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The Emerald City Journal publishes thousands of articles per year.  From news about Seattle cops and the recent police brutality issues, we have covered all these issues in the news.  Read some of our most popular Seattle cops articles below:

Merrick Bobb Fixing Police Brutality In Seattle is a news article we published about Merrick Bobb who is currently monitoring the Seattle Police Department due to several issues of police brutality.  He worked on the Rodney King beating and is highly respected in the industry.  Mr. Merrick Bobb was elected by U.S. District Judge James Robart in 2012 and has the difficult task of repairing the Seattle Police force.

City of Fife Photo Cameras and Greedy Police is an article about the City Of Fife Council collecting massive amounts of money in the automated photo cameras system.  In fact, Fife, Washington is one of the most profitable in the state considering it’s population.  They gross over $2.9 million per year just on their automated photo ticketing system.

New Seattle Police Twitter System is an article explaining the new system provided by the City of Seattle to add more transparency to the police force. Each conflict and issue is displayed on the Seattle police twitter system and in our opinion a big improvement to the Seattle Police and it’s residents.

Bellevue Police Officers Drunk At Seahawks Game is a news story we discussed when it was discovered several Bellevue, Washington police officers were drunk and acting like idiots at a Seahawks game.  Nothing ever really happened with the incident and it was pushed under the rug by the Linda Pillo who is Bellevue’s Police Chief.

SPD Blotter reported an Arsonist was Arrested in Seattle. A fire was reported at 6710 Corson Ave. in Georgetown Seattle and now the Seattle police department has made an arrest.  It was a big fire reported by the SPD and they had to cut holes in the roof to let the fire out.

Ricks Strip Club in Lake City, Seattle Investigation and how the Seattle Police Department wasted a massive amount of tax money to “investigate” the strip club.  Nothing ever happened to the executives who ran the strip club (now name DreamsGirls At Ricks).  The officers were buying lap dances and had a great time investigating this establishment.

Non Emergency Police Phone Number article was a story published to help Seattle residents find the non emergency number so they can contact the Seattle Police Department without having to call 911 all the time.  It’s a simple article explaining the process and why you should call that number instead of the emergency number in most cases.

The famous and nation-wide video showing a Seattle Police office punch a women in the face is one of most popular news stories here on the Emerald City Journal.  The police cop video show police brutality is something you must see.  Watch the video here.

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