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Initiative Measure No. 502 (Marijuana – Supported)

I support Initiative Measure No. 502 concerning making marijuana more legal.  I hate the fact that the only real reason the measure is even on the ballot is because tax revenue will be generated off it similar to liquor.  If it was a free resource then it would not even be considered or presented to the people.  The state is only ok with certain initiatives if they are getting their “fair share”.  Same reason why prostitution will never be legal (unless its highly taxed and regulated).  That is another topic obviously.

As I do support the initiative I also don’t like the 21 and over legal requirement.  If you can legally smoke at 18 now then it should be the same with marijuana.

Another reason why I support the law is because we’ve spent billions of our tax dollars trying the fight it.  The courts are filled, lawyers are greedy, and it’s just a bad situation overall.  For the record I don’t smoke.

I would have liked to of seen how the this tax revenue would be spent.  I would feel better knowing that it would all go to support the schools, education, and safety.  My fear, history, and experience tells me it will be another wasted revenue stream abused.

I think supporting Initiative Measure No. 502 is a movement in the right direction.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life, Jeff understands and delivers a different perspective about politics. Even though many may disagree with his language and writing style, you can't debate his passion for the Seattle area and his committment to a better society.

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