.

Moody’s Credit Ratings Threat To US

It’s about that time again, when we need to raise the debt ceiling.  Moody’s credit ratings services has stated that they will be cutting our rating if a debt deal is not reached.  Obviously, one will be agreed upon eventually.  Money seems to grow on trees for our Government so whats another trillion dollars to spend? Nobody wants to stand up to really cut any spending here in America as it could put their political career in jeopardy.  To save face our politicians think of ways to pinch the dollars out of us without saying its a tax.  They are no ashamed to propose taxing the 1% because they know the other 99% will be ok with that and their job is safe down the road.  It’s a shame really no one has stepped up (except Ron Paul) who has the confidence and brass to make the tough decisions about spending cuts.

In 2011, our “big cuts” were so small it was pathetic.  In perspective, if a family was in 142,710 in debt the equivalent spend cut was $385 dollars!  What a joke and honestly the proposal of cutting so little should be embarrassing.  Who could review a proposal like this with so little cut per year and not laugh them out of the room.  You would never pay your debt off at that rate so how can we expect to do that with our national deficit if we are making similar cuts?  We can’t and they won’t.  Obama won’t do it nor will Mitt Romney do it.  We need someone who is serious and just cuts a good 20% or more out of the ridiculous programs and tasks the Government shouldn’t even be involved in.

During the last negotiations of raising the debt ceiling our congress agreed upon cutting  38.5 billion dollars (pathetic).  In the 8 days they talked about what they were going to do, our national debt went up 54 billion dollars.  Lets get serious now and get this under control.  It’s beyond me how we even have a AAA rating by Moody’s Credit Ratings and perhaps they are just as wrong as everyone else laying in bed together.

Finally, one last food for thought, our “government stated” national debt is over 16 trillion dollars now and that means each citizens share of debt is over 51,000 dollars (313 million people).  OR IS IT…?  Now if you add in all the federal governments obligations (which we all know are nearly bankrupt) like Medicare, Social Security, Treasury Securitys, and Bonds the national debt is actually over 79 TRILLION DOLLARS.  That is a real number and a number you’ll never hear about from these crooks spenders in office.  With that in mind, every new baby born in this “rich” nation is given a burden of $253,000.

I know it’s hard to hear and the public would probably go crazy if that was broadcasted on TV – but the numbers are the numbers.


Sad but true our national debt is over 16 trillion dollars now.  Since it’s election time (and even before that) the finger pointing continues.  If we can pull any good news out of the this I guess it would be that China is no longer our big daddy foreign holder.  They are owed about 1.16 trillion of it.  Japan took on about 1.12 trillion of it.  About 5 trillion of it is internally ours for the Social Security Trust Fund and federal pension systems. The rest is divided up between many countries in smaller increments.  The federal reserves buys it up also to keep it stable which is shady but anyway.  The Bush era certainly didn’t help with the wars debt added and Obama’s promise of reducing it in half – just never came (nor will it ever come).  Obama can blame Bush and how he inherited it, however, after a year in office you have to take the rest of the blame being the man in charge.  It’s never going down and another 4 years will produce the same results.  Will Mitt Romney make a difference?  I doubt it but he at least deserves a shot at it in my opinion.  I would prefer someone who would take drastic changes like a Ron Paul, however, America isn’t ready for that yet.  Perhaps another 4 or 8 years will change their minds.

Here is some food for thought.  The debt added under Obama’s 3+ years in office was more than Bush added in his 8 years of presidency – combined.  Bush added 4.9 trillion total and Obama added 5.4 trillion and climbing.  One last point regarding unemployment rate under Obama, no incumbent has ever been re-elected with unemployment this high – ever.  In the event, Obama takes another 4 years he will have not only made history as the first African American president but also making history being re-elected with the highest unemployment rate.  Congrats if you win I guess.

Who is President Obama?

I don’t know the answers to anything I am asking or writing about but my goal is to interest enough “Independent Thinkers” to help get answers as to Obama’s past. Hillary Clinton blew her chance by being so sure she would win that she did not put Obama’s back to the wall at all. If she said anything even remotely showing he might be a liar or evading she did not press because immediately the “race card” came in. In my opinion he is so far to the left and cares so little about America he sure should not get 4 more years to do more damage. It is so obvious he wants everyone to be dependant on the government that he is trying to convince people that the government is the only thing that has even made small businesses successful. He is dead wrong. The government has created so many rewards for people who have no desire to work that they know they have to vote for him to keep their “stay at home checks” coming. That being said, I will list the things I think he should be forced to answer. It should be relentless and stop the crap that people are picking on a black. Remember he is half white too. I am not a crazy lady making up stuff here. Donald Trump forced him to produce a long term birth certificate, which very likely is phony too but he did not cough up one for Hillary. Why did he have to be forced?

He is privy to the top top secrets. How on earth did he get a top secret clearance unless he bought one? For sure he did not even do what I had to do to get a low level secret clearance. During the War at Boeing to work on certain projects you had to have a secret clearance. I was sent on tests on Minuteman and needed one. I was only 18 but number 1 was a birth certificate. I didn’t have one. I was born in a log cabin, with no doctor, and no one to help my mother with the birth. BUT my Dad had a notarized paper made out. The census bureau had a record of my birth date. The public school where I started first grade and graduated from high school had my records. So I passed that part. I then had to prove I had never traveled outside the USA. Then had to fill in every address I had ever had and could not leave ANY blanks. I had to go through a similar thing when I worked for an insurance agency and I had access to the names and addresses of people who owned millions in jewelry and only two of us girls could do those policies. NOW FOR OBAMA.

He had his 15 minutes of fame of being the first black to run for president. He was a novelty and came out of nowhere. No one even knew him. He was treated with kid gloves for fear the ACLU or the like would raise a stink if you said a word, they would say you hated blacks. This time lets concentrate on he is half white and go for that half. Forget that his birth certificate could very well be a phony. But his life is a total mystery. He grew up in Indonesia. He was a citizen of that country. He was abandoned by his Mother to be raised in Hawaii by his Grandparents. He had no money. He traveled to Pakistan. American citizens were not allowed to go there. SO, if he was an American citizen how could he travel there? He must be forced to show what passport he used. It had to be an Indonesian passport. What name was he using, was it Barack Obama or Barry?

How did he pay for his college education. Did he get student loans?  Did he pay them back? When did he become an American Citizen after being an Indonesian citizen? Why are all his college records sealed? What is there to be ashamed of  or what is he hiding? Its something way way bigger and darker than poor grades. George W. Bush was crucified for missing a few National Guard meetings and drinking a few beers. Obama just has totally covered his past. Read the Public Liberty Alert of Aug 9, 2012. A so called classmate speaks out. But to summarize it, it is scary. Obama says he graduated from Columbia University, Class of 83. Obama says he was Pre-Law and Political Science major. This classmate never saw Obama or Barry Soetoro (the other name he used). They have interviewed 400 so called classmates and not one ever remembered seeing Obama. Did he even go to school there, if not where was he during those years? If his grades were poor how did he get into Harvard? Why has he spent millions to keep his school records sealed.

Who paid for his education? If he had student loans he had to keep up his good grades. Did he pay his student loans back? OR did Obama a/k/a Barry Soetoro get into Occidental and Columbia as a foreign exchange student? Foreign students get admitted to American Universities way easier and they get all sorts of aide and scholarships for free. Did Obama use his Indonesia Passport and citizenship to go to college here? He could not be an American Citizen and be a foreign exchange student at the same time. Mitt Romney’s income tax forms are nothing compared to what Obama should be forced to disclose. To be president of the United States you can’t have a past like this completely sealed up. He has to talk without a teleprompter. He actually should be forced to step down as president now. Keep reminding him he has used up his black half and now we start on the white half and we all know whites don’t get treated with kid gloves. This is beyond scary? Its time for Romney to make a deal to lay records on the table, but even if Obama quits trying to bring up Romney’s tax returns should not be enough to keep his past school and travels sealed. Is he even a citizen? How come he has not a single classmate or professor that remembers him? We have to tell more about ourselves to get a job at Burger King than he had to to  become President because he hid behind being a picked on black. Lets pick on the white now. Hope you think about this and help get answers.

Read more questions here:  Marshall Frank’s 33 questions to the president

Better Finish Up Those Taxes….Seattle.

If you haven’t done your taxes by now, you’re late. Not only do you lose about 28% per paycheck received working for the man – you also lose 10% in sales taxes for the stuff you buy. It’s the cycle of life I guess. If that wasn’t enough the man sticks it the retailers you just paid a 35% rate of that revenue! I won’t bother you with the property taxes, lotto taxes, death taxes, tolls, license fees, or gas taxes… it’s endless. So the question is how much are your really paying and are you getting what you’re paying for. Would you feel differently if you actually had to write a check out inside of it being integrated into your life seamlessly? This system isn’t new by any means. It has been in place for many Presidents but surely our tax system is one of the most complicated and messed up systems.

This statement was released by Ron Paul today:

Knowing that every penny the average American has earned from January 1st until today has gone to pay federal, state, or local taxes is a frightening reminder of how much liberty modern Americans have lost. Unfortunately, even after Tax Freedom Day, Americans will still suffer from the Federal Reserve’s regressive and hidden inflation tax, which erodes their purchasing power for the benefit of big banks and big-spending politicians.

As a Congressman, I have never voted to raise taxes or increase spending, which is why I have consistently been named one of the top ‘Taxpayers’ Best Friends’ in Congress by the non-partisan National Taxpayers Union. As President, I will work to reduce the burden of taxes and spending on the American people by passing my ‘Plan to Restore America.’

This Plan not only cuts $1 trillion in the first year of my administration and balances the budget by the third year, but it provides much-needed tax relief to the American people. It does this by permanently extending the Bush-era tax rates, lowering the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, allowing American companies to repatriate capital without paying additional taxes, abolishing the death tax, and ending all taxes on personal savings.

My ‘Plan to Restore America’ also begins to free the American people from the inflation tax by conducting a full audit of the Federal Reserve and legalizing competing currencies. These simple steps will allow the American people to at last learn the truth about how the Fed is working to prop up big banks at the expense of average Americans’ standard of living and then to take the appropriate actions to protect themselves and their families.

My ultimate goal remains to repeal the 16th Amendment and end the tyranny of the IRS once and for all. Of the four men seeking the presidential nomination of one of the major parties – President Obama, Governor Romney, Speaker Gingrich, and myself – I am the only one who has consistently opposed increases in taxes and spending. I am also the only one who has consistently fought the Federal Reserve’s assault on the middle class’ standard of living. My campaign to Restore America Now is the clear choice for any American concerned about rolling back taxes, cutting spending, and curbing inflation.

….. Yet people will continue to vote for Mitt Romney or Obama.  Can’t really fault them as the media continues to push these two “front runners” like nobody else is running.

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